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LEGEND ‘The most common form of melodic embellishment is the pitch bend, designated by the wedge symbol. In this standard form the initial note (grace note) is struck and held as the pitch wheel bends tothe upper note and back. Veo In these examples the same principle applies but without return to the start- ing piteh, lustrates rhythmic use of the pitch wheel. ‘Multiple pitch bends are contained within larger wedge symbols. Downward pitch bend motion is shown by the inverted symbol. ‘The corresponding pitch bend technique for guitar and bass isthe slide. ‘The second note may or may not be attacked, Several notes may be included in a single slide — — And often move freely through an approximate pitch area. When a slide begins in a different register the symbol assumes durational value. is a form of slide which commonly ends a phrase by Less frequently, a pull occurs within a phrase, and unlike the slide, falls away from the succeeding note, ~ ‘Vibrato and the trill are the most common form of keyboard pitch modulation and utilize the same symbol. Trills (keyboard/bass) are either 1/2 or whole step as indicated by the accidental preceding the symbol. Accented (or crushed) grace notes are found in keyboard parts in standard form, that is, they occur on the beat with, the principal note. Ghost notes are lighily inflected or implied, often serving arrhythmic purpose. ‘They may appear in pitch bend notation — or indicated the approximate pitch area in = bass (or guitar) slide. ‘ = Indicates a note of indefinite pitch produced by a stopped or deadened string - purely rhythmic in nature. Although notated as straight eighth notes, swing ceighths are performed with a jazz triplet feel. Both