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Turkey attacks

Hundreds have been killed in the last year in Turkey terror attacks linked to
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) and Kurdish militant groups, PKK and

5 June 2015
Diyarbakir rally bombings
Four killed, 400 injured
Just hours before pro-Kurdish HDP leader Selahattin Demirta was about to
speak at a party rally, two bombs went of in the south-eastern Turkish
city. Believed to be related to Isil.

20 July 2015
Suru gathering attack
33 killed, 104 injured
An Isil-linked suicide bomber targeted a group of activists in the
southern Turkish town gathered ahead of their trip to help rebuild Kobane
after brutal fighting between Syrian Kurdish groups and Isil.

10 October 2015
Ankara peace rally twin bombings
103 dead, 400 injured
Ahead of a peace rally urging the state and Kurdish militants to stop
fighting,twin suicide bombs were detonated in the crowd. It was Turkey's
worst terror attack. One of the bombers was related to the perpetrator of the
Isil-linked Suru attack.

7 January 2016

Istanbul suicide bombing

12 dead, 14 injured
This was the first major attack to hit Istanbul in its popular Sultanahmet
district, close to the Hagia Sophia.

17 February 2016
Military convoy attack in Ankara
29 dead, 60 injured
Military buses were the target of this attack by the Kurdistan Freedom
Falcons (TAK) in the Turkish capital close to military headquarters.

13 March 2016
Bus stop bombing in Ankara
37 dead, 125 injured
Less than four weeks after the last attack, Ankara washit by another car
bombing, this time by a busy transit hub close to a park and administrative
buildings. TAK claimed responsibility.

19 March 2016
Istanbul blast on popular street
5 dead, 36 injured
A suicide bomber hit stiklal Avenue, one of the city's most popular
shopping streets filled with cafes, restaurants and foreign consulates.
Officials said Isil was to blame.

27 April 2016

Female suicide bomber attacks city of Bursa

13 injured
A suicide bomber blew herself up near Bursa's 14th century Grand
Mosque, a historic symbol of the city that was the first capital of the
Ottoman empire.

7 June 2016
Car bomb in Istanbul
11 dead, dozens injured
A rush-hour car bomb ripped through central Istanbul, killing 11 people and
wounding dozens more in one of the worst terror attacks on the city
for nearly a decade. The blast appeared to target a shuttle bus carrying
riot police as it passed through a busy junction in Beyazit, close to Istanbuls
famed Grand Bazaar. Kurdish militant group TAK claimed responsibility.

28 June 2016
Suicide bombing at Istanbul airport
36 dead, 147 injured
Three attackers detonated explosives after opening fire at Ataturk Airport.
The attackers, who arrived by taxi, were reportedly trying to pass through
the x-ray machines when stopped by security officials, which started a gun
fight. The suicide bombs caused chaos and carnage, killing an estimated 41
people and injuring at least 239.