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Regarding CV:

Dear Admissions,
For this section I have used the application format used by RADA (that ive also applied for),
alongside my standard background info letter. This is because unfortunatly I thought the closing
date for LAMDA had already passed.
With the final submission tomorrow I thought this would be the most preferable alternative. Ofcourse I will email through a seperate business format CV to reception as soon as possible. This in
no-way reflects a lack of commitment to becoming an actor; but more a commitment to get all
relevant infomation as quickly as possible before tomorrow.
I hope you understand/ sincere apologise,
Cristen Nicholl-Shelley

RADA Format Application:

Previous Acting Experience:

2007: in Marlowe production of The Jungle Book: First semi-professional performance on stage.
Only just turned thirteen incredibly shy, made an excellent dancing tree. Did help to get over stage
fright, was shortlisted to play Mogle at last minute although was probably too nervous at that point
and a little too Caucasian.
2006-8: dedicated every after school session to choir practice (schools choir consisted of 6
people) 2007: Played Bugsy Malone in school production, the impecible New York accent plus
rendition of Skid Row coming out of a the least intimidating acne infested cute blonde kid I think
got the role.
2010: Watson in production of Sherlock and the Dracula Band, a Stagecoach production. Mother
saved up everything for me just to attend a precious 10 weeks at the school. Given role despite
being ill and on crutches (backstage) I was bumped up from Vampire 6, to Watson, after was
overhead by practicing others lines just for fun, and procuring the piano when singer teacher was
out room! Had to learn new role in less than one week, but through force of will made it through to
a ovation from crowd after Head explained situation I feel very humbled to this day.
2011: Wrote screenplay and acted as villain, French exchange student casual axe murderer in
location at the ruins Whitby Abbey, for film project.
2012: Played Johnny Brash as a stand-in interviewee for last minute shoot for music video, with
disconcertingly convincing North Yorkshire Accent, where a played a sort of Arctic Monkeys
2014: Performed Stand-up at just outside Underbelly venue for Fringe after being spotted in a
Starbucks, in full tailcoat on a well earned break chatting up what I didnt realise was an Radio 4
executive, clearly my investment wasn't in vain.

2015: Performed as Old Man in Ionescos, The Chairs. interpreted him as having Bipolar in
combination early onset dementia, for quasi-realist aesthetic.
2015: Wrote screenplay/ performed in comedy, horror musical The Writer as Prince Charming (in
drag) in a sort of skit pantomime, the tights where a nightmare. Although demonstrated flexibility to
go from straight to comedic roles. Embodiment of niche charectures and both required extensive
research, to follow the Stanislavski method, on both counts.
Overall, I wish primarally to focus on Film and TV acting, see soap acting as an intitial professional
avenue as balances specialisation in realist charectures and desire for steady employment and not
Reasons to Become Professional Actor.
Pragmatism perseverance and legacy
Most succinctly and (honestly) Iterate my reasons for hopefully standing before your panel soon.
Firstly I use the term pragmatism as acting is a job as much as an unequivical vocation, I am an
investment opportunity, my talents a product to be sold and I present myself to your affliated
Theatre Companies, agents to enter mutually benificial business arrangements ect without rose
tinted glasses.
Its a combination of my humor and hardheadedness that leads on to and aids to galvanise my
second reason
My gift is perceptivity the raw emotions of others when songwriting, scriptwriting and yeseven
acting. That transfix permiate me so acutely I feel every caustic fibre of their pain. It is this
personal trait I have harnessed; I present to you with the upmost humility to be crafted into that
elusive term professional acting.
Legacy, As my last names suggest my family have a ponchence for literary and thespianesque
endevours. The satire of uncle and Playwrite David Nicholl, a dash of general Florentine finece
and pinch of meledromatic mileu from Percy Bysshe have and others have
forged a recipe for enough creativity flooding my genetics to decease several small horses as I
said in a stand-up routine. OK, I lack a few million, and unlike Shelley; an ardent anti-hedonist. I
sincerly hope the above has demonstrated my reasons for wishing to become a Professional

Personal Interests:
Almost all my spare time is dedicated to writing my upcoming novel, The Cecil Hill Syndicate, a
period horror-science fiction peice of which Im 75 pages in. The lead Evelynne Specterette
unwittingly unravels in indiosyncratic satire the inner structures of her alternate reality and what to
truly is existance. Currently in talks with representive of St Martins Press (New York) for
publishing next year.
Whilst Im in London I am also dropping by to EMI records to promote album Manacin, an opera
meets EDM compilationIll be very busy.

PR Letter below.
Added as one Doc to save file space.

A bit of Background Info:

Born a miracle baby 3 months premature 1lb 6oz after my paternal fathers fatal accident. I was prognozed
never to speak, sit or walk. My mother gave up her career to cure the incurable, devoting every hour for many
years to fun therapies; becoming famous (medically) for achieving my once paralysed to not only walk, run,
ride bikes ect. Also singing, for example my first performance aged 10; poignantly Walking in the Air and
winning the competition having just thrown my leg-braces-in-the-bin! On my second and last performance
through three Xfactor at 16.
Currently I have an Alto-Tenor (bottom end Soprano) range, to go into musical theatre. One term at Stagecoach
lead to promotion from understudy to second -to-lead role as Watson in a production of Sherlock, despite having
had my sixth and last operation in the interim.
I began my BA in Journalism, but changed to the Sheffield Universitys Theatre and Performance course in the
Spring of 2014; after a case I covered of a childs near murder where the defendants simply laughed through
court. Because of that and other examples I grew increasingly despondent, losing faith in the justice system.
After all, I had only taken up the course as the sensible option as back-up to support my script writing, radio
and comedy- I believe its a bonus that one only uses prop guns on stage!
Have applied to RADA but I was not able to afford London accommodation; therefore remaining at home in a
village near the University of Sheffield. I believed their course would be sufficient to continue into professional
acting; continuing with my radio show/BBC project I.E, comedy scripts and songwriting.
Radio show included source international DJs; for my show Club Cocktails on Forge Radio also travelling to
London to Gregg James talks. For one of my many presenting styles being Electronic Dance Music meets Good
Morning Vietnam and a touch of Jennifer Saunders, for audience of 18-22 year olds. Through radio work from
May 2015 became assistant producer to Manchester,UKs Gaydio radio station specialising in LGBT campaigning
and dance music. Continuing on to now write articles and sketches for, so Journalism
experience wasnt all a waste!
In meantime recording EP Damaged Goods through-out year in the same city, saving all money for studio fees.
Meanwhile continuing to study my degree in Theatre, Music & Performance despite being academically,
abandoned by university I.E. Creative Workshop only once a week,left entirely to own devices to formulate
performances. Predominantly paying student loans to cover lecturers research, rather than to be taught!
Ironically, one reason I chose this university as influences include Michael Palin (Monty Python) and Eddy Izzard,
former residents and one alumniand they left too!
Anyway! The EP I am working on was inspired partially by the followingDuring first six months of our intensive
care my mother was informed of the history of my birth family going back to 1066, one ancestor, Sir Edward
Nicholl founded Pinewood Studios 1928; toured studios 2011, after my mothers request, for our 16th birthday;
in belief it would encourage our work ethic; astonished by VIP treatment.
Sir Edward, ordering my mothers adoption, married a Shelley-relation of Sir Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary of
Frankenstein fame- including author/playwright David Nicholl-Shelley. They are unfortunately (and obviously),
long deceased and having spent the sums of their stately homes long ago.
Furthermore the prelude to these events are written in my mothers short novel The Power of Love; which will
be sent to Shepperton for a potential film- likened to 1992 film Lorenzos Oil.
Right thats quite enough reading Now the sappy ending

This is not another sob story, it is my life, its ending yet to written and a mutual business opportunity.
Kind Regards:
Cristen Nicholl-Shelley