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Automatic Raw Magnesite Loading

System In Shaft Kiln Division

In shaftt kiln division, there are five vertical
shaft . The raw magnesite is carrying from
mining to soft kiln division through truck. There
are seven labour operator to work in soft kiln
division for winch process. The winch is used to
take the raw magnesite and pour to the shaft
through ladder. The process of soft kiln division
is the raw magnesite is receipt from mines and
then it take to size reduction and winch loading .
This is the first stages of the SKD. The size
reduced magnesite is burning in furnace
oil( 1000 - 1100c). Then drawing and cooling
of burnt lightly calcined .After the lightly
calcined magnesite has transport to pulvariser
and grinding machine has running to powder
and to output of packing system. Then quality
analysis and grade vary to finally dispatch it.

The calcination of raw magnesite is done in
shaft kiln division as a continuous pro0mm size
are fed into the top of the kiln. The furnace oil
burnt through 2 Nos of low oil burners
diagonally opposite to each other per kiln at a
temperature 1100c.
The material moves from from pre burning
zone to burning zone and then to cooling zone
from where it is diacharged in wheel
barrows.During heating raw magnesite losses all
the carbon dioxide and becomes magnesium
oxide which is light in weight.
The product in size 0 to 40mm lumps is
packed in new gunny bags of 100kg s. Each
LCM is crushed into 200 mesh power by
pulversier based on the customers requirements
and packed in HDPE bags.

We are having 4 Nos, of HP 18 model tyco
make pulversers grindin the LCM into 200 mesh
powder. The capacity of each pulveriser is 4
tonnes per shift of 8 working hours. The
capacity powder grinding per day is 50MT in 3
routine shift , powder contributes to more than
80 per of total sales of LCM.
In shaft kiln division, fully worked in
manually process. Wastage of labour cost, time
reduction, output is low.
In Automatic Raw Magnesite Loading System
In Shaft Kiln Division are,
The raw magnesite receipt from mines, the
truck fully loaded 40 tonness to raw magnesite,
in shaft kiln division the hooper is created after
they filled the raw magnesite in hooper.

The top portion is created by bucket

elevator and touch into the hooper. The
bucket elevator fully rolling system, they
rotate raw magnesite filled and landed to
shaft kiln division in raw magnesite.
They had 5 number of vertical shaft has
attached by conveyor , the bucket
elevator has passed the raw magnesite to
conveyor . The conveyor has easily
landed in raw magnesite to 5 vertical
Asusual the shaft kiln process has
runned, it improves reduce of human
labour physical work, output is high..