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Formation of Learning - Lesson Plan

Cody Elmer


Brainstorming Mind Map

Grade 3

Standards and Learning Application


Student friendly targets:

W.3.5 With guidance and support from peers
and adults, develop and strengthen writing as
neededby planning, revising, and editing.
L.3.3.a Choosewordsandphrasesforeffect

Describe a person, place or thing

Use sensory details
Develop a written brainstorm

ELA content standards for California:

Grade 3: 2.2 Write descriptions that use
concrete sensory details to present and
support unified impressions of people,
places, things, or experiences.
PBL/Service Learning idea. How will students apply the knowledge and skills in a meaningful way? What is
the product or service to be created? Which creativity system will be taught and used decision making, problem
solving, invention, investigation, experimentation, or systems analysis?

The creativity system being taught and used is invention.

Students will be able to:

What formative assessments will be used to show
mastery of the targets?
Thumbs up/down/sideways after choosing topic
Ask questions
Discuss as a group
Walk around and check as brainstorming ideas
Discuss with partners

What summative assessments will be used to

show mastery of the targets?

Collect and review completed mind map

using brainstorming rubric

Learning Dispositions
How can you set up the climate of the class to
support the learning targets?
Quiet background music playing
Give option to draw pictures
Children may lay on ground, sit in chair, or stand

What personal and intellectual habits of mind are

needed to meet the learning targets?
Kinesthetic & Visual-Spatial (Body)
Use of senses
Linguistic & Logical (Mind)
Seek clarity

Acquisition of Knowledge
Declarative Knowledge
Students will learn that .

Procedural Knowledge
Students will learn how to

Mind maps can be used to organize

Adjectives are used to describe a noun.
Details need to paint a picture for the
A paragraph has a topic and supporting

Use senses to describe a topic in order to

shape knowledge.
Construct a graphic organizer to organize

Reasoning skills & Materials

What reasoning skills need to be taught to help
extend and refine the new knowledge?
It would be helpful to have students group
adjectives to create descriptive sentences.

What materials, equipment, and technologies are

needed and can enhance the learning targets?
Prezi Lesson
Student individual writing notebook
Writing rubric

Into (Disposition & Informative Assessment)

Instant Activity: Get out writing notebook and draw a picture of a person, place or thing.
Spiral: Last time we wrote a paragraph about our favorite things. Today we are going to
make those paragraphs better by making a mind map to add details to our paragraphs.
Anticipatory Set: Go around the room and share the pictures drawn in your notebook using
5 details.

Through (Knowledge

& Reasoning skills)

Demonstration / Model

CCSS W3.5: Directed instruction using Prezi presentation titled

Paragraph with Adjectives.

Ask for questions before moving on to Practice. (Formative assessment)

Practice / Activity

ELA grade 3-2.2 Using writing notebook, create a mind map about a topic
(noun) using supporting details (adjectives).

CCSS L3.3.a Suggest student thesaurus to find juicy details.

Walk around and check for understanding. (Formative assessment)

Share with elbow partners when complete.

Beyond (Application & Closure)

Tomorrow we will review our mind maps and write a well-developed

paragraph including supporting details and descriptive language.

Assessment (summative)

Collect notebooks and use rubric to grade mind map.