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Determine value of U per ACI 350-06, section 2


Circumferential Base Pos Reinforcing - Outer Rim Area (4 ft)

Mat thickness
15 inches
Bar diameter
0.625 inches
Bar Spacing s
12 inches
Mx + Mxy service Moment (1.0F)
4.5 ft-kips (per Risa 3D)
Flexural compression dist. a
0.405 in
Area of bar
0.31 in^2
12.49 in
Moment Arm (approx)
No. of bars in a 1 ft strip
14.0 ksi

fs, max
fs (permissible)
Value of Sd
Total Load Factor to use
Mu with total load Factor
As (provided)
As (calc)
As (min)
As (max)

24.0 ksi
24.0 ksi


2.25 (vs. 1.4 and with = 1.0)

10.1 ft-kips
0.310 sq. in.
0.228 sq. in.
0.304 sq. in.
2.132 sq. in.


1.Determine the SERVICE moment in the member.

2.Determine the distance "a" which is the depth of the compression block under service loads.
3.Calculate the moment arm between the reinforcement and the center of the compression bloc
4.Calculate fs as the moment divided by the moment arm, divided by the area of reinforcement
5.Calculate the maximum reinforcement stress, fs(max) from ACI 350 section 10.6.4.This is ba
6.Verify that actual fs is less than fs(max).
7.Calculate the maximum permissible fs(fs(permissible)) from 10.6.4.
8.Calculate Sd using the fs(permissible)
9.Your design factored moment is your service moment times the Sd factor.No other load facto
10.Use your SdMs value with phi = 1.0.


ock under service loads.

er of the compression block (half-way across dimension a).
the area of reinforcement.
section 10.6.4.This is based on equations 10-4 or 10-5.

actor.No other load factors should be used.