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The first questions regarding ecat is how to prepare it or what kind of material
we should study? .You have to manage every subject in different ways. I have
discussed the strategy about each subject below .The second question is how to
manage the time.
First take a overview of chapter and exercises because in the test
question will be different but concept will be from your text book
exercises ,definition, examples dont be confused I am not asking to
solve these questions just take concept
After a overview of the chapter take a book and do practice because in
ecat those students achieve good marks who have done a lot of practice
after practice they being able to solve tricky question in short time ecat
is totally about your practice
You should buy book of Punjab college, kips etc.because in this books
there are many practice questions and when you have done with this
take another book and keep practicing it up
Crammed all the formulas, important notations and some proofs
For English there will be a paragraph in test. You have to score
maximum in this portion because you dont have to prepare some
specific course .yeah its all about practice.
Take paragraphs from any kind of Ecat book .books are available in
market and buy it from there and do maximum practice. You should also
take a look on past paragraphs so you will have an idea about what kind
of paragraph will be asked in test.
For chemistry first of all you should know the each word of textbook.
You should have the basic concepts. In chemistry your knowledge
should be strong. Chemistry questions are relatively easier than math
and physics

Take a look on past papers you will get an idea .then do practice
In chemistry I will repeat each line of textbook matters a lot. There is
no need of study extra material in chemistry other than Textbook
In physics first of all go through the chapters of text book very
carefully .you should have the basic concepts. Learn all the formulas
and their applications. Most important you should learn the
information in tidbits, information in boxes, and do you know the all
this kind of stuff.
Physics part need more practice .do the practice as much as you can.
For practice you can easily find stuff from market named as Punjab
College, kips etc.I am not doing the advertisement of these
publishers .really these books contain good material for preparation.
Keep up the practicing. When you done with practice you will see
your mind will automatically sharpen to solve tricky questions in less
Solved past papers. You will get idea what type of questions will be
asked in test

Time management is the key element for success in ECAT. Students
will always be short of time to fill the bubbles, circle the true or false
answer etc. How to manage your time and be able to complete your
test in time correctly is a important question. In this section I will try
to give you the guidelines to focus on this most important aspect of
this exam
Following are the time management tips you should follow:
Time Saving by Answering Technique:
There would always be a combination of questions; some requiring
calculations and some straight answers. In the initial onslaught, try to
solve questions requiring straight answers, like this you will save lot

of time which you can use later on for the calculations of complex
Time Saving by Following Correct Calculation Technique:
Normally the students waste lot of time by adopting lengthy
calculation technique. Remember that, by just seeing on the list of
answers, you can judge that which all statements can be your
probable answer. There is always likelihood that among all the
options, few can be ruled out mere by judging only. So must follow
this practice and dont waste your precious time in canting/evaluating
all the option. For clarity, we can see an example;
Lets see a simple example so you understand better
1. Answer of 1/19 will be;
A) 1.2

B) 0.9

C) 0.0931

D) 0.052

Option A and B are ruled out immediately as 19 is in the denominator

and it is bigger than 10. So answer would be certainly 0.0-. Then
make it as 100/19 the first word on which 100 can be divided is 5.
Stop here and your answer is 0.052 as third option has first word
After a good practice to do it without writing anything you will be
able to do it in 5 to 10s. And can develop a habit to solve complex
calculations in seconds by finding simple correlations like this.
Moreover, do such practice mentally; it will develop your aptitude to
solve even very complex calculations in seconds.
Consider time Allotment to:

1.Must give requisite time to understand complex questions during the first
2. You must be very careful while filling out the correct bubble as, if you fill
out wrong; it is going to cost your score.
3. Must not waste time in beautification during the filling out of bubbles.

4. Though, the exam centre will have wall clock at a visible place, but you must
have your own watch preferably a digital watch.
5. Avoid being confused and remain relaxed and cool minded during the test.
6. Always trust Allah, its the most important point for this test, because if HE has
written you destiny as Doctor, then nobody can stop you from becoming. If it is
other way round, nobody on this Gods Earth can make you Doctor even if you are
selected by any mean.