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Tol No of Questions 8) [lal No, of Printed Pages :2 Roll No MEPS - 203 M.E./M.Tech. II Semester Examination, une 2013 Power Quality and Conditioning Time Three hours Maximum Marks : 70 Note : 1. Attempr any five questions 2. Bach question carry equal marks 5. Assume suitable data if required. 1. a) Define non-linear loads. Explain its effect on normal ‘operation of power system, ) Enlist various power conditioners and state their limits GPVONLINE.COM Single-phase uncontrolled ill bridge rectifier is connected toabalanced SOF, single phase 230V AC supply. All elements are ideal and assume Toad inductance is large such thatthe Toad eurent is essentially constant (i) Sketch the supply voltage waveform (i) Determine the de output voltage Sketch supply curent waveform (i) Find Fourier series ‘of supply eurent() Find the distortion fctr, displacement factor, power ctor and ine current THD. 3) te (i) harmonic orders (ji) range of harmonic ‘magnitudes (i reactive power requirements at a€ mains ofa three-phase voliag source typeof non-linear loads MEPS-203 Pro. @ by What ae various causes of harmonies in supply system and illustrat thei effects 8) Draw following circuits of (i) passive series (passive hybrid filter (Hi active series file for power ‘quality impeovements in single phase AC systems. ') Discuss basic principle of operation of shunt ative iter, 48) Whats radio-interference, Define its eauses. +b) single-phase lod (Z~ (3+ }40))hasan input AC voltage ‘of 230V, SOHz supply. Its to be realized as unity power factor load on AC supply using shunt connected lossless passive elements (L and C). Caleulate the value of ‘compensator elements 4) Draw circuit of single phase PWM rect itsworking +b) Compare constant tolerance band and variable tolerance ‘band contol used in active shaping of input fine current ‘with improved power quality converters and explain 8) What are causes of conducted electromagnetic iterference and how it ean be minimized +) Discuss the advantages of hybrid files Wiite shor notes Any three: RGPVONL ng 8) Boost ype AC/DC Converter 1E-COne ») Twelve pulse AC/DC converter ©) Power quality Indices () TEER S19 -1992 standards