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Mandela Day - election

tool or not? Your views
on pages 6 and 7
A burnt truck (one of several) gets
lifted from the tarred road after it was
torched in a local village last week.
The fact that nowadays little if any
publicity is given to protests, of which
this event formed part, does not mean
it doesnt happen. The reasons are
not always clear, but the destruction
should be viewed as regrettable. Not

Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad

15 July 2016


0832719151 (Editorial) 0835431676 (Advertisements)

0865549031 / 013 231 7147


15 JULY 2016


Dams remain at critical levels

With winter in full force after an exceptional dry summer, dam levels
across the country remain critical. The Department of Water and
Sanitation (DWS) says according to the latest 4th of July dam level
assessment; there was a decrease of 0.2% to 53% as opposed to the
74.6% level during the same time last year.
However, it is encouraging to note that the South African Weather
Service (SAWS) seasonal outlook forecasts indicate an increased
likelihood of a weak to moderate La Nia for the 2016/17 summer.
The SAWS forecast predicts the likelihood of a later than normal
onset of summer rains with a series of frontal systems expected to
continue over the South and Western Cape in the next couple of
There has been a decline in average dam levels in all provinces
with the exception of the North West with a slight increase of 0.4%
and the Western Cape whose levels increased by 4.2% as a result
of the most recent frontal systems. The Western Cape levels have
increased by 12.4% over the past three weeks and are now at 42.7%
compared with 48.7% at the same time last year.

Of the 211 dams being monitored on a weekly basis 14 dams

are below 10%, 64 dams are below 40% of capacity while 16 of the
dams are at 100%. As a result there is a need to continue to intensify
enforcement of restrictions during winter to prevent a spike in usage
during early spring and also in anticipation of the predicted later onset
of the summer rains.
The DWS continues to monitor dam levels and wishes to reassure
all water users that it is working closely with provinces, municipalities
and other specialists to ensure sustainable water security across the
Meanwhile the Office of the Executive Mayor of Sekhukune Distrit
issued the following statement about the local situation:

Flag Boshielo critical

Bottom: De Hoop Dam, near Steelpoort. The photograph was taken
earlier this year.


This communique serves to alert communities, businesses and stakeholders about
implementation and enforcement of water
restrictions within the areas of Ephriam
Mogale Local Municipality ( Flag Boshielo
Dam) and Fetakgomo Local Municipality (
Oliphantspoort Scheme) due to drought that
has severely affected the dam levels of the
affected areas.
Department of Water and Sanitation has
sent a warning to the Municipality as well as
our water provider, Lepelle Northern Water
about reduction of raw water to both Flag
Boshielo and Oliphantspoort schemes resulting in reduction of supply of potable water to
the two affected areas of Ephraim Mogale
and Fetakgomo municipalities
Currently the situation is such that the
dam levels at Flag Boshielo has dropped tremendously below 27% and continue to drop
at faster rate. There is a huge possibility of
the dam becoming dry if rain is not received
by August 2016. The situation of Flag Boshielo Dam has a direct negative bearing on
areas supplied by Oliphantspoort scheme.
To this effect the municipality working
together with Lepelle Northern Water and
Department of Water and Sanitation will roll
out a drought awareness campaign to inform
the communities about the situation and its
We appeal to our communities, businesses and other users to sparingly use the
available water and also ensure that water
loss is eliminated. Activities which consume
lots of clean water such as gardening, car
washes, should be minimised. Households
are also encouraged to practice prudent usage of water such as taking shorter showers,
closing taps after use etc.
We apologise for any inconvenience
caused by this and further call on your full
cooperation and support.

The Mayor of Greater Tubatse Municipality Cllr
Ralepane Mamekoa invites members of the
community, business, youth formations, civil society
and all interested parties to be part of the following
activities to honour Nelson Mandela Month:




14 July

Handing over of Praktiseer Hawkers




15 July

Handing over of Burgersfort Stalls



15 July

Pass out parade of Traffic Wardens

Tswelopele Sports


16 July

Handing over of Ohrigstad Sports




18 July

Cleaning Campaign

Steelpoort, Dresden,
Riba Cross


19 July

Handing over of Moeng Community




21 July

Graduation Ceremony of YES


Batubatse Primary


26 July

Handing over of Maphopha Access



Mohla JNT
Municipal Manager

Psalm 34 (NIV)
7 The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.
8 Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
9 Fear the Lord, you his holy people,
for those who fear him lack nothing.
10 The lions may grow weak and hungry,
but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

15 JULIE 2016


New councillors for GTM

The Greater Tubatse Municipal Council held a
special council meeting on Monday 11 July 2016
at Thaba Moshate. The agenda contained a few
items and one of these were the welcoming of
three new councillors.
Local attorney, Mr Kenny Mgiba handled the
taking of the oath of office for the three. They
are Shema Thabo Marobane (PAC), Edwin
Eddie Maila (ANC) and Ntombi Zodwa Eunica
Makhubedu (UDM). The three signed the oath
and were welcomed with loud applause.
During a section on the agenda for congratulations, special mention was made of the
Mampuru Youth who did not participate in illegal
protest action last week. They were thanked for
their co-operation in refraining from disruptive behaviour regarding community grievances.
The municipality was also congratulated for
being chosen by SABCs Morning Live for a live
broadcast. This covered Greater Tubatse and
took place on Tuesday.

Roadhog on the go
People die in accidents on the R555 and
R37 every week.
Sadly this fact do not prevent other drivers
from behaving like roadhogs. This driver

first pushed other vehicles from the road

before overtaking some more vehicles on
a barrier line. These photographs were
taken last week Friday around noon.

15 JULY 2016


SMME Incubation Certification Ceremony

SMME incubates graduate

On Thursday, 7 July 2016 a large group of SMME incubates
graduated during a ceremony at Jorge Resort near Steelpoort.
In a con nued eort from Dwarsrivier Mine to empower
communi es and create opportuni es, theyve partnered
with LEDA and Tsebo Business Solu ons to create tailor-made
courses through
which SMMEs can
learn how to do
business with large
companies such as
The idea for the
incuba on was
born a er Dwarsrivier Mine found
that many local
entrepreneurs have
the skills needed to
produce products
or services the mine
can use, but they

dont know how to put together a business plan, do invoicing,

tender, create a company profile or have the legally required
cer fica on that will allow them to do business.
Co-opera ves and other small businesses were given the
chance to receive training through LEDA and Tsebo Business
Intelligence Services. This stretched over a year and now these
incubates have a cer ficate to show their competency.
These skills will not only allow them to do work with Dwarsrivier Mine, but also tender at other mines and companies. They
will now also have the ability to plan and in turn create jobs in
an area where unemployment is very prevalent.
Mr Remember Mmbengwa from Dwarsrivier Mine told the
incubates that the Mine is very proud of how far theyve come
and that they should set out to grow their businesses to not
only do business at Dwarsrivier but at other companies as
A group of the SMMEs also received computers sponosored
by Dwarsrivier Mine to assist them with ge ng their business
o the ground.
The programme will now con nue with a new batch on incubates.

There were LEDA

and Tsebo Incubates.
A variety of speakers filled the programme before the formal handing over of cer ficates
and the computers. The event ended with a warm lunch being served while the incubates used the opportunity to network.

Dwarsrivier Mine sponsored computers that will assist some of the SMMEs to get their business
running smoothly.

15 JULIE 2015


SMME Incubation delivers

Seng the tone for other SMMEs

While there are many SMMEs out there

struggling and many sll finding their feet,
a few good news stories are also out there.
Some of the companies on this page is ready
to serve Sekhukhune like never before.

Bokone Bowa Co-Operave

Bokone Bowa Co-Opera ve was founded in January 2009

and is based in Ga-Masha, Ngwaabe. It is an emerging
black-owned company and strives to maintain a reputa on
for quality, integrity and employee sa sfac on.

Mapadima Tyre Repair Centre

The Mapadima Tyre Repair Centre started operating from under a tree 15 years ago. Piet Tshehla
from the Ngwaabe community, is the owner of the
business, but his son Julius is managing it for him.
They used to operate from a sad-looking trailer on
which they had a compressor and a few essen al
items to assist motorists experiencing trouble with
their wheels. With
the help of Dwarsrivier Mine they are
now ready to assist in
almost any situa on.
The business is now
boas ng professional equipment
safely housed inside
a building purpose
build for the company.

This company provides a variety of services that include Plant Hire (Self Propelled Vibra ng Rollers, Bull Dozers, Crawled and Wheeled Excavators, Tractor-Loader-Backhoe (TLB), Transport: lowbeds, flatbeds and ppers, Water
tankers and Dump trucks. Their construc on services include: road works,
paving, building construc on, oce par ons,
engineering and general construc on. They are also
suppliers of mining, hard ware, electrical, oce
sta onery, consumables and chemical products.
They also oer transport and courier services. Do
general cable installa on, maintenance of plumbing,
plant maintenance and road maintenance. Domes c
and industrial cleaning services is also part of their
por olio.
Bokone Bowa Co-Opera ves clients include mines,
smelters, shopping centers and malls, government
departments and ins tu ons as well as private
sector industries.
Bokone Bowa Co-Opera ve strive to source and
provide for every service or product their clients
may require.
Contact them: Mr MP Thobejane (Assistant Manager), 071 204 1027 or

Baleseng Mulpurpose Primary

Co-Operave (Ltd)
Baleseng Mul purpose Primary Co-Opera ve (Ltd) was formed by a group of athletes in the Sekhukhune District in 2014.
It is 100% black owned with two women
forming part of the business.
They aim to develop and create job opportuni es for black people. This team do a
variety of cleaning jobs which include domes c, industrial and specialized cleaning.
Contact them: Mr Bernard Rampedi, 076
741 1314/060 901 3400 or

Trading and
Projects CC
Phu Tsoga Civil Construcon Co-Operave Limited
Phu Tsoga Civil Construc on Co-Opera ve Limited was founded in 2014 and is
based in Ngwaabe in the Greater Tubatse Municipality. It is a 100% black-owned
company specializing in buildings, cas ng concrete slabs underground and on
surface, carpe ng, roofing, pain ng, fencing, cleaning belt spillage underground
and on surface.
The company aims to create job opportuni es for marginalized South Africans
and contribute towards the growth and development of South Africa. Their mission is to provide professional and quality services and training while bringing
their clients aordable, quality services.
Contact them: 079 082 3962.

Malebaneng Trading and Projects CCs opera onal ac vi es and core business include: Building & Construc on,
Drilling & Blas ng (underground and surface), roadways and walkways construc on underground, underneath
belt cleaning, air condi oning and refrigera on, transport and logis cs, catering and decora ons, electrical components and services, garden maintenance, industrial cleaning, protec ve clothing supply, ven la on control
and mining supplies. Malebanang Trading and Projects CC was established in January 2008. The companys goal
was to create job opportuni es for the members. The company is owned by three previously disadvantaged individuals - Glory Maimela, Jacob Maimela and Johanna Maimela, and they are involved in both the management
and day to day func ons of the business. They are a level 3 BEE contribu ng company.
The companys mission when it comes to their clients: to oer quality, innova ve products, unsurpassed service
and value for money.
Contact them on: 072 251 7503/072 352 7335.

Group of 17
Group of 17 provides cleaning services and is based in Ga-Malekane. They are a fully black owned, managed
and empowered company registered with the Registrar of Companies. The company was founded by a group
of young people from Greater Tubatse. They are proud to be young, dynamic and built on a solid founda on
of management professionals. They strive to provide reliable and professional services. Our highly trained and
networking associates allow for maximum performance on execu ve clientele tasks. Their rates are very compe ve and they invite clients to put them to the test.
Contact them: Thembi Molobela, 072 534 9258/071 356 2326 or


15 JULIE 2016

Is Mandela Day still relevant and what

On 18 July 2016 it will be Mandela Day and
the public is encouraged to give 67 minutes
of their time to make a difference in their
This is an initiative by the Mandela Foundation and aims to keep the spirit of Nelson
Mandela alive through encouraging people
to work together for the greater good of the
people as a whole.
According to Nelson
Mandela International Day was launched in
recognition of Nelson Mandelas birthday on
18 July, 2009 via unanimous decision of the
UN General Assembly.
It was inspired by a call Nelson Mandela
made a year earlier, for the next generation
to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the worlds social injustices when he
said that it is in your hands now.
It is more than a celebration of Madibas
life and legacy. It is a global movement to
honour his lifes work and act to change the
world for the better.
The focus falls on four different areas in
which a difference can be made: Education
and Literacy, Food Security, Shelter and
Infrastructure as well as the Envrionment.
Businesses are encouraged to get involved
in one of these areas.
Giving can be in many forms. Donations,
but also time. By participating in events that
are organized by institutions such as the
local municipality, you can also give you bit
to make a difference. On 18 July Greater
Tubatse Municipality will have campaigns in
Steelpoort, Riba Cross and Dresden. (See
their Mandela Month event schedule on page
2 of this newspaper).
If you know of somebody who is making
a difference in the community every day you
can nominate them as a Madiba changemaker. Share their story on social media via
Platinum Gazette asked readers if they
think that Mandela Day is still relevant and if
they will be participating in any events on the

Mnr. Terrence Roberts s: Suid-Afrika is in

sy dinges in so 67 minute op 18 Julie gaan
nie help nie. Elke dag behoort almal te probeer om n verskil te maak.

Mnr Doctor Machipa s: Ons moet dit

celebrate. Ek sal sien waar ek kan volunteer.
Mandela het Suid-Afrika verander en op
Mandela Dag moet di wat korrup is onthou
wat hy gedoen het en die korrupsie los.

Mr Nicholas Mabunela said: It is still relevant

and very important. Mandela fought for us
and we must remember that he sat a long
time in jail because he wanted a democratic
life for everyone. But, you must see how
the different political parties will now hijack
Mandela Day for themselves. The people
must remember to focus on the real things
that are important on Mandela Day making
a difference for the better. Ill be joining the
municipalitys campaign.

Mr Stephen Sihlangu and Mr Aron Mphogo said: Mandela Day is still important because
he brought democracy to South Africa and we should remember that. We will form part of a
cleaning campaign for 67 minutes.
Ms Tryphina Lekwadu said: We should celebrate Mandela Day, it is still relevant. Ill clean
in our municipality, but people should do nice
things every day. It is important.

Mr Daniel Sekano said: Mandela Day is

good and relevant. We do it for the legend
and to help other people. Our government
however is failing us. Now they use Mandela
Day to hide things. They are like crocodiles
who are smiling but just waiting to eat you.
They should not wait for Mandela Month to
hand over projects that should have been
completed long ago. Now it is also just
before the elections so they do this to make
themselves look good while they are an
embarrassment for taking so long to deliver
on these things. We need change. We should
do good things every day. I try to help the orphans at the Riba Cross Civil Society. There
is no better South Africa without kids.

Ms Elizabeth Thobejane and Ms Maggy Komane said: It is important that we remember Nelson Mandela. Well try and have a small cake to celebrate, but otherwise we will just be here
at our stall selling fruit.

Mr Ronnie Nkambule said: I think Mandela

Day should be a continuous thing because
there is a need for something to be done
every day in our community.

15 JULIE 2016


will you be doing for 67 minutes?

Mnr. Tersius Cronj s: Ek steur my nie regtig aan Mandela Dag nie. Jy moet elke dag
n verskil maak. Dis soos Moedersdag. Ek
s altyd vir my kinders dat jy elke dag vir jou
ma moet s jy is lief vir haar en haar moet

Mr Abram Mphogo said: On the 18th the day

has been set aside for painting one of the
crches around here as part of the Burgersfort Crime Prevention Forums (CPF) effort.
I am the chairperson of the forum. It is very
important that we do this. We should honour
Mandela for the good work he did. We must
show people we care.

Mr Mankgwanyane Mpuru said: It is necessary to have Mandela Day. He has been the hero
and mentor for so many years. The ones doing corruption and other bad things do not imitate
Mandela. They are cruel. In my area where I am part of the community leadership (Maandagshoek Mpuru Village) we will gather to celebrate and do something together. With him is
Ms Ivy Mpuru

Mr Sammy Masite, Ms Kate Mohubedu, Mr Noah Mohlala and Mr Thabiso Kgolane said: It
is important. It is for everyone to celebrate Mandela Day. It is about giving to those who dont
have. It can be anything. What is important is to remember that someone did something for
the whole South Africa without thinking about himself. Everyone should do something to make
South Africa a better place and care for other people. It encourages us to not only think of ourselves. We are still planning what we will do, but we will definitely do something. Mr Masite
added: Ill be giving away a bursary to someone.
Mnr. Willem Montgomery s: Om n verskil te
maak behoort nie net een keer n jaar se ding
te wees nie. Dit moet n lewenswyse wees.
Mr Rackson Chiloane said: We should use
this day to address problems like corruption.
We call for the youth to stop doing drugs etc.
We should focus on schools and use 67 minutes to address problems like crime, burning
of roads and damaging property. I am an
educator, so Ill be busy doing this at school.

Ms Sabina Mpinga said: It is still relevant to have Mandela Day because we need to remember Mandela and care for our country and people. Ill go to my nearest school and clean for 67
minutes. Ill also donate some food to someone in need. With her is Ms Hunadi Makwana.

Mr Thabo Mohlala said: Yes, it is relevant.

We should remember what Mandela did for
charity and the freedom of our country and
freedom of speech. Ill assist with painting a
school at Riba Cross.

Mr Morudi Mashabela said: Ill celebrate

Mandela Day because Mandela brought democracy to our country. Ill volunteer to paint
a school on Mandela Day. Everyone should
work for the country and the people. There
should be no corruption. Politicians and public officials should know they do not work for
themselves. They should work for the people.
They should not fill their pockets. Everyone
has the responsibility to make a difference.
Politicians - we elect you, so you work for us
and not yourself. We must also work together
to make South Africa better.

Ms Sophy Mphethi and Ms Keletso Mphethi said: Yes, it is still important to celebrate Mandela Day because he fought for us. It is good to remember what he stood for while there is so
much corruption going on. Well be doing cleaning on Mandela Day.

15 JULIE 2016


achievement for

Pizza busted

Mr Corrie Smith and his team were Pizza

Busted by the Panarottis Burgersfort team.
Mr Smith was nominated for his community work. He replaces rubbers at the end of
walking aids and kierries of the elderly and

disabled at his own cost. He works at Cheap

Cheap #2 and has replaced more than 300
rubbers since Mandela Day last year. The
team received two large pizzas and a Panarottis voucher each.
You can nominate
someone for the next Pizza
Buster. E-mail your nomination with a reason why the
person or business should
be rewarded to burgersfort@ or adverts@ Please
mention any dietary requirements your nomination may
have and the total number of
people working at the business. Please include your
name and telephone number
in the nomination e-mail.

On Saturday 9 July
2016 it was beauty
competition time at
Millicent Mahsele
(19) from the Kgautswane area was the
1st princess in the
Miss Face of Phalaborwa competition.
She was also crowned
the publics choice at
the competition.
(Information &
photographs: Willy


15 JULY 2016

Platinum Gazette

Platinum Gazette
Bennla Celliers will see to it that your
advertisement in Platinum Gazette meets the
highest standards with regard to design
and reproduction.

Contact her on 013 231 7147 / 083 543 1676 or
(Advertising deadline - every Tuesday at 17:00.)

1. I Maatj Venter, ID
660706227085 from
Wisani Burial Society
situated at 84 Agatha
Street, Tzaneen, 0850
being the Lease of
Erf 3, Farm Leeuvalley, Burgersfort
Apply for the issue of
Certificate regarding
and undertaker
Business, mortuary
and related uses in
Terms of the Health
Act (Act 63 of 1977) at
the abovementioned

2. This application and
notice comply with the
regulations as laid
down and submitted.
3. Any objections to
this application must
be lodged in writing
within 21 (twenty one)
days from the date of
this application
PO Box 206
Burgersfort 1150
1. Hiermee gee ek
Maatj Venter, ID

Van Wisani burial Society, gele 84 Agatha
straat, Tzaneen, 0850,
die Huurder van Erf 3,
Plaas Leeuvallei,
Burgersfort kennis om
aansoek te doen om n
betreffende n
Begrafnisonderneming, lykshuis en
aanverwante gebruike
ingevolge die Wet op
Gesondheid (Wet 63
van 1977) op bogenoemde eiendom.
2. Hiermee aansoek
en kennisgewing
voldoen aan die
bepalings soos
neergel en ingedien
3.Enige beswaremet
betrekking tot die aansoek moet skriftelik
ingdien word binne 21
(een en twintig)
dae vanaf die datum

van hierdie publikasie en moet gerig

word aan: DIE HOOF
Posbus 206
Burgersfort 1150
1. I Maatj Venter, ID
660706227085 from
Wisani Burial Society
situated at 84 Agatha
Street, Tzaneen, 0850
being the Lease of
Portion of Mathabatha
Traditional Council
R37 road

Established in terms of Section 92(1) of the National Water Act, 1998
(Act No 36 of 1998)
Government Gazette No. 89/23053


The Associations main operational and administrative offices are situated at their Havercroft /
Olifants River bulk water supply utility, approximately 120 km southeast of Polokwane and 80 km
northwest of Burgersfort in the rural village of Modubeng.
The Association currently have a vacancy for a suitably qualified and experienced electrician.
Principle accountabilities will include:
Planned maintenance & fault finding on all electrical installations (High & Low tension)(High tension
switchgear (11-5.25kVA) Planned maintenance on all electronic equipment Plan and implement
maintenance schedules Solve complex technical/electronic problems Ensure continuous availability of equipment and plant Set standard work methods & procedures Identify training requirements
Assist in the practical training of apprentices & operators Promote safety in workplace Assist in
budget control
Requirements of Position:
Qualified Electrician (Olifantsfontein); Wiremans Licence Competence to perform Simmer code
Fault finding: Siemens S7 systems Experience on Telemetry & Field Instrumentation: PLC & Scada
Preference: Win CC programming & communication systems
Competencies/skills required:
Computer literate Sound knowledge of effective planned maintenance Logical reasoning & numerical fluency Distinct ability to adapt to remote living conditions.
Please indicate experience in CV
In the event that you do not hear from the Company within a period of 21 days after the closing date,
your application shall be deemed unsuccessful. The CVs of unsuccessful candidates shall not be
returned unless requested.
Interested candidates are invited to forward a detailed CV to:
The HR. Manager, PO Box 2075 POLOKWANE 0700 or facsimile on (013) 216 8003
Tel.: (013) 216 8000 or mail to:
Closing date for applications: Friday, 29 July 2016

Apply for the issue of

competence Certificate regarding and
undertaker Business,
mortuary and related
uses in Terms of the
Health Act (Act 63 of
1977) at the abovementioned property.
2. This application and
notice comply with the
regulations as laid
down and submitted.
3. Any objections to
this application must
be lodged in writing
within 21 (twenty one)
days from the date of
this application
PO Box 206
Burgersfort 1150
(WET 63 VAN 1977)
1.Hiermee gee ek
Maatj Venter, ID
Van Wisani burial
Society, gele 84 Agatha straat, Tzaneen,
0850, die Huurder van
Gedeelte van Mathabatha Tradisionele
Raad, Mathabatha
kennis om aansoek te
Doen om n Geskiktheidsertifikaat
betreffende n Begrafnisonderneming, lykshuis en aanverwante
gebruike ingevolge die
Wet op Gesondheid
(Wet 63 van 1977)
op bogenoemde
2. Hiermee aansoek
en kennisgewing
voldoen aan die
bepalings soos
neergel en ingedien
3. Enige beswaremet
betrekking tot die aansoek moet skriftelik
ingdien word binne 21
(een en twintig)
dae vanaf die datum
van hierdie publikasie
en moet
gerig word aan:
Posbus 206
Burgersfort 1150

15 JULIE 2016



Masters Attend your local

playing Childhood Cancer

In the last week Tubatse Masters

played various matches in which
their skills were put to the test.
They were determined from the
start of each match to be the
best team. Read more about
their matches on page 12.

Rural ExploXion and the Childhood natively contact Pabalelo Mabilo for clarity.
Cancer Foundation South Africa
(CHOC) are hosting a Childhood Can(Information & photographs: Rural ExploXion)
cer Workshop in the Tubatse region
from the 25-28 July 2016.
Rural ExploXion was established
on the 15 December 2012, and have so
far impacted hundreds of young people
lives in a positive way.
It is a local Non Profit Organisation (NPO), under the leadership of
Pabalelo Mabilo, a motivational speaker and lawyer, Rural ExploXion uses
educational initiatives, health and life
skills initiatives to make an impact. The
organisation is legally registered with
the Department of Social Development
as an NPO. CHOC was formed in 2011
and have so far trained over 13000
people around South Africa about
Childhood Cancer, their headquarters
are in Johannesburg.
The workshop will be conducted by
Mrs Silvia Craucamp, a nurse by profession for many years and is trained
Silvia Craucamp from CHOC.
specifically as a childhood cancer practitioner. A similar workshop between
Rural ExploXion and CHOC took place
in 2015 at Praktiseer and Riba Cross.
The workshop is now scheduled as
follows: Driekop 25 July 2016, Mooihoek 26 July 2016, Maandagshoek
27 July 2016 and Kgautswane 28 July
2016. The following categories are
invited to attend: Nurses, Home Based
Care Workers, Doctors, Traditional
Healers, Pre-School Teachers, Sunday
School Teachers, Churches and the
Community at large.
Companies which are doing business around Tubatse area can contact
Pabalelo Mabilo (Cell: O76 862 7154)
if they wish to exercise their Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) by partnering with Rural ExploXion and therefore
contribute substantially for the success
of the workshop,
People must be on the lookout for
notices of venues if they are in one of
the villages mentioned above or alter- Pabalelo Mabilo from Rural ExploXion.

Klein Advertensies Smalls

Place your small advertisement via e-mail or fax or contact Bennla Celliers on 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151.
E-mail: Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport
4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight
5. Troeteldiere/Pets
6. Persoonlik/Personal
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous
8. Finansies/Financial
9. Te Huur/To Rent
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Gas and Ice for
sale. Ice available
to individuals and
Delivery available
(terms and conditions).
ORYX GAS refill exchange for 9kg, 19kg
or 48kg bottle.
074 565 6231 or
082 072 0051.

Ten volle toegeruste 2
slaapkamer Rondawel
10 km uit Burgersfort
op plaas.
Geen troeteldiere
R5500.00 per maand.
Drienie 084 461 8808
Twee slaapkamer
woonstel in klein
naby Tubatse Crossi-

ing Mall in Burgersfort.

Kontak Mike by
082 357 1954.
Lang en kort termyn
verblyf beskikbaar
op plaas 10km buite
Burgersfort op Lydenburg pad.
Kontak Miena op
082-960-3689 of
(013) 231-7899.

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15 JULY 2016

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Masters keeping
their domination
Tubatse Masters visited Mashamothane
Masters for a friendly soccer match in Ga
Mashamothane village on Saturday 9 July
Tubatse Masters dominated the ball
possession in the first half and kept Mashamothane Masters defence very busy. Pitso
Sehlabela scored the first goal of the match
and put Tubatse Masters in the lead by 1-0.
Tubatse Masters continued putting pressure
on Mashamothanes defence and managed
to score their second goal by Mbesuma
Mabaso to make it 2-0. In the second half
Tubatse Masters continued dominating the
match and managed to score their third goal
by Doctor Klaaste. Late in the match the
hosts created a few scoring opportunities but
failed to convert. The final score was 3-0 in
favour of Tubatse Masters.
Tubatse Masters played their second
match of the day against Frazer Alexander
soccer team at the same venue. From the
first whistle Tubatse Masters was the better
team and kept Frazers defence very busy.
Their dominance paid off when Lekgotla
Motswiane scored the first goal of the match
to make the score 1-0. Tubatse Masters
managed to score their second goal of the
match by Phillip Kgapane and this made the
half time score 2-0. A few minutes from the
restart in the second half Mbesuma Mabaso
also put his name on the score sheet when
he scored from a penalty spot and increased
Tubatse Masters lead to 3-0. Late in the

second half Frazer started to dominate ball

possession but failed to penetrate the solid
Masters defence. In the dying minutes of the
match Frazer managed to score their only
goal to make the final score 3-1 in favour of
Tubatse Masters.
On Sunday 10 July, Tubatse Masters
visited Mareseleng Village to play a friendly
soccer match against Dr Rakgotsoka Academy. The young boys from Mareseleng gave
Tubatse Masters defence a tough time in
the opening minutes of the match. Tubatse
Masters faught back and managed to score
their first goal of the match by Tomas Lubisi.
Just few minutes later, the hosts levelled the
score to one all by Sipho Sitayitayi.
In second half both teams continued
creating scoring opportunities but failed to
convert. Phillip Kgapane scored a second
goal for Tubatse Masters and put them in the
lead again. The hosts tried very hard searching for the equaliser but failed to convert.
The final score was Tubatse Masters 2 - Dr
Rakgotsoka Academy 1.
On Tuesday 12 July, Tubatse Masters hosted
a local team from Praktiseer Show United
F.C at Leolo Secondary School sports ground
in Praktiseer.
Tubatse Masters managed to win the match
by 3-2. Andrew Skosana, Pitso Sehlabela
and Tomas Lubisi scored for Tubatse Masters.
(Information: Jerial Mvundlela; Photographs: Lazzy Malepe & Jerial Mvundlela)