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Atty. Gene R. Abot
College of Law
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Part 1: Constitutional Provisions
Relevant Provisions of the 1987 Constitution
I. Preamble.
II. National Territory:
A. Territorial sea
B. Seabed
C. The subsoil
D. Insular
E. Other submarine areas
III. Declaration of Principles and State Policies:
Section 15. The State shall protect and promote the right to health of
the people and instill health consciousness among them.
Section 16. The State shall protect and advance the right of the people
to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony
of nature.
Oposa vs. Factoran 224 SCRA 792
IV. Bill of Rights Article III
V. National Economy and Patrimony Article XII
A. Efficient Use of Resources. Section 1.
B. State Ownership of Natural Resources Section 2.
Oh Cho v. Director of Lands, 75 Phil. 890
Director of Lands vs. CA, G.R. No. 112567, February 7, 2000
Republic vs. dela Paz, G.R. No. 171631, November 15, 2010
Republic vs. CA, G.R. No. L-43938, April 15, 1988
C. Public Domain and Land Classification
1. Section 3. Lands of the public domain are classified into
agricultural, forest or timber, mineral lands and national
2. Section 4. Limits of Forest Lands.
3. Ancestral Domains (RA 8371) Ancestral Lands

D. Indigenous Cultural Communities

Section 5.
E. Social Function of Property
Section 6.
VI. Social Justice and Human Rights Article XIII
A. Ecological Considerations in Agrarian Reform
Section 4.
B. Preferential Use of Marine Resources for Subsistence Fishermen
Section 7.
C. Health Care and Regulation
Section 11.
D. Rights of Women
Section 14.
E. Role and Rights of Peoples Organization
Section 15.
Section 16.
VII. Local Autonomy Article X
Section 5.
Section 6.
Section 7.
Part 2. General Environmental Laws
1. National Environmental Protection Council (PD 1121)
2. Philippine Environmental Policy (PD 1151)
3. Philippine Environmental Code (PD 1152)
MMDA, et al. vs. Concerned residents of Manila Bay, G.R. Nos.
171947-48, Dec. 18, 2008.
4. Reorganization Act of the DENR (E.O. 192[1987]
G.R. Nos. 162243, 164516. 171875, Secretary of DENR vs. PICOP, Nov.
29, 2006.

As revised by the Pollution Control Law (PD 984)
Section 6 - Powers and Functions The Commission
Section 8 Prohibitions
6. Civil Code Provisions on the Environment
7. Provisions in C.A. No. 141, The Public Land Act;
8. R.A. No. 6657, Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988;
9. R.A. No. 7160, Local Government Code of 1990
Part 3.

Specific Environmental Laws

(a) Act No. 3572, Prohibition Against Cutting of Tindalo, Akli, and
Molave Trees;
(b) P.D. No. 705, Revised Forestry Code;
(c) P.D. No. 856, Sanitation Code;
(d) P.D. No. 979, Marine Pollution Decree;
(e) P.D. No. 1067, Water Code;
(f) P.D. No. 1433, Plant Quarantine Law of 1978;
(g) P.D. No. 1586, Establishing an Environmental Impact Statement System
Including Other Environmental Management Related Measures and for Other
(h) R.A. No. 3571, Prohibition Against the Cutting, Destroying or
Injuring of Planted or Growing Trees, Flowering Plants and Shrubs or
Plants of Scenic Value along Public Roads, in Plazas, Parks, School
Premises or in any Other Public Ground;
(i) R.A. No. 4850, Laguna Lake Development Authority Act;
(j) R.A. No. 6969, Toxic Substances and Hazardous Waste Act;
(k) R.A. No. 7076, Peoples Small-Scale Mining Act;
(l) R.A. No. 7586, National Integrated Protected Areas System Act
including all laws, decrees, orders, proclamations and issuances
establishing protected areas;
(m) R.A. No. 7611, Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan Act;
(n) R.A. No. 7942, Philippine Mining Act;
(o) R.A. No. 8371, Indigenous Peoples Rights Act;
(p) R.A. No. 8550, Philippine Fisheries Code;
(q) R.A. No. 8749, Clean Air Act;
(r) R.A. No. 9003, Ecological Solid Waste Management Act;
(s) R.A. No. 9072, National Caves and Cave Resource Management Act;
(t) R.A. No. 9147, Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act;
(u) R.A. No. 9175, Chainsaw Act;
(v) R.A. No. 9275, Clean Water Act;
(w) R.A. No. 9483, Oil Spill Compensation Act of 2007; and
Part 4.

Dispute Settlement for Environmental Cases

I. Rules of Procedures under domestic laws

A. Civil Procedure


Criminal Procedure
Precautionary Principle
Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP)
Writ of Kalikasan
Administrative Remedies

II. International dispute mechanisms for environmental cases.