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>> Scheme for Solar Water Heating Systems under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM) Objective || To promote acoption of solar energy for the purpose of water heating. Purpese [To install Solar Water heating system betwsen capacity of 100 — 400 litres per day capacity. Elizitilty [all customers of the bank with proof of income to ensure repayment capacity to the satisfaction of sanctioning authority. Amount of [80% of the benchmark cost approved by MNRE or actual cost cf the unit whichever is, loan less. Margin [20% by the applicant. ‘Subsidy _ |[30% of benchmark cost subject to ceilings prescribed for each model. Rate of, Rat OF |fpase nate + are Repayment || Between 3-5 years. Repayment within 3 years not allowed. Security {For loans up to Rs. 25,000/- hypethecation of the system to be purchased. 1b, For loane above Re. 25,000/- in sddtion to s) sbove, one guarantor acceptable te bank should be obtained, Paper security, to the extent of lean amount may be ‘obtsined in lieu of guarantor. Other Adequate insurance cover for the system /equipments. Products of manufacturers terms approved by NRE only will be financed. Payment will be made directly to the ‘conditions || dealer/supplier along with applicant's margin. and