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MAY 1 - 7, 2016 P5.00


LP CNorte candidates
confident of winning

--- In the last week of
the campaign period,
the Liberal Party
candidates for the
provincial positions
in Camarines Norte
are confident they
will win the elections.

We have gone to the

farthest barangays in the
province and the peoples
resounding response is,
enough of non-responsive
government officials, said
Rep. Catherine Barcelona
Reyes, the administration
partys gubernatorial candidate.
She said the provincial governments inertia
is shown in the unchanging landscape of poverty,
a problem which Governor
Edgardo Tallado has not ef(Turn to page 7)


Even in his campaign style, Vice Gubernatorial candidate Daet Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion
continues to introduce innovations, one of the reasons why Daet became the Most
Competitive Town in the country.

( 473-8888

More progressive
Naga City seen

NAGA CITY -- Barely two weeks before the
2016 national elections,
Naga City Mayor John G.
Bongat delivered his 2015
State of Our City Report
(SOCR), during the 136th
Regular Session of the
11th Sangguniang Panlungsod April 26, Tuesday
at the Naga City Peoples
Hall, here.
With the theme: Sararo
Kita Sa Mas Progresibong
Naga Pasiring Sa 2019
(United for a more Progressive Naga Towards 2019),
Bongat detailed the citys
accomplishments for the
past six (6) years under his
For the past 5 years since
his first SOCR, Bongat had
been stressing that leadership is action not position.
This was precisely what I
did to focus more on action, because more action
and less talk is what our
people need, he stated.
The City Government
capitalized on three (3)
strengths to hasten the

transformation and development of Naga, namely;
the strong local economy,
the solid balance sheet or
financial standing of the
local government, and the
partnerships that further extended the citys capability.
The most shining milestone that the Naga City
has achieved is the declaration by the Competitiveness
Council citing it as the Most
Competitive Component
City in the Philippines for
2015. Naga was adjudged
the best in all 3 categories;
No. 1 in Infrastructure, No.
1 in Economic Dynamism,

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PNP vows Rule of Law in Masbate

The Philippine National
Police expects politicians
in the island-province
of Masbate to follow the
rule of law.
I call on reelectionists and candidates to
desist from arming their
supporters with firearms.
Taking the law into your


(Top left to right)) City Councilor Ray-an Rentoy, Councilor

Gabby Bordado, Mayor John Bongat and wife Farah, Vice
Mayor Nelson Legacion, Councilor Vidal Castillo and
Councilor Cecilia De Asis. (Bottom left to right ) Watsons
Pharmacist Eden Valenzuela, SM Supermarket Store Manager
Raymond Lopez, SM Store Assistant Manager Jocelyn
Boncayao, SM Public Relations Manager Tina Sumayao,
SM Leasing Manager Mave Altamarino and ACE Hardware
Supervisor Ryan Bulawan during the Naga City Top Taxpayer
awarding ceremony held last April 26, 2016 at the Peoples
Hall, Naga City Hall Compound. SM City Naga has been cited
as the Top Taxpayer for the sixth year in a row. The SM Prime
Holdings Inc. topped the list of business establishments
under the Real Property Tax corporate category and the
Business Tax-National Corporation category. The same
recognition was also given to SM Affiliates which include the
Mainstream Business, Inc., Supervalue, Inc., Star Appliance
Center, Watsons and ACE Hardware.

hands will just make matters worse, Senior Supt.

Alexander J. Sampaga, PNP
director for Masbate, told a
press conference at Camp
Bonny Serrano in this city
on April 6.
Sampaga said that authorities will go after people with
Sampaga was addressing

his warning to local candidates who in recent dialogues

with the police and military
had raised their concerns
over the presence of armed
goons in far-flung villages.
The candidates suggested
that the rifle-wielding goons
were employed by their rivals, saying the goons were
terrorizing every day their

unarmed followers.
The Special Task Force
Masbate is addressing their
problem, Sampaga said.
We have security for
them. Your government
security forces will defend
civilians from those who
threaten the conduct of fair,
peaceful, and orderly elec(Turn to page 2)

Catanduanes all set for grandiose

1st Abaca Festival on May 23-29
LEGAZPI CITY - The Catanduanes provincial government has announced that it is
ready for the grandiose holding of the first
Abaca Festival in the island this month.
In a statement reaching here Thursday, Gov.
Araceli Wong said the celebration on May 2329 will be themed Abaca Festival: Banwaan
Asenso, Turismo (Tourism Development for the
The theme aims to give recognition to the important role of abaca industry in the provinces
socio-environment and economic development
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3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TELEPHONE: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766



Tribute to
The first Labor Day celebration in the
country took place on May 1, 1903. On that
day, thousands of workers marched from
Plaza Moriones in Tondo to Malacanang
to demand complete independence,
while chanting anti-American capitalism
and imperialism.
It was organized by the Union Obrera
Democratica de Filipinas formed by
Isabelo de los Reyes and Herminigildo
On April 8, 1902, the Philippine
Assembly passed a law making the first
day of May as Labor Day, and a national
This particular day was further
institutionalized and ingrained in the
minds of the people as a day for workers
when on May 1, 1980, during the repressive
years of the Marcos regime, the Kilusang
Mayo Uno or KMU was organized along
a national democratic struggle ideology.
The KMU is known for advocating the
workers right to strike and its continued
opposition to contractual employment,
illegal retrenchment, and the workers
right to form labor unions. In February this
year, during the launch of his candidacy
for the presidency, Mayor Rodrigo
Duterte was reported in the media to have
threatened to curb trade unionism and
kill KMU leaders, an opening salvo which
the labor organization understandably
May 1 has also been traditionally an
occasion for the government to announce
wage increases, either across-the-board
or through regional tripartite board
declarations; as well as the annual labor
rally either at the LiwasangBonifacio or
at Mendiola.
As we observe and affirm our support
to workers of the world in their fight for
their rights and human dignity in this Day,
we also echo the call for them to unite.
As it was said long ago, they only have
their chains to lose.


MAY 1 - 7, 2016

Phil Rice Self-Sufficiency

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair
of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA
past president and Hall-of-Famer, and
ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).
VIETNAM OFFER: It seems everybody
(except our government officials) knows
that our bally-hoed rice self-sufficiency
announced some four years ago will
definitely not materialize - at least in
the next three or so years. Now here
comes the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
offering to us government-to-government
deals on rice trading. Vietnam asked
our government to give the priority to
importing rice from Vietnam and to extend
the rice trade deal up to 2020 after it
expires on December 31, 2016.
Vietnam is among the worlds largest
rice exporters and the Philippines is one
of its largest markets. Their agriculture
ministry said their rice exporters have
recently faced increasing competition
from Thailand and India. Last year,
Vietnam exported one million tons of
rice to us - under the government-togovernment agreement.
If ever the
agreement will be extended up to 2020
the new government will be assured that
we will always have staple food on our
INFLATION: Economists predict that
Phls inflation will be averaging just 1.9%
for the full-year, lower than previous
estimate of 2.5%. This is the latest survey
by the BSP. From December 2015s
2.5% forecast, BSP economists now
think inflation rate would actually be lower
than earlier projection due to continuing
low global oil prices. Analysts not only
point to low fuel prices, they also noted
continued prediction of slower global
economic growth, and lower domestic
electricity rates.

These favorable factors are likely
to outweigh upside risks of El Nio,
increased government expenditures
during the upcoming elections, pending
power rate adjustments, rebound in oil
prices, base effects in the CPI (consumer
price index) data, possible occurrence
of La Nia in the latter part of 2016,
and prospects of rising US interest
rates thus private sector economists
rationalized their findings. The current
prediction or official target is that average
inflation for 2016 will settle between 1.0%
to 1.99% range.
POLITICS: Our earlier prediction that
Leni Robredo will eventually surge in the
survey ratings is now reality. We credit
the lone lady vice presidential candidate
for her sustained simplicity and tenacity,
but most important of all, her courage.
She even campaigned in the so-called
Marcos Solid North carrying the banner
of Never Again versus human rights
violators. She aptly referred to herself
with the expression the last man
standing is a woman.
Lenis big remaining crucial chore
is how to pull up LPs Mar Roxas the
most under-rated presidential bet. The

Pro-life groups endorse Binay, Marcos

The following news was reported in
the Daily Tribune dated May 1, 2016: I
am quoting it for information and study as
to the reason why they are endorsing VP
Binay, and strongly rejected Mayor Digong
Duterte and Grace Poe. I will vote for a
candidate from Bikol for Vice President.
Church-backed pro-life groups which
count about 2.5 million Catholics in
membership yesterday declared support
to the candidacy of United Nationalist
Alliance (UNA) standard-bearer Vice
President Jejomar Binay and independent
vice presidential bet, Sen. Ferdinand
Bongbong Marcos, along with eight
senatorial candidates.
At the same time, the combined forces
of Buhay party-list and Pro-Life Philippines
Foundation also strongly rejected the
presidential bid of Davao City Mayor
Rodrigo Duterte.
At a weekly news forum, the pro-life
groups said their members have decided to
endorse the Binay-Marcos tandem and the

eight senatorial bets for being in support
of the anti-death penalty and anti-abortion
During the forum, Buhay Rep. Lito
Atienza bared that the influential El
Shaddai of Mariano Bro. Mike Velarde
would back the Binay-Marcos tandem.
Buhay is the party list founded by the
El Shaddai leader. It reportedly has eight


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262




Head, Advertising Associates


former DILG Secretary is the grandson

of Philippine president Manuel Roxas
whose image appears in our P100
bill. Mar has proven his worth as
public servant in many capacities. It
is unfortunate that as the governmentfavored candidate, he must defend the
incapacities current cabinet members
and their alter-egos. Am watching
how the LP machinery can beat the
popularity of Mayor Duterte.
Our next eight
days will be witness to the hectic
campaigning of both national and
loyal bets. Lucky are those who do
not have opposing candidates to
contend against. Running unopposed
is a blessing in terms of expenditure
savings and physical rest. The socalled token candidates should now
withdraw from the races so that voters
can be assured of risk-free exercise
of their right of suffrage. Every voter
should now concentrate on identifying
their precincts and the how-tos of
ballot accomplishment.
Whoever candidates we may be
rooting for let us all pray that our
pre-election and post-election days
will continue to be safe for everyone
so we may have peaceful and credible
elections. All of us especially our
business and industry must be
prepared for new government leaders
and regulations. Even under a possible
Mar Roxas presidency, he has openly
declared that his potential cabinet will
have new faces and that there will be
more women members. Mabuhay ang
babaeng pangalawang pangulo!
GOOD NEWS: Our loving God
opposes those who are e proud, even
as He gives special graces to the

tions in their area.

The Special Task Force of the PNP
and AFP here will stamp out those elements, he added.
Sampaga warned both the complaining candidates and their rivals against
committing violence, saying the police
and the military would do its best to
maintain law and order in the province.
He offered as proof the seizure of explosives and high powered firearms from
a residential house at Barangay Buenasuerte, Uson last April 6.
The Special Task Force found three
grenades, an M16 rifle and a 9mm-caliber handgun.
The task force raided a house where
a certain Wilfredo D. Sartin was staying.

Sartin eluded the raiders, according to

He said police were still looking for
clues as to whether Sartin was working
for politicians.
But judging from the confiscated explosives and automatic firearms, Sampaga said Sartin could eventually be
recruited by unscrupulous politicians
because he was keeping weapons of
mass extermination.
Only last Wednesday, April 20, the
task force arrested three persons with
ties to a private armed group in Dimasalang, a town 40 kilometers from this
provincial capital.
Ramie O. Arizobal, his brother Ariel
O. Arizobal and PorferioAtabay Jr. were

million members in the country and other

parts of the world.
Atienza said the Catholic-members
of Buhay decided against Sen. Grace
Poe, citing her anti-life position as
manifested in being pro-abortion and
pro-same sex marriage.
Poe, if she becomes president, will
promote divorce and abortion. Thats
going against the teachings of the
Catholic Church, he stressed.
We cannot have a President
who violates the law of the Church,
particularly disregarding the sanctity
of life and family values, Atienza said.
The groups also appealed to all
Catholics and Christians not to vote
for Duterte as he has the penchant for
extra-judicial killings.
Digong (Dutertes monicker) is
simply anti-life. He kills. He even boasts
of his penchant for killing, Atienza said
as he cautioned the electorate against
believing in popularity surveys.

arrested in their hideout at Barangay

Alio, Dimasalang.
Supt. Jennifer Tino, spokesperson
of Camp Bonny Serrano, said a grenade, two firearms, ammunitions and
illegal drugs were confiscated from
the suspects safe house.
Masbate is home to some of the
Philippines' entrenched political dynasties.
At the same time, it is one of the
country's impoverished provinces.
Sampaga said that the PNP regional
command has deployed 700 additional
cops to beef up the 1,000 policemen
manning the Masbate provincial command.
About 2,050 policemen and soldiers will be deployed for election duties in Masbate, he said. -EAD/PIA


MAY 1 - 7, 2016

(from page 1)

and No. 1 in Government Efficiency.

The Citys thriving economy can be seen through the
on-going construction of several malls, hotels and business establishments inside
its vicinity. It includes the
Robinsons Place, believed to
be the biggest mall in Bicol
Region with two hotels and
is expected to open next year;
the Summit and Go Hotel
brands, as well as a 5-storey
BPO building that will be
constructed inside the mall.
This will employ more than
2,000 people.
In addition, Bongat announced that SM City Naga
will construct a 9-storey mall
annex, the tallest in Bicol,
in between the present mall
and the Bicol Central Station
(BCS), a hotel beside the 2nd
floor of BCS, the completion
of the 5-storey building of
the Tan family at Naga City
Technology Park.
The expansion of BPO
companies such as Concentrix, IBM and Stellar Group,
with the completion of Starmall in Del Rosario and the
development of the new
Naga Airport is sure to make
Naga City a top BPO center
in the Philippines. It is no
wonder that the Information
Technology and Business
Processing Association of
the Philippines (IBPAP) and
the Department of Science
and Technology (DOST) recognized Naga as one of the
10 Next Wave Cities of the
Philippines in 2014 and recently in 2016.
On the Citys solid balance sheet, records from the
City Accountants Office
shows that in 2015, the Citys
ingress reached P993 million, with P574 million coming from the local revenues
and P419 million from the
Internal Revenue Allotment
(IRA) of the national government. This means that 58% of
the income of the City comes
from local revenues and only
42% comes from IRA an
indication of a strong and solid economy, making Naga as
one of the least IRA-dependent cities in the Philippines.
Nagas good reputation
gained the trust of different
developmental agencies: the
Cities Development Initiatives in Asia (CDIA) which
allotted more than P13 million to support the pre-feasibility study of the Integrated
Naga River Revitalization
Project (INRRP) of 201112, the Urban Nexus Project
being implemented by GIZGermany for the feasibility
sanitary landfill-cum wasteto-energy facility, and the European Union and Swiss Development Corporation thru
UNDP Philippines which
granted Naga US237,000
to implement programs on
migration and development
mainstreaming to Local Government Units (LGU).




MAY 1 - 7, 2016

Ora Pro Nobis

Asin maabot nalang an gabos sa
arog kaini? Mayo? Balik sa Uno?
Nahapot mi inisa sarong inpormal
na diskusyon manongod liwat sa kun
tano ta makusogon an kandidatura
ni Marcos asin ni Duterte, na segun
ki Tony Moncu pa garo dai na
maiibitaran na iyong masunod na
presidente. May nagsabi na bunga
ini kan pagpalyar kanhenerasyon kan
Martial Law natukduan an nagsurunod
na henerasyon manongod saka
salan kan rehimen Marcos.
katotoohan an obserbasyon na ini
asin an saro tang nahihiling na may
dakulang kontribusyon, iyo mismo an
Departamento nin Edukasyon. Nahiling
ta nakatubuan sa mga libro na ginagamit
sa elementarya haros, pinahamot o kun
bako man, pinara an mga pangaabuso
sa panahon kan diktadurang Marcos.
Sa sarong lado, dai man gabos totoo an
sahot naini. Sa Bikol, an sakong amigo
na si depuntong Reynaldo Jamoralin
pigsurat an mga biyograpiya kan
mga hoben na Bikolnon na idinusay
an saindang lumbod na buhay sa
pakikipaglaban para sa katalingkasan.
Alagad, an henerasyon kan inaapod
na mga millennial tood sa daralian na
inpormasyon asin kulang sa hararom
na paghorop-horop. Kun igwa sindang

pagkamidbidan iyo siguro nasarabay
na mamundagsa sarong panahon na
may indibidwalistikong oryentasyon,
pagpara kan local na kultura pasiring
sa sarong pangkinaban naidentidad.
Kaya kun dai ninda nabasa si Pulang
Hamtik ni Toots o kaya an Days of
Disquiet, Nights of Rage ni Pete
Lacaba o an tulang Open Letter to
Filipino Artists kan saiyang tugang
na si Emman; bako man totalmente
nindang kasalan o kabasolan.
Kaya sa garo resureksyon ni
Marcos sa katauhan kan saiyang
kapangaran na aki asin an multo kan
posibleng pagbalik kan Martial Law,
dai pa man garo huri na kinakaipuhan
nin liwat na pag aadal asin paggamiaw

sa henerasyon na maborotongon
yan nabulan ta kinaagahan na ninda
an nakataya man.
Sa kaso ni Digong, may nagsasabi
na an saiyang popularidad, bunga
kan karayaan sa dai naginibo kan
adminstrasyon ni Aquino. Kun an
pagmawot sa inaapod na strong
hand, na iyong linya kan pagiisip
kan mga nagsusuporta saiya asin
diskurso na pinapalakop ni Duterte,
sinasabi na huli ini kan kaluyahan
kan katoninongan sa nasyon: yaon
pa an ASG, an NPA asin ngonyan
an ISIS. Yaon pa an problema sa
droga, asin nalakop na kapagtiosan
na masasabi tang ugat kan gabos
na ini.
Sa hilingkong personal, an
pagmawot na ini kolektibong
projection kan pagmawot kan
kadaklan. Ilinalaag ninda ini ki
Duterte na nagtataong lalawgon
na kan pangangaipo nin bagong
bayani. Kun mitikal o putik na
pagigin bayaning ini ni Duterte o
totooini, mahihiling ta kun otoban
man nanggad niya na magjetskisa
Western Philippine Sea kun siya
manggana. Ta kun dai, sabi ngani
kan titulo kan obra ni Lino Brocka:
Ora Pro Nobis.

Leaders Not Saviors

Encouraging Grade
School Pupils to Write
Master Teacher 1
Iriga Central School, Iriga City
There is a popular notion that writing more than speaking is difficult. There could be a reason for this conception,
Maybe, it is because speaking is supplemented by actions.
Maybe also because one learns to speak first than write.
Not surprising that pupils take to speaking more than to
writing. As teachers we should tell our pupils that if they
could speak well, they might just as well write with the same
ease as speaking. But pupils still need a lot of cajoling for
them to get to writing. But listen to them talk. They talk with
much comfort and even talk endlessly.
Here the writing that is the focus of this manuscript is
writing in English since writing in Filipino is something most
pupils are very much at home. It could be because Filipino
is our native tongue. Almost ninety per cent of the programs
on television including news reports are in Filipino. Most
subjects in school are conducted in the same language.
The medium of communication in school is Filipino.
Comes now the idea of encouraging pupils to write in
English. It is a fact that those who can speak English impress other people including teachers. It is not surprising
that some parents talk to their children in English if only
to impress and to use a colloquial word pasosy or sosyal.
Whoever thought about this must have a super colonial
Writing begins with reading. Reading if only to be better
appreciated by children must be reading about something
that interest young pupils. For example, light novels may
be recommended for their home reading reports. There are
plenty of interesting short stories in our Philippine literature
like Interesting short stories and there are plenty of them in
our Philippine literature in English. Once they get into reading with interest there could be no stopping them. Reading
will assist young pupils in their grammar, spelling and they
could even develop particular style.
Graders must be encouraged to write diaries. They could
write about anything under the sunnews, people, ordinary
events, anything at all. Then, if there is a school paper they
can submit their manuscripts for publication. The young pupils will get the experience of seeing their names in print
with their articles. This could mark the beginning towards a
big end. A writer.
Corollary to writing in English, pupils must be likewise
encouraged to speak English in the classroom and even
among themselves One is not anti-Filipino if one uses the
American tongue. One will realize in the end that this will
be of big assist to him in his later life, specifically in seeking
employment. Begin em early as the colloquial sayin goes.

Why we, as voters, easily buy

into simplistic campaign slogans and
unrealistic political promises only to
be frustrated after we have elected
the wrong candidates? Well, I think
the main reason is that we are not yet
politically mature to clamor for true
LEADERS. Instead, we are always
hoping for SAVIORS.
As a result, we always end up
with false messiahs. Real leadership
brings out the best and not the worst
in people. True leaders unite people
instead of dividing people into camps
of 'us vs. them' mentality.
True leadership empowers people
to see hope in themselves rather
than enslaving them to dependency.
It is also not so much about imposing
discipline but about inspiring people
to be morally accountable and
responsible for their own actions. As
long as we hope for SAVIORS, the
vicious cycle will continue.
Our tendency to hope for saviors is an
acknowledgment of our helplessness.
It is a form of psychological bondage
that is rooted in our colonial past. We
are not accustomed to having leaders
but rather we are more adapted to
having masters. It might be true that
we have revolted against our colonial
masters but we ended up serving new
home-grown masters the new ruling
class. Although we are not currently


dominated by foreign rulers, we have

an oligarchic ruling class that controls
the various aspects of our lives.
Our current political situation is just
an extension of our collective mindset
as a people. We always look for heroes
in ideal forms like Rizal who could free
us from bondage. We expect heroes to
accept all the burdens and do most of
the hard work, which include thinking
for us. We want perfect heroes
and saviors who possess quasisupernatural powers. We expect them
to solve all our problems in an instant.
We all want change for the better
but many of us are not willing to
change. Ironically, we are aware that
virtually all of our politicians neither
have the qualities of real heroes nor
have the abilities of true saviors yet
we want them to accomplish heroic

deeds and messiah-like miracles.

This tendency of being passive
and overly-reliant on someone
else to do all the sacrifices is
also apparent in the family. This
is particularly true for families
relying on OFWs. Family members
oftentimes see their OFW relatives
as personal bank tellers, ATMs,
checkbooks and fairy godmothers or
genies, capable of granting wishes.
Many dependents of OFWs typically
have the sense of entitlement but
only passive sense of gratitude. This
is a microcosm of a larger society
that depends and expect too much
of its heroes.
On the larger scale of the nation,
the president of the republic is
considered as more than a parental
figure that has the obligation to
provide all the needs of the children.
The president is oftentimes seen as
the savior who also serves as the
shock absorber of blames for all the
societal problems.
Few of us realize that democracy
is always a work in progress and a
shared responsibility. Making it work
is not the obligation of a few heroes
and saviors but the responsibility of
all citizens.
We must stop hoping for saviors
and instead elect true leaders who
would bring out the heroes in us all.


art by known artist, Junyee, that
immortalizes the contributions of
different individuals to social development.
The social development organization
With only a twenty peso bill
and an old typewriter, after thirty
years we have grown to a group
of 14 social development organizations fueled with our dedication
and passion to eradicate poverty
in the country, said Dr. Jaime
Aristotle Alip, founder and managing director of CARD MRI,
adding that they have grown
together with their clients, now
more than 3.3 million in number.
From an NGO that provides
microfinance services to women
microentrepreneurs in 1986,
CARD MRI have also established rural and thrift banks, microinsurance providers, a mutual

benefit association, a foundation,

an IT company, leasing and financing corporations, a training
center and a college.
We also provide our clients
with community development
programs in areas like health,
education, communication, and
disaster management, among others, Dr. Alip added.
CARD MRI also is the first
NGO to obtain license in 1997
from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) as a microfinanceoriented rural bank, which is
now the CARD Bank, Inc. The
bank has been the hall of famer
for financial inclusion of BSP.
In 2008, CARD MRI received
its Ramon Magsaysay Award for
Public Service.
Nook of memories
Recognizing that all the
achievements of CARD MRI

would have not been possible

without the help of like-minded
individuals who have been supporting its mission, CARD MRI
through artist Luis R. Yee, Jr.,
popularly known as Junyee, created the first permanent installation art in the Philippines. This is
to immortalize the contributions
of people who are passionate
about poverty eradication.
Placed in the nook is a marker
devoted to President Corazon
Cojuangco-Aquino, a supporter
of social development institutions including CARD MRI.
We are honored to have a
marker dedicated to the late President Corazon Aquino here in our
campus. She was a good friend of
CARD MRI and has always been
a source of our inspiration in continuing to empower the poor. We
will strive with all our might and

heart to continue the legacy that

she has left us, says Dr. Alip.
In 2005, President Cory Aquino awarded CARD MRI with the
People Power People Award.
Microfinance NGOs Act
In November 2015, the Republic Act (RA) No. 10693 or
the law that strengthens nongovernment organizations engaged in microfinance activities
for the poor, which is also known
as the Microfinance NGOs Act,
authored by Senator Bam Aquino was approved by President
The law recognizes the significant role of microfinance
NGOs in the economic growth of
Philippines and in poverty eradication. It will also strengthen the
primary purpose of implementing
microfinance programs, products
and services for the poor, shared
Senator Bam Aquino adding that
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MAY 1 - 7, 2016


Mt. Isarog Guards draw plan vs treasure hunters



Isarog Guardians (MIGs)
commissioned by the city government here to preserve the
flora and fauna at Mt. Isarog
Natural Park (MINP) came
together to draw up plans that
will spare the highland from
poaching and treasure hunting.
One way to do it is to provide offenders and would-be
offenders with livelihood opportunities.
The idea came up during
presentations in a workshop
by 42 forest protectors which
include barangay officials and

barangay tanod (watchmen)

whose villages are within the
coverage of the protected areas
of this city and the neighboring
town of Calabanga.
The workshop, which was
undertaken during the training
on community-based resource
protection program (CBRPP)
last April 21-22, this year, in Barangay Panicuason, here, also
addressed other illegal activities
taking place at the site like cutting of trees, charcoal-making,
and collection of honey, wherein the harvesters drive off the
bees by setting up fire to produce smoke that oftentimes resulted in razing endemic plants
to the ground.


The CBRPP is an action

program that locals undergo to
address their own environmental resource concerns. The significance of a community-based
approach is that people work
together to develop plans and
goals without anyone compelling them to do so.
It was conducted thru the efforts of the City Environment
and Natural Resources Office
(City ENRO) of the city government of Naga.
The community-based forest
caretakers also revealed during
the training-workshop that illegal logging, practice of kaingin
system, and the planting of abaca that badly affects the growth


Tour Guides of Isla Rancho, Burias Island posed on top of the sliced rock of the so- called
Bicols Grand Canyon, the Animasola Island, one of the favorite tourist destinations of San
Pascual, Masbate owing to its awesome and splendid rock formations.

of other endemic plants.

Persistence of environmental
abuse in the protected site can
be traced to the lack of support
by the LGUs and their non-participation in a collective effort
being spearheaded by the Department of Environment and
Natural Resources (DENR) to
save the natural park from abuse
and other illegal activities.
Mayor John G. Bongat said
the city government is more
than willing to help in providing
the residents involved in such
activities with alternative means
to earn a living by way of identifying appropriate sponsors or
funding sources to help finance
certain livelihood projects for
Oscar Orozco, city environment and natural resources officer, said they have a number of
partner agencies that can collaborate with the city government
to undertake projects wherein
they can be hired. These agencies include GIZ, a German
development agency, the Asian
Development Bank and the
Climate Change Commission,
among others.
With regards to honey collectors within the park, CBSUA
Professor Aries Ativo, who was
CBRPP resource speaker, said
that his school can also be of
help to them as it engages in the
mass production of harmless
Day 2 of the activity was
about biodiversity monitoring
system (BMS) which aims to
improve the information available in protected areas through
regular collecting of data on
natural biological resources and
other utilization.

In his lecture, MINP Protected Area Supt. Armando

Omolida said biodiversity in
Philippine protected areas encompasses thousands of lifeforms, many of them not even
named and described. It is impossible to monitor all of these

and the biodiversity of a protected area will remain almost the

same as long as no large-scale
habitat changes take place.
He said that if habitat changes do take place, this will probably be the result of human activity.


The Guardians of the protected areas covering the Mt. Isarog

Natural Park outline various strategies that will help protect
the highland from illegal activities.

MAY 1 - 7, 2016



and to welcome the beginning of
an era that recognizes the great
potentials of the island as an exciting eco-tourism destination,
the governor said.
Through the festivals steering committee, we have prepared
and lined up events that will
highlight the milestone of the
abaca industry, from production
and processing skills to technology development, marketing and
investments, she said.
It will include the showcasing of various abaca by-products
and demonstration of abaca
fiber-crafting abilities as well as
the distinct culture and heritage
of Catandunganons that contribute in making the island a unique
tourist attraction, Wong said.
Activities and events set are
the inaugural program at the
Capitol grounds on May 23,
featuring the unveiling of abaca showcase and photo booth;
opening of trade fair and travel
expo; street dance parade and the
Abaca Dance Showdown at the
Catanduanes Athletic Complex.
The trade fair that will last
for the whole week duration of
the festival will promote the versatility of abaca, showcasing its
different by-products, provide
selling opportunities and expand
market for locally-produced

products, and generate additional sales for local producers,

Wong said.
The next day, May 24, will
feature Skills Olympics, launching of abaca farm tramline, abaca stripping (Paghag-ot) contest
and technology demonstration.
May 25 will be for the jobs
fair at the Capitol Dome and
longest abaca fiber contest; May
26 for the Investment Forum
dubbed The Potentials and
Prospects of Abaca Pulp Factory
in the Province of Catanduanes,
rope-making (paglubid) contest
and abaca techno demo.
The last day, May 27, will
be highlighted by a float parade
and abaca garments fashion
show cum Flores de Mayo (May
Flowers) showcasing the evolution of locally-crafted pinukpok/
sinamay fabrics for the traditional saya to the modern cocktail dresses -- the elegant Barong
Tagalog and barotsaya.
The Barong Tagalog is a traditional attire which is actually
an embroidered formal garment
used by both the Filipino men
and women not only for formal
dressing but also as the most
common traditional wedding
Baro at saya--the baro is the
top blouse and the saya is the

skirt--has evolved with the passage of time as originally both

the native sexes used to dress
up with half-naked outfits and
gradually, the Filipino females
started to cover the upper torso
with short and sleeved blouses
later named as baro.
These activities, the governor
said, will also feature the exceptional resilience from natural calamities of Catanduanes, given
that the province occupies the
first landmass to be kissed by
the waves of the Pacific Ocean,
exposing it to tropical cyclones
constantly hitting the countrys
eastern seaboard.
The exoticness of the island
called the Land of the Howling
Wind will also be the focus of
the celebration that would place
at the center stage the marvelous
local tourism attractions popularized by verdant environment,
rich ecosystem and majestic
Catanduanes is a promising
travel destination owing to its
off-the-beaten path ecotourism
wonders, dive sites and sea surfing venues like Puraran Beach
where waters offer thrill and adventure reeling with surf, sand
and sun featured as the islands
tourism icon sitting amid the
backdrop of scintillating coves

and rolling hills.

"We dedicate the celebrations especially to the provinces
booming abaca industry as it is
high time now that the province
pays tribute to it in recognition
of its significant contributions to
the islands economy and to the
good life that its people enjoy,"
Wong said.
She said the Catanduanes
Abaca Festival will be institutionalized from this year on as
an annual merrymaking that
would be a venue for expressing our gratitude to God for this
heavenly blessing and showcasing the greatness of Catandunganons in nurturing this industry while promoting the local
tourism industry.
The province, sitting off the
northeastern side of the Bicol
Peninsula and separated from
the mainland by Maqueda Bay,
has a total of over 35,500 hectares abaca plantations cultivated
by 15,454 farmers producing an

average of 19,000 metric tons of

fiber yearly, representing 33.2
percent of the total national annual production to become the
countrys fiber industry leader.
This makes abaca its backbone industry that since time
immemorial has made the island
a prized contributor to countrys
fiber export earnings.
In 2012 alone, the country
posted an amount of USD120
million in abaca export earnings
or an over PHP5 billion on the
back of increased demand for
abaca pulp and cordage in the
Philippines major markets, according to records of the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA).
Called a smart crop, owing
to abaca plants resistance to
typhoons and drought, it serves
as the top agricultural commodity that keeps the local economy
alive from the farm gate down to
traders receipts providing stable
employment, livelihood and

business opportunities leading to

the provinces lower poverty rate
compared to other Bicol areas.
In its latest poverty incidence
report, the Philippine Statistics
Authority (PSA) placed Catanduanes poverty rate at 27.1 percent, the second lowest next to
Camarines Nortes 24.7 percent
among Bicols six provinces
with Masbate topping the list at
44.2 percent, followed by Albay,
36.1 percent; Camarines Sur,
33.5 percent; and Sorsogon, 32.1
On the other hand, the National Household Targeting
System for Poverty Reduction
(NHTS-PR) or Listahanan of
the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD),
in its first assessment done in
2009, listed Catanduanes as having the lowest number of poor
households at 51 percent or only
16,743 out of its 32,811 households assessed compared to the
five other Bicol provinces.


the approval was a victory for all
microfinance NGOs.
CARD MRI, together with
other microfinance institutions
in the Philippines, are all grateful that through the Microfinance
NGO Act a more financially
inclusive Philippines is closer
at hand. We salute your efforts
in supporting us fight the battle
against poverty, shared Dr. Alip.
5-8-40 strategy
With CARD MRIs dedication to help the socioeconomically challenged families, CARD
MRI has covered almost 16.5%
of the total population in the
Philippines with microinsurance.
This is through the microinsurance institution of CARD MRI,
the CARD Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (CARD MBA).
We will not stop there. With
the full support of our partners,
stakeholders and the government, we are looking forward to
the next five years ahead, shared
Dr. Alip.
CARD MRI came up with the
5-8-40 Strategy. This means that
in five years, we hope to provide
our services to eight million clients. Assuming that each of that
eight million clients have five
members in the family, we will
be providing community development programs like insurance,
health services, and educational
programs to 40 million individuals, Dr. Alip added.
According to CARD MRI

organizers, the jam-packed presence of CARD MRI clients made

the event memorable as they are
the main audience to witness the
remarkable milestone of CARD
MRI. On behalf of the more than
3.3 clients of CARD MRI, Mrs.
Pascuala Geoso shared how
CARD MRI empowered her as a
woman, as a mother, and as a microentrepreneur. To be poor is
a choice. Thanks to CARD MRI
and other key stakeholders for
believing in our capacity that
even we are poor, we can still

do great things, Mrs. Geoso

Further, Mrs. Geoso shared
her gratitude to President Aquino
for his support to the microfinance NGOs operating in the
country. When you signed the
Microfinance NGOs Act into
law, you allowed us to cling to
our hope that there is a brighter
future for our family. Thank you
for being part of the battle of microfinance NGOs in eradicating
poverty in the country, said Mrs.

push Roxas and Robredo to
victory in the province because they have no strong opponents.
He, for instance, has no
strong opponent in the 3rd
District of Albay while former
congressman Edcel C. Lagman is a sure winner in the 1st
District and Mayor Noel E.
Rosal of Legazpi City is certain to retain his position.
Gonzalez said they also
have the support of the candidates of their party in the cities of Tabaco and Ligao which
have big numbers of voters.
If ever some candidates
move from the LP to other par-

ties, more strong candidates

are transferring to LP from
other parties, he said.
The Albay lawmaker said
as officials and members of
the LP, they are just the local
political machinery for those
running for national posts.
What is more important,
he said, is the influence of the
radio and television media
through political advertisements which are being seen
by voters in the entire country,
especially the airing of the debates, which could give wider
and stronger influence to the
electorate in deciding whom
to vote on the May 9 elections.


Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
legitimate heirs of the late PLACIDA PATANGAN-PAA,
who died intestate on January 09, 2012 in Naga City
without any will or no known debts left a home lot situated
at Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Naga City designated as Lot 2, Block
35 under the socialized housing of Naga City Government;
the Heirs being all of legal ages and with full capacity to
contract hereby agree to divide and adjudicate among
themselves the said lot in pro indiviso equal shares;
the mentioned Heirs waive their rights, interest and
participation on their respective shares in favor of EDGAR
P. ESPLANA, their cousin, his heirs and successors-ininterest; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Carlo
C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No. 151, Page No. 31, Book No.
179 Series of 2016.
Published: May 1, 8 and 15, 2016
Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legal
heirs of the late JOSE ARINGO , who died intestate on
January 09, 2014 in Cararayan, Naga City without any will
or no known debts left a parcel of land situated at Bgry.
Cararayan, Naga City; the Heirs being all of legal ages and
with full capacity to contract hereby agree to setle, divide
and adjudicate unto themselves the described property;
that for and in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred
Thousand (P200,000.00) pesos paid by the Vendee,
MANOLO C. EBORA, JR., of Ragay, Camarines Sur, the
Vendor do hereby SELL, CEDE TRANSFER and CONVEY,
unto said Vendee his heirs, successors and assigns the
described parcel of land; as acknowledged before Notary
Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No. 414, Page
No. 83, Book No. 162 Series of 2015.
Published: May 1, 8 and 15, 2016

MAY 1 - 7, 2016


Farm Business
School launched



Ms. Jessica Cielo T. Cainto of PAGIBIG Fund discussed the Modified Pag-IBIG 2 (MP2) Savings Program which offer additional
savings and optional investment windows to government and private employees as well as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

CARD MRI launched One Family, One Graduate program

The CARD Mutually
(CARD MRI), a social development organization, recently launched a new program called One Family,
One Graduate to provide
education to its millions of
The new program is an effort of CARD MRI to ensure
that for every family it serves,
one will graduate from college, leading to enhanced
economic situation of the
whole family.
"Growing up in less privileged community has not
only offered financial and
academic challenges but also
made me realize the value

of education. Thanks to the

generous support of CARD
Scholarship, I am first in my
family to attend college," said
Christine Jane M. Tabilizo
from Lucena City, Batch 13
of CARD MRI Scholarship
Program (CSP).
Over the years, CARD
MRI has developed products
and services that uplift the
lives of its members. These
include education loan facilities and scholarship programs.
CARD believes in the
value of education and its
importance in the fulfillment
of nation building. Education
will lead to employment or
entrepreneurship, thus, break-

ing the cycle of poverty in

ones family, said Dr. Jaime
Aristotle B. Alip, president
and founder of CARD MRI.
CARD MRI is constant in
doing partnership with State
Colleges and Universities and
other academic institutions
including technical-vocational or ladderized curriculum
schools since last year. Part of
the partnership is to develop
appropriate education loan
The scholarship program
will also provide access to
part-time employment for out
of school youths (OSYs),
shared Dr. Alip adding that
this is a commitment from the
beneficiaries to enroll while
working or to save through


Contact No.:

Allan - 0921-999-8888
Fely - 0918-628-7818

fectively addressed and for

which she expressed confidence the people will vote
for her and her running mate,
Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion
who is eyeing the vice gubernatorial post.
Sarion, for his part, said
they are now focusing on
what their administration will
do to change the picture of
poverty of the province.
We will give what are
due to the people. Itao sa
mga tawo an para sa mga
tawo, he said, explaining
that one of the primary roles
of a vice governor is to provide the legislative backbone
to the governor.
We will translate that
in more legislations that answer the gut issues, like food,
shelter, jobs, he said, adding
that this is not meant they are
abandoning their fight for a
moral leadership as a basic
requirement for good governance.
Meanwhile, Sarion also
decried the disinformation
made in the local media, particularly the news that he and
Rep. Cathy were scheduled
to meet presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte at the
Naga airport last week.
That was clearly deceiving and something responsible media should not tolerate, he added.
He said the Liberal Party
is unfazed by survey results,
saying that what will eventually determine the results of
the election is the behavior of
the electorates.
If people go to the polling places on May 9, that will
be the determinant of their
choices, he said.

time deposit type or matching

fund type while working to
support future schooling.
Moreover, the Commission on Higher Education
(Ched) approved the application of CARD MRIs school,
the CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. (CMDI),
to offer Senior High School
this School Year 2016-2017.
CMDI also is currently offering B.S. in Entrepreneurship with specialization in
microfinance, and an accredited provider and assessment
center for Microfinance Technology of TESDA. CMDI has
campuses in Bay, Laguna and
Tagum City, Davao Oriental.
We always envision that
no student will be a school
dropout regardless of social
standing. Like Christine Jane,
may this program be able to
reach and produce nation
builders, Dr. Alip concluded.

Agrarian Reform here recently launched, April 21 its
first Farm Business School in
Naga City.
The Farm Business School
(FBS) is implemented under
the project Capacity Building
of Small Farmers in Entrepreneurship Development and
Market Access, through collaboration of the Department
Training Institute (DA-ATI),
Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Food and Agriculture Organization of the
United Nations (FAO-UN),
and the local government units
A total of 30 farmers-members of Cararayan Agrarian
Reform Beneficiaries Empowered Community Organization
(CARBEMCO) will undergo


a series of group-based experiential learning activities or

a 25-day training sessions to
help them learn and develop
their capacity in running a
profitable farm business for
long-term sustainability. As a
result, Farm Business Schools
help family farms to access
new markets and respond to
ever-changing market demands. The learning process
would also be interactive, i.e.
the farmers would learn from
each other and the facilitator
would be there to guide them.
City mayor John G. Bongat
welcomed the project and expressed his full support for its
implementation in the city.
The DAR Camarines Sur II
provincial office is also scheduled to launch Farm Business
Schools in Bgys. Pacol and
Panicuason end of this month.


Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer I Gay L. Labad,

Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat, City Agrarian Reform
Program Officer Manuel Nebreja, and Mr. Roberto Rebano,
president of Cararayan Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries
Empowered Community Organization (CARBEMCO) jointly
signed the Memorandum of Agreement for a Farm School.

Gonzales pooh-poohs govs shift



transfer of support of Bicol governors from Liberal
Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas and vice
presidential bet LeniRobedo to the camp of Grace Poe

has no effect, if not a little,

at all since there are more
remaining LP stalwarts in
the Bicol Region.
This was the reaction
Thursday of Congressman
Fernando V. Gonzalez of the
3rd District of Albay to the
defection of Bicol governors

to Poe's camp.
Earlier, Bicol governors
Joey Sarte Salceda of Albay,
Edgardo Tallado of Camarines Norte, MigzVillafuerte
of Camarines Sur and RizalinaSeachon-Lanete of Masbate have reportedly jumped
to Poe's ship while Sorsogon




MAY 1-7, 2016


CARD MRI marks 30th anniversary;

Pres. Aquino graces the fete
CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD
MRI), a social development
organization established in
1986, marked the start of its
year-long celebration of the
30th anniversary with President Benigno S. Aquino
III, Senator Bam Aquino,
some government leaders,
CARD management, staff
and its members.


The anniversary commemorates the steadfast support of CARD MRIs most

treasured clients, dedicated
staff and leaders, partners and
stakeholders, and the supportive government and other
regulatory bodies.
Likewise, the celebration
publicly launches the Nook
of Memories, which is the
first permanent installation
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Gov. Raul Lee has announced

his support to Vice President
Jejomar Binay.
Gonzalez said Lee's wife,
Sally, is Roxas' candidate
for mayor of Sorsogon City,
while his son, Bobbit Lee Rodrigueza is running for governor under the LP.
In Camarines Norte, he
said, the entry of Tallado in
Poe's lineup has no effect as
he had long been removed
from the LP with which he
had problems and the province has strong candidates
who have full support to
Roxas and have been helping the LP standard bearer a
lot like the Reyes and Unico
Gonzalez admitted that
since Salceda has been a
good leader in Albay, there
could be an effect but in the
whole, he said, he and the
other LP leaders in Albay can
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LPs Vice Presidential candidate Leni G. Robredo make a side

trip to Naga City to meet the Sumilao Farmers from Bukidnon
to manifest their support to Congresswoman Robredo. The
Sumilao farmers were here nine years ago where the late
DILG Secertary Jesse M. Robredo and Congresswoman Leni
welcomed them.


Paid for by Friends of Connie

Province of Camarines Norte

Paid for by Friends of Tito