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A Guide of what Higher Degree by Research Application should

General Application Tips:
a) A research proposal needs to provide a clear summary of the research projects aims and its
b) A CV detailing that the appropriate academic background has been attained. This should be
accompanied by certified academic transcripts. Any relevant industry experience should be clearly
identified on the CV.
c) Clear evidence that previous university degrees have been studied in English and/or official
English language test results need to be provided.

A research proposal needs to include:

Title of study
The title should identify and succinctly convey the key research theme.

Rationale - research abstract (no more than 300 words)

This should, using non-technical language, include a brief summary of the:
research aims;
research questions;
significance of the research.

Broader research context situating the research in the discipline (no more than 3000
Be careful to explain:
how the research is framed in light of existing work (academic literature),
how existing theories or concepts are involved,
the new insights the proposed project is expected to yield.
whether it has potential to contribute to an existing or an emergent area,
the methodology,
the anticipated final outcome will be,
the significance of your project findings in the non-academic sphere.

Last Modified Jan 2014, Dr Ashton de Silva, School of Economics, Finance & Marketing, RMIT