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Markets For Fiberglass

Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Food & Beverage

FRP Products for

Food & Beverage Facilities
Food and Beverage Facilities throughout the world use
Fibergrate products to help reduce accidents, worker fatigue,
corrosion and the high cost of stainless steel.
Fibergrates slip-resistant fiberglass grating, stair treads,
floor plate, structural shapes, and ladders and handrail systems
have provided long-lasting walking and working surfaces for
the food and beverage industry for more than 30 years.
We have a world-wide network of engineers, representatives and
distributors available to help you design, fabricate and
install Fibergrates products.

Corrosion Resistant
Corrosion is a major problem for metal grating, stair treads
and other products in food and beverage facilities. They usually

Molded Grating

require costly replaeent and constant maintenance. Fibergrates

Stair Tread

FRP products were specifically designed to provided safe, longlasting solutions in environments where corrosive materials attack

Floor Plate

and destroy metal.

Fibergrates products have become popular in the food and
beverage industry because of its high performance composite

Covered Grating
Structural Shapes
Ladders & Handrail Systems

High Performance Composite Solutions

Fibergrate FRP Features

Slip Resistant
Slips and falls are a major problem for the food and
beverage industry. Wet, oily conditions are accidents
waiting to happen in your facility. According to the
National Safety Council, slips and falls are the second
leading cause of lost workdays. Each lost workday costs
an average of $35,000.
Fibergrate slip-resistant products have consistently
reduced slips and falls in food and beverage
facilities. Fibergrate grating, stair treads and covers, and
floor plate feature a long-lasting, slip-resistant surface.
Even after years of abuse, Fibergrates products provide

Low Maintenance

significantly higher slip resistance than metal, wood,

Fibergrate products are easy to clean with a

tile or concrete floors.

washdown of detergent or water. Open mesh allow

debris to fall through grating and teads preventing

USDA Accepted

hazardous buildup on walking surfaces. Fibergrate

Sanitation is a major concern for food and beverage

products do not need to be repainted year after year,

facilities. Fibergrate has products which have full

thus providing a cost-effective alternative to high-

USDA acceptance for use in these facilities. The

maintenance materials.

sealed resin-rich surface resists food buildup and inhibit

bacterial growth.

Fibergrate products have a slight resiliency that makes
them comfortable to stand on for long periods.
This ergonomic benefit reduces back, leg and foot
strain, increasing worker comfort and comfort and
productivity. Fibergrate products are recommended by
leading ergonomic consultants to the food and beverage

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Fibergrate products, manufactured as a composite
of continuous fiberglass strands and high quality resin
is integrally constructed for strength. Properly installed,
Fibergrate products meet specified load requirements
for steel and are more impact resistant than metal.