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Fiinovation Reviews - How to Clean Rivers and Other Water Bodies?

Thanks to our indiscriminate ways of treating the environment, our water bodies are so polluted
that it has often been heard that snorkelers usually come across more plastic than fishes when
they dive. Fiinovation understands apart from solid wastes, industrial emissions have also
caused water pollutions to a great extent. Fiinovation suggests are some ways of cleaning our
water bodies and rivers clean.

Recycling: Most of what we throw away finds their way to the rivers and seas as we flush
them. By recycling items, a lot of matter can be prevented from going down the drain.
Children should be taught from an early age how to make use of things instead of
throwing it away and a lot things can be used up instead of ending up in the rivers.

Eliminate Toxicity: Political powers from round the world has come together in global
summits to discuss the problem of industrial emissions. Most of the highly toxic
industrial wastes are flushed out in the rivers and seas and restrictions on them have to be
imposed to control their waste production. The European Directive talks about restricting
the emission of sulpher dioxide and nitrogen peroxide and many countries adhere to

Use Bio Degradable Items: The use of plastics has been banned in most communities
around the world. Apart from those, by promoting organic farming, and using natural
pesticides a lot of toxicity can be prevented from entering the waterways. By making
compost heaps and natural manure a large part of trash can be prevented from being
disposed that would have eventually found their way to the rivers.

Reduce Wastage: Reducing the waste of water is probably one of the easiest ways of
keeping the water clean. The more water there is, the more are the chances of dilution
that would otherwise concentrate and wreck havoc on the environment. Simple things
like preventing dripping taps can help save gallons of water each year.

Sweep: Our day to day activities can also help us to keep our water clean. Most of the
time, to reduce labour, we simply flush items instead of wiping or sweeping them. The
detergent from car wash, or debris from the driveway can be prevented from going down
the drain if we sweep up instead of washing every time. Covering the drains with lids is
also a good idea so that every item does not unwittingly go in.

Reduce Deforestation: Trees and plants are like the natural filters of the earth and
growing deforestation is one of the major reasons why our rivers are turning toxic. By
promoting the growth of trees not only can this be prevented, but it also promotes
rainfall, one of the major ways of increasing the water levels of the earth.

Fiinovation believes that it is time that each one of us do our bit instead of simply blaming the
government and maybe, we can help our future generations get access to clean water without
much difficulty. Fiinovation advises corporations to take up cleaning of water bodies under CSR
programmes in India. CSR environment programmes in India can help improve the water
quality and reduce pollution in India's rivers. CSR funding in India can help setup waste
management and water purification plants along river beds. Let's hope corporate India start
contributing towards society more through CSR and Sustainability initiatives.

Written By Rajdeep Arghya Biswas

Published By Fiinovation