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Fiinovation - Climate Change and Food Security

Fiinovation understands global warming and climate change has already raised a lot of concern
among the environmentalists as well as the general public and food security is an issue that is
very much linked with it. It is not just important to point out the risks but also find appropriate
solutions to the problem. Fiinovation comprehends agriculture is one aspect of the human life
that is connected directly to the climate and hence, it should top the priority list of every
organization and research institute.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was founded in the year 1988 with the sole
purpose of identifying and mitigating problems resulting from global warming and the increase
of the Green House effect. The fifth assessment report is about the current effects of the change
in climate all over the world and that it is expected that by 2030, crop production would decline
at a rapid rate. Fiinovation believes that it was also to be assessed that to what extent the damage
would be and whether the negative effects could be slowed down in any way.

To mitigate this sudden change, certain measures are to be taken. It was reported that in
parts of Brazil, the rice and wheat production could be reduced by 14%. This is because
cultivation would mostly suffer due to lack of water and drought.
Measures would include making cultivar adjustments- that is, to promote crops that can
survive on less water and are more resistant to droughts. This could be done by breeding
or genetic modification as well.
Adjustments in the planting date could also be done as well as by the combination of date
and cultivar adjustment.
Irrigation and fertilizer optimization- that is using up all aspects by keeping wastage to
the minimum is also on the cards, but the farmers would have to be adequately trained for
the purpose as well.

Fiinovation understands that the Consultative Group on International Agricultural research went
a step further and produced a detailed analysis of the various effects of climate change mentioned
above and that the results would be seen by 2030.
One of the major concerns of the environmentalists is that not only the climate change will affect
the crops, but even other factors like emissions from the industries and wastage of water will just
worsen the problem. What the problem needs is an address from not just those concerned with
the food and agriculture industry, but a collaboration of all other industrial heads and even
volunteers so that they can do their bit to solve the problem.
Fiinovation understands that the problem would lie mostly in the local pockets that are still far
from major agricultural hubs. Any kind of facility takes longer than usual to reach them and it is
no wonder that it would be the case with the mitigating measures as well. It is a top priority to

record and to bring under fold all the these smaller pockets which are perhaps in greater danger
of elimination of the climate changes spread their harmful effects. Fiinovation urges the
corporations to incorporate CSR and Sustainability initiatives in India that would help
mitigate the risks of climate change. CSR environment projects in India targeting climate change
would help benefit the society at large. Climate change is not a threat for a few but its impact is
equally on the businesses as well. Therefore, promotion of CSR and Sustainability initiatives
in India and CSR environment programmes in India is the not only way forward but also the
need of the hour.
Written By Rajdeep Arghya Biswas
Published By Fiinovation