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Swamiji's Guru Poornima 2016 July 17- First Discourse Summary

Greetings to all divine souls. Today we are gathered here at the Kutch Samarpan Ashram
for the festival of Guru Poornima. This festival is a special one. It is so because of the sacred
ground ceremonies which are being performed for the new energy statue centre here in the
ashram or retreat centre.
(Note: In India, sacred rites are performed to clear the energies of the ground of an area of land
before construction of any kind begins there. And this is what is taking place with respect to the
guru energy centre which is in the Kutch ashram or retreat centre.)
This place will benefit future generations in the next 800 years as this energy statue helps provide
the right kind of guidance. In this historic moment, we have been granted the privilege of
witnessing these turn of events. Future generations will be proud of you for having had the
privileging of seeing all this in your lifetimes.
Before creating it (or making it operational) , it is important to understand what the Guru Shakti
Dham or Guru Energy Centre is and what the importance of the energy statue inside it is as well
as how future generations will receive guidance from it. Today it is necessary to know all this.
It's like the way we drink tea. Sugar, water, milk and tea leaves must be mixed in the right
proportions in order to taste good. If any one of these is off, the tea's flavor goes down. The same
holds true when selecting a stone for the statue.
There must be a synergy of energy around the 4 corners and the centre of the stone. This
sameness helps establish a collectivity and therein provides good energy. Our forefathers and
earlier saints knew of this art.
Historically, gurus or saints (while living) would infuse their energies into the statue. (This
practice of infusing live energy from a saint was known as pran pratishtha). But there was a
great synergy lacking in this practice because the statue's outer look was distinct from the guru's
and its inner vibrations was different from the energy or God that people would be revering from
the outside. People couldn't see the guru's energies which lay within the statue. But because of
the energy staying on for over 100-150 years or more, it would get absorbed and immersed in
nature's energies. Later magnanimous energies would pour forward from this.
This energy statue we have here is different from these. We travelled to different holy places to
understand the energies pouring forward and experience what they were. Based on this, it is safe
to say that this energy statue's (mangal murti) purpose is different. Normally, when a guru
would infuse energy into a statue, he would try to balance the society for the weakness it had. E.g.
If people felt dissatisfied, this would be an issue with the navel chakra. So to counter this flaw,
the guru would resolve to invoke satisfaction into the statue. It's like how all homeopathic
medicine pills look the same but they have different properties inside them according to one's
ailments. E.g. What you would take for a headache may be different from another ailment.

So the vibrations of each statue were distinct though people may not have realized it. The same
goes for the resolution with which each statue was invoked because it was based on the needs of
the time. For example, if tere were periods of great war or natural disasters, one may have found
people being very scared either via fear of death or high stress and so on. And this aura of
feelings would permeate the atmosphere. So to counter this, a guru may infuse energies into a
statue which would heighten the heart chakra or energy centre and make those who came into
contact with it fearless and stress-free.
During the workshop I did in Mehsana recently, I went to a small town or village nearby called
Oondha. While there, a samarpan practitioner or sadhak took me to the Umiya Mata temple. It
was just the priest of the temple and myself there. The priest then mentioned how he had been to
my Mehsana workshop. What I observed about the statue was that there was no resolution that
had gone into it. But there existed a great synergistic energy though it was purposeless. No
chakras were meant to be energized. The person who infused the statue did so with an intense
sense of feeling with no social issues to resolve.
Pran pratishtha is the infusing of the guru's energies as the guru acts as an empty medium.
Through his wish, he infuses energies into a statue accordingly. But he does so without any
personal wish or interests. We see its effects down the centuries.
With this energy statue, the form and formless are synchronized. It is purposeless and without
any resolutions. The state of the medium infusing energy is that everyone gets the same spiritual
state as he has. Anyone can gain self-realization by coming into contact with it. If you give
clothes, money,medicines, or food, they will run out. But if you help someone gain self-realization,
they won't need you after. In the future, scientists will research on how this statue grants selfrealization in its midst.
About 16 years ago, I encountered someone who had a book of Swami Muktanand's which spoke
about how the kundalini or life force could be awakened through a guru's gaze, touch or sound.
This would therein lead to people's attention getting controlled and allowing meditation to
happen. And this book's teachings were not that old and may possibly date back to 100 to 150
years ago. But now as an outcome of the progressing nature of the guru element, one's kundalini
or life force can be awakened through photos or video workshops. The same stands for this
energy statue's ability to grant self-realization.
This type of development is going to happen in the guru energy centre. Understand this. Live
energy has been poured into it. As opposed to emptying one's flaws into the statue, your flaws will
disappear slowly with this. If you think I am present in the form of the statue, it'll be much more
transmitting of his state. The statue's plus point is that it is stationary and can therefore maintain
the same state all the time whereas a live person can't always have the same state because they
The statue will answer your questions if you consider it live like me. Recently when I went to the
U.K., I stayed in the U.K. Ashram's cottage which was made for my staying there. My cottage
had a glass door through which I could see across the glass doors of where the energy statue there
was. I stayed in the cottage for 4 days. What a duet of two solo musicians it was as the energy
statue and I came across one another. It was like in the epic Ramayan when Jambavan the bear
reminds the monkey God Hanuman about his abilities to cross over Sri Lanka to rescue Goddess
Sita on his own.

During one such point in my conversations, I said to the energy statue, you have so much power
to grant self-realization and do so much of your own course, how come you're not doing it? The
statue answered that no one in the U.K wishes for the guru energy centre to be made. They just
talk about their problems. I then mentioned to the U.K. Samarpan practitioners to make a pure
wish for the Guru energy centre. I have made donation appeals for this. But even for this, one's
spirit needs to be immersed in it all even if the donation may be for 1 rs. Money will always flow
no matter what happens whether one gives or doesn't. But what's of greater importance is that
one immerse oneself with the statue.
We can look to the Shirdi Sai Baba temple as an example of past efforts of maganimity. This guru
energy centre here is happening in your lifetime. It is my pure wish that all take this opportunity
to contribute to this. If one rupee is given to a person, it can reach one person. If one rupee is
given to an organization, it will remain limited to that one organization. If one rupee is given to
one society, state or nation, it will remain limited to that one society, state or nation. But if you
want all of humanity to get that one rupee, the opportunity exists in this guru energy centre.
Anyone can get self-realization here irrespective of gender, race, culture, religion, caste or creed.
There can be no greater opportunity than this. Invest in the guru energy centre. It will help you
till the end. Moksha or a liberated soul cannot be given to anyone. How you enable others to get it
depends on how you got it. It is my pure wish that you maximally benefit from this endeavor.
It's like how in Nagpur, there was a Muslim saint who would say to people only give 10 rs if it's a
decision from within or it's easy for you to let go of. (i.e.. giving should be a decision from the
heart) So the point here is that money and resolutions are but mediums through which one is
joined with the energies. As the statue's state improves, so will yours. Observe this. There are
different ways to give.
It can be through money if you have it, time if you have it or if you have neither, then it can be
through prayers for the establishment or success of something related to the guru energy centre
causes. Truly, there is great power in prayer. You'll get great satisfaction from making heartfelt
wishes. Even if there are only 1200 samarpan practitioners in Kutch. So what? Just keep on with
your feelings. The created task will become complete. One requires feelings which don't stem
from the body. You need to be a soul which can be enhanced through meditation which therein
leaves the body behind.
And then only feelings are left. When you do the tasks with such sincere feelings, the tasks will
flow. Collectivity is not when a bunch of people are present in bodies. It is when people, no
matter how few they are, are bound by feelings that a true collectivity exists. Many will come
here and get the result of this (small but common collectivity). That is what's coming up. The
intellect is developing rapidly but not one's sense of feelings. The opportunity to develep one's
feelings is currently not there. This energy statue will remedy this.
I went to the U.K recently where I experienced the following. Some Britishers said to me that
Swamiji you say that gurus should get their auras checked out each year. But you haven't
checked yours in 10 years. So why not check it out now? Earlier, the guru used to determine who
his students would be. Now it's the opposite. This is a good thing. Change should happen.
Education is a good thing. An illiterate society can't progress. In fact, in such set ups, people of
the same religion keep their own sect down. So I asked the Britishers to find a place where they

could get my aura scanned. And it took a long time and with great searching, we came upon one
place that scanned auras in a crowded city like London in a small 8 by 10 feet space. And what
further made it worse was like a healer's room where one could feel the remnants of many an
illness left behind in the room. It was like a dirty hospital so to speak. I was just absolutely
cringing. I went there on the morning of the day I was returning back to India with a flight at 9
p.m. So in the room was an aura scanner with censors where one placed one's hands so that the
machine can read one's auras. At this point where I was amidst very limited space, I couldn't
unfortunately ask the photographer to leave because he was the one who had to take picture. But
I asked the 2 samarpan practitioners to leave the room while I had this test done.
(What I am inferring from this is that Swamiji already is a sensitive person who ends up taking
on whatever is in front of him. Hence, he avoids such setups in the first place. But perhaps what
may have further added to his feelings was how when the atmosphere is rife with no space
between auras in a dense population and a place where the remnants of other people's energies
permeated through healing sessions, how accurate could a test like this be? Note: the
presumption that we are working on here is that if someone has been an active meditator for a
long time then they absorb both good and bad energies just as easily. And there is a presumption
that when people are getting healed, they may be leaving their illnesses behind if the person
healing doesn't do clearances. And if many of us are getting good energy, the bad energy is
getting dumped somewhere or on someone. In this case, besides the healer potentially taking it
on, Swamiji has the great chance of taking it on).
Half an hour later, the photographer went into a trance. (This happens alot in Swamiji's
presence because of the intense energy he possesses and if people are not acclimatized to that
energy level). But after an intense amount of scanning, the photographer looked at me and said,
How are you alive?
Mind you, people drag me down through their problems and their voicing of it. So my spiritual
state is not constant. But he went on checking the vibrations of each chakra and then he printed
out a detailed report. I remarked how earlier I had a golden aura but now I didn't so why was
this the case? He replied that the golden aura while still remarking a great aura still was a sign of
one being in a body state. But the current state belongs to one who has gone beyond the body.
He mentioned how I was like a medium or an empty pipe and that people get healed by my
presence though I don't do anything. He went on to mention many more accurate facts about me
based on this report. So what this exemplifies is that an ordinary householder can achieve what I
I went to Sankeshwar recently where I was hosting a 3 day workshop for Jain ascetics. One of the
respected figures asked me who can get moksha faster- a householder or an ascetic? I answered
that an ascetic would get it more easily. But the reason went as follows. If you're going from
Mumbai to Delhi, as a single person, you can get up and go. If you try to do as a householder, you
have to first check with your wife and her job schedule and with your daughter and son as per
their exam schedule. When you have a family, you're in a boat where you don't know whose door
will open first. And the more kids you have, the more doors there are. Any one member can
drown you. That's where the single person has a plus point.
(I couldn't catch all the details in the next paragraph but this is what I make of it in summary)
But the benefit of a householder reigning in society is that they have a collectivity to draw from

and they can cancel one another's flaws (because you can cancel one another's chakra flaws
because we assume everyone may have a different strength) out as they do so and can rise more
quickly this way. Whereas a single person in remote areas doesn't have this advantage and they
are largely solitary.
15-16 years ago, people disbelieved me about the existence of auras. Now technology has proven
me correct.
I want you all to be in the same high state as myself. If I go from Mumbai to Delhi, one assumes I
am telling the truth. Unless of course, you get off in Surat. But if you go on the path laid before
you, moksha or a liberated soul is a solid thing to happen.
(I faced disruptions again but this is what I made out. I think Swamiji was talking about ways to
maintain one's state or not devolute).
You may say, Oh I am dealing with workers and so I scold them. But I also scold samarpan
practitioners but I don't bear ill will towards anyone. In fact, some people even get happy when I
do this. You can also do the same. You shouldn't have ill feelings. One's focus should be pure. The
purer you keep it, the more the path ahead will be easy.
Reflect on what I do that you don't do. And for those who go by the intellect, get an aura
photograph to prove this to yourself. Your focus or chit is not involved anywhere in all this. Be
amidst it all. Your attention should be on your crown.
2 Kutchi (people from the region of Kutch in Gujarat) journalists interviewed me. One asked me,
I want to build a good state. What quality do I need? My answer, You just to make a pure
wish for it and you'll get it. So to you all I say, make a pure wish for moksha and you'll get it.
You must be motivated this way because once you are then the soul will try finding ways to
achieve it. But this wish must come from within . It won't happen by my saying so.
Donation is a means by which one can be joined with Samarpan meditation. In Germany, there is
a website where people have the option of supporting different charities as per their choice. The
followers of Samarpan there have posted Samarpan meditation as one such organization. But
how they have done it is this: On the option for supporting samarpan meditation, they say Chant
I am a pure soul. I am a holy soul for 45 days. And if you get an epiphany or spiritual experience,
then only make a donation here.
So it's like first you should get an experience then make a donation. This is an opportunity to join
new people into the organization. It's my pure wish that all reflect on their aura reports and that
their auras are the same as mine.
When a small boat joins onto a big ship, the boat's speed will be the same as the ship's. You need
not do anything. You just need to let go or leave it to the powers that be and do nothing else for
this. As you do the same by clinging onto one with a more developed state, you will get the guru
energies like so.
There is the saying about drinking water by filtering it first but choosing a guru when you get
the experience of it. Because you can't know a guru by intellect. It's only through experience,
experience and experience. Otherwise don't consider the person to be your guru. It is important

that you drink water so you don't become dehydrated and yet it is necessary that you filter it so
it's drinkable. (People from certain stratas in India normally don't drink water straight from the
tap. They generally filter it in some way). In the same way, having a guru is necessary too but
one must be observant of it at the same time.
If we can't bring inner change, reflect a little. Give time to yourself. Arun Desai and his wife will
be performing the sacred rites here. You need to join them as souls though their bodies will be the
ones doing the rites. As you routinely practice meditation and also go amidst collectivity, the
benefits will be many.
For tomorrow's sacred rites, I wish for you all to be present as a soul. Forget your post, culture,
race, religion, creed and even your gender. In truth, these rites are a method to join a form with
the formless. The more soulfulness with which you engage in these rites, the more memorable it
will be.