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The most suitable method of o2 therapy for COPD pt :

a. Mechanical ventilation
b. Venti mask
c. Mask with reservoir bag
d. Nasal cannula
2. Midazolam has the following properties for premedication except :
a. Antianxiety
b. Apnea
c. Amnesia
d. Hypnosis
3. What is the IV of choice for TIVA?
a. Thiopentone
b. Ketamine
c. Propofol
d. Midazolam
4. What drug causes Vc + local anaesth?
5. LMA is used for?
6. Which is crystalloid?
7. 7 Rx for hypovolaemia :
8. 8 Preop anti anxiety drug
9. Pulse oximeter measures :
a. End tidal co2
b. Arterial BP
c. Peripheral arterial blood o2 saturation
d. Arterial blood paco2
10.Diffusion hypoxia occurs with?
a. Nitrous oxide
b. Halothane
c. Isoflourane
d. Sevoflourane
11.Effect of accidental large dose IV anaesthesia?
12. 11 Ventil compression ratio?
13. 12 Depth of sternal compression?
14. 13 Ventil relaxation ratio?
15. Ketamine properties?
16. Glycopyrrolate has the following effects except :
a. Causes less tachycardia than atropine
b. Crosses BBB
c. Has long duration of action
d. Has more anti-sialagogue than atropine
17. Propofol properties?
18. 20 difference epi and spinal?
19.What is rapid non-depolarizing m. relax?
20.Level of o2 in expired air?
21. 23 Preop lab ix routine?
22.Preoperatively how many hours can fluid be given before operation?
23. 26 Most rapid n short acting m relax? Succinylcholine