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Using the details in the novel you have studied, write about the most memorable episode

in the novel. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.

The most memorable episode in the novel Dear Mr.Kilmer is when Richard gets the
opportunity to nurture his passion for poetry. This happens when his English teacher
Mrs.Hansen chooses to read a poem by a well-known American poet Joyce Kilmer.
I find this as an interesting event is because Richard finally reveals his secret to everyone, which is his
love for poems. Since a little boy, Richard has written poems on topics that touched his heart.
However, he hides his poems from family members and friends for fear of being ridiculed.

Richard realises this is an opportunity for him to take his poetry to the next level. He decides to write
to Kilmer knowing well the famous poet may not reply his letter. To his surprise Kilmer did reply his
letter and it is the beginning of a unique relationship between the two. Richard has found someone
with whom he could relate to on things close to his heart, nature, people and dreams.

Richard also learns that Kilmer is more than a poet. He is fascinated that Kilmer is a patriot. When
Richard learns more about Kilmer, admiration grew. Richard reads Kilmer poems in his class and
replies his letters. He is especially over the moon when Kilmer signs off as your fellow verse maker
in one of his replies. Richard is encouraged to do his best in improving his poetry skills. Even Mrs
Hansen and Hannah express their appreciation for his poems.

Perhaps the most memorable event is when Pa finally understands why Richard wrote poems
and in his heart, Richard understood why he wrote them too. It has brought closer to his father and
now he can write poems freely and openly.

2. Using the details in the novel you have studied, write about a moral value you have learnt
from the story.

In the novel, Dear Mr.Kilmer, the story highlights some moral values such as family
responsibility, mutual understanding, love and patriotism. Of these, I have learned that love keeps the
knight family together although they appear to have contrasting views..

Richards father dropped out after finishing fifth grade but he is a good farmer and
provider. A single parent, Pa is determined that his older son Gus should one day graduate. He has no
problems with Richard who gets excellent grades. Although Richard yearns to get close with his Pa,
he senses a strange barrier between them. However, both father and son are able to understand each
other in the closing chapters of the novel.

Richards older sister Angie was nine when their mother dies. She leaves school after the
eight grade and immediately takes on the role of full time farm woman. She spent her days cooking,
cleaning washing and sewing; generally looking after her family. This shows her sacrifice and
completer devotion to her family.

On the other hand, Richards brother Gus is a self - centered person spending most of
his time playing football and refusing his share of the farm work. Gus is also a goof hunter. Gus often
demeans Richard for his sissy ways preferring not to understand his love for poetry.

As for Richard, he comes across as someone with a soft heart. He helps Angie to
clean up in the kitchen, enjoys working long side Pain the field and helps around the farm whenever
he can. Although the Knight family is without a mother figure to run the family, it is clear they can
stay together as a caring family.

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