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Paper Publishing Ethics

Last year, Students of PVPIT Budhagaon, Mr Ranjeet Patil and others had copied a paper
from Mr Rahul Khot of RIT college, and published it as their own work in IOSJR journal.
The project however was under Vaftsy CAE engineering services, and was offloaded as
Mtech thesis project. Vaftsy CAE and its international clients have rigorous Non Disclosure and
Confidentiality agreements in place which authorize them to take action against any data leak and
misuse. A separate legal department is constituted which regularly checks for any violation of
Intellectual Property (IP). The IP division detected this leak and immediately alerted everyone
The move by the students was considered as a serious breach of trust by Vaftsy CAE and
its associates and the following action was taken
1. Separate notices were issues to the Registrar of the University, the College Principal of
the students, Chairman of the ethics committee of the University and this incident was brought
to their notice, their admission to master's degree was suspended and action was recommended
against them as per university rules.
2. Separately a written apology was demanded from the students and those involved to
explain their position on the issue.
3. A fine of Rs 20,000/- was imposed on the students for copying the official data of the
Vaftsy CAE on behalf of its clients would like to emphasize that when it offloads the projects to
the students, it does not expect any monetary benefit in return. The projects are offloaded as an
overall developmental activity for grooming future engineers. And such an incident is a serious
breach of trust.
The students must understand that the only tangible returns that Vaftsy or its clients can
gain through this activity is recognition at public forums such as conferences and journals which
can further enhance the reputation of the company as a research company.
Thus when contributions of the company and its associates is not recognized it is
considered to be a serious breach of this mutual trust.
Through this notice we would like to alert prospective students/ Mtech Interns/ and Project
Assistants of the following set of rules to follow while publishing a paper.
a. Always send a paper for approval to the company to check whether any confidential
data is being exposed.
b. Always be sure to include the name of the manager/company guide as a co-author in
the paper along with the company affiliation.

c. If you have received any data directly from the client, and the document contains the
name of the engineer who compiled the document mention the name of the
engineer, with company affiliation in the Acknowledgement section of the paper
d. If you received any help while doing the analysis by any employee of the company
it will be always right to mention the same in Acknowledgement and if the help
was a major guidance in your project, co-authorship would be appropriate.
e. In Summary: Always give recognition to your sources.
Following are a list of general rules to be followed while publishing a paper, which are considered
to be good academic ethics.

Never show anyone else's work as your own, even if it is a small paragraph which is
relevant to your work, if it has been written by someone else, mention the source
correctly in the references.


The above rule applied to pictures and images too. If you have sourced the internet for


any image, mention the link clearly in your reference section.

In Summary: Do not claim someone else's work/ words/ images are your own !!

Students are requested to take it seriously, as today we are working in a global environment, and
it is our responsibility to be aware of things. Even renowned journalist like Anderson Cooper
have had to pay the price for violating the norms.
Immediate consequences could be postponement of your degree but long term it may
affect your career too, and remember in such cases the excuse of 'I did not know' is not useful and
you will still be liable for any work you do, especially if the journal is published online, objections
might be raised several years down the line also.
For more online help visit:
Tom Sorenson
Head - IP Division
Vaftsy CAE