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Call to Order 7 PM
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Report on Executive Session July 5, 2016
Public Comment on Agenda Items
1. Approve Meeting Minutes July 5, 2016 Meeting
2. Presentation Make Middletown Beautiful Award
3. Approval of Bills
4. Approve Resignation of 3rd Ward Councilor Ed Shull
5. Approve Advertisement of 3rd Ward Council Seat Vacancy
6. Discussion With Candidates 1st Ward Councilor Vacancy
7. Appointment Olmsted Regional Recreation Board
8. Reports
A. Manager
B. Public Works
9. Agreement to Participate in the Dauphin County Community Rating
System (CRS) & Repetitive Loss Analysis for Flood Plain Properties
10. Award Contract Website Update
11. Adopt Ordinance No. 1326 Intent to Follow Schedules and
Procedures for the Disposition of Records
12. Adopt Ordinance No. 1327 Amending Ordinance No. 1050 to
Provide Notification Requirements
13. Discussion - Stipends for Boards and Commissions

14. Discussion Downtown Parking Study

15. Update and Discussion of ICDA Issues
16. Discussion - Grass and Weeds in the Public ROW
17. Act 90 & 2015 Property Maintenance Codes Presentation
18. Discussion on Over the Street Welcome Students Banner
19. Discussion on Parking Restriction on Wood St. between Detweiler
And Nissley
20. Olmsted Recreation Board Request for Reimbursement of Costs For
Pool Maintenance

Public Comment
Executive Session
Note General public comment will be limited to 4 minutes per speaker