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The field of the alchemy do contains a wide range of mysteries and miracles.
Though alchemy is famous through out the world and has a big impact on various
countries. Due the root of the alchemy is still believed in Indian system but
there are many other regions which got remarkable heights in alchemy.Among those
Unani, Chinese and Greek systems are also famous.
The Indian system is widely accepted by scholars because it has a vital role of
processes dealing with specific herbs which could be found in india and nearby
only. Few herbs only available in other regions but most of these are found only
in specific places of india and nearby.
Each and every herb contains a kind of significance for human use. The mother
nature was created to bless humanity. The herbs in alchemy are brought into use
according to their qualities, character and impact on other objects.
The herbs has its own impact on verious component inside and outside of itself
and thus based on that hey work accordingly. For example in gold preparation
some herbs owns metal gold naturally inside those. and when this herb is applied
with other object then the work accordingly and change the characteistic of
other object and convert it to the base of that herb here as gold. Such a famous
herb is teliyakand through wich gold prepatation is easiest.
Before sometime, I spoke with a gurubhai who has a big knowledge of the
alchemical herbs. I would like to share few things which I have came to know
about some herbs.
NIRGUNDI is very useful to purify metals.
Aloeveera Is used to remove kanchuki dosha of mercury.
juice of lemon(bijoura) can lay mercury for gold consumption.
Bubhukshit paarad can be made through GINGER juice even.
AAK and BEL can brought into use for gold preparation.
DRAUNPUSHPI and VISHNUKANTA can convert mercury into gold.
BASIL is very useful in purification of mercury and even used in some processes
of gold preparation.
BLACK DHATURA can solidify mercury naturally without any other element.
flowers and even wood of PALASH tree is used in gold preparation.

Jai Guru Dev!!!!!! Lots of already have been said and highlighted in this foru
m regarding this intact field. Then I decided to take it positively, as a result
of this ,I am going to share a practical experience of being witness of prepari
ng of silver through my own hand in my house just before 5 days i.e 15th may-200
9, in the presence of very profound and my elder gurubhai. Obeying his request a
s order, I am can not giving his name. But I am really very much grateful with t
he deepest of my heart to give me such a favour of being witness of making of si
lver without any hesitation. First you have to arrange the following materials
before starting the process. I am giving the approx quantity for making 20 gm s
ilver, you may compute , if you want more:-

Sodium metal-50gm
Kerosene oil-0.5ltr
Salt -1kg
Clay pot small-01 Earthen pot,
big enough to contain 5kg material-01 Sodium silicate / wheat flour -100gm
Pure silver or silver bheej-5gm Mercury
20gm(or which u want to convert in silve
Now I am giving the whole process in a very spoon-feeding & systematic manner.
Jobs you have to do before the final day
First one should have to complete the 1 lacs count of the concern mantra to enha
nce your consciousness to a level.
Om namo namo hari hariharaay rasayan siddhim kuru kuru swaha.
Second, take sodium metal and put it into the solution of kerosene oil for at le
ast 15 days.
Now the main process begins .
Take earthen pot and fill with 5litre water and unite 1 kg of salt in it and ma
ke a solution and put it into heat for 45min.
after the concern time, you will see that outer surface of the earthen pot cove
red with white layer of salt.
It means that your earthen pot is ready for further process as its all holes of
pot have been closed by salt particles.
after that,
take mercury,
kerosene oil and
pure silver/silver bheej in a pot and blending the material for at least 15 min.
you will see that the agility of mercury become deprived and it becomes concentr
Eradicate the silver and kerosene oil and place mercury into the small clay pot
fill its 75% with salt and remain with soil or dust.
Enclose the pot mouth with clay plate and pack the opening by Wheat flour or sod
ium silicate.
Now, move towards the earthen pot and cart off the excess water from the earthe
n pot and stay behind only as much quantity,
sufficient to dip the 80% of small clay pot. Put small clay pot within the eart
hen pot and cover the opening.
After that, start heat up the earthing pot with three different heat levels.
Initial 45 min.

low heat Mid 45 min

medium heat Last 45 min

hasty heat

At the end take away the clay pot from the earthen pot and heats with direct fir
e flame for 15 min.
In the last, your desire will be going to full fill. Just crack the clay pot an
d you will find that your mercury
have been converted into Pure silver.
At the last I want to clear one thing that my aim is not show myself, my ai
m is to prove the authenticity of the science,
called alchemy. Most of us start criticising without knowing anything. Because w
e all always afraid to accept new things,
we accept only those things which we have already know.
I hope. We will remain sensible and always ready to learn the new things with po
sitive zeal and effort.. Jai gurudev Rohit Sharma

These all herbs are easily obtained throughout the india. UNDER THE BOUNDRIES OF
are the signals for alchemy scholars and very useful information as what I
believe from my experiences. later on a sadhak intrested in this field can make
research in this regard and can achieve success.
There are even many rare herbs which are too tough to obtain but they are used
in various higher processes of alchemy like kanjal for adrasya gutika, pital for
vishoka siddhi mayur kand for vayuchari gutikas. The sadhak should try to learn
the basic herbs first under the guidance of component. let us pray to our
gurudev that they bless us all for totality in the life.

Dear Friends
Jai Gurudev
Warm Greetings to All .
Today, we will go through the process of "Make GOLD by SWARN PATRA" .Wants to know H
OW????? Here, it is In India and Tibet; there are many ways to convert the metals and making of Gold
viz "SIDDH SOOT","GANDHAK TEL (OIL), etc But, all these processes are very difficult an
d needs very hard work and yes, it also needs the expertness and both experience
too But, yes definitely, it's different that all the different process are accurate
and correct for making the Gold .
But apart from all the above, there is one more method through which ample amoun
t of GOLD can be made and this process came into light and existence only becaus
e of the tries of Sadgurudev which was known only to world of Saints and that to
o very hidden and this is possible with the help of "SWARN PATRA" .
Swarn Patra is made up of 3 metals and looks like a round dish and if in this di
sh few crushed material is kept on the high flame and pure mercury is mixed in i
t and after few hours no matter what is the amount of PARAD it gets converted in
to Gold
The preparation of SWARN PATRA is done with mixing of pure Bronze, Copper and Ir
on in equal amounts and the "MUSLI" is also made of this same material with the
help of which the material can be crushed easily. With the help of this Patra, G
OLD can be made with different methods. Precaution needs to be take care while p
reparing the Patra that all metals should be pure and in equal amount only then
Patra will be complete. After making of Patra, it should be purified with 10 Kgs
."KAND" on flames this method was once tried by one of our GURUBHAI and before year
1990 he declared to make the gold by this method in one of camps in front of Sad
gurudev but he denied to show any such type of process in front of public.
Many of our students has made the same Patra under the guidance of Sadgurudev By rea

ding the same, the method looks very easy but my friends it's not so .Because our ge
neral furnaces are not of so much of high Temperatures, and also the Melting Poi
nts of all the metals are different that means that the melting point of Iron is ver
y high till that time Copper and Bronze gets vaporised but with the help of some spe
cial chemicals and processes, all the three metals can be melt cautiously and wi
th the creation of Patra,one can fill the colours of Wealth and Prosperity in hi
s life .
In Indian Alchemy there are two methods of making Gold which I am explaining her
e with the help of "Swarn Patra"-

1.) Triturate 10 tolas (1 Tola = 10 Gms) each of jayphal, vermilion and rasakapu
r together and keep them all for three hours. Add 5 tolas of pure Samskarised me
rcury and trituration keep adding lemon juice drop by drop, so that a paste of t
he mixture can be formed. Transfer the paste into the Swarn Paatra and heat it o
n a strong flame. When the paste starts to boil, add 5 tolas of melted
copper. The copper instantly gets converted into pure gold. Wash the gold with w
ater. The Swarn Paatra can be reused several times......2.) Take three parts Har
taal, two parts Mansil and one part Hingul in the Swarn Paatra and triturate the
m together
thoroughly Then add one part pure Samskarised mercury and triturate the whole mixtu
re in juice of Gwar pathaa for 24 hours then fill the Swarn Paatra with water an
d heat it on a low flame. In about one hour all the water will be evaporate and
only a ball of solid gold will remain behind. By this method even one kg Gold ca
n be prepared in one single attempt. This method is very simple and is considere
to be the easiest process of Gold preparation.Even if there have been some short
comings in trituration, still gold is surely obtained.......
The process of "CHEMIYA" is the best process of getting Wealth and Prosperity wh
ose results are very instant, the one only has to do to follow the path of Sadgu
rudev with complete determination and not to fear from the hard work and if we d
o the same no sorrows and the poverty can even touch our lives even in the dream
s ..
Thanks & Regards ..

The process of making silver or gold is never my personel aim but i always inten
t for using parad for physical and spiritual growth . Its an indeed an marvellou
s achievement when i converted mercury into silver with the help of our elder gu
rubhai. It was basically his holiness and kindness due to which i am succedded i
n making silver . The whole process was carried by me under his divine presence
and i sucessfully converted mercury into pure silver of 40gms. I am not writing
this mail for any personel ego or sucess but for telling everybody that the kno
wledge given by our (Sadgurudev Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand ji )is beyond
every limits. The person who feels that converting mercury into silver or gold
is rare impossible , this mail is for all those people that under proper guidanc
e anybody can prepare silver or gold. However my aim was never of making silver
but to use divine forms of mercury for spiritual enlightment.
> I am giving the process below in the same manner which i have done for convert
ing mercury into silver :
> Firstly chant the following mantra for 1 lacs time for complete sucess in para
d vigyan
> (om namo namo hari hariharai rasayan siddhim kuru kuru swaha)
> Take 100gm of mercury and tirturate it with equal qty. of HCL for 6 hrs, bewar
e of the poisonous
gases coming out of it so cover your eyes and nose properly before mixing it. T
hen tirturate it with
aloeveera juice for 6 hrs and wash it with warm water. After that take the silv
er gutika/pure silver
and tirturte mercury & silver gutika in juice of the leaves of white kantkari .
Tirturate for about 6
hrs unless you will get the pure mercury from it. The mercury thus obtained is p
ure form and gains
the property for converting into silver. After that tirturate it with turmeric p
owder for 30 minutes and wash it out.
> Thus now filter the mercury in cotton cloth and you will find the silver stick
ing to the cloth.
Collect it & weight it. This is the same silver which you have add in mercury wh
ile tirturating it
with white kantkari ras. The weight of the silver shows that how much qty. you
can convert it into
silver in one time. Suppose if wt. of silver = 2 gm , then in one go you can co
nvert 20 times i.e. 40 gm of mercury into silver.
> So take an pot and pour salt on the base , upon it add 40gm mercury and remai
ning part of the pot filled with salt and closed it using sodium silicate soluti
on. The closing should be proper so that mercury cant evaporate from that. Heat
it in 3 different temperature ranges ,
45 minutes = low flame
45 minutes = medium flame
45 minutes = high flame
> After heating it take the pot out of fire and break it and you would found tha
t mercury gets converted into pure silver.

> When i checked that silver from a jweller he confirms that it is pure silver.
> The photograph of the silver which i make is attached with mail anybody can se
e and check from me that the silver thus make is of purest form. I am very thank
ful to my elder gurubhai by whom i am able to make silver . My aim is not using
this knowledge for earning but to attain higher degree of spiritual endeavour in
my self.
> I have written all this process not for having fame etc but to tell everybody
that the knowledge given by our guru is as real as we are only we have to follow
right path and right guidance. I have seen some mails discarding this knowledge
and its my humble appeal for all those persons that with no practical knowledge
, they must keep their mouth shut because they are just like an rotten apple wh
o are making this group stagnant. The piece of silver is still with me & any bod
y can verify it.
> lastly i would like to say instead of discarding or conflicting we should dev
ote our time under the feet of our gurdev so that the real knowledge comes to us
and make us divine in nature.
> Thanks