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Student Survey

1. Age/Race: 16/African-American
2. Grade (2016-2017): 10
3. On the scale below, please circle your interest level in social studies classes with 1 being the
least interested and 5 being the most interested. Average-2.1


Somewhat Interested

4. What factors led to your selection?

Common responses:
-Boring subject

-No need to learn about the past

-Dont like notes

-Dead people do not affect my future

-Wont need it late in life

-Cant help me earn money

5. What forms of technology do you have available to your house? (Circle all that apply)
-Cellphone (19)

-iPad/tablet (5)

-Computer/laptop (15)

-Video game system (13)

-Internet access (15)

6. Would being able to use personal technology (as listed above) in your social studies class
cause you to change your rating of social studies on the line in question #3? If so, how?
Yes/No Yes: 21 No: 0 New Average-4.2
Common responses:
-I like getting to use computers and the internet in class
-We can do more interactive things with computer and the internet
-There are a lot of resources online that I cant access anywhere else
-We can play review games with iPads and laptops
-Anything is better than taking notes


7. Are you more interested in classes which you are allowed to use technology? Yes/No
Yes-21 No-0

8. Below are some examples of electronic resources used by teachers. Please circle all that you
have used in class.
-iPad carts (15)

-Kahoot (21) -ProProfs (0) -Prezi (9)

-Laptops (21)

-Quizlet (12) -Quizizz (2)

-Weebly (0)

9. On days you know that you will be using a form of technology (like listed in question #8) does
it change your perception of the class that day? In other words, do you look forward to the class
more than you typically would?
Yes-21 No-0
Common Responses:
-I dont get to use computers or the internet at home so if I know I get to use it at school I
wont miss that day.
-The technology teachers use is more interactive than regular notes-I can do stuff with the
-Its a lot more fun than when we have regular class
-I think the teacher uses it as a reward
10. Does the use of technology help you pay attention in class and remember information you
may otherwise not recall through traditional methods such as notetaking? Why do you feel this is
the case?
Yes/No Yes-17 No-4
Common yes responses:
-Its new and exciting so anything we do with technology Im going to remember
-Im more likely to go back and look at things we did on the computer than read my
notes. I can just e-mail it to myself
-Its not as boring as taking notes
Common no responses:
-Its no big deal to me to use a computer
-I remember better by writing. It helps me learn

-Im not very good using a computer so it is easier for me to write.

-I dont know, it just doesnt help as much.