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Revision Checklist: CRM Research Paper

Introduction: Does your introduction start with general information about the
civil rights movement then include general information about your topic and
then give your thesis on your topic?
Thesis: Does your thesis present an argument or a simple fact? Can it be
proven in the rest of your paper?
Topic sentences: Does the first sentence of each paragraph relate to your
thesis? Does it help prove your thesis? Does it introduce the topic of the
Body paragraphs: Does each body paragraph help prove your thesis? Is
each body paragraph on only one topic? Is each body paragraph 8
sentences to half a page?
Quotes: Does each quote help support the topic of its paragraph, a topic
sentence, and your thesis? Does it help support what has come before (or is
coming after) it or does it appear to be randomly thrown in? Is your
quotation introduced and explained?
Citations: Is each quote, paraphrase, word, or phrase that is not your own
cited? (Remember that if it is not you could lose ALL credit for your
portfolio!) Is each citation correct? Have you checked your citations with an
online citation generator, an MLA guide, or Ms. Perry? Are you certain that
all paraphrased information is cited as well as quotes? Are you certain that
you have used in-text citations rather than only a works cited?
Conclusion: Does each paragraph have a concluding sentence that wraps up
the paragraph and transitions to the next? Are you sure NONE of your
paragraphs end with a quote? Does your last paragraph conclude the paper?
Have you used it as your final argument or is it just a restatement? Have
you included your thesis?

If you feel confident about all of these elements you are now ready to edit!

Editing Checklist: CRM Research Paper

Are all items on your revision checklist completed and perfected?
Have you read through your paper aloud to make sure all parts make sense?
Have you re-checked all of your citations? (Particularly against citation
Have you looked through your paper closely for spelling and homophone
Have you looked through your paper for punctuation errors? (You should be
able to justify every punctuation mark you made.)
Have you made sure each sentence is clear and complete?
Have you gotten rid of all uses of I or "you" or non-academic language
(kinda, sorta, I, you)?

you checked your formatting, specifically:

Your font: Times new roman, size 12
Your spacing: double
Your margins: 1 inch all around

Are your parenthetical citations correct? (authors last name # of page).

Is your works cited alphabetized, in correct MLA format, and with a hanging
indent? (Consult MLA guide in your packet!) Have you gotten it checked by
Ms. Perry?
Do you have 3 or more different sources? Is at least one of those a book?
Is at least one of those a website?
Have you made sure all of your websites are credible?
Have you completed all notes tabs?

Have you cleared ALL comments from your site that you have addressed?
(Ex. If I told you to add more information and you did, my comment telling
you this should be cleared now that its fixed.) Have you turned your
paper in on Google Classroom?
Double-check your checklists, tabs, and writing. Then complete the letter
and title page and youre all set to turn in your portfolio! Congratulations!