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Fiinovation Reviews - Innovative ways of Environment Conservation

The concern of the environmentalists is a very valid one and slowly people are waking up to the
idea that one day the earth might not be habitable anymore. Fiinovation understands rampant
industrialization and deforestation has already taken its toll on the environment and is spite of the
efforts of many, there is a group of people who are consistently disrupting all the steps taken, just
for their own selfish needs. Fiinovation suggests some ways in which people have come up with
unique ideas to get people thinking about conserving our environment.

Remains of a River: This is a name of a project that was undertaken by the students of
Colorado College, to make people aware of the fate of the Colorado River, one of the
largest rivers in the world and definitely an important source of water for the people of
Colorado. The Colorado River Delta was once a huge site, and the waters met the Sea of
Cortez in Mexico. Now, most of the river has almost evaporated because of the growth of
industries by the banks, the use of water by over forty million farmers and the local
residents. In 2012, many organizations and student bodies made Minute 319 a possibility,
with US and Mexico sign an agreement to bring water back to the delta and it eventually
happened in 2014, when an expensive pulse of water was released from Morelos Dam on
the US Mexico border.

Military and Wildlife: Most of the military areas are restricted for common public and the
Canadian researchers are now pushing to turn them into wildlife sanctuaries. War plays a
major role in the erosion and corrosion of soil, and yet if the military area is restricted
anyways, then it would just end up serving a dual purpose, which would help conserve
vast stretches of land, conserving both the flora and the fauna of the place.

Mitigating Developmental Hazards: While rapid development and industrialization has

already taken its toll, in the US, at least steps are taken to mitigate the problems that
massive installation of industries has brought out. In the Mojave Desert, in Southwest
America, solar panels have been set up as far as the eye can travel. Instead of depleting
the natural reserves anymore, the tens and thousands of panels are now producing energy
for almost all the industries in the vicinity as well as for domestic use, also reducing
pollution in the area to a large extent.

Earth Institute for Environment Protection: At times, all it takes is one man to start a
revolution and this is exactly what Mauricio Ruiz has done to protect the Amazonian
rainforests, or rather whats left of it. In love with the forests from his very childhood,
thanks to his father, Ruiz established the Instituto Terra de Preservao Ambiental or
Earth Institute for Environmental Protection organization in 1998, initially as a plant
planting process. Today it has developed into one of the vital organizations that is
working with the government as well as private officials to conserve the rainforests.

Fiinovation understands that these practices has been taking place in US and other countries
which can be implemented in country such as India. Providing funds for cleaning of rivers is
already under the CSR list of activities as per Schedule VII of Section 135 of the Companies
Act, 2013. If corporations take up cleaning up of rivers and water bodies under their corporate
social responsibility, it will be a huge boost to the Clean India initiative of the government.
CSR programmes in India can also increase awareness among masses to ensure they don't
pollute the eco-system. Also, providing funds for activities such as Sanitation, Waste
Management etc are directly linked to cleaning of rivers and water bodies. Therefore,
Fiinovation believes promotion of such initiatives under CSR initiatives in India can definitely
help solve the water pollution problem.
Written By Rajdeep Arghya Biswas
Published By Fiinovation