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Fiinovation Reviews Necessity of Reduction in Industrial Emissions

Fiinovation. comprehends industries are important for the economic growth and development of
any country but the factories and warehouses also play a huge part in increasing the pollution.
This not only includes emissions like smoke, dust and ashes which are the causes of air pollution,
but all kinds of industrial wastes like toxics and sewage that goes into the rivers and other water
bodies. Fiinovation understands noise pollution is also generated to an extent because of the
huge whirring machines and all of them together make fighting emissions all the more important.

Industrial emissions have been one of the most pressing problems in the world. A special
directive by the European Government was taken on November 2010, known as the Industrial
Emissions Directive which was passed by the European Parliament. Fiinovation understands
that the crux of the directive was that each European country would have to try in its own way,
through various policies and regulations in turn, to reduce industrial pollution and mitigate the
problems that have arisen from it. The European Commission itself undertook a two year review,
which included all the stakeholders so that the legislation could be improved and a high level of
protection could be offered to the environment and at the same time, reducing administrative

A series of steps have already been taken by various governments to combat this problem.
Firstly, provisions has been made to use renewable energy in the industries because it has been
seen that solar energy, hydroelectricity and wind power generate a lot less pollution than fossil
fuels. A lot of stress has also been laid on recycling industrial waste. Fiinovation understands
policies by the government have been taken to ensure that industries break their waste into parts
for better assimilation in the environment and strict restrictions have been applied with regards to
the production of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen peroxide, substances that produce pollution to a
great extent.
Fiinovation believes it is a good sign indeed that most of the countries have already spoken
about this pressing issue in the global summits and with directives like Industrial Emissions
Directives, the problems can be mitigated to a great extent. Incorporating sustainable practices
within the business operations can reduce emissions. Companies should promoted CSR and
Sustainability initiatives in India. CSR initiatives in India can become a mechanism to create
awareness among masses on methods of reduction of emissions. Also, development of green
technologies under the CSR arm can be instrumental for doing social good.

Written By Rajdeep Arghya Biswas

Published By Fiinovation