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July 22 2016


Why Appoint Mohan? Radrodro,

Can You Answer My Question
About Your Previous Job? - PM
The appointment of the new Chairman of
the Fiji Sugar Corporation has resulted
in a SODELPA MP Aseri Radrodro
criticizing the decision and the Prime
Minister and Minister for Sugar hitting
back and raising the question on what
Radrodro had done in his previous job.
Radrodro has issued a statement saying
that the appointment of former ANZ
Chief Executive Officer for Fiji and the
Pacific, Vishnu Mohan as the new FSC
Chairman is another slap in the face for
qualified and professional Fijians who
have graduated and worked their way to
top positions in Fiji and abroad.
Aseri Radrodro has hit out and queried
the logic behind the appointment of
Mohan, saying that the expatriate has
since coming into Fiji, taken over two
executive positions in Fiji, the first
being the Chairman of Public Service
Commission, and now the Fiji Sugar
He says when someone like Mohan
finishes his job in Fiji as per his expatriate
contract, he should be returning to his
Radrodro says other people can take up
the post.
He also questions what is happening with
the PSC as two Permanent Secretaries
have resigned after just a few months.
When approached by the media
on Radrodro raising concern on
Mohans appointment, Prime Minister
Bainimarama asked Radrodro to answer
a question on whether or not he was
removed from the Fiji Sports Council as
the financial manager for allegation of
Bainimarama says Radrodro should not
be talking about qualified Fijians based

SODELPA MP Aseri Radrodro, new FSC Chairman Vishnu Mohan and Prime
Minister and Minister for Sugar Voreqe Bainimarama
proven as yet.
on this.
When questioned on this matter, Radrodro says he will not talk about the
Radrodro confirmed that he was removed allegations levelled against him before
but he says the allegations have not been his removal from the Sports Council.


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Fiji News

Fijian Economy In A Very Good Position

Compared 10 Years Ago - Ag

The Fijian economy is in a very good

position compared to more than 10
years ago.
Minister for Economy, Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum made this comment while
speaking to participants of the
Leadership Fiji program in Suva.
Sayed-Khaiyum says Fiji has had 7 years
of unprecedented growth and the growth
rate in the past 4 years is more than 4%.
He says this means more prosperity for
everyone as no one is left behind.
Sayed-Khaiyum says the government
has focused on targeted assistance.
He says the free education, free medicine,
subsidised electricity costs, and free
water programs are working for people
who need this assistance the most.
The Minister for Economy says 16,000 to
17,000 students are in universities at the
moment after they were assisted by the
government under the Tertiary Education
Loans and Scholarships Scheme.
He says this is investing in the human
capital in Fiji which was severely
affected after the 1987 coups.
Sayed-Khaiyum also says that a lot more

needs to be done as they continue to focus on

building new infrastructure and rebuilding
those that have been neglected for years.
He says some people are saying the Fiji
Roads Authority budget is enormous.
However they need an enormous budget
to fix our infrastructure.
Sayed-Khaiyum says with the road
conditions and the environment around

Nadawa improving, the garment factory

owners can now bring their Australian
clients for a visit.
He also highlighted that the 4 lane road
in Nadi will benefit the people of Fiji
and tourists.
All the electric cables are underground
on this road and there are no electric
poles. They only have street light poles.

loved by their customers.

"You have been recognised for
delivering great levels of service and an
excellent all-round experience," he said.
The Grand Pacific Hotel has been an
icon of the South Pacific for more than
a century.
Totally rebuilt, the Grand Pacific Hotel
reopened in May 2014 and has already
regained its place as the "grand old
lady" of the Pacific, blending fascinating

colonial architecture and history with

magnificent Fijian hospitality and
As the newest major five-star hotel to
have opened in Fiji, the quality of their
services and facilities have already been
It is the TripAdvisor and Booking.
com's top rated hotel in Suva and their
Expedia's Guest Rating ranks the GPH
in the top 20 hotels in Fiji.

Court grants prosecution application to

transfer case to High Court
A woman appeared at the Nasinu
Magistrates Court for allegedly raping
her daughter.
Magistrate Charles Ratakele has
remanded the 45-year-old mother who
is charged with a count each of rape and
assault causing actual bodily harm.
It is alleged that between January 1 and
July 5, 2016 at Nasinu the woman had
sexual relations with her 14-year -old

The mother also allegedly assaulted the

daughter causing actual bodily harm.
Police Prosecutor Corporal Pauliasi
Lutunauga objected to bail on the
grounds that it was an indictable offense
and that the case should be transferred to
High Court.
The charges were read out in the i-Taukei
language which the accused understood
and pleaded not guilty to.
The mattert has been adjourned to July
29 and will be heard at the High Court
in Suva.

Top Hotel Ranking For Suva's Grand Old Lady

THE grand old lady, Grand Pacific

Hotel, is the proud recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Award
and a guest satisfaction rating of 4.6 out
of 5, the highest achieved in Fiji.
GPH general manager Peter Gee was
proud to accept the award on behalf of
the entire hotel's team.
Mr Gee said it was a testament to their
commitment to the hotel's vision to be
"the pride of Suva, a symbol of Fiji
and an icon of the South Pacific" and
was wonderful recognition of the work
done since the hotel's reopening in mid2014.
This annual rating draws on the
feedback of those guests who book
their accommodation through Hotels.
com, a leading provider of hotel
accommodation worldwide that offers
booking services through its network
of localised websites and telephone
call centres and represents hundreds of
thousands properties worldwide.
Pacific Islands for market
manager Munish Chetty presented the
Mr Chetty said they were pleased that
Grand Pacific Hotel was one of the most

Mother, 45, Charged For Allegedly

Raping Daughter


Fiji News

Big Bula Waterpark Expansion For All


Big Bula Waterpark, renowned for

its inflatable waterslides on Denarau
Island, is almost ready to open its next
big attraction.
This will be another exciting world class
waterslide attraction, perfect for all ages
and is scheduled to open before August.
Big Bula Waterpark is already the
worlds largest permanent inflatable
Waterpark and will now have six more
slides which are more suitable for
people of all ages.
Director, Trevor Fox, said: We hope
to be able to set an opening date soon
which should be before the end of this
The other directors of Big Bula
Waterpark and I are very excited about
what we have accomplished and are
very much looking forward to opening
the new addition to the public soon.
Mr Fox said the plans for the Waterpark
progressed well.
We are still counting the cost which

is over a few million dollars. We have

adapted and are very happy with what
we have achieved, he said.
Winston and subsequent weather events
did slow down the progress. I estimate
that we were set back by at least one
The construction of the landmark project
began in February 2015.
We hoped to have finished by last
Christmas but we have endured delays

of all sorts. There have been some

frustrating times but I believe they will
be worthwhile, Mr Fox said.
We did encounter some red tapes
however, we remained steady and
jumped through all the hoops given to
us to get to where we are today.
The park will also have a cafe and more
space to chill out. So a whole day of
fun and relaxation can be enjoyed by all
while keeping cool in the water.


Fiji News

Airports Fiji Builds Capacity For Regional

Aviation Students

The aviation students who will be

getting training in Aerodrome Flight
Information Service (AFIS) over the
next 10 weeks at the AFL Aviation
Academy in Nadi
Airports Fiji Limited will train seven
regional aviation students in Aerodrome
Flight Information Service (AFIS) over
the next 10 weeks at the AFL Aviation
Academy in Nadi.
AFL general manager Air Traffic
Management and Aviation Training, Isei
Tudreu, said as the regional leader in
aviation, it is the duty of AFL to share
this knowledge with our neigbhours.
Mr Tudreu said this area of specialised
training will enable our regional partners
to meet international civil aviation
standards which AFL is providing at a
We have one student from Tuvalu and
six from Kiribati who are here to up
skill and build their capacity in this vital
aspect of air traffic service, he said.
This course is tailor made for the
specific requirements of Kiribati and
Tuvalu. As the regional hub we are best
positioned to provide a cost effective
In Nadis Flight Information Region
(FIR) which covers six million square

kilometres, we provide air traffic

management for Kiribati, Tuvalu,
Vanuatu and New Caledonia.
These trainings allow our neigbhours
to provide an effective and efficient air
traffic service for aircraft in their own
We have some of the best trainers for
this and have the capacity to create a
warm learning environment for other
pacific island countries.
Mr Tudreu said there has been a growth
in training requirements for regional

countries which AFL has been providing

since the inception of the Aviation
Academy in 2011.
The seven regional students together
with three locals will go through six
weeks of theory and four weeks of
simulator training.
The Aviation Academy is certified under
the Fiji Air Navigation Regulation
(ANR) 1981 under regulation 145B as
an Aviation Training Institute and is also
registered and recognised by the Fiji
Higher Education Commission.

PM Bainimarama Extends Invitation To

Australian PM Turnbull

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

has extended an invitation to Australian
Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull to
make an official visit to Fiji.
Bainimarama congratulated Turnbull,
on the reelection of the Conservative
Liberal Party in the July 2nd Federal
Bainimarama said Fiji is keen to work
closely with the newly elected Australian
Government to strengthen bilateral
ties and look at ways in which the two
nations can strengthen cooperation in
the region and on the global stage.
forward to working with Turnbull
and the Government to continue the
improvement in their relationship and
match the longstanding close friendship
between the people of both countries.
He adds that every Fijian joins him in
wishing Turnbull success in the months
and years ahead.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull


Fiji News

Fiji Meets UNCTAD Secretary General

The Minister for Industry, Trade and
Tourism, Faiyaz Siddiq Koya met with
the Secretary General for United Nations
Conference on Trade and Development
(UNCTAD), Dr Mukhisa Kituyi.
The discussions were focused on areas
of support for investment, competition
and development of micro, small and
medium enterprises in Fiji.
UNCTAD has worked with Fiji in the
initial stages of the investment policy and
competition policy reviews. We had fruitful
discussions in terms of advancing these two
reviews to the next stage, Mr Koya said.
As the Fijian borders are opening up
to increased trade and investment we
need to also ensure that our related laws
are facilitating trade and investment
and at the same time providing a
regulatory framework that allows for
fair competition and protection of
It was highlighted to the Secretary
General that Fiji can provide UNCTAD
the perfect platform to successfully
implement its technical programmes.
Successful partnership on review of
laws and policy that lead to improved
trade and investment facilitation, would
not only make an impact domestically in
Fiji but become a model for the region.
Furthermore, in order to enhance co-

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya (second from left),
Permanent Secretary Shaheen Ali (left), with the UNCTAD Secretary General
operation between UNCTAD and the contains the worlds largest marine and
Pacific, the UNCTAD Secretary General oceanic resources.
is considering the invitation by Fiji to This meeting has opened the high-level
have a regional representation in Fiji.
channel of communication, and Fiji will
UNCTAD Secretary General agrees that continue to follow-up on the proposal
the Pacific region has been generally made to the UNCTAD, Mr Koya said.
neglected. He said the UN machinery The bilateral meeting between Fiji and
sustainable UNCTAD was also attended by the
development and preservation of our Permanent Secretary for Industry, Trade
blue economy, presence in the Pacific and Tourism, Shaheen Ali and ministry
would make sense as the Pacific region officials.

Fiji Signs World Cancer Declaration

Minister for Health and Medical Services,

Hon. Jone Usamate together with the
Fiji Cancer and WOWs Kids signed
the World Cancer Declaration (WCD),
with the goal to reduce the preventable
mortality rate of cancer patients.
Fiji has already made several
commitments to reducing the burden of
cancer as is covered by the WCD such as
the World Health Assembly resolutions
WHA58.22 (Cancer prevention and
control), WPR/RC62.R2 (Expanding
and Intensifying Non communicable
Disease Prevention and Control), and
WHA resolution 66.10 to adopt a global
target of a 25% reduction in premature
mortality from NCDs by 2025.
As cancer is the third leading cause of
death in Fiji, a reduction in mortality will
contribute largely to these commitments.
Additionally, reductions in morbidity
that can be achieved by comprehensive
treatment (requiring radiotherapy and

palliative care/rehabilitation services),

and reducing stigma surrounding cancer
(leading to earlier detection) will have a
positive effect on productivity.
Fijis approach in fulfilling the targets
of the WCD will be documented in
clear strategies for reducing mortality
and morbidity in the National Cancer
Control Plan (NCCP; in draft) and the
country action plan we already have
with the UICC to improve clinical
systems, services and training, Minister

Usamate said.
Signing the WCD is a further way to
indicate to the UICC, as well as our other
international partners and the public that
Fiji remains committed to reducing the
burden of cancer.
The Ministry of Health & Medical
Services remains fully committed to
effectively reduce the burden of cancer
after officially becoming a member
of the Union for International Cancer
Control (UICC) in 2015.

The Lautoka Magistrates Court has

acquitted Minister for Local Government
Parveen Kumar Bala.
Parveen Kumar Bala was charged with one
count of dangerous driving causing death.
He was alleged to have driven a motor
vehicle in a dangerous manner that
caused the death of Puna Chand in

Lautoka in 2013.
Magistrate Rangajeeva Wimalasena
ruled that there was no case to answer
and acquitted the Minister accordingly.
The Director of Public Prosecutions,
Christopher Pryde, will consider the
Ruling and make a decision on whether
to appeal the decision next week.

Court Acquits Parveen Bala


Fiji News

Fiji Independent Commission Against

Corruption Tells Of Work

The Public Accounts Committee

yesterday received submissions from the
Fiji Independent Commission Against
Corruption (FICAC).
Commissions manager corruption
prevention, Kolora Naliva said there
were various modes in which the
commission handled complaints against
bribery or corruption.
Issues are referred to the complaints
department and then registered into the
case management system database.
Ms Naliva said their lawyers then
determine how each issue could proceed.
Complaints that fall outside the
jurisdiction of FICAC are referred to
relevant authorities, she said.
Chairman Ashneel Sudhakar asked if
the commission dealt with issues other
than bribery and corruption in public
He said some companies had not
submitted their financial reports for the
year 1996 to 1997 and 2002 to 2004 as
seen in the auditor-generals reports.

He then asked if the commission had the

authority to handle such issues too.
Commissions senior state counsel,
Francis Pulewai said they had received
complaints from the committee over
the past years and have dealt with it
FICAC also deals with issues referred to
them from the auditor-generals report.
Ms Pulewai said in cases where companies


fail to submit financial statements to the

office of the auditor-general it would
require field investigations.
She said they would investigate areas
recommended by the committee or
auditor-generals report.
Ms Pulewai said they would determine
which are internal matters or matters
that should be dealt with within the

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Fiji News

Youngest Helpline Callers 5 Years Old

THE youngest callers on the National
Child Helpline were five-year-olds, a
senior counselor at the Medical Services
Pacific (MSP) has revealed.
Presenting the findings, Jiokapeci
Baledrokadroka said those young callers
raised issues about bullying, domestic
violence and neglect.
She said five callers were received from
this age group and they just wanted
advice and reassurance on issues they
were facing.
"We received most calls from adults
who were concerned about a child's
welfare and to report child abuse cases.
We think the increase in calls is because
of the number of awareness we've
carried out in schools around Fiji, and

the 24-hour service we now provide,"

she said.
"For the second quarter of this year
(February to June) we received 3230
calls of which 364 were genuine calls.
The others were mostly silent calls or
people just ringing the number to see if
it worked."
Ms Baledrokadroka said genuine calls
recorded 244 from women and 120 from
males. Calls on gender-based violence
were 209, while 98 calls were on neglect
where children were left to their own
devices while their parents went out.
About 90 calls on emotional abuse were
received as well as several cases of
physical and sexual abuse.
Of the 364 genuine cases, 203 cases or

56 per cent were solved. The remaining

161 cases or 44 per cent are being
attended to by the counsellors.
"MSP has carried out awareness on
preventing gender-based violence to
59,239 direct clients," says Jennifer
Poole, the executive director of MSP.
"We've counselled 1480 clients and
telephone counselled 1207 child
helpline clients."
Ms Poole said a large percentage of
genuine calls were on domestic violence,
which was a major issue in the country.
"We want to tell adults out there to
encourage children to make use of the
1325 helpline number if they're facing a
problem, our staff is there to help out,"
she said.

exemptions from certain medicines and
drugs this year, which means people
now have to pay VAT on those medicines
that they usually did not have to pay
for. In its 2016-2017 National Budget,
Government also announced the removal
of the 3 per cent credit card levy.
Senior Business reporter Ropate Valemei
talks to FRCA acting CEO Visvanath
Das on those issues plus the tax on
interest earned from bank deposits.
TIMES: Previously some medicines and
drugs were not subject to VAT, however,
this year people have been made to pay.
Please explain.
DAS: Effective this year all pharmacies
will be required to charge VAT on
all drugs and medicine dispensed.
Previously any supply of medicines and
drugs dispensed by a pharmacist on the
prescription of a medical practitioner or
registered dentist and repeats of the same
prescription was not subject to VAT.
However, note that Government has
administered a free medicine initiative in
2015 where any individual with a yearly
income of less than $20,000 are eligible for
free medicines. This is extended to include
dependent's children and other dependent
persons. Dependent persons are only
limited to individuals under the Mental
Health Decree 2010 and who require
guardianship or caregiving services.
TIMES: How do pharmacies recover
from the sale of free medicine and
DAS: Individuals will have to

produce two numbers namely a Health

Information Number issued by the
Ministry of Health and Medical Services
and the tax identification number (TIN),
which is issued by FRCA.
This number will be written on
the national health card which will
be validated against your TIN by
pharmacies when issuing of medicines
offered under Government's free
medicine program.
TIMES: For tourists and visitors from
abroad wanting to bring in medications
such as antibiotics tablets and painkiller
tablets as well as some first aid supplies
to give to local clinics, will you allow
DAS: One will have to declare these
medications to Customs at the point of
arrival in Fiji. However you will also
be required to obtain an import permit
for these medications from the Fiji
Pharmaceuticals board as prescribed
medicines are a restricted import.
For smooth facilitation of clearance,
it is advisable that an import permit
be obtained prior to arriving in Fiji.
The regulatory authority for medicine
and medicinal products is Ministry of
Health. Without proper documentation,
restricted imports will be confiscated.
announced the removal of the $200
exemption on interest earned from bank
deposits and the 3 per cent credit card
levy. Please explain.
DAS: Effective from August 1, 2016, the
resident interest withholding tax (RIWT)

exemption of $200 for all individuals

and the 3 per cent credit card levy will
be removed. Banks must make necessary
adjustments to their respective software
systems to accommodate the new
changes for RIWT and credit card levy.
TIMES: Please explain about the effect
on the removal of the credit card levy?
DAS: Bank customers holding local
credit cards are paying 3 per cent charge
on the outstanding balance of their
credit card accounts at the end of each
month. The levy is computed on the
debit balance that remains unpaid at
the end of the due date for payment in a
billing cycle.
The amount owing refers to the overdue
amount plus the bank's administrative
charges such as fees and interest penalty
for late payment.
However, effective August 1, 2016, the
credit card levy will be removed.
This means that the credit card holder
will only be charged the bank fees and
charges and not any tax.
TIMES: So does this mean that the
banks will deregister from the stream of
DAS: Yes, but first the banks shall be
liable for the collection and payment of
the levy which is due up to July 2016.
The payment and the return were both
due on July 15.
While the 3 per cent credit card levy
will be removed from August 1, 2016,
deregistration will only be processed
once all outstanding returns and
payments have been received.

Credit Card Levy Lifted


Bank, Finance Employees Union Regains


Fiji Bank and Finance Sector Employees

Union had regained membership after the
Employment Relations (Amendment)
Act 2016.
Speaking during an interview at the
Unions Annual General meeting in
Labasa, the national secretary, Sailesh
Naidu, said the bank employees have
regained confidence in the union.
The total number of members in Fiji we
have now about 1300, Mr Naidu said.
Once it was 1800 before the Essential
National Industries (Employment)

Decree was introduced in 2011.

We lost significant amount of members
in five years.
However, he said now their membership
is increasing and there are many new
workers in the systems who were never
members of the union.
Also there was fear within the
employees over the past five years
because our union could not represent
them than, Mr Naidu said.
That fear is now erasing after I visited
them in their workplaces.

Employees feel free and safe to discuss

about their work related grievances and
issues now.
Mr Naidu said they have new members
coming from all the five banks.
Now we are recovering from the
downfall of 2011, he said.
As you know that our resources were
affected after the removal of union
representations in 2011.
Mr Naidu added there have been major
changes in the work force since 2011.
We are moving forward on a positive note.

Ministry Gets $100,000 Worth Of Infant


Minister for Health and Medical Services Jone Usamate(fourth from left), MIC Segment lead for Perinatal Terri Walker
(fifth from left)with members representing the Charity First Sydney Incorparated group during the handover of 20 Infant
Ministry of Health and Medical to receive the generous donation valued medical equipment inventory, Mr
Services received 20 baby warmers more than $100,000 worth of infant Usamate said.
at the Colonial War Memorial warmers.
He said medical equipment was very
These warmers will benefit our costly and donations of such valuable
Minister for Health and Medical Services newborn babies being born at the three items were always encouraging.
Jone Usamate said he was thankful divisional hospitals; CWMH, Lautoka We are also thankful for GE Healthcare
to Charity First Sydney Incorporated and Labasa.
for taking the time to train our staff
Group and General Electric Healthcare I am sure these units will put a big in the use of these warmers as it is
Company, both of Sydney, Australia, for smile on the faces of our staff all around critical to the proper use, maintenance
the donations.
the country as this was a need well met and longevity of the equipment, Mr
He said he was delighted and very happy and will prove to be a booster too our Usamate said.


Fiji News


Businessman, Wife Mourn Loss Of


A businessman likened the loss of his

university student son 15 months ago
through a car crash as a standstill for
him and his familys life.
My heart melts thinking about what
had happened that day. I am still trying
to cope up with the loss of my son,
said Kumars Car Care Service Limited
proprietor 55-year-old Suresh Kumar.
Our lives have come to a stop after
we lost our son in a car crash, says 53
-year-old Vidya Kumar, the mother of
the late Kritesh Kumar.
Mr Kumar relives those moments almost
daily since the shocking news came
in through a phone call from Kriteshs
When we received a call from Kriteshs
friend, we panicked and rushed out from
home right away to come and see him,
Mr Kumar said.
By the time we reached the accident
site, his vehicle was removed and
Kritesh was taken to the hospital.
Then I and my wife went down to the
Colonial War Memorial Hospital.
The couple could not fathom how things
changed in just a few minutes.
The loss was further compounded by the
pride the couple had in their youngest
son who had a loyal disposition and
always stood by his family and friends.
Mr Kumar said his son was the pride of
the family and the community.
When we reached CWM at around
10am, the security guards did not let us
in to see him, Mr Kumar said.
He said the words of a friend he met
while trying to get in the ward revealed
the worst he could imagine.
I met one of my friends outside and
he said he was your son? and then I
realised that something was drastically
I pushed the security to go see my son

Vidya and Suresh Kumar explain how their family is still struggling after the
death of their son Pritesh Kumar
and there I saw his body was on the
hospital bed.
The 25-year-old Kritesh died instantly
early Sunday morning on April 19,
2015 after crashing his navy blue Honda
Civic vehicle into a lamp post on Ratu
Mara Road, Suva.
Mr Kumar said that day was the worst
day of his life as he lost his dearest son
and his best friend.
Kritesh had eight years of driving
record, and never in that many years
was he involved in an accident, he said.
I dont understand what had happened
that morning that I lost my son for good.
He used to drive his mother and me
around to the western side and other
While my wife and I were out of Fiji for
two years, Kritesh was the one who was
running the business at the age of 18.
Since then he had been involved in
the family business and he even studied

commerce to work in his own company

and as an accountant.
Kritesh studied at Samabula Primary
School for his primary education before
moving to Suva Sangam College for his
secondary schooling.
He went on and furthered his education
programme with a Bachelors Commerce
degree at the Fiji National University.
He was just five days away from
graduation fom FNU; and his family
was also preparing for his wedding in
December, 2015 when his life was taken
FNU College of Business, Hospitality
and Tourism studies assistant lecturer
Karishma Mudaliar said they presented
the certificate of completion to the
The certificate was some consolation.
But the loss of their son has been a
continuing struggle for the Kumars.

Indian Cardiac Surgical Team Expected In

Fiji For Babies And Children

Health Minister Jone Usamate confirms

that they are expecting an Indian Cardiac
Surgical Team in Fiji which will provide
services free of charge.
Usamate says the team will visit Fiji
early next month specifically for babies
and children born with heart problems.
He says this is timely as the Ministry has
just received 20 new Infant Warmers.

The donation which is worth over

(AUS)$100,000 has been made by
the Charity First Sydney Incorporated
Group and was facilitated through the
General Electric Healthcare Company
Incorporated, a US based global
Usamate says these warmers will benefit
the newborn babies at three divisional

Health facilities in Fiji deliver about
20,000 babies a year and about 9,000 are
delivered at the CWM hospital.

Fiji News


First Shipment Of Sugar To Bring In $28


Fiji will earn $28 million from its first

shipment of raw sugar for this season,
says Fiji Sugar Corporations chief
executive officer Abdul Khan.
Mr Khan said the shipment would be
sent to Rotterdam in the Netherlands at
the end of next month.
The shipment of 30,000 tonnes of sugar
would be the first of four for the new
This shipment would follow the shipping
of last years sugar to Tate and Lyle.
We have had sugar from the previous
stock which Tate and Lyle asked us
to store and that is to be taken to their
storage in London, Mr Khan said.
He said the new seasons shipments were
expected to bring in about $120 million
from export earnings for this year.
However, because of the low smaller
crop size this season, export earnings
had dropped drastically as compared to
previous seasons, he added.
The total amount of raw sugar expected
this year would be around 120,000 tonnes,
about 50,000 tonnes less than last year.
Labasa Mill crushed just over 140,000

FSC Executive Chairman Abdul Khan

tonnes of sugar cane as of 7am yesterday,
producing 14,000 tonnes of sugar.
Mr Khan said the ratio of tonne of sugar
per tonne of cane (TSTC) was around 10
which he termed as pretty good.
Mr Khan said the sugar cane supply was
low at the start of each season and that

was normal.
So what that means if we have a low
supply we carry out maintenance while
waiting for the supplies to come in from
the farms, he said.
He said supply was expected to pick up

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Fiji News


Former Abel Tasman Beach Owner

Michael Garnham Selling Fiji Island

A Wellington lawyer who sold a pristine

Abel Tasman beach to New Zealanders
in a bid to clear debts, is now selling a
slice of Fijian paradise.
Michael Garnham - who is tied up in a
$6 million claim with the Bank of New
Zealand (BNZ) - is trying to sell the
largest part of Nananu-i-ra island for
USD$20.55m (NZD$28.95m).
The sale includes the land, a nearcomplete Mokusigas luxury resort, the
site of derelict former resort, and six
pristine coral sand beaches, including
world-renowned O'ne Bay, and the
famous wind surfing and kite surfing
destination Lomanisue Bay.
The property was put on the market
in December, just one month after the
BNZ took Garnham and his father-inlaw, Michael Spackman, to court over
alleged unpaid debts.
Garnham was due to appear for a
bankruptcy hearing in the High Court in
Wellington on June 30, however it was
According to a Knight Frank property
listing, the beach was a rare opportunity
to freehold purchase the largest part of a
mostly undeveloped island.
Nananu-i-ra is three kilometres north of
Fiji's main island, Viti Levu.
Property is very tightly held on the
island of Nananu-i-ra. Only 8 per cent
of Fiji's real estate is freehold, and only
a small proportion of that has beach

Michael Garnham is trying to sell the largest part of a Fijian island for $28.95
Garnham's Fiji company Lomanisue the debt was cut to $3.81m, after the
Property Holdings bought substantial bank received $2.74m from the sale of
property interest on an island in Fiji in a pristine Abel Tasman beach, which
sparked a successful crowdfunding
BNZ previously claimed it was owed campaign to bring it back into Kiwi
$6.2m in loans, from Garnham, hands.
Spackman and their four companies, In June, Associate Judge Warwick Smith
that expired or were called up in late ordered Garnham and Spackman to hand
over a $1.6 million home in Ludlam St,
Garnham and Spackman maintained Seatoun, as well as pay $1.37m, to the
they were misled into signing refinancing bank.
deals, which they believed would allow Garnham is understood to have lived
them to pay interest only on the loans in the house with his family. They had
and none of the principal amount.
until July 5 to leave. Spackman lives in
Since a court hearing in November, a retirement village in Newtown.

A family in Nabekavu, Labasa, is mourning

the loss of their 11-month-old baby.
The babys mother, Filomena Lolou,
said the baby may have drowned in a
bucket of water, which she had used
earlier to bathe him in. The incident
took place after 1pm on Wednesday, Ms
Lolou said.
After giving my son, Benidito
Matenararawa, a bath in a bucket at the
kitchen I had put him to sleep in one of
our rooms, she said.
Seeing him sleeping well, I decided
to take a quick nap next to him on the
mattress that was spread on the floor. At
around 3pm my husband, Savirio Nalu,
returned from town with his relatives.
When he came inside the room he saw
that the baby was not beside me, and
then we searched around the house.

My husband found him drowned inside

a bucket in which I had used earlier to
bathe him in.
Ms Lolou suspects her baby had crawled

Baby Found Dead In Bucket Of Water

out from their room.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said:
The drowning death toll for this year is
12 compared to 21 last year.


Fiji News


Fiji Has Higher Drowning Rate Per Capita

Than Australia

Fijis drowning rate per capita is higher

than Australia which has a population of
more than 24 million people.
Director for Water Safety Council
John Philp confirms that Fijis official
drowning rate is 6.3 deaths per 100,000
population while Australias is 1.4.
Philp says studies have shown that
66% of the victims were found in either

villages or rural settings.

He says one way in which we can
reduce the enormous rate is by teaching
children to swim and educating them on
the dangers and controlling measures
that can be used.
Philp says life style change is also
needed and more access to water sports
for children will build the capacities to

identify dangers.
He is asking for water sports in schools
through coordinated programs.
Philp says the government should
also provide beach and river areas for
swimming which are sign posted.
He says more than 50% of the
drowning victims were under 25
years of age.

Road Rage Turns Fatal

A woman and her partners son watched
helplessly as her partner was allegedly
run over by a truck on Tuesday.
Dheron Govind, 39, a Suva cobbler,
later died at Colonial War Memorial
Hospital in Suva, in what appeared to be
a bad case of road rage.
Diana Rita, 26, said: I was shocked I
could not believe what I was seeing.
It happened right there in front of us,
she said.
The incident happened on Sakoca Rd in
Nasinu, where Mr Govind lay motionless
before he was rushed to hospital.
She said an argument erupted between
Mr Govind, who was walking, and the
driver over the way he drove. Neighbours
who witnessed the incident claimed a
scuffle ensued after Mr Govind jumped
on the truck.
He lost his grip and fell on the road. The
truck allegedly ran over Mr Govind. The
driver stopped, rejected requests to take
him to the hospital before driving away,

From Left:DEAD... Dheron Govind, GRIEVING... Diana Rita

time I graduated from APTC just this
it was alleged.
Ms Rita said: I can see it was like a year, he told me not to go to work, that
hump when the truck ran over him. I he will support me and his son, she said.
was shocked when I saw it. I touched his The driver was being held by Police
last night as they continued their
feet and I knew he was dying.
At the hospital, she was told by the investigations.
The victims relatives are waiting for
doctors that Mr Govind was dead.
It was hard for me to accept it. What I the post mortem result before they can
miss the most about him was when the confirm the funeral arrangements.


Fiji News


Ford Motors Awards $42K To C3 Fiji

Ford Motor Company, together with its
local partner Shreedhar Motors, awarded
a $41,740 grant to the Community
Centered Conservation (C3) Fiji on
Wednesday night.
Community Centered Conservation
(C3) Fiji was officially registered as a
non-governmental organisation in 2014.
It operates out of Kia Island in the
province of Macuata since 2011
protecting an endangered population of
sea turtles.
On behalf of the management and staff of
the Community Centered Conservation
Fiji (C3) I would like to thank Ford and
also the Managers of Shreedhar Motors
for giving us the opportunity to continue
with our mission said C3 representative
Waisea Vosa.
The C3 proposal was unique and
demonstrates a genuine commitment
to environmental conservation while
helping to educate local communities on
the fragility of their precious ecosystem,
said David Westerman, managing
director, Asia Pacific emerging markets,
Ford Motor Company.
The funds will allow C3 to reach out to

A family lost their seven-bedroom house

in a fire at River Road, Narere.
Saiful Nisha, 51, was heartbroken after
the house she lives in with her three
sons, their wives and grandchildren was
engulfed in flames.
They had been staying there for the past
10 years.
The fire started from the living room
and as soon as I saw it I screamed for
everyone to get out as we just have one
door in the house, Ms Nisha said.
My grandchildren and daughter in laws
had to jump out of the window to save
their lives. One of my granddaughters is
in the hospital after she broke her leg in
the process of saving her life.
Ms Nisha is still coming to terms with
her losses. She has nothing left except
the clothes she had on.
We have lost everything and my sons
new car that he just bought also got
It will be so difficult to start all over
again from nothing.
Mrs Nishas mum Mariam Bibi, 72,
lived next to her daughters house in a
separate flat which also was completely
destroyed by the fire.

From left: Shreedhar Motors Limited chief executive officer Arvin Narayan, C3
representative Waisea Vosa, Shreedhar Motors Limited national manager sales
and marketing Jagdish Chand, Shreedhar Motors former general manager
Vijay Prasad
community leaders to understand why it They will also establish a community
is necessary to protect the sea turtles.
monitoring programme to indentify sea
The organisation will create an education turtles feeding and breeding grounds
programme to convince locals to stop that will be included in the marine
hunting the sea turtles and their eggs.
protected areas.

Fire Loss

Saiful Nisha 51, of River Road, Narere lost all in fire

She leaves alone and gets assistance
from social welfare and the Muslim
All the Government and social welfare
cards I had are all burnt and I dont
know what to do now and where to go
for help.
I cannot see without my glasses that
got burnt in the fire, Ms Bibi said.

Mrs Bibi could not hold back her tears

when speaking to the media.
The family has made a public appeal
requesting anyone who could help to
deposit whatever amount of money they
can to help the family rebuild their lives.
Account holder: Sabir Ali (Older Son).
Account Number: 9803793471
Westpac Bank




Lowering Cholesterol
Enjoy Margarine
High cholesterol levels can put stress on
any family. The good news is that you
can lower your cholesterol and improve
your heart health by making small
lifestyle changes. Here are five tips to
help get you moving towards a heart
healthier lifestyle:
1. Eat a balanced diet
Canada's Food Guide helps you enjoy
a variety of foods from the four food
groups and specific types of oils and
fats. It provides recommendations on
serving sizes to help meet your needs for
vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients,
while contributing to your overall health
and vitality.
Its easier than you think! Make a stirfry for supper tonight with at least three
different vegetables. Add berries or
sliced fruit to low-fat yogurt, salads,
and whole grain breakfast cereal.
Try swapping white bread and white
pasta for their higher fibre whole grain
2. Include plant sterols in your daily
Small amounts of plant sterols are
naturally found in a wide variety of
vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables, and
are an effective addition to a cholesterollowering diet and lifestyle.

International health experts such as the

American Heart Association, as part
of the National Cholesterol Education
Program, suggest eating 2 grams of
plant sterols a day to enhance an LDLcholesterol-lowering lifestyle and diet.
Becel pro.activ contains plant
sterols, which help to lower cholesterol.
Two teaspoons (10 g) of Becel pro.
activ provides 40% of the daily
amount of plant sterols shown to help
lower cholesterol in adults. Consuming
2-3 servings of plant sterols fortified
food, like Becel pro.activ, helps
lower cholesterol up to 9%. With lower
cholesterol comes better peace of mind
for you and your family.
3. Focus on the healthier fats
Eat less saturated and trans fats (bad fats);
instead, replace them with unsaturated
fats like polyunsaturated omega-3 fats
(good fats). DHA and EPA are two types
of polyunsaturated omega-3 fats, which
are important for the maintenance of
good health and increasingly being
recognized as important for heart health.
To include more polyunsaturated
omega-3 fats in your diet, use canola oil
and products made with canola oil. Look
for foods enriched with DHA and EPA
including some soft non-hydrogenated
margarine, eggs, lower fat milk and

yogurt. Eat salmon, rainbow trout and

other fatty fish, at least twice a week.
4. Keep active
Just 30 minutes of moderate physical
activity on most days of the week can
lead to many health benefits. By being
more physically active, you:
Take positive steps to keep your heart
Will stay in better shape to look and feel
May feel reduced stress levels
May find it easier to fall asleep
Adults should aim for 2 hours of
moderate (e.g. brisk walking or bike
riding) to vigorous (e.g. jogging or
cross-country skiing) physical activity
each week. Short, 10-minute spurts of
activity can be spread throughout the
week to help achieve the weekly goal. .
5. Give up smoking
Stopping smoking is one of the most
important decisions you can make for
your heart, even if youve smoked for
years. As soon as you stop, youll start
to see the benefits. Your circulation will
start to improve, your lungs will benefit,
and in the long term, it will help to keep
your heart healthy.
If you smoke, quit or reduce the amount.
For more information speak with your

Meditate As You Walk

Awareness of your body, mind and

soul is often uplifted when you walk. A
meditation done while being in action
is a great way to enhance your mood
and also concentrate on everyday life.
Psychiatrist, Veena Chakravarthy says,
"Meditating while walking not only
exercises your body but also your mind.
Advised to do it on your own, it also
lets you think about your life and take
crucial life decisions."
Ways to practice it
To begin walking meditation, first of all
just stand at one place and try to feel
the ground with the soles of your feet.
This will help you be aware of your
surroundings. Madhuri Waingarkar,
fitness professional says, "Start your
walk gradually and in a normal manner.
Do not brisk walk. The normal pace at
which you walk will keep you balanced
and upright."
When you walk, make sure that the
soles of your feet touch the ground in its

entirety. Place your heel on the ground

first and then the rest of your foot. Lift
your feet and do not drag them when
you are walking. Try to be aware of
all the different sensations that occur
when your feet comes in contact with
the ground, for example, the contact
between your toes, the feeling of the
inside of your shoes, the fabric of your
socks etc. Also make sure to keep your
ankles relaxed when you are walking.
What it does to you
-Creates awareness of your body:
Walking meditation ideally helps you to
be aware of your body and mind. When
the soles of your feet, contacts and
releases the ground, it sends sensations
into your body, which then relaxes you.
When you meditate while you walk, you
realise that you are able to understand
how each of your body part is reacting.
For example, it allows you to understand
how the muscle in your hips, the knee
joints is contracting and releasing as you

take steps.
-Helps you understand your feelings and
emotions: Clinical psychologist, Seema
Hingorrany says, "How often have you
heard people say that they feel the need
to go out on a walk to be able to free their
mind of stress and unwanted tension?
However, one of the many benefits of
walking meditation is that it allows you
to understand and focus on your feelings
and emotions, while you walk. You get
ample time to understand what has been
going right and wrong in your life and
this is also the time when you are able to
take crucial decisions."
-Balances the inner and the outer
experiences: It creates a balance between
your inner and outer experiences.
Hemant Sadhvi, a businessman, says, "I
have tried practising walking meditation
and it instills clarity, stillness and calm."

World News


Canadian Student Confirmed Dead In


An Edmonton university has confirmed

that one of its students was killed in last
week's truck attack in France.
MacEwan University says in a release
that Mykhaylo Bazelevskyy, who was
22 and also went by the first name
Misha, was among those who died in the
July 14 massacre in Nice.
The school says confirmation of his
death came late Tuesday from French
authorities and his family.
"Few, if any of us, can comprehend the
senselessness of what occurred in Nice,"
school president David Atkinson said is
a statement. There is no greater loss to
a university than a student who has so
much life and promise ahead of him."
Bazelevskyy who was in the School
of Business had permanent resident

status in Canada, but was travelling on

a Ukrainian passport. His parents still

live in the Ukraine, but his brother and

sister-in-law live in Edmonton.
He was one of five MacEwan students
who, along with a faculty member,
were participating in a three-week
entrepreneurship and innovation training
program offered by the European
Innovation Academy.
No one else in the MacEwan group was
Bazelevskyy was active in student life
at the school. He was a member of the
men's cross-country team and a resident
"I know that everyone joins me in
expressing our profound sympathy to
Mishas family at this terrible time,"
Atkinson said. "Misha will be deeply
missed by his friends and family."

died while three civilians were burnt

to death when the plane crashed near a
New Delhi airport in 1999.
And in 2013, all 20 people on board a
military helicopter were killed when it
crashed in northern India.
The Indian air force has gradually been
getting rid of some of its older planes,
some of which date back to the 1960s.
Experts have warned India's delay in
revamping its outdated military aircraft
threatens national security, with some of

the fleet virtually on their last legs.

New deals have been mired in
bureaucratic wrangles, most notably the
agreement to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets
from France's Dassault Aviation, which
has been pending since 2012.
India is the world's largest arms importer,
with the US its number one supplier.
The South Asian nation has been trying
to develop its own warplanes but delays
and technical shortcomings have marred

Indian Air Force Plane Goes Missing With

29 On Board

India on Friday mounted a search and

rescue operation for an Indian Air Force
plane that went missing with 29 people
on board.
Surveillance aircraft and navy and
coastguard ships began the search in
the Bay of Bengal after the aircraft
disappeared shortly after taking off from
the southern city of Chennai on its way
to Port Blair, capital of the Andaman
and Nicobar islands.
"Full scale search & rescue launched
to look for IAF AN 32 overdue at Port
Blair since 1130 hrs. Max assets being
deployed at earliest," the defence
ministry tweeted.
The last contact with the Russian-built
Antonov AN-32 military transport
plane, which was carrying service
personnel and six crew members, was
made around 15 minutes after take-off
from Chennai, an IAF spokesman said.
"A search operation is on. The plane was
airborne at 8:30 am (0300 GMT)and was
supposed to land at Port Blair at 11:30,"
Wing Commander Anupam Banerjee said.
The Press Trust of India news agency
reported AN-32s can fly for four hours
without refuelling.
The Indian Air Force, which relies
heavily on Russian-made equipment
and has around 100 AN-32s in its fleet,
has a poor safety record.
In one of the worst disasters involving
an AN-32 in India, 20 people on board

World News


Chinese Nanny Beaten, Starved, Treated Like A

Dog In Wealthy Minn. Suburb, Authorities Say

Shortly after midnight last Thursday, police

officers in the wealthy city of Woodbury,
Minn., turned down a darkened street to find
a shocking sight.
On the road stood a woman. Her face and
body was badly bruised. Her two blackened
eyes were filled with fear.
The 58-year-old woman spoke only Chinese,
however. It wasnt until a translator arrived
that officers began to understand her story.
It was a story of sheer terror.
The woman told police that she had been
beaten, starved and threatened with death
by her employer, for whom she worked as
a nanny.
The nanny had also been forced to walk on
all fours for hours like a dog and fed her
own hair, she said.
When police took the nanny to the hospital,
they discovered she had multiple broken
ribs and a broken sternum, authorities said.
On Friday, the nannys employer, 35-yearold Lili Huang, appeared in court to face
charges including human trafficking, false
imprisonment and assault.
Washington County Attorney Pete Orput
likened the nannys treatment to slavery or
indentured servitude.
She was held in pretty appalling
conditions, he told the Twin Cities Pioneer
Huangs attorney did not immediately
return a request for comment on Saturday as
The allegation has stunned Woodbury, a
quiet and upscale suburb of St. Paul. The city
is home to some of the countrys wealthiest
families, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business
Journal reported in 2015. Earlier this year,
Woodbury was named a finalist for the
National Civic Leagues All-America City
Award, given to ten communities across the
nation that engage residents in innovative,
inclusive and effective efforts to tackle
critical challenges.
In its application, Woodbury boasted of
raising tens of thousands of dollars to fight
child hunger and maintaining its smalltown sense of community.
And yet, according to authorities, hidden
behind the white columns and red brick of
Lili Huangs $539,000 house on Wellington
Lane was the most heinous of abuse.
The nanny, who has not been named, began
working for the wealthy Huang family in
Shanghai, where she took care of Huangs
minor daughter, according to a criminal
complaint obtained by the Minneapolis
Star Tribune. The Huangs treated her well
in China, the nanny told authorities, so she

agreed work for them in the United States.

Shortly after arriving in Minnesota in
March, however, the nanny realized that her
situation had radically shifted.
She had been promised $890 a month but
now found herself working up to 18 hours a
day cooking, cleaning and taking care of the
Huangs child, according to the complaint.
Her salary only came out to about $1.80 an
hour, authorities later calculated, but she
said she never even received that amount.
Instead of a fair wage, she received frequent
beatings, she told police.
During the time in the home she was
physically assaulted by defendant, often
times in front of the children, Orput, the
county prosecutor, said in a statement.
When this occurred she told defendant
she wanted to return to China. Defendant
acquired the victims passport and kept
it and told the woman she was not going
The nanny was also starved by the family,
she told police. She was fed nothing but
scraps and crackers, causing her to drop
from 120 pounds to just 88 pounds in barely
four months, according to authorities.
The nanny felt trapped because she had
no passport or money and did not speak
The attacks worsened this month, she told
On July 4, as Woodbury residents relaxed on
blankets and lawn chairs outside the citys
sports center to watch fireworks, the nanny
was allegedly being assaulted by Huang.
Huang grabbed the womans hair and bashed
her head into a table and other objects, the
nanny told police. She was also punched
and kicked in her rib cage, according to the
Less than a week later, Huang again attacked
the nanny, according to the complaint. On
July 10, the nanny was so badly beaten that
she could not get up off her hands and
knees, according to prosecutors.
She was forced to walk around the house
on her hands and knees like a dog for four
hours, the Woodbury Bulletin reported,
citing the complaint.
The alleged abuse came to a head on July
When the nanny accidentally spilled food
on the counter, the defendant came after
the woman with a knife threatening to kill
her, according to the county prosecutors
When Huangs father allegedly stopped
the attack, the nanny finally fled the home.
She walked more than two miles past

neatly manicured lawns, luxury SUVs and

Lutheran churches until police officers
finally came upon her near the sports center
that had just hosted July 4 celebrations.
This was now her Independence Day.
With her two black eyes, the nanny told a
police translator that she had escaped the
house in search of the airport so she could
finally go home.
She showed police photos on her cellphone
of her various injuries, according to the
Star Tribune. At a nearby hospital, x-rays
revealed her broken ribs and sternum.
Police pulled up to the large house on
Wellington Lane. Then they strode past its
red brick and white columns and arrested
Lili Huang.
Among the items seized inside the spacious
home was a bag that had been hidden under
the nannys mattress.
It was full of human hair.
Huang appeared in court to face five felony
charges, according to prosecutors: labor
trafficking, seizing a passport with intent to
violate labor trafficking, false imprisonment,
assault with a dangerous weapon, and
assault causing substantial bodily harm.
She remains jailed in lieu of $350,000 bail,
according to the Star Tribune.
In his statement, the county prosecutor
alluded to the citys shock over the abuse
allegations and the arrest of an affluent
Human labor trafficking is a crime that no
one can believe exists in their community,
he said. However, it is here, it is being
committed by some of our citizens, and it
amounts to nothing less than slavery in the
21st century.
Around the globe, so-called modern-day
slavery exploits tens of millions of people
and generates more than $150 billion
annually, the United Nations International
Labour Office reported in January.



World News

Ottawa Man And His Former Mistress Found

Guilty Of Bludgeoning His Wife To Death
Bhupinderpal Gill and his former
mistress Gurpreet Ronald were found
guilty of first-degree murder in the
savage 2014 killing of Gills wife.
Gill and Ronald were found guilty in the
slaying of Jagtar Gill after six days of
deliberation by the jury.
Entering the trial, the police theory was
that Ronald and Gill, secret lovers who
worked the same shifts as OC Transpo
drivers, conspired and executed the
murder plot so they could be together
because divorce was not an option.
After nine weeks of testimony, the jury
five women, seven men didnt buy
the often wild testimonies professed by
both Gill and Ronald, who each tried
to paint pictures of stumbling upon a
murder scene after the fact.
The jury didnt believe Ronalds tale
that she started dumping key evidence
including a bloody knife and latex
gloves for fear shed be blamed for
the killing because she was the mistress.
Ronald lied to the police to cover her
tracks and came up with an 11th-hour
alibi that she was having tea with a
doctor at the time of the murder.
But there was no wiggle room in the
face of the incriminating DNA evidence
against her.
The jury didnt believe her story
when she explained that her blood
was found at the scene because she
accidentally cut her finger with a
knife while wiping her prints off it.
The bloody knife was used in the
killing, and she was now covering
her tracks. Testifying in her own
defence, Ronald told the jury that
she picked up the murder weapon
after accidentally stepping on it as
she steadied herself on the bloodsoaked carpet because she felt like
she was going to faint at the sight of
the horrifying discovery.
Then to explain how police also found
her blood upstairs, she told the jury that
she went looking for a band-aid. She
said she didnt call 911 because, again,
she feared the murder would be pinned
on her.
Ronalds defence lawyer Michael Smith
told the jury that there was no evidence
that went to motive, and noted that their
secret love affair had long ended and
his client was in fact having another
affair with another OC Transpo driver
at the time of the Jan. 29, 2014 killing.

Gurpreet Ronald and Bhupinderpal Gill

So if you take the romance out of their
relationship, the Crown case crumbles,
Smith told court.
Jagtar Gill, 43, was slashed and
bludgeoned on the living-room floor
of her Barrhaven home on the 17th
anniversary of her arranged marriage
to Bhupinderpal Gill. Her family
never liked him, and considered him
a no-account street rat. They once
accused him years ago of threatening
to kill his wife a claim he flatly
rejected when he took the stand in his
own defence.
He too told the jury that he happened
on the murder scene when he returned
home after running errands with his
daughter. They bought grocery-store
cake and flowers as anniversary gifts for
Jagtar. The little girl, roses still in hand,
was the first in the door. She screamed.
Her father walked in and started yelling
too. His mind was racing. He wondered
aloud about suicide, then robbery and

told the jury that he picked up one

of the murder weapons a bloody
weightlifting bar to arm himself in
case an intruder the real killer was
still in the house.
He said he ran upstairs and down, then it
dawned on him. He was standing at the
scene of his wifes murder and he was
holding the murder weapon. He said he
hid it out of fear of being blamed for the
killing. In his 911 call, he planted the
seeds of what would anchor his version
of events saying in the call that he
had just got home and feared an intruder
had been in his house.
Even Gill, in his own words, figured he
was screwed. In a police interview, he
said no matter how you looked at it, he
looked guilty. He insisted his innocence
in the police interview and told so
many lies that it was hard for Det. Chris
Benson to keep count.
And on Wednesday, it appeared Gill was
right. He looked guilty to the jury.

World News


Woman Buried Alive By Fianc Describes

How She Escaped

A woman who was strangled and buried

alive by her former fianc has spoken of
her fear that he may get out on parole.
Stacey Gwilliam was forced to crawl out
of a shallow grave after being beaten,
throttled and buried under foliage by
Keith Hughes following a row.
The 39-year-old bodybuilder was
handed a life sentence for attempted
murder at Swansea Crown Court in
December last year for the attack but is
eligible for parole in just eight and a half
Speaking on Good Morning Britain,
the 34-year-old said she was frightened
about what would happened when
Hughes left prison, but was now in a
stronger place.
She said: "I feel frightened. But I'm
going to be in a stronger place because
I've got a lot of support.
"I do have hope for the future and it's
down to the support of family, friends.
"If it wasn't for them I couldn't have
done this alone, but they've all been
there for me."
Ms Gwilliam described coming round
and realising she was trapped underneath
the pile of dirt and foliage on a beach
in Caswell Bay, South Wales where she
and Hughes had fought.
She could hear her heart beating and
the sound of the sea in the background.
She said: "It was like everything was in
slow motion. All I could see were blurs
of green and brown.
"I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move. It
was like I was paralysed.
"I tried to get up, but couldn't. I had to
use my nails. That was all I could do. I

tried to push but I didn't have the upper

When she eventually managed to pull
herself to safety, she collapsed in front
of a nearby golf club.
She was rushed to hospital and put in
an induced coma for 26 days to recover
from the attack.
As well as suffering from flashbacks and
panic attacks Ms Gwilliam still uses a
stick to walk.
Hughes had previously been given
a three and a half year sentence for
attacking her in 2013, but they had got
back together after he was released on
Ms Gwilliam, who had undergone
treatment for ovarian cancer while he

was in prison, said she had taken him

back because she loved him.
She broke up with him for a second
time the weekend before the attack after
he kicked her in the stomach and stole
money from her bank account.
He had asked her to go for a walk
with him to repair their relationship,
but when she had refused to resume
the relationship he had become
According to the Office for National
Statistics, two women are killed by their
current or former partners every week in
England and Wales.
One in four women and one in six men
will experience domestic violence at
some point in their lifetime.

Daughter On Trial For Manslaughter Of

A paramedic who found a 77-yearold severely emaciated woman lying
dead, covered in her own excrement
described her as looking like a
Ena Lai Dung was in bed on top of a
tarpaulin, surrounded by flies, at a
Clendon Park address where she was a
boarder, when emergency services were
called on January 16, 2015.
Her daughter Cindy Melissa Taylor,
43, is on trial before the High Court at

Auckland charged with her manslaughter

after she allegedly failed to provide her
with the necessary care to keep her alive.
Luana Roberta Taylor, 56, and her
husband Brian Frank Taylor, 62 not related to the other defendant
- also lived in the same house and
are accused of failing to protect a
vulnerable adult.
Tristan Sames was one of the first
paramedics on the scene and was asked
what the odour was like when he entered

the bedroom.
"An overpowering smell of stale urine
or ammonia; one of the strongest smells,
if not the strongest smell, I've had in this
line of work. It was enough to start me
gagging," he told the court.
"I closed the door and needed a moment
to compose myself."
He re-entered, holding his breath to try
and block out the stench, as he set about
checking the patient's vital signs.
Was she deceased?





It is a week for smart entrepreneurs.

As they make their moves intelligently,
they will be happy about the steady rise
in sales. Thanks to the hand holding of
stars. Benevolent Jupiter has now come
out of shadow of malefic Rahu and
both transiting to earthly sign Virgo.
Professionals will also have their hands
full with well paying projects. Your bank
balance will shoot up and get impressive.
However, influence of retrograde Saturn
over Jupiter will keep reminding of
ground realities and your limitations.
This will stop you from flying aimlessly.
Singles will bowl over targeted person
of opposite sex with their cleverness.
Married folks will be jubilated by the
quick favourable response of their
spouse. In regard to health, diabetics
need to be careful. Food and drinks
with high sugar is strictly forbidden. A
periodical checkup is advised. Around
the weekend, Sun enters its own Sign,


One of the best ways to stay productive

is to stay organized. You implement this
belief in the coming days. You organize
yourself, set priorities and plan to move
systematically towards your goal.
Around Wednesday, a full Moon can be
spotted. It illuminates your bottled up
feelings and thoughts. Your future seems
to be your main concern now. You will
be restless and unhappy. It is only when
some vertical growth happens, that a
smile will return on your face. Some
difference with someone close could
sour relationship. From Thursday, the
planetary position shall get supportive,
helping you resolve conflict. Happy
times for singles, who may be keen to
cozy up with a new found love. With
regard to health, you may be assailed by
slow digestion.


Your inherent genius will come to the

fore in the coming days, thanks to the
proximity of Venus and Mercury. Use
this brilliance to find ways to increase
your earnings. However, Mercury in
the third House is not considered good
for monetary growth. So do not expect
significant rewards here. Wednesday
sees full Moon blazing in the sky. This
impacts the inner self and the psyche.
Singles will be overjoyed as they come
close to someone from the opposite sex
by midweek. In contrast, married folks

will be harried. Enjoying pleasures of

marital life seems remote. But do not get
worked up, seek diversions in hobbies
and other pursuits of interest. Around
weekend, Sun will enter its own sign
that fiery and passionate Leo.


With Venus coming out of its combust

state, you will begin to feel relieved,
even though the situation at ground level
has not changed much. Married folks
are likely to make concerted efforts to
appease their partner. An intense desire for
physical intimacy is likely to bring both
together. Strong Mars could work well for
businessmen and professionals. They will
find themselves better equipped to handle
high worth deals. This might bolster their
financial position substantially. Around
weekend, Sun shifts into own Sign Leo.
Herewith, expenses for the family and
household may increase. Jupiter, having
come out of shadow of malefic Rahu,
expects its positive influences to increase
to some extent.


This week could be dedicated to the

career professionals or job holders.
Their schedule shall be easy and
relatively chilled out, in the coming
days. Workload shall be within the
manageable limits; deadlines will not
be backbreaking. But, the emerging
Full Moon will nudge your ambition.
There will be a strong urge to climb
up the ladder and increase your clout.
Having authority pleases natives of your
sign more than anything else. Venus
having come out of combusted state will
bring in gains. Focus on saving money.
Retrograde Saturn hampers enjoyment
to the fullest in marital life. Influence
of Saturn over the 2nd House from your
Sign, and also Jupiter transiting therein
will lay the foundation for building a
sound financial position. Around the
weekend, Sun enters your Sign. You will
now be confident and decisive.


You will be busy reflecting and

introspecting in the next few days. Why
havent things moved according to
plans, will be the big question bothering
you here. Venus has now come out
of combusted state. Your efforts will
yield results. Lady luck will also come
to your rescue. If you have investment
plans ready, go ahead and implement
them. However, do not speculate or
take unnecessary risks as retrograde

Saturn does not support any unplanned

earnings. Job holders may look for
some part time assignment to augment
their income. Businessmen will need
to explore new territory to boost sales.
A short term travel may be necessary.
Health will require care, and so shall
your diet. You may suffer from a calcium
related deficiency or bone/ joint pain.


Full Moon arises in Capricorn, as

the week begins. Following this, you
will be overwhelmed by a strong urge
to do something more meaningful at
home. However, with Saturn moving in
retrograde mode, you may not be able to
implement much and let routine continue
as it is. Wednesday and Thursday seem
supportive for singles to get close in a
relationship, but married folks will be
aloof and without cheer. Those with
regular jobs may get dissatisfied with
their earnings. For now, there does not
seem a way out. Continue to work hard
and focus on your work. Health will be
good. Around the weekend, Sun enters
its own Sign Leo. Limelight may start
catching the deserving people. Are you
one of them?


Try and connect with influential, highranking individuals this week. There are
good chances of you improving your
future prospects here. Present planetary
transits are supportive on this count.
Venus and Mercury are well placed
now. You will be able to amicably
resolve issues pending since long in a
close relationship. Businessmen and
professionals will successfully extend
an arm of understanding with high worth
customers and get new deals to work
on. Progressive forces may be helpful
at present. Retrograde Saturn, transiting
through a house indicative of finance,
could make you learn the hard way about
managing money. This is how Saturn
works. Toothache/ joint pains may cause
you troubles. Around the weekend, Sun
enters its own Sign Leo.


Some financial loss could cause

emotional distress. Be alert about all
money transactions in the coming days.
For job holders and professionals,
you may be penalized for certain
shortcomings. Remain focused on your
task and try to do your best. Good thing
is that now dear Venus has come of
combust state. This is to provide some



cushioning and sense of relief, even

though the situation at ground level has
not changed much. Domestic matters
continue to stress. You will be keen on
contributing more for the household.
Singles may have high expectations
from someone of opposite sex in
newly developed relationship. Around
weekend, Sun enters own sign, fiery and
royal Leo. Those expecting growth will
face fewer hassles in day-to-day work.


The week opens on a low note. You

could be somewhat depressed. You will
be concerned about issues related to
your personal life. There is no noticeable
progress, nor any monetary gains, which
agitate you. However, there seems to
be some cheer round the corner. Your
most favourable planet, lovely Venus,
has now come out of combust state and
free to help your cause. You need to be
careful about matters related to finance.
Retrograde Saturn does not sound well
for stability in financial position. Some
unexpected expenses may upset your

500 gms of lean ground lamb
1 medium white onion, diced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 can of whole tomatoes, roughly
A bunch of green beans, cut into 2 inch
1 tsp of paprika
1 1/2 tsp of cumin
1/2 tsp of chili powder
1 cinnamon stick
A handful of fresh mint, cilantro &
parsley, finely chopped
Juice of half a lemon
1 1/2 tsp of sea salt
1 1/2 cups of basmati rice
Scant 3 cups of water
2 Tbsp of olive oil
1. Cook the basmati rice with just under
3 cups of water in a rice cooker. If you
are cooking rice on the stove, place it
in a pot with the water and bring to the
2. Turn the heat down and cover the pot.
Cook the rice for 10-12 minutes or until
3. Once the rice is ready, put it straight
in the fridge so that it cools down and
dries out.

planning. You need to budget for long

term with reserves for emergencies.
Around weekend, Sun enters its own
Sign, Leo.


marital bond.


The first half of the week seems to

favour those employed. Planetary
positions indicate an easy, relaxed time
for them. You will get the right exposure
to manifest your inherent abilities.
Accept new challenges and handle them
successfully. In this way, you could
increase your chances of getting better
placed. Around Wednesday-Thursday,
you will be keen on doing some good
for mankind in general. Businessmen
may experiment with a new product
to boost earnings. A little issue in the
family could upset you. Do not let it
work you up. It is transitory. Things will
fall in place in due course. On the health
front, diabetics may have difficulty
keeping sugar under control. Around
weekend, Sun enters its own Sign Leo,
seventh from your sign. Married folks
will be tempted to enjoy life out of

This week you could be searching

for a management guru or a business
leader to draw inspiration from. With
the full Moon approaching, this urge
or desire could intensify. The Full
Moon also illuminates your deepest,
inner most feelings. However, the ruler
of the 11th House, Saturn, concerned
with relationships is now transiting in
retrograde mode in the 10th House from
your Sign. This will cause impediments
in your pursuit, and your search may lead
you to a dead end. Planetary positions
around mid-week, though, seem to
support singles, looking to enjoy physical
intimacy. Ones planning to get married
may do so, even without the consent of
their parents/ families. Well, all is fair
in love! But, do ensure that you have
checked all quarters. On Wednesday,
you may make it clear to your beloved
as well as your family, if that is the way
of things. Around weekend, Sun enters
Leo, boosting your confidence.

4. Saute the onion in a medium saucepan

over a moderate heat until translucent.
Add the garlic and fry for 1 minute.
5. Add the spices including the cinnamon
stick and fry for 2-3 minutes to release
the oils. Stir well.
6. Add the ground lamb and break it up
with a wooden spoon. Stir well to coat
lamb in the spices. Add the salt. Lower
the heat slightly and cook lamb for about
seven minutes or until browned.
7. Add the chopped canned tomatoes

and about 300ml of the sauce from the

8. Stir well and then add the green beans.
9. Cover and simmer on a low heat for
25 minutes.
10. Carefully combine the lamb mixture
with the rice and mix thoroughly to coat
11. Squeeze some lemon juice over the
biryani and stir well.
12. Sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve


Lamb Biryani




Cashew Chicken
Chinese Cashew Chicken is a popular
dish that is simple yet delicious.
You will need:
3 chicken breasts, (skinless, boneless)
1 tsp white sugar
2 Tbsp soy sauce
3 tsp minced garlic
6 oz chicken broth
3 Tbsp peanut oil
1 medium onion, chopped
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
4 cups broccoli
3 oz cashew halves
In medium size mixing bowl, mix
together garlic, sugar, and soy sauce.
Add sliced chicken and stir.
In large skillet or wok, heat 2 tablespoons
peanut oil and add red pepper and
broccoli. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
Add onion and cook an additional 2 to
3 minutes.
Add remaining oil, as well as chicken
and soy sauce mixture. Cook another 6
to 8 minutes until chicken is cooked to

Peking Duck is a famous dish that will

fill your home with a heavenly aroma
and delight your dinner guests.
For the duck, you will need:
1 whole duck, dressed (4 lbs)
tsp ground ginger
tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp cloves, ground
tsp ground nutmeg
tsp white pepper
1 Tbsp honey
3 Tbsp soy sauce
1 orange, sliced
For the sauce, you will need:
6 green onions (4 chopped)
cup chutney, finely chopped
cup plum jam
1 tsp white sugar
1 tsp white vinegar
Duck Preparation
Rinse duck both inside and outside,
cutting off tail and discarding.
In a small bowl, mix together cinnamon,
ginger, nutmeg, cloves and white pepper,
separating one teaspoon of mixture to
put inside the duck.
For the remaining spice mix, stir one
tablespoon soy sauce into bowl and rub
over the outside of the duck, making

proper temperature.
Add broth to skillet and cook additional 2 minutes.
Remove from heat, stir in cashew halves

and serve.
Add celery for even more crunch

Peking Duck

sure to evenly spread it.

Place 2 green onions, cut in half, inside
the duck, cover and refrigerate for 2 to
3 hours.
Steam duck in a large pot for up to an
hour, adding water if need be.
Remove duck from pan and drain juices,
removing green onion.
Place the duck in a roasting pan, breast
side up, in an oven preheated to 375,
making sure to prick duck's skin with a
fork in several places.
Roast the duck for 30 minutes, and while
it is in the oven, mix together honey and

remaining soy sauce.

After 30 minutes, brush that mixture on
the duck and place it back in the oven.
Turn the oven up to 450, roasting
for 5 to 10 minutes, until the skin is
browned, but take care to not let the
skin char.
Duck Sauce Preparation
In a small bowl, combine plum jam,
sugar, vinegar, chopped onions and
chutney. Mix well.
Place duck on a large platter, garnishing
with orange slices and serve with
dipping sauce.



John Second Time Lucky With Kabir

John Abraham starrer Dishoom has been

garnering loads of accolades and there
has been tremendous excitement around
the movie's release.
When you think of John Abraham, all
we can recall is a hot body sweltering
in some power packed action and those
monstrous bikes!
Dhoom was one movie which gave us
all three in a thrilling mix!
His character in the movie Kabir had
become a rage and has been engraved in
our memories ever since.
It was John Abraham who got an
adrenaline rush with his onscreen
character Kabir leaving the ladies
swooning over the hard-to-hate villain
John played.
With Dishoom's release around the
corner, promising some high octane
action sequences, interestingly John's
character is named Kabir in Sajid
Nadiadwala's Dishoom too!
With that charming persona and

daredevil looks combined with action

being the genre of the film, doubled with
bikes.. John Abraham is sure to recreate
magic onscreen.
Dishoom will see John undertaking
some breathtaking action sequences

which would not only be high up in the

air but also low down in the water!
Dishoom will also have John partake
in Bollywood's longest and the most
expensive chase sequence ever shot!
John along with his co-star Varun
Dhawan promises some never seen
before stunts. If you thought that Dhoom
was some thrilling action you saw, wait
up and get ready to Dishoom!
The film's trailer has been garnering an
overwhelming response with the songs
turning to be instant chartbusters, all
content from the film is taking audience
anticipation for the film's release notches
Presented by Eros International and
produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under
the banner of Nadiadwala Grandson
Entertainment, Dishoom also stars Varun
Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez.
Dishoom is directed by Rohit Dhawan
and is all set to hit the silver screen on
29th July.

Naseeruddin Shah Impressed With Son

Imaad's Performance In 'M Cream'

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah

is impressed with his son Imaad's
performance in the film 'M Cream', which
is all set to hit the screens this Friday.
"It's a very interesting, different and
youth-oriented movie. I feel that it
will catch the pulse of the youngsters,
who show interest in these kinds of
elements. There is a good proportion
of such people. The music is very good
and the performances are very good,"
Naseeruddin Shah told IANS.
Imaad, who has been seen in films such as
'Dil Dosti Etc', 'Little Zizou', 'The Reluctant
Fundamentalist', '404' among others, plays
the role of a Delhi boy in 'M Cream'.
Naseeruddin says that he liked his son's
performance in the film.
"I would obviously like it, he is my
son. Let's see what the public will say
as that's what matters. My blessings are
with the film," he said.
'M Cream' has been showcased at
numerous festivals across the world and
has won awards too. The film, directed
by Agneya Singh, also stars Ira Dubey,
Auritra Ghosh and Raaghav Chanana.



TS Times Sports

Fiji Sevens Coach Ben Ryan Paves Way To

Olympic Goal

Probably the No 1 celebrity in Fiji is

an Englishman. He is red-haired and
his skin wasnt made for the sun. But
they love him so much that babies have
been named after him and a rock song
released about him.
He also has his own TV program; he
is asked to judge Miss Fiji; and even
though he drives a standard Hyundai,
his car is recognised and mobbed if he
drives around Suva.
This is Ben Ryan, born in Wimbledon
in south London, celebrated in Fiji as
the coach of the nations rugby sevens
team. Who knows what they will make
of him there if he guides Fiji to their
first Olympic medal? From the day that
sevens was admitted to the Olympics, it
was apparent that Fiji, after 15 Olympic
ducks, might finally open its account on
the medal table. In fact, Ryan will only
really be happy with gold.
Ryan became known in Australia when
he welcomed code-hopper Jarryd Hayne
into the Fijian camp in May, after the
former rugby league player quit the San
Francisco 49ers NFL team to pursue a
dream of playing sevens in Rio. It was
also Ryan who later decided that Hayne
would not be included in the Games
Fiji certainly werent favourites for the
Rio sevens gold medal when he arrived
from England three years ago. On his
first day, he did fitness testing with the
squad he had inherited and the highest
score in testing was his own. And he
was 42. After their first tournament,
he smashed them in training with a
succession of 100m runs up and down
the pitch. After just one, he found
Seremaia Tuwai, one of his star players,
hiding behind a bush. But they then won
their second tournament, in Dubai, and
Ryans legend and something of a
cultural revolution began to take root.
Fiji had never had a foreign coach
before. They had never, for instance,
had anyone to tell the players what to
eat. The breakfast buffets at tournament
hotels are the worst, Ryan says. In Dubai,
he recalls one player piling his plate with
eight eggs and eight pains au chocolat.
I said: What are you doing? He says,
Eggs are good, breads good, no?
So they were educated to have a lot of

colour on their plates. Not just white

rice and pasta, with ketchup. Colours
equal fruit and veg. Now, they come
and show me their plate and ask, Is this
all right? Ryan has had to buy into the
culture he set. When he says no drinking
after tournaments, he means it, not even
a couple of relaxing beers. Its island
mentality, he explains. If its there,
itll all go.
This year, he brought in a breathalyser
and on mornings after tournaments,
when they were doing pool recovery,
hed pick on three of them. They knew
the rules: you test positive, youre gone.
Now they know, they laugh, Ryan
says. When they see him coming, they
say: Ill have a go.
Likewise, no phones at tournaments.
Why were so many of his players
tired at tournaments, he asked himself.
Because the hotels have free wifi and so
they were on Facetime and Facebook all
hours. So they all hand their phones in.
Ryan too. The first time they did it, they
won the tournament.
Slowly, slowly, they have come to
understand what he is bringing to them.
He, too, has understood what they were
bringing to him. These were uncoached
players whose talent had been honed on
beaches and scrubland.
Why have Fijians long been so poor at
the breakdown? Because they dont do
the breakdown on the beach. Why have
they never been good at long passing?
Because the balls they play with tend
to be bottles filled with sand, and that
encourages short passes and offloads.
Why did they always tackle high?
Because with everyone offloading, the
defenders want the ball, not the players
legs. And kicking? No chance, not with
those sand-filled bottles.
Yet what Ryan also found was a nation so
engrossed in sevens that knowledge and
understanding of the game was immense.
World Series Sevens tournaments are
played on loop on national television.
Saturday night must-watch television
is Ryans rugby program, in which he
teaches techniques such as the lineout
lift. So that cliche about Fijians being so
naturally gifted is only partly true. The
reason they stand apart is because they

play endlessly. Wifi is scarce. The kids

play outside and sevens is their game of
It was when disaster struck that Ryan
understood what kind of squad he
had developed. The cyclone at the
end of February killed 44 people and
damaged or destroyed 40,000 homes.
Two of Ryans players had their homes
It struck in the early hours of a Friday.
Their next training camp was the
following Tuesday, to prepare for the
next tournament on the schedule, in
Las Vegas. In the interim, almost all the
players had been living without running
water or electricity and it had been
baking hot. And as the grid was down,
no one could communicate.
On the Tuesday, Ryan waited at training
to see who would pitch up, and one by
one they trooped in. They came in like
theyd been at war, he recalls. Some
had walked eight hours to get on to the
road to thumb a lift to training. Only
one player, one of those whose house
had been destroyed, didnt make it.
Ryan recalls: We tried to train and they
had nothing. So I said, Right, youre
going to bed.
At their training base, there is a hotel
with a generator, owned by a rugby-mad
fan. So the players slept there. Ryan
got them food and massages. They did
nothing for three days but recover. We
won Vegas at a canter.

Englishman Ben Ryan