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U.S. History

1. CommonCoreLearningStandard(s)Addressed:
Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text,
including analyzing how an author uses and refines the meaning of a key term
over the course of a text.
2. LearningTarget(s):(Whatwillstudentsknow&beabletodoasaresultofthislesson?)


Students will be able to understand the 13,14,15th amendment ratifications, as well as segregation and cases
such as Plessy V. Ferguson & Brown v. Board ofEducation. as well as know the outcomes of the cases
and movements.

3. Relevance/Rationale:(Whyaretheoutcomesofthislessonimportantintherealworld?Whyarethese

4. FormativeAssessmentCriteriaforSuccess:(Howwillyou&yourstudentsknowiftheyhave

this lesson is important in the real world because it shows students the amount of hard work different ethnicities
had to do in order to
all recive the same type of education. this will also show students how much liberites and opportunities they now have in present day.

students will meet the outcomes if they understand the long process each case took
to develope the end of de-segerated schools in the south the procress, progress, set backs
and what they meant for both white americans as well as african americans.

5. Activities/Tasks:(Whatlearningexperienceswillstudentsengagein?Howwillyouusetheselearningexperiencesortheirstudentproductsasformative

students will learn how to analyze, read primary resources, and be able to then evaluate and write essays as well as understand terms and their meanings
cases and their results. what the outcomes meant for america, what was a benifit and what was wrong.

6. Resources/Materials:(Whattexts,digitalresources,&materialswillbeusedinthislesson?)

material from youtube as well as historical primary resources like documents such as Plessy v. Ferguson , Brown v. Board of Education

7. AccessforAll:(Howwillyouensurethatallstudentshaveaccesstoandareabletoengageappropriatelyinthislesson?Considerallaspectsofstudent

i will allow for time in the classroom to view the youtube clips from the crash course history page i will also allow acess for them
to come in during breaks to view the videos and ask me for help i will also allow them to work in groups with primary source documents
in order to gain not only their point of views but those of their peers to see if they can learn in a larger context.

8. Modifications/Accommodations:(Whatcurriculummodificationsand/orclassroomaccommodationswillyoumakeforStudentswithDisabilitiesinyour

i will allow assign them any help they need ( i.e) written handouts, videos with closed captions, written scripts of videos and anything else theyll need
one on one teaching extra turoring anything they need i will do my best to give them.


challenges students to work with computers and social media such as youtube

made students engage in critical thinking, analyzing, and collaboration amongst peers to understand the bigger picture with the time frame of history.

made students work not only with peer but the instructer as well both in class and outside in class with discussion boards and primary sources
as well as the social media youtube video clips