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JULY 25, 2016

NR # 4272

Solon seeks inquiry into delayed IRR of law giving gratuity

and privileges to Medal of Valor awardees
A House member sought an inquiry into the delayed issuance of the Implementing Rules and
Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 9049 enacted 13 years ago which grants monthly gratuity and
privileges to military heroes, specifically awardees of the prestigious Medal of Valor.
Magdalo Party-list Rep. Gary Alejano, through House Resolution 9, said an inquiry would
determine the reasons behind the blatant delay, if not inaction, of the different government agencies
involved in the crafting of the IRR of RA 9049. Such delay undermines the purpose of the law in
recognizing the sacrifices made by the awardees according to him.
The Medal of Valor is the highest award that may be given to a Filipino soldier in recognition of
his or her act of gallantry above and beyond the call of duty and in total disregard of ones safety. The
delayed issuance of the IRR of RA 9049 undermines the implementation of the provisions of the law,
said Alejano.
The former Marine captain said the inquiry will likewise enable the appropriate House committee
to revisit RA 9049, which was enacted on March 22, 2001, and identify the necessary amendments to
afford awardees of the Medal of Valor the proper recognition and support due them.
Under RA 9049, Alejano said Medal of Valor awardees are entitled to adequate social services and
financial rewards in recognition of their exceptional bravely. The rewards provided under the law also
serve to encourage men and women in the military to perform heroic deeds for their country according to
However, Alejano said many of the awardees claim that they do not enjoy the full benefits of the
law. He cited a news report wherein Medal of Valor awardees asserted that they are not enjoying the full
benefits of RA 9049 because of lack of awareness with regard to the provisions of the law.
The lawmaker said the same article pointed out that due to lack of awareness, many awardees and
their dependents have had to bring a copy of RA 9049, the awardees Medal of Valor citations, and birth
certificates with them to prove they are entitled to the privileges stated in the law.
This humiliating and diminished repute of RA 9049 may have been avoided if its IRR were
issued by the agencies involved in the effective implementation of the Act. The IRR would have provided
the guidelines and informed the concerned agencies about the proper implementation of what is stated in
the law, said Alejano.
On the part of the awardees, Alejano said they have proposed an increase in their present P20,000
monthly gratuity pay, which is justified under RA 9049.
Under Section 2 of RA 9049, Alejano said adjustments in the lifetime monthly gratuity pay may
be done in consideration of applicable economic and social factors such as inflation rate, and that such
adjustments may be done within three years following the effectivity of the Act and no oftener than once
every five years.
It is hoped that by revisiting the gratuities provided for in the law, this may awaken the
nationalist consciousness in the hearts and minds of the brave men and women in the military who risk
their lives daily so that we may live with peace of mind, said Alejano. (30) rbb