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Aspirations down south


2 southern property


Concerted efforts
on the right path
IN May, Southern Property reported
that developers have started
shifting their product mix to gear
them towards Malaysians who are
in need of a home.
Additionally, the Government
has taken steps to heed the call for
more affordable housing with
schemes such as PR1MA and the
MyDeposit First House Deposit
Financing Scheme, for which
approximately RM200mil has been
However, the 9th Asia Property
Market Sentiment Report for the
first half of this year by revealed that
housing affordability is still a
common concern among
Malaysians 49% of those
surveyed were interested to buy,
but many have difficulties
qualifying for loans. As many as
66% of respondents felt that the
existing affordable homes are
insufficient to meet demands.
Recent statistics from the Real
Estate and Housing Developers
Association (Rehda) confirms that
property buying in the principal
property market has slowed down
in the first quarter of this year,
with a 17.9% drop in value of
transaction against the first quarter
of last year.

Enforcement is key
Khalil Adis, noted property
journalist and founder of Khalil
Adis Consultancy Pte Ltd, says that
while housing schemes such as
PR1MA is laudable, young
prospective buyers have reported
that they applied years ago but

have yet to receive

acknowledgement or status
updates of their application.
In view of this, those who
are in desperate need of a
home may want to consider
alternative schemes from private
developers and the state
government, he says.
Vincent Thambyrajah, retired
project manager from the State
Development Corporation of
Selangor, also believes the relevant
ministries should enforce
innovative technologies to bring
the cost of building homes down.
He illustrates this using the
example of pre-fabricated homes,
where components are
manufactured in a controlled
environment, then transported to
the site and assembled.
This allows for faster, cleaner,
higher-quality construction with
lower labour costs since not as
many workers are needed to
assemble than to build.
Also known as the Industrialised
Building System (IBS), the benefits
of this sustainable method are
recognised by Malaysias
Construction Industry
Development Board (CIDB).
In fact, CIDB prepared a
roadmap for 2003 to 2010 to
promote IBS as the preferred
construction method, but it has
yet to yield widespread results.

Assistance to boost
One of the reasons property
prices have skyrocketed in recent
years is the growing list of
requirements imposed on
developers. The cost of building

these extra fixtures are then

included in the selling price, which
is borne by the buyer at the end,
says Vincent.
He opines that more should be
done to identify the true needs of
property buyers and incorporate
these needs with projects on the
ground, as opposed to offering
extravagant packages that price
out people who need a roof over
their heads.
In a tough, speculative market,
developers have to amp up their
offerings and they attract buyers
with promotional activities,
value-added packages and
assistance in financing.
Besides taking advantage of
such offerings, you can make a
smarthome purchase by
conducting research on the
developer and project, studying the
areas masterplan to understand
the infrastructure development,
and buying at an early
developmental phase after
determining the propertys
potential for capital appreciation.

Looking up
Property researchers believe the
market will pick up in a couple of
years and that it is already showing
signs of improvement in the
second half of this year.
Down south, Khalil believes the
market is facing a bit of a
conundrum at the moment but this
is a temporary situation that can be
tackled with proper planning and
wise purchases in up-and-coming
International demand is
balanced out by the commercial
and industrial sectors for

example, projects in Iskandar

Malaysia are appealing to
Singaporean organisations looking
to expand or relocate their
manufacturing facilities at a
minimum cost.
The property market in the
south is not as robust as before as
it was mainly driven by foreign
investors from Singapore. Private
developers had built luxury homes
for these buyers while the supply
of affordable homes has been
lagging behind.
Demand among foreigners
has waned now, but there is still
strong pent-up demand for
affordable homes among locals,
says Khalil.
Strict loan approvals have been
one of the main deterrents of
property purchasing among
Malaysians, but this may improve
following Bank Negaras recent
overnight policy rate cut of 25 basis
points (bps) to 3%.
Earlier this month, PublicInvest
Research estimated that this would
reduce mortgage amounts by about
3.2%, which would certainly boost
affordability and help pave the
way to the recovery of the property
Central to this improvement is
public opinion and action, which,
according to the
survey, is still leaning towards the
Managing director and chief
executive officer of
George Chmiel says that although
Malaysians are concerned about
rising house prices, property is still
viewed as the most attractive
investment choice due to its capital
growth opportunities and stability
as an asset.

WHILE inflation, increasing

cost of living and the demandsupply mismatch between
what the market wants and
what developers are building
do present real challenges in
the Malaysian property
market, the first steps towards
the wise purchase of property
is acquiring financial literacy
and living within your
means, says Khalil Adis,
founder of Khalil Adis
Consultancy Pte Ltd.
Having recently launched
his book Property Buying for
Gen Y, Khalil observes that
many young Malaysians are
riddled with education and
credit card debt as they have
not been properly educated
on financial matters.
This not only makes it hard
for them to service a loan
those who cannot control
their finances are also less
likely to be able to make
sound asset purchases or
obtain a loan in the first
He advises first-time
homebuyers to calculate their
income-to-mortgage ratio as a
preliminary measure of
affordability the mortgage
payment should be less than a
third of your gross income for
the property to be within
your means.
This axiom works best on
the condition that your first
property purchase will be for
your own residential purpose
and not leasing.

The investment
Those looking to purchase
property solely for returns on
their investment should
consider commercial
development in the south,
which is relatively scarce
compared to residential
As Klang Valley businesses
spill over, Negri Sembilan,
Malacca and Johor will
support the south-bound
growth, thus increasing the
demand for office buildings,
retail lots and the like.
Besides that, investors
could consider shifting their
focus to the secondary
market, which is not as
heavily regulated as the
primary housing market.
Besides being able to
negotiate prices with owners
eager to let go of their
property, investors in the
secondary market could also
work out an exclusive deal to
acquire controlling rights for
a certain period without
purchasing the property.



4 southern property

BRANDED as a development that

meets quality and sustainability,
UEM Sunrises first landed project
in Puteri Harbour Estuari
brings together comfortable living
and nature.
Located at the north of Kota
Iskandar and Nakhoda
(Commercial North) of Puteri
Harbour, Estuari encompasses
394.41 acres (159.61ha) of both
residential and commercial
We aim to provide a luxurious
and eco-living residential
experience. Estuari is a great
location for young professionals
with families, elderly couples or
extended families, investors and
expatriates, says Raymond Cheah,
chief operating officer
(commercial) of UEM Sunrise.
Surrounded by Sungai Perepet in
the north and east as well as Straits
of Tebrau in the east, Estuari aims
to retain as much of its natural
environment and ecology as
Inspired by the mangrove belt
and local flora and fauna, the
developer has created a layout that
is sustainable with the green
Estuari will be developed
without jeopardising the natural
environment in the vicinity.
With a total gross development
value of RM7.4bil, Estuari will
comprise 2,858 residential units,
including landed and high-rise
strata properties.
Laid out over six hills with an
elevation of between 5m and 40m
on average, Estuari offers
spectacular views of the
mangroves and Straits of Tebrau.
There are seven water
catchments and two inlet drains,
one from Kota Iskandar and the
other from the neighbouring land.
Low-lying areas in the centre of
the development serve as potential
retention ponds, park ponds and
drains. As a whole, Estuari will
boast a total of 394.41 acres
(159.61ha) with a development
density of seven units per acre.
According to Cheah, UEM
Sunrise is looking to get Estuari
assessed by Conquas (Construction
Quality Assessment System), a
quality assessment system
developed by Building and
Construction Authority (BCA)
With the completion date
projected to be sometime in 2018,
development is well ahead in its
progress as the construction stage
has reached 50% completion and
we have more than 40% bookings
for the first phase of development,
Estuari Gardens, says Cheah.
Estuari is strategically located
close to many attractions and
highways for convenience.
It is located 4.9km and 14.2km

Estuari Gardens
cul-de-sacs feature
offers both safety
and privacy for its

Green luxury



Built-up area
(sq ft (sq m))



Min price (RM)

Max price (RM)

Type A1


24ft x 75ft
(7.3m x 22.9m)

Intermediate: 2,708 (251.6)

Corner/end: 2,989 (277.7)




Type A2


24ft x 75ft
(7.3m x 22.9m)

Intermediate: 2,754 (255.9)

Corner/end: 3,167 (294.2)




Type B


26ft x 75ft
(7.9m x 22.9m)

Intermediate: 2,754 (255.9)

Corner/end: 3,167 (294.2)




Type C


26ft x 75ft
(7.9m x 22.9m)

Intermediate: 3,550 (329.8)

Corner/end: 3,780 (351.2)


5+1 (corner)



The four types of home designs available at Estuari Gardens.

from the JB-Nusajaya Highway and

the CIQ Second Link respectively.
Estuari is also located close to
Legoland Malaysia Resort and
Puteri Harbour, which are just 4km
and 4.9km away respectively.
Other attractions and amenities
close by include the Sanrio Hello
Kitty Town, Pinewood Iskandar
Malaysia Studios, Afiat Healthpark
Columbia Asia Hospital, EduCity,
Raffles American School,
University of Southampton and
Puteri Harbour International Ferry

Community living with

The first phase of development
for Estuari is Estuari Gardens a
creation of a community cluster
that consists of 350 residential
Estuari Gardens combines both a
precinct and cluster design with a
4.9-acre (1.98ha) lush Central
Garden area for recreational
activities among residents.

Some of the park amenities

include a childrens playground
and an exercise area with outdoor
fitness equipment.
Each cluster in Estuari Gardens
comes with a dedicated single
entry point. This is a part of a
24-hour gated and guarded
environment manned with
security personnel.
Housing streets in Estuari
Gardens are designed with
cul-de-sacs to ensure privacy and
promote a sense of ownership of
the residential area as well as
safety on the streets.
UEM Sunrise takes pride in the
safety and security features of
Estuari Gardens, which include
pedestrian lanes to ensure minimal
contact between vehicles and
pedestrians/cyclists, street
hierarchy as well as cul-de-sacs
to exclude through traffic.
Other features include dual
functions, crossing paths and speed
humps, roundabouts, emergency
access, perimeter fencing or
boundary wall, a guard house and

management office.
There are four types of home
designs available in Estuari
Gardens that make up three
clusters Type A1 and Type A2,
Type B and Type C.
These spacious homes come
with five to six bedrooms with the
same number of bathrooms
respectively, equipped with a
family area on the first floor, dry
yard for laundry and a solid timber
plank staircase.

Signature privilege
UEM Sunrise continuously
strives to maintain its
competitiveness in the local
property front.
In an effort to encourage sales,
we introduced our maiden home
ownership campaign last year
called Signature Selection, where
we achieved an astounding total
sales value of RM215mil, says
Apart from special price
packages, the two month-long

Signature Selection campaign

offered a chance for purchasers of
UEM Sunrises Signature Selection
properties to win lucky draw
prizes that included one Range
Rover Evoque, four Mercedes C200,
three Mercedes A250, three Honda
Jazz as well as eight exclusive
travel vouchers ranging between
RM25,000 and RM40,000.
The Signature Selection
campaigned proved to be a success
and returned for the second year.
This years campaign offered
purchasers of UEM Sunrises
Signature Selection properties a
chance to win an all-expense paid
trip for two persons to watch the
recently concluded UEFA Euro
2016 football finals in France.
To further attract buyers in the
Southern Region, particularly in
Iskandar Puteri (formerly known
as Nusajaya), UEM Sunrise is
directing its efforts to having a
centralised sales gallery in Johor.
It is also in the midst of
streamlining customer service
processes by creating a single unit
to address customer concerns as
well as handover and payment
UEM Sunrise also continues
to find ways to reward loyal
customers via Trsor, its customer
loyalty card rewards programme
where Trsorians are entitled to a
discount of up to 5% under the
loyalty programme based on the
development and project
Under the Signature Selection
campaigns, Trsorians are able to
enjoy double loyalty discounts
when they purchase any of the
Signature Selection properties,
and/or double their referral fees
when they refer a buyer during
the two-month campaigns.
Moving forward, part of
Trsors privileges will include
personalised consultants for
customers with properties valued
above RM1mil, says Cheah.
With UEM Sunrises simple yet
effective strategies, the company
hopes to diversify its geographical
base and adjacent business to
further build its reputation as a
value-driven developer while
nurturing a service-oriented
culture within the organisation.

n For more information,

Estuari promises luxurious living within a lush green environment.

Estuari Gardens promises contemporary design paired with sustainable

development and enhanced security for comfortable living.

call 07-553 9966 or visit



6 southern property

UMCity Medini
Lakeside @ Medini,
Iskandar Puteri.

UMCity Medini Lakeside

Emerging urban
UNITED Malayan Land Bhd, better
known as UMLand, has a solid
industry track record that spans
more than two decades and has
won numerous awards.
UMLands major developments
are focused in Malaysias key
economic zones of Selangor and
Johor. With 70% of its
developments located in the
Iskandar Malaysia growth region,

UMLand has undeveloped land

bank of more than 1,800 acres
(728.4ha) in these key locations
comprising townships and niche
UMLands core business is
focused on property development,
hospitality and construction
services. The property
development arm oversees
township development and notable

Suasana Iskandar, Johor Baru City Centre, is one of UMLands integrated

commercial developments in the southern region.

niche projects while the hospitality

arm operates the highly acclaimed
serviced apartments. In recent
years, UMLand has also expanded
into the entertainment and retail
In the southern region, Bandar
Seri Alam and Taman Seri Austin
in Iskandar Malaysia are fully
integrated mixed-township
Both of these townships have
been recognised by Iskandar
Regional Development Authority as
the first Smart Healthy City in
Iskandar Malaysia. On the
commercial front, Johor Halal Park
(JHP) emulates an integrated
biotech park in Pasir Gudang, a
joint venture project with J-Biotech,
recognised as a unit of the Johor
The niche collections by
UMLand are renowned for their
premier residential developments
in the Klang Valley, featuring Seri
Bukit Ceylon, Suasana Sentral Loft,
Suasana Bangsar and Suasana
Bukit Ceylon in Kuala Lumpur.
Adding to this portfolio is Star
Residences an upmarket serviced
residence in the heart of Kuala
Lumpur City Centre that is jointly
developed by UMLand and
Symphony Life. Upon completion,
Star Residences will feature
Malaysias first Star Walk of
Somerset Puteri Harbour in
Iskandar Puteri, Johor, thrives as a
serviced apartment set within the
largest fully integrated urban
development in South-East Asia
that will provide significant
investment, financial and business
Projects under construction
include Suasana Iskandar in Johor
Baru City Centre, UMCity and
Viridea @ Medini Lakeside, and an
upcoming development at the
heart of Medini, Iskandar Puteri.
UMLand is supported by six
sales galleries in Malaysia and a
sales gallery in Singapore to serve
UMLands international clientele.

n For more information, visit


UMLand Medini Lakeside Development Sdn Bhd

(a subsidiary of UMLand)

Type of development

Integrated mixed development


3-storey lakeside retail mall

1-storey environmental deck/facilities
Hotel Citadines Medini 20 storeys above
podium (213 units)
Hotel Shama Medini 20 storeys above podium (214 units)
Premium office tower 19 storeys above podium
Hotel Ozo Medini 9 storeys above podium (198 rooms)

Price range

From RM850 per square feet

Completion date

Third quarter of 2018

Land tenure

Leasehold 99 + 30 years

Land area

5.03 acres (2.04ha)

Gross lot size

UMCity Office From 772sq ft (71.7sq m) to

12,494sq ft (1,160.7sq m)
Citadines Medini From 431sq ft (40.04sq m) to
1,292sq ft (120.03sq m)
Shama Medini From 583sq ft (54.16sq m) to
1,192sq ft (110.74sq m)
Ozo Medini Business-class hotel

In proximity

Proposed High Speed Rail (HSR) connecting

Singapore-Johor-Kuala Lumpur
Johors Senai International Airport (20 minutes drive)


Excellent connectivity within Iskandar Malaysia

and Singapore
Businesses can tailor the units to suit multiple needs
Special Medini incentives schemes
All are international lots
No real property gains tax (current RPGT outside of
Medini is 30%)
No foreign minimum RM1mil cap
Located 10 minutes drive from the Tuas Second Link
(checkpoint to Singapore)

development value

Suasana Iskandar


Exquisite Mode Sdn Bhd (a wholly owned subsidiary

of UMLand)

Type of development

Integrated commercial development


35 storeys of development
1-storey basement car park
2-storey retail/entertainment centre (52,543sq ft/
4,881.4sq m)
4-storey podium car park
1-storey recreational space
29-storey serviced residence
1 block of 18-storey 4-star hotel (operated as Amari Hotel)

Price range

Type A
- From RM776,517 (RM1,206 per square foot)
Type B
- From RM922,520 (RM1,121 per square foot)
Type C
- From RM1,281,578 (RM1,150 per square foot)

Completion date

48 months from the sales and purchase agreement date

(Targeted completion date is within the first quarter of 2017)

Land tenure


Land area

1.42 acres (0.58ha)

Lot size

1,150sq ft (106.8sq m) to 52,543sq ft (4,881.4sq m)

In proximity

Johor Baru Sentral

Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and
Quarantine Complex (CIQ)
Shuttle Tebrau
Proposed Bukit Chagar Rapid Transit System
Persada International Convention Center
City Square Shopping Center
KOMTAR new retail and offices


No legal fees for sales and purchase agreement

No loan legal fees (subject to developers panel lawyer)
No stamp duty on approved sum or RM20,000, whichever
is lower
Waived rental of one parking space for one year
Built-in kitchen cabinets with electric cooker, hood and
microwave oven
Vanity cabinets, mirror and standard lighting for all
Plaster ceiling
Wall-mounted, air conditioners for bedrooms
Ducted air conditioner for living room

Gross development


Details on properties at UMCity Medini Lakeside and Suasana Iskandar.



8 southern property

Emerald Residence is
Sunway Iskandars first
residential development.

SUNWAY Property has unveiled

the first landed residential
development of its largest
integrated township Sunway
The development will offer a
world-class city balanced with 700
acres (283.3ha) of pristine
equatorial rainforest, including
natural elements such as Emerald
Lake, a mangrove forest, the
Pendas river and the Strait of Johor
as part of its landscape.
Located in the Lakeview precinct
under the Emerald Collection,
Emerald Residence is the first
landed home development within
the 1,800 acre (728.4ha) Sunway
Iskandar development area.
Staying true to Sunway
Iskandars tagline Natures Capital
City, the residential development
will offer a majestic lakeside and
nature living next to the tranquil
Emerald Lake Garden with
sweeping views and modern retail
convenience at ones doorstep.
Nestled in 22 acres (8.9ha) of
lush landscape at the hilltop,
Emerald Residence will be home to
a series of linked, linked semidetached, linked garden villas and
semi-detached units equipped
with a modern communal living
experience that is close to nature.
The landed units feature the
first of its kind 31ft x 80ft (9.4m x
24.4m) two-storey linked semidetached units with a built-up area
of 2,681sq ft (249.1sq m) and 42ft x
95ft (12.8m x 28.9m) three-storey
semi-detached units with a built-up
area of 3,927sq ft (364.8sq m).
Emerald Residence will be the
first in Sunway Iskandar to be
furnished with Astro along with
plug-and-play facilities.

Convenient living
Sunway Iskandar hopes future
residents will be able to enjoy the
readily available amenities and
live in a safe and connected
environment with their families.
The guarded and gated
neighbourhood is situated close to
retail amenities, quality education
and an upcoming theme park for
the enjoyment of families.
The residents will be close to
amenities at Citrine, another
development under Sunway
Iskandar of the Lakeview precinct,
and is located 500m away from the
seafront straits in Medini.
We are currently on track with

Iskandars prized gem

our development and the
introduction of our low-density
property is a timely addition as the
key components in the township
come together, says Gerard
Soosay, chief executive officer of
Sunway Iskandar
Sunway International School is
owned and governed by the Jeffrey
Cheah Foundation, a trust fund
under the Sunway Education
Group. The school is expected to
begin its first intake in January
next year with a capacity for 600
Making up the commercial
aspect of the Emerald Collection is
the Emerald Boulevard, which is
the first commercial retail shop
development in Sunway Iskandar.
Located on the main road
towards the seafront precinct and
future theme park, the 88 exclusive
urban retail shops are now open
for sale. Prices start from
We are pleased to announce
that aside from the Coastal
Highway Southern Link (CHSL)
completion next year, more

Sunway Iskandar
incorporates the
lands natural
features as part
of its eco-living

commuting plans are in the

pipeline to provide greater
accessibility for the community,
says Gerard.
We are also currently working
closely with Causeway Link to
ensure that buses are available for
residents working in and travelling
to Singapore once the community
moves in next year, he adds.

Easing purchase

Emerald Residence offers contemporary home designs and comfortable

living with a breathtaking view.

Following the recent Sunway

Property Certainty Campaign, the
developer will be offering options
of its innovative packages to keen
homebuyers for the landed homes
in Sunway Iskandar.
The Sunway Property Certainty
Campaign is designed to help
homebuyers purchase property in
the current times of economic
instability. This is in line with
Sunway Propertys commitment to
invest in the communities that it is
The campaign will offer three
packages, which include a
guaranteed loan, deferred payment
and voluntary exit plan.
Sunway Property will assist
homebuyers with a certainty
package for those who meet the

basic criteria with a guaranteed

loan, giving them a greater sense of
comfort in owning their dream
The guaranteed loan package
will allow homebuyers to purchase
with a trusted financial arm under
Sunway Property with a 12:88
plan, says Gerard.
Homebuyers can also opt for the
deferred payment option with an
initial downpayment as low as 3%.
This package also offers zero
payment for a period of 12 or 24
Homebuyers also benefit from
the voluntary exit plan, which
allows them to withdraw from the
sales and purchase agreement in
the event of an unexpected
The Sunway Property Certainty
Campaign is our promise to
customers that we are here for
them in this journey to realise their
dreams of owning a home and to
be a part of our community, says

n For more information

on Sunway Property and
Sunway Iskandar, visit or

Quick facts about

Sunway Iskandar
THIRD-largest township under
Sunway Group, Sunway
Iskandar is strategically located
within Medini with one of the
largest seafront straits in Johor.
The development is expected
to provide excellent
connectivity to residents and
business owners, being located
5km from the Second Link via
the Coastal Highway Southern
Gross development value:
More than RM30bil
Total land size: 1,800 acres
Development in Medini: 691
acres (279.6ha); 31% of the
total Medini area
Gross floor area: 77 million sq
ft (7.15 million sq m)
Breakdown of development:
70% residential and 30%
Green space: Approximately
Estimated total population:
Approximately 120,000