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Jake Lingo 7-20-16

Am I in the right room?

1. Have your name and the subject
you teach

Where Am I
supposed to sit?

on the door
1. Have assigned seats the
first day.

2. Be at the door to greet students

as they enter the room

2. Assign seats by giving

students a number as
they enter the room that
matches a desk number.
Assigned seating saves
time and trouble.

3. Start talk withHello, I m Mr.

Lingo, welcome to welding 1313.

How will I be graded?

1. Let them know how they will be
2. Let them see that you are fair and
3. Show them everyone has the
opportunity to succeed

What are the RULES of the

1. Let them know early what your
expectations are.
2. Speak with colleagues if you are having
trouble determining a set of rules.
3. Five positively stated rules that can be
viewed from all parts of the room.

What will I be doing this year?

1.Give them the syllabus of the class.
2. Tell them about content and the processes.
3. Let them see your enthusiasm for the
subject and teaching.

Will the teacher treat me like a

human being?
1. Let them see from the beginning that
you are a person of integrity.
2. Show them and assure them it will be
safe to learn in your room
3. Let them know you have high
expectations for everyone

Who is this teacher as a person?

1. Tell them about your goals for them
2. Without giving your personal details,
introduce yourself to them
3. Students will get a picture of you by how you
act, present yourself