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Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Digital Arts in Context An Insider’s Look into New Media and the People who Make it. 

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Deidre Carney  Documentary: Fine Arts/Tech

TRT: 90 min

Digital Arts in Context is an intimate look into the emerging digital contemporary art world. Featuring
interviews, exploration of technique, and context building for pressing issues in digital art with young artists and ex-
pert voices in the field. The content will be released initially on the internet as short form webisodes and now as a long
form documentary for wider funding and distribution opportunities. We are currently seeking to fund the development
of the feature film.
This documentary brand will blend traditional documentary structure with ultra short form narrative conventions in an at-
tempt to gain an intimate but holistic view of cutting edge new media art and design.
Artists, art students, collectors, art historians, people who are interested in technology and curious about artistic implica-
tions. By taking a multi-platform approach, this production aims to make the content as accessible as possible to new media
enthusiasts as well as a more traditional arts documentary audience.
This project is pursuing a multi-platform model. The documentary content will be released in two forms. The online web-
series will be released as six 10 minute webisodes focusing on a specific aspect of Digital Arts. This content will be featured
and expanded into a long form documentary for festival consideration.
The long form feature utilize content featured in the webisodes, but will focus primarily on the impact reconciliation of tra-
ditional studio and gallery practices with the mediums and capacities of New Media. The final act of the film will be an en-
tirely new original content.            
This documentary project is intended to be multi-modal to provide maximum opportunities for granting and distribution.
Short-form digital content is the easiest way to reach a mass audience for the lowest investment. This will also help develop
the brand among those who are most interested in the content. Most granting models are still structured for long- form
documentary. This project is structured to allow the content to be flexible in terms of distribution and take advantage of the
existing funding structures for documentary.
(c) D Carney Productions, 2014. All rights reserved.