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Executive Summary:

Juice is considered as the fresh source of refreshment. People like to take juice
especially in summer season but we are focusing the whole year. To give the customer
fresh juice we want to launch an outlet named JUICE CORNER in banani bazar. Juice
corner is preparing to launch several juices in growing market. We are targeting specific
segments in the consumer taking advantage of opportunities indicated by enough demand
for juice.
The primary marketing objective is to achieve unit sales of 25550 glasses. The primary
financial objectives are to achieve first year sales revenue of BDT. 12,13,625, keep first
year losses of BDT. 2,11,760 and break-even early in second year.
In the first year of our operation we will try to make our juice product popular to people
and try to earn their trust over our product by supplying superior quality fresh juice and
with a very friendly service. As juice is only available for a few months, we have to
attract people and convince them to buy our product in a very short time. We are planning
to do that with our fresh juice and attractive outlet with our service quality.

Our main Objective is to provide fresh juice to people. our other objectives are
stated below

Provide high quality juice

Collect naturally ripe juicees, watermelons, apples and oranges to

make juice which are not harmful for the environment and human

Establish our outlet name as JUICE CORNER

Friendly and caring service

Gain profit in the long run.

Current Market Situation:

Market demand of juice is growing day by day because people are getting health
conscious and want to take fresh juice item from nearby outlet. In Bangladesh many
companies produce a large number of superior varieties of juice. These have wide
demand in the market and are commercially important. The study on the current juice
market situation has shown that, there is a huge demand of juice in the market but at the
same time, people are scared to consume juice because there are reports of using different
chemicals on juice while manufacturing such as flavor chemical. So, in order to capture
the market juice has to maintain its quality and at the same time earn the trust of the

Market Description:
Juice corner will mainly target banani. We will sell our juice at one selected outlet
in banani. Our product can meet the needs of higher middle class, lower middle class,
upper class peoples who needs quality as well as at a reasonable price. Juice Corner will
always ensure quality juice and hygienic disposable primary packaging.

Product Review :
Juice Corner will offer the followings:

Various items (juice,watermelon,apple,orange)

Fresh juice
Chemical free juice
Hygienically packed
Timely delivery.
Convenient and attractive packs

Guaranteed healthy and safe food item

Competitive Review :

Distribution Review
We are doing direct marketing so we dont have any distribution channel.

Direct marketing : Our own well decorated outlet and personnel will ensure
timely delivered our product

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Analysis

Juice corner has several powerful strengths, which will help it to reach its goal by
creating store awareness and positioning. Our major weakness is lack of store awareness
and image and experience. Major opportunity for the store is the growing demand in the
market in banani. Lack of good quality of our raw material (fruits) in the supply market is
a threat. These are summarized in the following. Table- SWOT

Juice Corner can build on four powerful strengths:
1. Premium quality: Our Company will provide quality juice. We will always
maintain best quality and always standard juice. As we maintain our delivery through
our own workers we can deliver fresh juice to the market.
2. Fresh quality: Our Company is going to deliver fresh quality juice in our
customers, as we know in our country lots of businesspersons sell their juice with

3. Timely delivery: employees will ensure timely delivery to our customers within 6

As a new company Juice corner has some short comings:
1. Lack of brand awareness: As a start-up Juice corner has not yet established a
brand or image in the marketplace. Our customers do not know about our
company and business. We will address this area with our promotion.
2. Lack of experience: One of our major weakness is we have no experience of
running this business. For this reason, we can have some difficulties at first to run
our business. This problem can be overcome to some extent by taking advice from
some experienced person in the business.
3. Lack of time: Another weakness in this business is the shortage of time. Juices
are available only for a few months in the year such as mango for 6months. So,
only in summer season we can sell mango and watermelon juice.

Juice corner can take can take advantages of two major market opportunities:
1. Increasing market growth: people are preferring juice for refreshment. They are
shifting to juice from cola drinks. For this opportunity market growth is
2. Health consciousness: juice is a fresh item and it is good for health. So people
are getting health conscious day by day and preferring juice.

We face two main threats of our product:
1. Lack of good quality fruit supply: Because of our main objective, we will only
sell high quality and fresh juices. But it is very hard to get all good quality fruits.
2. Perishability: Again one of our major threats is, fruits can be perished.
Table: Juice corners Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
Premium Quality

Fresh quality

Timely delivery
Increasing market growth

Lack of brand awareness and image
Lack of experience

Lack of time
Lack of good quality fruit supply

Health consciousness


Objectives and Issues

We have set high but achievable objectives for the first and second year of market
entry. The major company goals and objectives in terns of sales volume, market share and
profit for Juice corner is as follows:

First-year Objectives
During the initial year on the market we are aiming to draw the attention of the
consumers. Our first year objectives are:

1. Sale of approximately BDT. 12,13,625 (25550 unit) for the first year
2. Make the brand name popular and create a good image in the market.
3. Obtain 5% of the total local market share.
4. Develop brand awareness and image in the market.

Second-year Objectives
Our second year objective is to build on the achievements of first year.
1. Achieve 10% of the local market share based on sales.
2. Sale of BDT. 24,27,250
3. Earn 10% profit by second year.
4. Extend the business in other areas.

Our major issue is to build a good reputation in Local Market. We have to
maintain high quality by hygiene factor and ensure healthy & chemical free fresh juice to
our buyers in reasonable price. If we get our desired success in the first year of business,
we will then extend our business and start it in different areas in Dhaka.

Marketing Strategy
Juice marketing strategy is based on a positioning of product quality and service.
Our main target is local market. Primary business target is selling our product in our
selected area. In later stage if we see that, our business is much stable then we will target
many areas.
In addition, our primary target is to catch those customers who are the nearby university
student. This segment can be described as demographic and geographic.
Each market segment is covered by four marketing mix, which conveys our quality of
product to each target market segment.



Variation in




By market positioning, we will try to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable
place in the mind of target customer. Juice corner want to develop a unique market
position for its product based on premium quality. We will distinguish our product by
providing best quality, very carefully processed juices. As the name suggests, we are
going to provide actual quality juice to all our customers.

Product strategy
Juice corner including all the features described in the earlier product review
section will also guarantee chemical free juice, exact quantity and timely delivery. Our
juice will be well presented to our customer. Building the Juice corner brand is the
integral part of our product strategy. The brand and logo will be displayed very
attractively on all our disposable glasses. It will be reinforced by its prominence in the
introductory marketing campaign.

Pricing strategy
Juice will be introduced at Tk.40-70 (price differ for different categories of juice)
estimated retail price per glass. This pricing strategy will help the company to capture
market share fast. After introduction of different pack size price will be readjusted.

Distribution strategy
We are doing direct marketing so we do not have any distribution channel.



Figure: Juice corners distribution channel

Market Communication Strategy
We will advertise by postering. We will do postering to nearby university to
attract student and other local people. And our poster size is given below :
Length 1.5 feet
Width 1 foot
For the first year we will order 500 posters to capture the local area. The cost will be
approximately BDT 2500.

Our Probable leaflet design is given below:

Juice corner
The natural fresh juice is on your area
We are coming with new brand for fresh juice in
your bazaar.

provides you.

All kinds of Bangladeshi juice in reasonable price

Chemical free fresh juice.
You can easily find our product by our brand sticker.
The sticker confirms you to get fresh juice.
Our juice is tasted BUET lab test.

available at ..
Our pushing car will available from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
marketing Research
Using research, we will identify the specific features and benefits that our target
market segments value, feedback from market surveys and focus group will
help Juice corner develop the product. We will also measure and analyze our customers
attitudes towards the other juice sellers products. Finally we will use customer
satisfaction studies to gauge market reaction.

Action programs
January: We will rent a store in banani bazar. We will give the advanced payment of
BDT. 5 lacs for the store.
February: We will decorate our store. We will purchase 2 blender machines.
March: We will recruit 3 employees for our store.
April: We will start our store. We will do first phase of advertising (postering).
May: We will do second phase of advertising (postering)
June: We will analyze the sales after two phases of advertising.

Cost analysis
Variable cost /unit
1 unit = 1glass juice = 250 ml juice
1. Glass: BDT. 1.8
2. Water: 1 container = 10 litre water = BDT. 30
We need 25 ml water for 250ml (1glass) juice.
So, cost /unit = (30*25) /10000 = BDT. 0.075

3. Sugar: 1 kg sugar = BDT. 36 = 200 tea spoons sugar

We need 1 tea spoon sugar for 250 ml juice.
So, cost /unit = 35/200 = BDT. 0.175
4. Fresh fruit liquid: We need 225 ml fresh fruit liquid for 250 ml juice.
For mango, 1 kg mango = BDT. 60
1 kg mango = 4 mangoes (approximately)
1 mango = 60/4 = BDT. 15
1 mango = 2 glasses = 450 ml fresh mango liquid.
450 ml fresh mango liquid = BDT. 15
225 ml fresh mango liquid = (15*225) /450 = BDT. 7.5
For watermelon, 1 piece watermelon = BDT. 60
1 piece watermelon = 8 glasses fresh watermelon liquid.
8 glasses fresh watermelon liquid = BDT. 60
1 glass fresh watermelon liquid = 60/8 = BDT. 7.5
225 ml fresh watermelon liquid = BDT. 7.5
For apple, 1 kg apple = BDT. 110
1 kg apple = 6 apples (approximately)
1 apple = 110/6 = BDT. 18.33
1 apple = 1 glass = 225 ml fresh apple liquid.
225 ml fresh apple liquid = BDT. 18.33
For orange, 1 dozen = BDT. 70
1 orange = 70/12 = BDT. 5.83
1 orange = 1 glass = 225 ml fresh orange liquid.
225 ml fresh orange liquid = BDT. 5.83
On average, 225 ml fresh fruit liquid = (7.5 + 7.5 + 18.33 + 5.83) /4 = BDT. 9.79
There is no carrying cost because we will buy these fruits from nearby fruit sellers in
banani bazar.
Electricity bill is a mixed cost. It has 2 parts. One is variable and another one is fixed.
5. Variable electricity cost: Total electricity bill = BDT. 12000 per month (approximately)
Fixed electricity bill = BDT. 118 per month.
Variable electricity bill = BDT. 11882 per month.

Expected sales volume = 70 units (glasses) per day.

Variable electricity bill /unit = 11882 / (30*70) = BDT. 5.66
6. Tissue-paper and straws: BDT. 0.17
Total variable cost /unit = 1.8 + 0.075 + 0.175 + 9.79 + 5.66 + 0.17 = BDT. 17.67
Fixed costs for first year
1. Rent of shop: Advanced payment = BDT. 500000
Rent per month = BDT. 15000
Rent per year = BDT. 180000
Total rent of shop for first year = 500000 + 180000 = BDT. 680000
2. Juice blender machine: Cost of purchasing 1 blender machine = BDT. 5000
We need 2 blender machines.
Total cost = 2*5000 = BDT. 10000
3. Other decorations: BDT. 100000
4. Salary of employees: We will have 3 employees.
Total salary of employees /month = 3*5000 = BDT. 15000
Total salary of employees /year = 15000*12 = BDT. 180000
5. Fixed electricity bill: Fixed electricity bill /month = BDT. 118
Fixed electricity bill for first year = 118*12 = BDT. 1416
Advertising cost: (Postering)
Length= 1.5 feet
Width = 1 feet
We will order 500 posters for initial stage (1st year)
Total postering cost = 500 x 5=2500 BDT.
Total fixed cost for first year = (680,000+10000+100000+180000+1416+2500)
= 9, 73,916 BDT.
Setting the selling price/unit

For each item

Price of 1 glass Mango juice

= 40 BDT.

Price of 1 glass Watermelon juice = 40 BDT.

Price of 1 glass Apple juice

= 70 BDT.

Price of 1 glass Orange juice

= 40 BDT.

Average Price of one glass Juice = 47.5 BDT.

Total first year sales revenue for Juice is projected at BDT.12,13,625 with an
average price of BDT.47.5 per glass and variable cost BDT.17.67 per glass for sales
volume of 25550 glasses . We anticipated breakeven after first year. Break-even
Calculations indicates that Juice will become profitable after the sales volume exceeds
32649 units. Our breakeven analysis of Juice assumes per glass sales revenue of
BDT.47.5 per glass, variable cost of BDT.17.67 per glass and estimated first year fixed
cost of BDT.9, 73,916.
Break-Even Volume = Total fixed cost (selling price variable cost)
= 9, 73,916 (47.5 17.67)
= 32649 units (glasses)


We are planning tight control measures to closely monitor quality that we have
promised and also customer service satisfaction. This will enable us to react necessarily
in developing anything about our product.