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Course: MBA Core-II Year

Trim: IV

Supply Chain Management

Guidelines for Writing the Project Report
Each group should consider its written report as an "executive briefing with a total of 20
pages. In the discussion the conclusions and implications should be supported with theory
and objectives of supply chain management, your own logic, and evidence.
The project report will have three distinctive parts. The 1st part will focus on Industry and
Competitive Analysis, the second part will focus on the Company Analysis and final part will
summarize the issues and will recommend the required competitive strategy of the firm and
its implications.
The group has to wisely use the Porters 5 force analysis and focus on suggesting a
restructuring strategy if required.

I Industry and Competitive Analysis

The Industry and Competitive Analysis section of the project is to be a maximum of 8 pages.
Equal balance should be given in the report to industry analysis and competitive analysis.
The following dimensions should be included in your industry analysis:
You can use the five forces framework to do an industry structure analysis for the industry.
Explain why the key success factors you identify evolve from your industry analysis.
This part of the report should emphasize your assessment of overall industry attractiveness,
the driving forces in the industry, and the key success factors which any company must attend
to if they wish to succeed. A rule of thumb for this section is to spend half of the allotted
pages on analysis, and half on the conclusions you draw from your analysis.

The following dimensions should be included in your Competitive analysis:

Identify the key competitors within the industry, and provide a brief description of each
competitor's strategy and value chain. Using key success factors or other critical dimensions,
include strategic map(s) to show where important competitors are arrayed in "strategic space"
and draw relevant conclusions from this analysis.
This part of the report should emphasize the kinds of strategic approaches that appear to be
working best, the weaknesses exhibited by certain companies, and the strategic opportunities
that may or may not exist in the industry.
II Company Analysis
The Company Analysis section of the project is to be a maximum of 5 pages. This part of the
report should include:
Articulation and description of the company's strategy and present operational and growth
strategies. Careful discussion of its value chain and how this may/may not support its
strategy. Careful discussion of its advantage-producing resources, and its core competence.
Assessment of how well the strategy is working.
III Issues, Recommendations & Implications
The final part of the report should be a maximum of 7 pages which will cover Issues,
Strategic Recommendations and Performance Implications. There are three possible
outcomes from a project report as follows:
1. To analyse an existing supply chain process and suggest any restructuring that need to be
2. To study supply chain practices in industry from the point of describing risks, benefits, best
practices along with industry examples of each.
3. To identify a business opportunity involving a product and build a business plan with a
focus on supply chain issues. The goal is to identify the business opportunity and design the
ideal supply chain for it. The project should include implementation details.

Weightage is 20 marks for the project

Submission will be due on 18th session.
Presentation will be during 19th and 20th session.