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In the matter of: Adoption of David Lee Shuler, Minor Child, No.

COA02-1607, Filed
20 January 2004
In this case, a gentleman by the name of James Burgess had filed an appeal to the
court to dismiss the petition of Christopher and Talenna Tipton. They filed a petition
to adopt David Lee Shuler, Mr. Burgess' son. Mr. Burgess filed the appeal stating
that they needed his consent in order to proceed with the adoption. Mr. Burgess
didn't have any contact with the child's mother, Ms. Nelson until shortly before the
child was born. He told nurses and a hospital worker that he was just a friend. The
Tipton's filed the petition because Mr. Burgess didn't acknowledge the paternity of
David, provided reasonable and consistent support to Ms. Nelson or David, and he
didn't visit on a regular basis or didn't communicate with them. The court ruled in
favor of the Tipton's and they could adopt David.