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Social Networking Marketing Plan Tryout Report

Designer: Takako Kobayashi
Date: March 24 April 10, 2016

Program Overview
EyeObserve (APP) is designed to help construct more efficient and effective instructional coaching
process by Dr. Gary Bitter, Professor of Educational Technology in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
at Arizona State University (ASU). With this applied project, the goal is to promote locally and globally
APP through social media. APP has been introduced as a new iOS app into the Apple Store since March
23, 2016.
As the primary marketing strategy, EyeObserve Social Networking Marketing Plan (APP Marketing Plan)
was designed. Kimberly Purcell and Takako Kobayashi, two Instructional Designers (IDs) of this applied
project, have been used various social media platforms to promote the APP sale.
A formative assessment was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of APP Marketing Plan from
Mach 24 to April 10, 2016.

Promotion Strategy Materials

The following is the list of social media sites that two IDs have been using for APP Marketing Plan.






Wordpress Website

LinkedIn Group page


APP Marketing Plan consists of two stages. First, IDs introduce and promote the sale of APP to
prospective users and social media experts via the registered social media sites listed above. Afterwards,
those intended audience install APP and share their reviews or comments about APP through their
social media sites, which will function as another primary source to promote the APP sale.

Evaluation Method
The formative assessment was done as a group evaluation with two possible client groups. The first type
refers to the main beneficiaries of APP such as instructional coaches (ICs) to provide their collaborating
teachers with feedback on their instructional performances. The second group is social media experts
for the educational technology field who can promote the sale of APP via social media. The sample
population that IDs have been in contact with includes:

Team leading teachers (instructional coaching position) in Global Launch and staffs at ASU

Takako Kobayashi
EyeObserve Social Networking Marketing Plan

Tryout Report

Candidates and faculty in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language program at

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

ICs, classroom teachers, educational associations who have registered their social media

Social media experts

Those individuals and organizations engaging in social networking are the primary customers for APP
Marketing Plan.
Implementation activities of the registered social media sites are listed below (Table 1).
Table 1: Implementation Activities

Person Responsible

Completion Date

Register various social media accounts identified


Kimberly Purcell

2/24/16 present

Keep updating the contents in the social media

Kimberly Purcell

Takako Kobayashi
2/24/16 present

Takako Kobayashi
Implement a formative assessment of the
effectiveness of APP Marketing Plan

Kimberly Purcells

3/24/16 4/10/16

Takako Kobayashi

Data Sources and Collection
The two IDs were able to implement APP Marketing Plan and observe the tryout group from February to
April. At the end of February, the IDs registered social media accounts and responsible for updating
contents such as images, videos, and information related to educational technology to promote the APP
sale. EyeObserve Social Media Sites Survey (APP Survey) is designed to collect data from the group to
help evaluate APP Marketing Plan and identify appropriate revisions in the plan. Weekly reports and
observation are also reviewed as part of the formative assessment

Critical Numbers
Weekly summaries from Apple Store are listed in Table 2.
Table 2: App Analytics Weekly Summary

Store views

App Units

March 21 27, 2016


March 28 April 3, 2016

Takako Kobayashi
EyeObserve Social Networking Marketing Plan

Tryout Report

Analytic data from each social media platform is shown in the following tables (Table 3 Table 9).
Table 3: Twitter (last 28 days)

Profile visits







Table 4: Wordpress (last two months)





Table 5: YouTube (last 28 days: March 12 April 8, 2016)

Watch time (minutes)



Table 6: Pinterest






Table 7: Facebook

Table 8: Instagram (last 20 days since registration)



Table 9: LinkedIn Group page
Visit Profile
As identified above, Twitter has the largest numbers of followers and visitors. Despite the short period
of its implementation, Instagram has also attracted many users attention. These two social media sites
share the similar features that allow IDs to engage in intended audience and receive reactions from
them easily.

Takako Kobayashi
EyeObserve Social Networking Marketing Plan

Tryout Report

Customer Attitudes
Customer responses on APP Survey are summarized in Tables 10 13 (The actual data is available here).
Indeed, only one person completed APP Survey. Overall, the individual had positive responses to the
quality of the social media sites. For example, the person responded to extremely well that the
advertisements on our social media platforms matched the personality of own APP experience (see
Table 11).
Table 10: APP Survey Part 1
Survey question

How did you find out about the ability to

download Eye Observe for free?


How did you first find Eye Observe or hear

about us?


(1) 100%

(1) 100%






Blog review

Word of mouth

Table 11: APP Survey Part 2
Survey question

How well does our advertisements or product reviews on the following

platforms match the personality of your Eye Observe App experience?
Not at all
Not so
Somewhat Very well Extremely


(1) 100%


(1) 100%


(1) 100%


(1) 100%


(1) 100%


(1) 100%


(1) 100%



Might or
might not
(1) 100%

Table 12: APP Survey Part 3
Survey question
How likely are you to suggest purchasing
Eye Observe to educators or coaches?



Takako Kobayashi
EyeObserve Social Networking Marketing Plan

Tryout Report

When asked the reason to install APP, the person responded free app. When asked what they would
use APP, the individual responded assessment of student performance. When asked what professions
in addition to ICs can use APP, the respondent commented realtor in the open-ended questions (see
Table 13).
Table 13: APP Survey Part 4
When you found out Eye Observe is available, why did you decide to download it?
mainly because it was a free app. I've never used or looked for video-evaluation tools before.
If you would not suggest purchasing Eye Observe to educators or coaches, why not?
As long as it is free, I think I will suggest it to some others, but I haven't used it enough to know how much I
think I would suggest it sell for.
Please describe how you would use this app.

For smaller demonstrations from students. I would want to show them what I video-taped and why I made
the notes that I did.
Can you think of other professions or opportunities for this app to be useful?
I'm going to show it to my friend who is a realtor. I think it might be useful for her to have homes she is
selling on video with notes. She does everything with a digital camera and makes separate notes, this would
put everything together for her.

Two IDs were able to observe the tryout group when APP Marketing Plan was implemented. Table 14
below outlines what IDs saw during activities and what I thought for revisions:
Table 14: Observation Report
Social media sites




What IDs observed

Twitter has been the most active platform
that two ID work since the beginning. IDs
have been frequently posting tweets. APP
Survey revealed that Twitter was the source
which the respondent find APP.
According to the detailed statistics provided
by Wordpress, four visitors came from

Implications for revisions

Post the same tweets multiple times
Use @ Replies function to contact
followers more directly

Buy a domain instead of using a free


According to APP Survey, the quality of the

videos was high. Compared to other social
media sites, however, preparation (editing
videos) took a lot of time in general.

Increase the connectivity with other

social media sites from YouTube and
vice versa
Use Share and Embed functions to
increase the number of viewers

In spite of the statistics shown above (see

Table 5), it did not seem that Pinterest has
had any influence on the APP sale in APP
Marketing Plan.

Create a board specialized for the

update contents on other social media
sites earlier
Post the links to other social media
platforms in the comments to increase
the connectivity with other social media

Takako Kobayashi
EyeObserve Social Networking Marketing Plan

Tryout Report
sites from Pinterest and vice versa



LinkedIn Group

According to Kim, Facebook has been the

most challenging to manage. For example,
Facebook blocked any public advertisement
despite payment she did. Although Facebook
is one of the most common social media sites
as a marketing strategy, it may impose many

Though the length of the implementation is

relatively shorter than other social media
sites, Instagram is another active platform in
APP Marketing Plan. Images easily catch
attentions from users.

LinkedIn Group page is the least active social

media site.

Employ the public advertising function

with the valid account instead of a
fictitious one
Increase the connectivity with other
social media sites from Facebook and
vice versa
Implement earlier
Use hash (#) tag and Tag People
Follow group accounts first
Create the page under either Dr. Bitter
or Mr. Skiera instead of creating a
fictitious account

For the Future
The possible areas of revisions are listed below.

The length of the implementation

Registration with valid information of the owner
The use of social media management system (e.g., Hootsuite)
Request for financial support (budget)

It is apparent from the observation (see Table 14), several social media sites encountered some troubles
(e.g., Facebook) due to using fictitious accounts. Overall, the period of implementation activities seems
too short to evaluate the effectiveness and the quality of APP Marketing Plan. Due to the short period of
implementing APP Marketing Plan, the connectivity among the registered social media platforms was
low. Thus, increasing the connectivity may lead to the growth of followers and visitors in each site. In
APP Marketing Plan, two IDs used free accounts except Facebook to promote the APP sale. However,
most of the registered social media sites will be equipped with more functions that help promote the
sale of APP by upgrading accounts. Although two IDs use Hootsuite to manage their various social media
accounts, its free account allows them to manage only three social media platforms. Thus, request for
budget will be necessary to fully employ social networking as the promotion strategy.