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26 Strain Review: Incredible Purple 10 | Can Marijuana Cure Cancer? by Larry Swerdlow
Incredible is an understatement of this month’s Incredible Purple strain. 18 | The Health Report by JT Gold
The ultimate in indicas!! 22 | San Diego Live Music Preview
28 | Green is Good by Charlotte Cruz
40 Celebrating 420 in San Diego
Kush Magazine celebrates 4/20 at the first ever San Diego Cannabis cup 30 | Forgotten Cars by J. Mark Sternberg
and the 10th annual House of Blues extravaganza hosted by Seedless 34 | Cooking with Chef Herb
Clothing company. Oh what a night!!!! 48 | Grower’s Grove by Jay Evans
52 | Building the Perfect THC Cookie by Cloey Kelly
44 Pot Travel
Great travel ideas and places to go for those who want to visit pot friendly 54 | Organic Grooming Guide by Pumpkin Escobar
venues, events and locations. 56 | Hope & Heartbreak by Mara Felsen, Esq.
58 | Kush Reality Check by Fred Gardner
70 Who is Sheldon Black? 60 | How Do You Know You’re a Stoner? by Josh Kaplan
If you are in search of the smoothest hit and the ultimate in glass bongs, the 62 | Colorado Cannabis Convention by Noelle Leavitt
Sheldon Black line of these Defusion Water Pipes is for you!
66 | This Month in Weed History by Jay Evans
74 Fallen Heroes 68 | Breakfast in San Diego by Lisa Faye
Sports figures who live a charmed life and adhere to different standards then 72 | We Dig This By Josh Kaplan
the rest of us can rise to amazing heights and crash to incredible lows. 76 | Dispensary Directory
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from the editors
f irst and foremost we want to thank you for giving Kush such a warm welcome to
San Diego. While we have been publishing the Kush So Cal edition for over a year now,
the patients and Collectives in San Diego are at the political, legal and social forefronts
san diego’s premier cannabis lifestyle magazine

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Publishers | Dbdotcom LLC & Michael Lerner

of the movement in California and that certainly warrants your own Kush Magazine and Editor-in-Chief | Michael Lerner
attention. We have a lot of big plans and invite you our readers to join us on this new
and exciting journey! We hope you will enjoy Kush Magazine, the Premiere Cannabis Editor | Lisa Selan
Lifestyle Magazine, as well as our online portal Daily Buds ( the Business Operations Manager | Bob Selan
Social Network of Cannabis, with Forums, Patient Resource Directory, and yes coupons
from local collectives with thousands of dollars of savings at your fingertips. Business Development | JT Wiegman
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Our goal is to be your one stop destination for everything you need or want to know
about cannabis. We will continuously provide you with the best and highest quality Director of Marketing | Michael Lerner
relevant news, information, entertainment and definitely the coolest looking ads for all National Director of Sales | Audrey Cisneros
San Diego medical marijuana patients needs.
Graphic Designers | Coco Lloyd & Joe Redmond
But with this inaugural issue we feel we have a responsibility to impart something we feel Design & Layout | Cristine Moonan
is of great importance that we have learned through experiences we have gained from
Traffic Managers | Rachel Selan & Lisa Higgins
travelling throughout California and the rest of the country. Everyone, whether you are a
MMJ patient, a collective owner, a doctor that writes medical cannabis recommendations, Distribution Manager | Brett Curtis
an activist for the legalization movement, or just publishers like us, needs to realize that Account Representative | Randy Curtis
safe and sane access to cannabis can only be achieved by all of us being unified and
working together. The Cannabis movement is not about any single person, but is rather Associate Editor | Josh Kaplan
about all of the people that must be on the same page at the same time so we don’t get Copy Editor | Lisa Selan
pushed back by non-sympathetic politicians and law enforcement.
Contributing Writers
Charlotte Cruz, Pumpkin Escobar, Jay Evans,
Advocating safe access Lisa Faye, Mara Felsen, Fred Gardner, Esq.,
JT Gold, Heather Gulino, Ryan James, Josh Kaplan,
to medical marijuana is a Cloey Kelly, Noelle Leavitt, J. Mark Sternberg,
Larry Swerdlow, Maggie St. Thomas
core mission of ours. Photography | Russ Green & Maggie St. Thomas
Accounting | Dianna Bayhylle
There is a lot going on throughout the County and the State. On the California political Administration / Office Manager | Lisa Selan
front there are at least two initiatives to legalize marijuana on the November ballot. Recent
polls show for the first time ever that a majority of Californians favor full legalization.
Internet Manager | Rachel Selan
In San Diego, several victims subjected to the raids back in September of 09 have been Team | JT Kilfoil & Houston
fully exonerated, but collectives are still under scrutiny from the local governments
hiding under the guise of zoning inspections. SUBSCRIPTIONS
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Since it’s well documented that the carcinogens in tobacco

Dr. Donald Tashkin is a widely smoke are directly responsible for the development of lung cancer
in tobacco smokers, government and marijuana prohibitionists
published pulmonologist who for three reason that marijuana smoke must also cause lung cancer
because it contains even stronger concentrations of these cancer-
decades conducted investigations for causing agents.
the National Institute of Drug Abuse To document a connection between lung cancer and

and other government agencies on marijuana smoking, Dr Tashkin received a very large grant from
the National Institute of Drug Abuse. With over 2200 subjects,
the adverse effects of marijuana and the research was one of the largest case controlled studies of its
kind ever.
other drugs on the human body.
The government was horrified at the results and did its best to
Studies conducted by Dr. Tashkin in 1990 found that ignore them. Dr. Tashkin failed to find any link between smoking
marijuana smoke has almost the exact same carcinogens (cancer- marijuana and the development of lung cancer. In almost every
causing agents) as tobacco smoke and that the concentration of category studied, a person who smoked marijuana was no
these carcinogens was exceedingly higher in marijuana smoke. more likely to develop lung cancer then non-marijuana smoker
These studies are the basis for the government’s warning and marijuana. The government was dumbfounded. How can that
thousands of ads that smoking one marijuana joint causes as be? Marijuana smokers should be developing lung cancer at a
much damage as smoking four cigarettes. completely higher rate than the non-smokers because they are

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kush 11
While there are lots of anticancer drugs available that are very
good at killing cancerous cells, the problem with all of them is
that they are also very good at killing all of the other cells
around them.

Cannabis, on the other hand, can selectively kill only

cancer cells and leave all the uninfected cells alone without the
generalized toxic effects of conventional chemotherapies.

Dr. Tashint and Dr. Guzman’s investigations are part of a

virtual cascade of recent research documenting the anticancer
properties of cannabis.
taking carcinogenic agents into their lungs and the non-smokers
are not. What’s going on here? In November 2007, researchers at the California Civic
Medical Center Research Institute published a report showing
Dr. Tashkent’s study offers some evidence of what might
that the non-psychoactive cannabidiol found in cannabis can
be happening. In all groups studied, the smoker of marijuana
inhibit the spread of breast cancer.
was no more likely to develop lung cancer than a non-smoker-
save for one group in which there was a small, but statistically Is the evidence incontrovertible that cannabis can inhibit the
significant difference. This was a group of people who only spread of cancer, kill cancer cells and prevent the development of
smoke marijuana and nothing else compared to people who did cancer? No, it is not, but people still spend billions of dollars each
not smoke anything at all. In this group people who smoked year and digest all kinds of supplements with far less evidence
marijuana actually had a lower incidence of lung cancer than the than there is to support the anti-cancer properties of cannabis.
people who did not smoke anything at all.
When taking any kind of medicine or supplement a person
This makes no sense. How can people who are taking needs to decide if the claimed benefits of a product outweigh the
carcinogens directly in their lungs have a lower incidence of risks. Many times the answer is no because many medicines and
lung cancer than people who are not? It makes no sense-unless supplements sold over-the-counter have significant debilitating
perhaps the cannabinoids found in cannabis are such powerful and even deadly side effects.
anti-cancer agents that they could prevent the development of
Cannabis, however is not one of these products, as there’s
cancers even in the presence of cancer-causing agents.
never been a single death or any other serious debilitating
Does Dr. Tashkin study proved this? No, it does not. But there consequence attributed to cannabis use. Further the vast
is a lot of scientific evidence out there that appears to show this majority of cannabis users report numerous beneficial effects of
may be exactly what is happening. taking cannabis including stress reduction, insomnia relief and a
In 2003, Dr. Manuel Guzman from the University of Madrid general feeling of well-being.
authorized a medically astounding report detailing current If cannabis can prevent, or even curtail the development
research into the ability of the cannabinoids in cannabis to control of cancer, than the appropriate ingestion of cannabis is
the spread of cancer. He included the results of the studies on desirable in the same way that the appropriate ingestion of
cannabinoids injected into the brains of rats with brain tumors. calcium supplements can prevent or at least delay the onset
Published in the peer-reviewed research publication Nature of osteoporosis.
Reviews Cancer he wrote: “cannabinoids inhibit tumor growth in
laboratory animals. They do so by modulating key cell-signaling Since for the vast majority of people cannabis has no negative
pathways, thereby inducing direct growth arrest and death of side effects and only beneficial effects, it would seem that the
tumor cells, as well as by inhibiting tumor angiogenesis and regular appropriate ingestion of cannabis as a cancer preventive
metastasis. Cannabinoids are selective antitumor compounds, agent may be prudent course of action.
as they can kill tumor cells without affecting their
Larry Swerdlow who is affiliated with Southern California
non-transform counterparts.”
NORML and MPP, and is the founder of the Marijuana Anti-
The cannabinoids found in cannabis may not only slow the Prohibition Project, has dedicated his life toward lifting the legal
growth of tumors, they might actually selectively kill cancer cells. and cultural barriers against the use of pot for medicinal purposes.
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The researchers found that the extracts worked well and were
tolerated well by the participants, although some doses had to
be adjusted. Further, patients reported some relief in muscles
spasticity and mobility improvement. The researchers noted,
however, that they did not find these spasticity results from
objective assessments, rather they were only present in the
subjective observations of the participants. Due to many of
the variables in the study and the small amount of participants,
the researchers noted that further study was necessary to
truly understand the effects of the cannabis compounds.
Additionally, the researchers studied the anti-inflammatory
properties of cannabis in relation to MS. The researchers
concluded that the therapeutic benefits of cannabis extracts
may provide great relief to those suffering from MS.

18 kush
18 kush
Those who have multiple sclerosis are often plagued removed. The cigarette therefore had the appearance and the
by spasticity, which is an involuntary muscle tension aroma of a marijuana cigarette, but without the psychoactive
or contraction. This unpredictable muscle movement ingredients.
makes it difficult for individuals to drive, engage in daily
activities, or even hold a job. They are difficult to control Dr. Jody Corey-Bloom of UCSD conducted a study to
and often result in a person having to stop working, driving, determine the potential for smoked cannabis to ameliorate
or enjoying certain activities. Due to the disabling effect marked muscle spasticity (chronic painful contraction
of MS, people are often forced to apply for social security of muscles), a severe and disabling symptom of multiple
disability benefits because the recurring spasticity makes it sclerosis. Thirty patients with multiple sclerosis were
impossible for them to control their movements, and may enrolled and some were given marijuana cigarettes while
pose dangers to themselves and others. Although therapies others received the placebo. Patients were allowed to
exist to combat this common symptoms of MS, most are continue their usual treatments for spasticity and pain
difficult to come by, ineffective, and expensive. Due to the while participating in the research. Compared to placebo
limitations that MS spasticity produces, a new therapy to cigarettes, cannabis was found to significantly reduce both
combat these difficulties might provide necessary relief that an objective measure of spasticity, and pain intensity. This
is currently lacking. study concluded that smoked cannabis was superior to
placebo in reducing spasticity and pain in patients with
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common multiple sclerosis, and provided some benefit beyond
chronic and disabling diseases of the nervous system. Caused currently prescribed treatments.
by loss of the insulating sheath surrounding nerve fibers, the
disease usually begins in young adulthood. Although it may Shaheen E. Lakhan and Marie Rowland of the Global
initially wax and wane in intensity and be of mild severity, Science Initiative Foundation in Los Angeles studied six
it often steadily progresses, causing fatigue, loss of balance, placebo-controlled experiments to determine the effects
muscle weakness, and muscle spasticity. Affecting up to of marijuana on MS. In particular, the researchers wanted
70% of people with the disease, muscle spasms lead to pain, to test the effect of two compounds from cannabis. The
inability to walk, and difficulties with self-care, causing first is THC, which is attributed with providing the “high”
most of the everyday life disability from this disease. There associated with marijuana, while the second is CBD, which
is as yet no cure for MS. Treatments for muscle spasticity appears to lower THC in the brain. The combination of
are only partially effective and have side effects which are both of these extracts, it is opined, provides anti-spastic
not easily tolerated, making the search for new therapies relief in muscles, while preventing the “brain fog” often
of high importance. Given this background, the Center characteristic in marijuana use.
for Medical Cannabis Research (CMCR) at the University The researchers found that the extracts worked well
of California identified MS spasticity as an additional and were tolerated well by the participants, although some
target for therapeutic research. As with all CMCR studies, doses had to be adjusted. Further, patients reported some
the research used the most rigorous scientific approach to relief in muscles spasticity and mobility improvement. The
testing therapies, a randomized clinical trial, supplemented researchers noted, however, that they did not find these
by modern measurement of muscle spasticity, everyday spasticity results from objective assessments, rather they
function, life quality, and side effects. Results to date have were only present in the subjective observations of the
found a significant improvement in both an objective participants. Due to many of the variables in the study and
measure of spasticity and pain intensity in patients whose the small amount of participants, the researchers noted that
standard therapy had provided inadequate relief. further study was necessary to truly understand the effects
CMCR is the result of a bill sponsored by former state of the cannabis compounds. Additionally, the researchers
Senator John Vasconcellos (D-Santa Clara) – the Medical studied the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis
Marijuana Research Act of 1999 (SB 847) – that commissioned in relation to MS. The researchers concluded that the
the University of California to establish a scientific research therapeutic benefits of cannabis extracts may provide great
program to study medicinal cannabis. CMRC was established relief to those suffering from MS.
in 2000 with nearly $9 million in state funding. The full CMCR report is available at
Participants were assigned to an experimental treatment, Sources: Center for Medical Cannabis research, University of California
in this case cannabis, or to a placebo (an inactive treatment). San Diego (;
The placebo in the study studies was a marijuana cigarette,
made with cannabis from which the “active” ingredients,
for example delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), had been

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kush 21
While San Diego is beautiful year-round, there’s something special about the beginning of the
summer. The concert vibe is in full swing and it’s probably the best time of the year to kick back with
a beer or a joint to see an outdoor show. With tons of choices out there for you to select from, here
are some highlights in and around San Diego in the next month that you shouldn’t miss.

OK GO, Shout Out Louds  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

5.22.10 @ House of Blues 6.2.10 @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre (Chula Vista)
OK GO’s third studio album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, was If you’ve never seen Tom Petty perform live, get it together and
released January 12th and things have only gotten sweeter since. make it out to this show. Arguably the greatest songwriter of all
They recently split with Capital/EMI and formed their own time, and a veteran that has been bringing the hits for decades.
enterprise, Paracadute (because it’s “humanity’s second most This is part of the Heartbreakers’ summer tour in support of the
fun word to say”). “This Too Shall Pass” is the album’s gem, with their first LP together in 8 years. Tom knows how it feels though
a choice remix from Passion Pit. Joining OK GO this night is and will be sure that you witness “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and do
Sweden’s Shout Out Louds, whose most recent work of indie// a little “Free Fallin”.
pop//rock, Work, was released in February of this year with
singles “Fall Hard” and “Walls” receiving a significant amount of hype. Tim McGraw
6.4.10 @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre (Chula Vista)
If Tom Petty isn’t American enough for you, Tim McGraw will
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek have red, white, & blue fireworks shooting out of your butt. Even
if you don’t like country music, this polished spectacle crosses
5.25.10 @ House of Blues
genre boundaries to please the most diverse crowds. With dozens
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek joined up at the break of the century to
of awards since coming on the scene in the early 90’s, his 10th
release the album Reflection Eternal. Now they’re teaming up
studio album Southern Voice was released in 2009. Certainly a
again, this time as Reflection Eternal.  Their soulful new single
show worth driving to Chula Vista.
“In This World” is legit and “Midnight Hour” feat. Estelle is a
great song that should put you in the perfect mid-week groove.
Always a pro performer, Talib will not disappoint here on the
Revolutions Per Minute Tour.
Buzzcocks w/ The Dollyrots 4.7.10 @ The Wiltern (Wilshire/Vermont) These British new wave//punk rockers who began their career
opening for the Sex Pistols in 1976, haven’t released any new
music since 2006 but are keeping fans happy with a North
Freelance Whales  American tour this summer. On ANOTHER... BITES, the
5.25.10 @ The Loft (UCSD) Buzzcocks will be playing their first two albums -- Another Music
The Freelance Whales album Weather Vanes was released April In A Different Kitchen and Love Bites -- in their entirety. You’re
13th on Frenchkiss/Mom & Pop Records. The experimental//pop sure to get your money’s worth here with Peter Shelley & Steve
natives of Queens bring a superior live & energetic show with Diggle, original members and backbone of the band, still playing
a lot of activity on stage... sort of like a jam band but not quite out live.
as repetitive as say, a Dave Matthews concert. Check out some
youtube videos of them -- particularly where they set up as a
5-piece in the Subway of NY. You’ll get the point. Definitely a fun,
happy environment to jam on here. They also play May 22nd with
OK GO, but if you missed that here’s your chance!

22 kush
Delta Spirit w/ Ezra Furman
& the Harpoons 
6.8.10 @ Belly Up (Solana Beach)
This show serves as a release party for History From Below, the follow-up
to Delta Spirit’s debut album Ode To Sunshine. Natives of San Diego & Long
Beach (depending on who you ask), these boys put on a wonderful show with a
slew of less than conventional instruments. Performing with indie folksters Ezra
Furman & the Harpoons, this should be a fun little night up in Solana Beach.

Diana Ross
6.11.10 @ Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay
At a ripe 66 years of age, Diana Ross has had an incredible career from The Supremes
to her long, successful solo career. Humphrey’s picturesque setting combined with a
potential to hear classics like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I’m Coming Out”
make this a must see concert for an early summer, Friday evening. And not to
worry, her voice may be just as powerful as it was in her prime.

Mainly Mozart Festival 

6.8.10 - 6.19.10 @ Balboa Theatre
The Mainly Mozart Festival was created in 1988 to give the people of Southern & Baja
California an opportunity to experience the finest classical music performed live by the
top principal musicians from the nation’s leading orchestras. Maestro David Atherton
will be conducting all dates here (check out website for date specifics), with two special
evenings where Sarah Chang is saying hello and Frederica von Stade is saying farewell.
And after all, you will feel 100% classier after an evening at the Balboa Theatre.

KC & the Sunshine Band 

6.18.10 @ Del Mar Fairgrounds (Del Mar)
Miami natives KC & the Sunshine Band have been groovin’ and shakin’ booties since
1973. They released Yummy in 2007, and will certainly play all of their hits this night. So
boogie on down to the San Diego Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and get down on
some elephant ears and old school rump shakers.

More shows:
Eagles - 5.23.10 @ Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre (Chula Vista)

Crosby, Stills, and Nash  - 5.25.10 @ Humphrey’s Concerts

by the Bay

3OH!3 & Cobra Starship - 5.29.10 @ Soma

Bone Thugs N Harmony - 6.2.10 @ House of Blues

Korn - 6.10.10 @ 4th and B

Left: The Shout Out Louds, Talib Kweli & Hi Tek

Right from Top: Diana Ross, OK GO, Ezra Furman,
KC & the Sunshine Band, the Dollyrats, Tom Petty, the
Buzzcocks, the Freelance Whales and Tim McGraw.
24 kush
kush 25

Incredible is a powerful word.

So Incredible Purple should be a
powerful strain of indica right?
Not so fast there partner...
The Incredible Purple strain of indica isn’t powerful in the
sense that you will be overwhelmed. It’s quite the opposite
actually. It’s one of the few strains that you can smoke a
joint on your own and not only exist amongst sober
individuals comfortably, but usually even control
the situation or conversation. After smoking
this for a few days, you’ll be hard pressed
to switch back to a more intense strain. 

Some of us feel negative

effects when smoking
certain indica
strains, like being
really tired
when we don’t
want to be or
not being able
to properly
c om mu n i c at e
with people
around us. But
Incredible Purple
really earns its name in
this department. Holding
conversation, working,
running errands, and all those
other things that may become
difficult seem surprisingly easy with
this strain. And while that may lead you
to believe that you won’t get the positives that
indicas provide (treating insomnia, nausea, etc), an
Incredible Purple high is perfect to put you to sleep and take you
into your happy place.

A few examples of the freeing, relaxed state of mind you

should expect from this strain: We’ve witnessed a band flawlessly
rocking shows in front of 1,000+ skeptical music nerds; a student
at a major university gave a speech to her communications class
high in IP; people meeting business contacts and not missing a
beat in the conversation; we fell asleep in a van crammed with
nine men, despite the music blasting and the driver taking turns
like Mario Andretti. 

The physical characteristics of are more expected than

incredible. A deep green, with hints of purple, orange hairs, and
a crystalline shimmer. Smells are sweet as most purple kush will
be, but not overwhelmingly pungent or dank. Kind of just right.
Taste is also fairly sweet, but with little salty undertones that, if
you let your imagination go to work, is like eating Reese’s pieces
or PB & J sammy... so smoking is almost like an appetizer to the
potential smörgåsbord that may ensue.
Incredible Purple came to us highly recommended by our
friends at Hyperion Healing in Los Angeles. When asking for a
different indica, he just put the jar of IP on the table and smiled.
That’s what a good dispensary should do for you!... not push a
certain strain on you because they need to sell it fast, but introduce
customers to delightful new strains that may be perfect for your
individual taste. So if your favorite dispensary  doesn’t  do
that... start shopping around.

Most medical cannabis establishments will carry

Incredible Purple. If you can’t find it head over to
our website and ask your
friends if they know where to
find it!


Cell phones and batteries are a part of our daily lives and we would
be lost without them. In the modern world of mobility and electronic
communication, it’s no surprise that cell phones are the fastest growing
e-waste in the nation. When it’s time for an upgrade, what do you do with
your old cell phone? There are many options that many of us ignore.

According to Earth Talk, “the average North American gets a new cell and more. A typical rechargeable battery is an eco-friendly power
phone every 18 to 24 months, making old phones—many that contain choice that can be recharged up to 1,000 times, but once they lose
hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame their charge, they should be recycled.
retardants and arsenic—the fastest growing type of manufactured
So the next time you think about upgrading, remember that you can
garbage in the nation.” According to the U.S. Environmental
do your part to reduce waste. Recycling or donating cell phones helps
Protection Agency (EPA), Americans discard 125 million phones each
the environment by saving energy
year, creating 65,000 tons of waste.
and keeping usable materials out of landfills. Cell phones and PDAs are
Fortunately, companies like Call2Recycle®, the only free rechargeable
made of precious metals, copper, and plastics—all of which require energy
battery and cell phone collection program in North America, announced
to mine and manufacture. Recycling not only conserves these materials,
a 6.9 percent increase in overall collections, driven by major national
but prevents air and water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
retailers, municipalities and communities with a strong presence in the
United States and Canada. Call2Recycle collected 6.1 million pounds Alternatively, donating your working cell phone or PDA also
(2.8 million kilograms) of rechargeable batteries in 2009.” benefits your community. When cell phones and accessories are in
good working order, some programs donate them to worthy charities
The rise in battery collections is attributed to increased efforts
or sell them at a discount to those who need them.
by major retailers, including The Home Depot, Apple Computer,
RadioShack, Lowe’s, Interstate All Battery Center and RONA.
Together, these organizations collected 20 percent more batteries for
recycling in 2009 than in 2008, despite a lingering recession. Retailers,
communities and other businesses participate in the Call2Recycle
program to support corporate sustainability initiatives that promote
a commitment to environmental quality and an environmentally * Terminate your service.
friendly workplace.
* Clear the phone’s memory of stored information.
“Despite last year’s lower sales of batteries and the products that use
them, we’re recycling more batteries than ever thanks to retailers that * Conduct a factory hard reset by following instructions
have embraced their role as environmental stewards,” said Carl Smith, from your wireless carrier or the product manual; or
president and CEO of RBRC, which operates Call2Recycle. “By using our * Use data erasing tools that are available on the Web.
recycling program to divert millions of pounds of solid waste from local
landfills, businesses and consumers alike are making a statement that * Remove your SIM card.
environmental sustainability is a priority, regardless of the economy.”

Rechargeable batteries are the power source in numerous electronic For more information, contact your network provider, cell phone
manufacturer, or the recycling program you plan to use.
devices, including cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, power tools
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Sometimes a car just falls through the cracks. It could

be that they were released at the wrong time, or that their
price tag was just off, maybe the design was just too dated
to sell as a new car. Whatever the reason, sometimes a
great car just never really captures the attention of the
public. Nevertheless, looking back, there are some that
stand out as terrific cars.
Most importantly though these forgotten favorites represent great value for
money, something that everyone is looking for while we endure the so-called
Great Recession. Each car on this list brings something new to the table, a GT car,
a bargain racer, a top down cruiser and a luxury masterpiece. They all have two
things in common though, these cars are some of the very best at their respective
jobs, and you may have never heard of them.
30 kush
kush 31
BMW 8 Series
At launch, the 8 series was one of BMW’s crown jewels. This
2+2 (meaning two seats in the front and a spare of miniscule
seats in the back) was designed as a grand touring car for the
most discerning of the BMW buyers.

The 8 series is loaded with all the options you could imagine
in a car designed in the late 1980s. A top-of-the-line 850csi had
an MSRP around the $100,000 mark. The car never really caught
on and was considered too expensive for most. Sales were lack
luster and BMW dropped the 8 series from its American lineup
in 1997.

Today, the 8 series still shines. Both of the two available

engines are fantastic, the V8 puts out 286 horsepower and the
larger V12 makes a bit more. That might not sound like a whole
lot when compared to the cars that are available today, but it’s the
torque driven character of these cars that make them great. Get
managed to sell many. The car replaced the 80’s-tastic 944 in
on a long stretch of road and sit back as the the miles roll by. At
the ‘poor man’s Porsche’ segment and was replaced by the much
around $20,000 used, this is a great example of European grand
loved Boxster. The 968 is everything you would expect from an
entry level Porsche from the 90’s. It’s relatively nimble, fun to
drive, it makes a decent noise but also, especially if you go for the
convertible version, this is one of the best boulevard cruisers the
Nissan Sentra SE R Spec V
company has ever made.
The Nissan Sentra was released in the wake of the original
If top down, leisurely cruises through the Rocky Mountains
‘The Fast and the Furious’ movie and the street racing pop culture
or down the Pacific Coast Highway are your thing, at around
phenomena that followed. It’s really hard to understate the effect
$15,000, the 968 Cabriolet might be one of the best cars in the
that film’s release in 2001 had on the car world.
world for you.
Now the film is a joke to those in the know, with quotes
spewed out like punch lines at car meets the world over. The
Sentra, however is holding up really well. Nissan gave their base Volkswagen Phaeton
Sentra a pretty torquey 2.5 liter four cylinder engine and paired
The Phaeton was supposed to challenge what Americans
it with a short ratio six speed gearbox. Match that up with the
thought about luxury cars. Introduced in North America in
car’s low weight, suspension work and limited slip differential
2004 (ending in 2006), this ‘People’s Car’ dropped into the
and you have a surprisingly fun car to drive in the corners.
luxury car segment with a $60,000-$90,000 price tag. The idea
That said, the Spec V won’t be winning any beauty contests was that people would be saving money compared to cars like
any time soon, nor is the interior a particularly nice place to be. BMW’s 7 series or Mercedes’ S Class, but all the public really saw
What makes the Spec V such a great car is its price. New, the Spec was an $80,000 car without an impressive badge.
would cost in the mid to high teens, and now, one can be easily
Really, the Phaeton was just a housing market crash too
had for as little as $6,500. That’s cheap for any car, let alone one
early. Today, excessive spending isn’t looked on the same way
that has the ability to get your adrenaline pumping. And trust
as it was in the mid 2000s. People are looking for smart buys,
me, it can.
and the Phaeton certainly is one. The V8 powered car goes for
around $17,000 today and the W12, 414 hp monster pulls in
about $7,000 to $10,000 more, but that is still an amazing deal
Porsche 968
for a car that shares a good portion of its parts with the Bentley
The Porsche 968 is another car that never really caught Flying Spur.
on. During the four years it was on sale, Porsche never really
32 kush
kush 33
36 kush
kush 37
38 kush
kush 39
40 kush
Kush Magazine celebrated
420 this year at the 10th
annual 420 party at the House
of Blues put on by Seedless
Clothing company. The party
started at Seedless clothing in
Ocean Beach where we met
legendary Jamaican reggae
superstar Barrington Levy.
Levy’s new album Its About
Time will be released later
this year.
Cloud 9 Dispensary helped sponsor the Cannabis Cup where
Rez and Shea of Seedless prepared for nine strains were judged. The judging began at 4:20 pm. The
the House of Blues event at their warehouse nine strains offered were Pandora OG, Hogs Breath, Blackberry
Kush, Skywalker, GDOG, Love Cheese, Larry Kush, and another
stocked with hats, shoes, clothing and Skywalker strain. The lighting was dim and the smoke clouds were
thick as the judges passed around flashlights and microscopes to
various other Seedless apparel. study their fine specimens, and compared notes with each other
about the strains. This was an absolute delight and a real cool
From Seedless Clothing at 4:20 we went to treat to watch. Each strain was rated on appearance, taste, touch,
smell and potency.
the San Diego Cannabis Cup hosted by San
Taking 3rd Place was Love Cheese courtesy of Green Door
Diego’s only Portuguese restaurant, Portugalia Collective.

located at 4839 Newport Avenue. The event, for Placing 2nd was Larry OG from Cloud 9, and this years 1st
Place winner of the San Diego Cannabis Cup was Pandora OG
MMJ patients only, critiqued the best strains from Downtown Kush Lounge.

available in San Diego County. Chef Jason, an At 8 p.m. we headed back to Seedless to get on the party bus
complete with glow lights and clear stripper pole bound for the
advocate and Portugalia’s owner said “I was House of Blues.

glad to accept the offer to host this event, and I The evening featured Barrington Levy, Redman, Andre
Nickatina, Cirque Du Green Girls and DJ Von Kiss. Dancers and
enjoy cooking with cannabis.” aerialists put the crowd in a hypnotic trance compliments to the

42 kush
bass beats of DJ Von Kiss mixing crazy Dubstep tracks and sick
loops that weaved in and out of the speakers. The stage show was
intense and sexy eye candy, nearly impossible for the eyes to stray.

Andre Nickatina who previously used to rap under the name

Dre Dog hit the stage for a strong, skillful and demanding set.
Redman then took the stage with DJ Dice and nearly stole the
show, until Barrington Levy came on. Levy performed his
greatest including Murderer, Black Roses, Dangerously, Broader
than Broadway, and No War.

The event co-sponsored by Kush Magazine was streamed live

throughout the night at and was watched in real
time as the event progressed.

Levy put out a message to all those logged in,

“much love and appreciation. It’s about the music
and one love and peace that Kush brings. We love
Kush! We smoke Kush! Kush all the way!”
This 420 celebration was certainly one of the greatest 420
events ever held in San Diego.

kush 43

is a great way to enjoy you’ve found a killer heli-ski resort, burning one in Alaska isn’t
the world that we live in. As travel becomes ever cheaper, we’re going to be at the top of most travel lists. However, Outdoor
finding reasons other than vacation to rack up those frequent Music Festivals and Alternative Culture Events are the perfect
flier miles. Work, music, food, and sporting events have people targets. This article will feature some of the richest pot culture
exploring more of our world than ever before. While most of events to act as higher destinations within travel destinations.
the travel logistics have gotten easier, the traveling pothead has
Music events are prime pot spots. They happen all year, all
a serious issue that most travelers don’t have to deal with…
over the country. This is a great way for the business tripper to
marijuana is illegal nearly everywhere in the country, and can
acquire some well needed product. There are a number of well
be difficult to secure once you have reached your destination.
known, well traveled jam bands that regularly tour nationally.
Likewise, I most certainly recommend that you do not attempt
These tours are virtual underground highways for product
to access a TSA security checkpoint with anything illegal. The
distribution. Bands like Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews Band
solution? Travel to destinations where your meds can come to
The Allman Brothers, G-Love, George Clinton, and on-again/
off-again Phish are often followed by hoards of grass smoking,
Simply traveling to a place where marijuana use is tolerated, road traveled hippies.
isn’t always the best way to choose a travel destination. Unless
44 kush
Now, we come to the counter-culture festivals. These
Outdoor music festivals take the music event to the next level. gatherings go far beyond the typical burning and boozing that
Rather than an event that simply lasts the evening, these festivals you’ll find at other concerts and festivals. These events bring
can take place over a number of days. Reminiscent of Woodstock alternative forms of living to the forefront. Here, the Counter-
and the Pop Festivals of the late 60’s, sporting stadiums and culture still reigns supreme.
county fairgrounds are transformed into something more akin
to a refugee camp rather than a vacation destination.

Seattle Hempfest is a 3-day, Hemp themed festival in August

that takes over the parks in the waterfront area of Seattle.
Hempfest is largely a free event featuring music, comedy,
cultural events, hemp advocate speakers, and local food vendors.
The Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival is an annual music
However, you can donate money at 3 financially reasonable levels
festival that takes places outside of Nashville, TN in early June.
that could afford you benefits from T-shirts, and line cutting, to
Bonnaroo captures the spirit of the first outdoor festivals, making
VIP entrances, and backstage privileges for you and your friends.
diversified music the focus of this event. Rarely will you find an
event that attracts the likes of Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder,
Tori Amos, Jimmy Cliff, GWAR, Dropkick Murphy’s, and Jay-Z
to the same venue. Bonnaroo represents everything that is great
about the outdoor music festival.

Burning Man is the Pièce de résistance of marijuana friendly

travel destinations. A morbid oasis bazaar of sorts, Burning Man
sets itself apart from the other great events on this list, in that the
attendees ARE the show. Mutant vehicles and fantastic costumes
brings this normally boring spot of desert in the Black Rock of
Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Located in Telluride, CO. This
Nevada to life for the week leading into Labor Day. Make-shift
bluegrass festival takes place the week after Bonnaroo, giving
communities, living and conceptual art, and ‘round the clock
hard core spinning hippies little time to clean themselves up
raves build up to the climax that is the Burning of the Man.
before another 3 day binge of pickin’ and grinin’. While other
Burning the giant wooden effigy symbolizes different things to
music festivals celebrate musical diversity, Grass-Fest has been
different people, but is widely accepted as a way to let go all of the
featuring a blistering style of country bluegrass for the past 36
rigid forms that make up our lives in an attempt to get back to
self reliant personal expression. Admission costs between $200
and $300, depending on when you purchase tickets. After that,
you’ll need no currency… just a creative way to barter and trade
for what you want. Be prepared for extreme heat, sand storms,
South by Southwest is a music and multi-media festival that “creative” self expression, public nudity. This event is not for the
takes place in Austin, TX. This event not your typical outdoor faint of heart… don’t say I didn’t warn you.
music festival as it encompasses the local convention center as
well as every available music venue in the area. As a result, this
has eliminated the shanty-town aspect of most multi-day outdoor As you can see, travel for the pot aficionado can take a number
festival in favor of an urban interactive event that celebrates the of shapes. Depending on your style and duration of entertainment
future of music technology. Additionally, this festival has more choices, it’s easy to see how a spontaneous evening can turn into
of an ADD dynamic to it. Musical diversity welcomes lovers of an extended weekend or more without much trouble. For more
different styles of music rather than a focus on a single musical pot related travel tips as well as tips for international travel, visit
subset. This four day event has taken on a life of it’s own as this website
Austin’s largest revenue generating annual event.
kush 47

48 kush
Their efficiency compared to incandescent
lamps is huge - up to 75%-90% energy savings,
making this choice a no brainer. Not only are
you being efficient, you’re keeping your Edison
For all of you budding Green Thumb’s bill within reason. HID’s fit into any number of
out there, tricking your plants into thinking different reflectors, and come in many different
intensities and wattages.
that it’s a bright sunny day has gotten easier
and more efficient than ever. Whether you’re
dealing with a small closet set up, or running HYDRO SHOP, all of which should be able to
a multiple room operation, proper lighting guide you down the right path for your particular
wants and needs.
is a key cornerstone to a successful harvest.
Keep in mind that for a plant, light
COMPACT FLUORESCENT lights are is what makes it grow. Yes there are nutrients
purposeful for young plants or seedlings, but are and other parts to this science, but in this
not powerful or efficient enough to take your instance, light equates to food. Everything
growth to the next level. They are great to have in else we provide the plant with is just a means
these early stages of growth, or if you’re setting to allow the plant to digest and use the light.
up a cloning operation, but for the latter stages It’s important to know that with increased
of any substantial indoor grow room, the need growth, a plant will need an increasing
for (HID) will help in your effort to garner a amount of light. If depleted of the proper light,
fuller crop. Don’t discard all your fluorescents the plant will have a tendency to stretch, and
though. They do provide great supplemental light eventually growth will slow to a halt, thus killing
for your primary HID’s too. your little baby. Don’t kill your little babies.
are the most popular type of lighting system. yourself time, money, and the bitter tears of
Requiring a Ballast much like the less efficient dissapointment, and be prepared with the proper
fluorescents, HID’s take about ten minutes to tools for your indoor growth, and everything
produce the electric arc which provides the light. should end up fruitful.
Because of this intense light, and the ability to It’s important to remember that your
stay lit for many hours at a time, they are the lighting system can be your best friend and
perfect fit for vegetation seeking as many as 12 your worst enemy in your efforts to become Dr.
hours of light per day. Green Thumb. If you’ve sought out the right
advice, and have an understanding of how much
and how often your plants need light, than your
probability for success just increased ten fold.

Good luck, and

happy growing!!

kush 49
50 kush

52 kush L.A.
he perfect THC chocolate chip cookie is a round piece
of culinary heaven — moist, chewy, and tasty. It has a bit
of a kick, but that same chocolaty, gooey goodness you
remember from childhood … and continue to crave. The
best part is that it makes you feel as good as it tastes,
creating an experience that’s simultaneously delicious and
medicinal. It’s the ideal “big kid” treat.
Creating the Cookie
With a few of our tips, the perfect THC chocolate chip cookie anything else you can think of that would enhance the flavor—
is easy to create, making it all that more perfect. You won’t have follow your cravings! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you
to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen, which means you can could even lace the chocolate chips and create a doubly effective
spend more time enjoying the cookie’s effects. Before you bake, cookie. You can melt some baking chocolate, add some bud but-
preheat the oven to 350. To make the dough, you simply mix to- ter, put the melted chocolate onto a cookie sheet (in small balls),
gether a package of yellow cake mix (yes, cake mix), 2 eggs, half a then put the tiny morsels in the fridge to harden.
cup of vegetable oil (or Smart Balance oil if you’d like to health it
up), and a package of chocolate chips, and then blend the ingre-
dients into a thick batter. Baking it Up
Adding the Special Oil Once you have the dough evenly distributed on cookie sheets,
and you’re clear about which cookies are “special” and which
Now comes the tricky part, but don’t fret because even the ones aren’t (very important), bake them for about 8-10 minutes,
tricky part isn’t that tricky. You need to make the hemp oil (aka possibly longer depending on your oven (keep an eye on them).
the fun part) to add to the dough, but first, you need to decide Once the bottoms are golden brown, they’re ready to be savored
how much weed to incorporate into the mix. If you have about a ... after they cool off of course.
joint’s worth, you can make a few potent cookies, and a few joints
will create about 4 cookies (and so on). Therefore, decide how
many “green” cookies you’d like to make, and do the math (the
Eating & Enjoying the Cookie
most thinking you’ll do all day). Be mindful of how much bud
you use to ensure you ingest the proper amount of cookies later. Although the laced cookies taste delicious and you’re going to
Take the small pieces of weed and sauté them in a tiny bit of want to gobble them right up, remember how much weed you put
oil, just enough to adequately heat the bud to perfection (brown into them, and weigh the amount against your tolerance while
and cooked, but not burnt). This should be done in a small pot you’re munching away. Then, be patient and give the cookie time
on low to medium heat. (Remember: you already added oil to to work its magic; this high takes around an hour and a half to
the original mix, so keep the sautéing oil to an extreme mini- become fully induced.
mum to avoid over-saturating the dough.) Look at the dough to At first, your unbuzzed mind may tell you to eat more, but
decipher how much will get fused with the “fun” oil. (Note: the ignore its gluttonous pleas, because you know how much you can
batter makes around 2 and a half to 3 dozen cookies.) Once the handle and an overindulgence will come back to haunt you (not
oil concoction is nice and ready, take the appropriate amount of fun). However, the right amount will give you a full body high,
dough and add it to the pot (literally). Thoroughly mix the oil heightening your senses and elevating your state of mind. And,
into the dough, ensuring it is evenly distributed and that each
remember the plethora of regular cookies you whipped up in this
“green” cookie will be equally stimulating.
process? They will taste better than ever right now! (Be sure you
have some milk on hand.)
Getting Creative This glorious intoxication will last for hours, so try to eat and
share the cookies early in the day. Then, enjoy your journey to
If you’re feeling creative, you can add other goodies to the Pleasureland, where everything is humorous and relaxing, and
cookies such as Reese’s Pieces®, M& M’s®, nuts, coconut, or life is, well, sweet.

kush 53
When it’s time to clean up, shave,
hit the showers or freshen up
those pearly whites, there are
loads of organic and green friendly
products made for the task.

If you want your personal hygiene products to be certified
organic, sweatshop and cruelty-free and made in the USA?
Lucky you! Organic Grooming by Herban Cowboy is a
men’s line of vegan personal care products. From cologne
to deodorant, the stuff is packaged in biodegradable and HAIR HANDLER
recyclable containers and contains ingredients you’d likely
see in a salad (carrot and cucumber, anyone?). Want high-shine hair without a single drop of mineral
$5 to $25 at oil, petroleum and waxy stuff that stays in your hair? Enter
Woody’s Headwax Hemp. The water-soluble, non-greasy
formula with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, offers total control
BE FUR FREE and style with a firm-yet-flexible hold. “Clean, green and
Don’t you agree that there’s brilliantine.” What’s not to love?
something funny about the term $13 at
“cruelty-free razor blades?” It means
that the company who manufactures NATURALLY NAUGHTY
them doesn’t test its non-razor
products on animals. If this is a What if your grooming products
concern of yours, check out Hoke2 are free of harsh chemicals yet are
and their Wally Triple Blade Rubber still strong enough to keep you
Shower Razors. The Wally suctions clean? And what if they feature
to the wall, has three blades (and you Satan and a few sins? Red Devil
can buy replacement cartridges for Grooming products are paraben
it) and comes in two colors. Bonus: and sulfate free with no artificial fragrances. They’ve recently
Hoke2’s award-winning razors are on introduced Triple Packs that include a shampoo, body wash
display in the Smithsonian Museum and shave gel. This could lead to you being absolved of the
of Design. seven stinky sins. Let us pray.
$7 at $9 to $25 at

54 kush
H2Ocean has been a secret of tattoo and piercing aftercare
for a few years now. But H2Ocean’s natural oral rinse is
great for everyday use. Two flavors refresh your breath and
keep your mouth healthy. Sea salt, xylitol (a sweetener)
and lysozyme (an antibacterial enzyme) keep your mouth’s
ORAL INTERVENTION natural defenses up to snuff. It’s alcohol and fluoride free so
Between the smoking and the coffee/tea and the irregular it’s safe for all ages.
brushing habits, those pearly whites have lost more than $10 at
a little of their luster. Kiss My Face Whitening Aloe Vera
Toothpaste should be able to help. Icelandic moss is a MOTHER NATURE’S MANICURE
natural whitening agent (who knew?!) and tea tree acts as an
antiseptic. You also get tartar protection with your whole- At first glance, Norm Polston seems like your
mouth freshness. I predict kisses in your future! average guy on the street. Then you notice his
$6 at Whole Foods or brightly colored fingernails painted in a rainbow
of shades and you might want to take a second
look. Polston invented Go Natural Nail Polish.
This odor-free, water-borne, hypoallergenic,
nontoxic lacquer comes in 70 colors from creams
to metallics. Polston claims your manicure
should last about a week and, for color changes,
We’re in a recession. Who can (or wants to) spend a he also makes an all-natural polish remover.
fortune on salon visits and their pricey products? Not you. $6 at
Giovanni Organic shampoos and conditioners are salon
quality, all natural, very concentrated and affordably priced.
All Giovanni products are salon tested and are made from SEEING CLEARLY
a vegetable protein base, unlike so many animal protein- Have you ever thought about what you put in your eyes?
based hair products, and the products also contain non- More specifically, what goes into making the juice you store
PABA sunscreen and are gluten free. They offer certified your contacts in? Sterilized without radiation, Clear Conscience
organic botanicals alongside affordable style. Multi-Purpose Solution can be used for daily cleaning, rinsing,
$8 at Target or giovannicosmetics. disinfecting and storing your
com soft contact lenses. Finally -- a
multi-purpose solution for soft
ECO-SOFT SKIN contact lenses that is cruelty-free,
thimerosal and chlorhexidine free.
You probably already know FDA approved and packaged
about EcoTools and their eco- in 12-ounce or travel-ready,
friendly cosmetic brushes. Now 3-ounce, recyclable spill-proof
the company has created a body plastic bottles.
care line and its Sustainable $6 to $10 at Whole Foods or
Softness Body Lotion claims
to be “98 percent from nature.”
Featuring nourishing shea butter
it easily absorbs into skin and
leaves it feeling silky and smooth.
In addition, EcoTools has joined
with 1% For the Planet to donate
1 percent of their annual sales
from this product to environmental
organizations that create a healthier
place to live.
$5 at
kush 55


Other than confusion, hope and heartbreak best describe the legal scene in San Diego,
still one of the fiercest front lines in the war on weed. With the last two high-profile
medical marijuana jury trials ending in decisive “not guilty” verdicts, many people have
asked me if I think that will cause a shift in the way the San Diego District Attorney’s
Office will handle current medical marijuana cases. Unfortunately, my answer to that
question is no.

As a long-time legally qualified medical marijuana patient and attorney, I have

a unique view from the trenches of San Diego. Before my involvement as an attorney
on behalf of wrongly accused medical marijuana providers, I was just an ordinary
patient, sharing the predicament of my fellow residents of San Diego -spotty and highly
unpredictable access to medical marijuana. Based on statements of public officials, most
people believed San Diego was opposed to the presence of street-corner dispensaries,
claiming they are “crime magnets,” despite evidence to the contrary. However, a much
larger campaign to eradicate the presence (or at least the wide availability) of medical
marijuana has been brewing in San Diego for years and there is no reason to believe it is
even close to being over.

After literally spending hours my client, Donna Lambert, and with Steve Walter,
deputy District Attorney Chief of Narcotics in San Diego (and also the deputy district
attorney who is prosecuting her), I was able to nail down why her prosecution is going
forward. The position of the DA’s office is this: any exchange of marijuana for money is
illegal. Period. But how could that be? This has been going on for years. Isn’t it kind of late
to make that argument?

Never mind those pesky little details, or the leading case, Williams v. Butte County,
which holds that the law does not require every member of a collective to physically put
their hands in the dirt, which he admittedly hadn’t read. (I offered him my copy so he
could read it. He declined.) What was abundantly clear is that this isn’t about Donna
Lambert or any other person valiantly trying to comply with the law as it is. It is about
law enforcement and its agents overturning a law they have been vehemently opposed to
for more than fourteen years. San Diego is the front line of this battlefield and those that
recognize this are bracing for the last violent throes of the oppressors.

56 kush
kush 57
Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa
The Differences between Indica and
Sativa Cannabis plants:

“Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties

of the cannabis plant used as medicine.
There are many strains that are crosses of
those two varieties. Within each of those
varieties and crosses there are a huge number
of individual strains, each with a different Cannabis Sativa
cannabinoid profile and effect. According to
anecdotal evidence, the Indica strains are a
relaxant, effective for anxiety, pain, nausea,
appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle spasms and
tremors, among other symptoms. The Sativa
strains are more of a stimulant, effective in
appetite stimulation, relieving depression,
migraines, pain and nausea.”
~The British Columbia Compassion Society Cannabis Indica

58 kush
Indica has a higher CBD content to THC ra-
tio and induces a more relaxing mood. This is a treatment for
anxiety, pain, tremors and many more applications. Indica
is most commonly used to induce appetite. Indica plants are
Sativa plants have less chlorophyll than the normally shorter and stockier plants, reaching 1-2 meters in
Indica counterpart. It has a higher THC content to Canna- height and have wide deeply serrated leaves and a compact
bidiol (CBD) ratio and offers a much more energetic type of and dense flower cluster.
mood. Sativa is used most commonly to elevate a depressed
mood. Generally speaking the Sativa plant is the taller and The effects of Indicas are predominantly physical although
lankier variety, reaching heights of over 5-6 meters. It is char- the relief of certain physical symptoms can have an emotional
acterized by narrow serrated leaves and loose spear like flower result as well. These effects can be characterized as relaxing,
clusters that can be extremely resinous. sedating and pain reducing. Indicas are generally best for later
in the day or before bed.
Primarily the effects of Sativas are on the mind and emo-
tions. In this regard they tend to be more stimulating, uplift-
ing, energizing, and creativity enhancing. These benefits can
be particularly helpful for the psychological component of
many illnesses. Sativas are generally better for daytime use.
Some benefits:

Reduces pain
Some benefits: Relaxes muscles
Relieves spasms
Reduces depression
Reduces inflammation
Relieves headaches and migraines
Assist in sleep
Energizes and stimulates
Reduces anxiety and stress
Reduces awareness of pain
Reduces nausea
Increases focus and creativity
Stimulates appetite
Reduces nausea
Relieves headaches and migraines
Stimulates appetite
Reduces pressure inside the eye
Anti-convulsing agent
Reduces seizure frequency

However, many of today’s strains have been cross-bred between the two offering
the benefits of both strains while reducing the lesser desired effects of the other.
It’s up to you and your caregiver to determine what strains are best for you.
In the meantime, trying a little of a lot of variety could lead you to the perfect strain
for you, which like a perfect pair of jeans, is a miraculous discovery that becomes
a part of who you are.
kush 59

You know you’re a stoner when: you can’t find the remote
control, but it shows up 3 days later in the back of the refrigerator.

You know you’re a stoner when: you set your alarm for 4:20,
just to wake up and smoke.

You know you’re a stoner when: the tip of your index finger
is permanently black.

You know you’re a stoner when: your driver’s side window

has chip marks from cashing out on the road.

You know you’re a stoner when: after clearing customs in

London, you happily find a stash of Cali buds stuffed in a jacket
pocket. Whew!!

You know you’re a stoner when: random people at concerts

walk up to you to ask “…do you have any buds for sale, or to

You know you’re a stoner when: your entire closet consists of

different tie-died concert shirts.

You know you’re a stoner when: you’ve synched up the

Wizard of Oz with the Dark Side of The Moon more than once.
(Start Dark Side right at the 3 roar of the lion, and you’ll be off
on a trip).

You know you’re a stoner when: you know every episode of

Bevis and Butthead, word for word. Hunh hunh, ya!

You know you’re a stoner when: you and your friends have
more than one code for smoking. Ex: “Let’s go talk to Luca“….
Or, “I think it’s time for a safety meeting”… Or, “Have you seen
Larry Green lately?”
60 kush
kush 61

62 kush
Green took on a whole new
meaning in Colorado when the
nation’s largest ever cannabis
convention hit Denver on April
2nd and 3rd.

Thousands of Cannabis enthusiasts, or at least the cannabis

curious flocked to the Colorado Convention Center to scope out
the latest and greatest in the ganja world. The event called “The
Colorado Cannabis Convention” comprised 200,000 square feet
of space making it the largest cannabis convention ever held in
the United States. Spectators lined up in front of the convention
halls anxious to get in prior to the doors opening. 

While the main focus of the exuberant event was getting the
message out that marijuana is here to stay, (so let’s get it legalized
already), there were also hundreds of vendors from across the
world gathered to promote their products, which have created
a multi-billion dollar Cannabis industry domestically. The 300
plus booths housed MMJ related purveyors of all types including,
hydroponics, law firms, security companies, armed guards, safes,
insurance, credit card processors, web developers, and of course
head shops, collectives and growers.

kush 63
The two-day extravaganza had tons of events highlighted
throughout the day, including Hemp Fashion shows, legislative
town hall sessions, as well as a legal panel comprised of leading
marijuana activist lawyers in the state. There was a growing
seminar, cooking with Cannabis demonstrations, as well as
medical presentations about the benefits of marijuana in treating
various ailments and conditions.

On the entertainment side several prominent A-list bands

performed on a beautifully lit professional stage surrounded by
three enormous jumbotrons. The B-Boys danced at 4:20
on Saturday.

Throughout the event thousands of dollars of prizes were

continuously being won by and given away to Convention goers.
Laura Slick (no relation to Grace), won a $350 Sheldon Black
piece of glass, and commented “this would have been a killer
event even if I hadn’t won anything, but wow, I will definitely
come back with my friends the next time this comes to town, it
is amazing”.

  To top things off Cypress Hill showed up at 3:30 p.m., on

Saturday, April 3, for a meet and greet with fans. Hundreds
of attendees lined the hall for their chance to get face-to-face
time with the popular activist band that has long promoted
the legalization of marijuana and are anxiously awaiting their
forthcoming new album Rise Up which is being released on 4/20.

One fan was so anxious to meet Cypress Hill that she had
each band member sign her boobs. “That’s awesome. They signed
my boobs. I don’t want to wash my chest ever,” said Stephanie
Whithorn. “Nobody famous has ever signed my chest.”

The event, hosted by Kush Magazines and was

a sign of the strength of the cannabis movement throughout the
country. Bob Selan, CEO of DBDOTCOM the owner of Kush
Magazines and Daily Buds said that “this is the first of what we
hope will be many Cannabis Conventions we put on throughout
the country. This was a cultural and business milestone for the
entire cannabis industry. There was no actual cannabis allowed
at the convention so this is something we can legally do in all
50 states, whether the state is medical marijuana friendly or not,
and that is our plan”.

Activist groups in California were thrilled that the event was

held without incident and was hugely successful, which pines
extremely well for the legalization initiatives on the California
ballot this fall.

64 kush
kush 65

Beyond being one of the modern Wonders of the World, San are more than 80,000 miles of main cables as well as 1,200,000
Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has been the gateway to Marin rivets holding it all together.
County and all that grows green north of it, since it’s opening in
The Golden Gate Bridge remains a pathway for autos,
May of 1937. Those of us who have grown up on the West Coast
bicyclists, and pedestrians to this day. Now a toll bridge charging
are very familiar with the iconic orange suspension bridge, but
$4-5 for autos only, it has also become a national landmark. It’s
let’s take some time to fill you in on a few little known facts.
spectacular orange paint is meant to contrast the beautiful green
Although the cost was speculated to reach over $100 million, and blue surroundings as well as help to stand out in the bay’s
an ambitious engineer named Joseph Strauss was able to trim notorious fog. This famous orange paint job keeps 38 people
the estimate to $17 million, eventually coming under budget employed year round, painting it from side to side, only to be
by $1.3 million. Not bad considering this venture took ten repeated again and again. That’s how big it is (and how damaging
years to approve in light of many opponents. Does this sound the sea-salt air can be).
familiar? Among it’s hurdles were the Dept. of War, concerned
With all that is great comes a dark side. Being such a
about how the bridge might block ship traffic, cause collisions,
famous landmark, the bridge has drawn suicide jumpers since
or even the possibility of sabotage to the main harbor. Unions
it’s inception. With an estimate of over 1,200 suicides, and an
were demanding guarantees for local construction workers,
average of one attempt every two weeks, the 245 foot drop into
while the Southern Pacific Railroad (one of the most powerful
chilly water is a sad part of this California legacy.
businesses in California), thought of the bridge as competition
to it’s ferry fleet. Thankfully at the time, the fledgling automotive As Californian’s face our own challenges here in 2010, let’s
industry was in support of this monolith, thus encouraging appreciate some of the literal and figurative bridges built by our
independent travel. forefathers. Without the determination and ingenuity of these
California dreamers, we might still be loading onto a ferry just
Being a “suspension bridge”, the load bearing portion is hung
to get to Humboldt. So the next time you’re heading up to S.F.,
below suspension cables, on vertical suspenders. These cables
or further, take an extra moment to soak in the majesty of the
are suspended between towers, and than anchored beyond the
Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the ride across it, and appreciate this
pillars, to the solid ground past the bridge. The cables stabilizing
universally recognized, California gem.
this Art Deco landmark are actually a compression of 27,572
smaller cables, allowing for flexibility and strength. In total, there

66 kush
kush 67

If you’re craving a down home, yummy breakfast, San Diego is Belgian waffles, Texas French toast and Flap Jacks including their
home to several award winning breakfast spots. Each serves both Southern Pecan flap jacks with the slogan “Bet you bite a nut!” These
traditional and unique breakfast foods, and offers lunch selections special flapjacks have tender Georgia pecans inside and out and are
also, but the first meal of the day is what they hang their hat on. dusted with powdered sugar and served with whipped butter. Open
daily from 6:30 am until 2:30 pm visit their website for a full menu of
In Pacific Beach, one of the best breakfasts can be found at their delicious breakfast and lunch items.
THE BROKEN YOLK CAFE, which has been serving comfort
food since 1979. Using the expression “We’ve got Huevos”, and If you are in the mood for an ethnic breakfast in Mission Beach,
offering over 20 different omelets, pancakes, waffles and French toast, be sure to visit THE MISSION located at 3795 Mission Blvd. for
the Broken Yolk can satisfy anyone’s morning hunger. They serve a Chino Latino breakfast. Awarded the Best Beach Breakfast by
eggs Benedict either traditional , Florentine or Western style. Or try the Golden Local voters, The Mission serves
Betty’s Southern biscuits and gravy made with their famous biscuit up unique versions of traditional breakfast foods. Their pancake
with your choice of bacon or sausage, smothered with country gravy. selections include Blueberry Cornmeal and Strawberry Granola.
Their menu is sure to please anyone’s taste buds. Open from 6am They make their French toast from fresh baked cinnamon bread. For
until 3pm daily they serve breakfast and lunch only. Their Pacific those who want to start the day with something a bit lighter try their
Beach restaurant is located at 1851 Garnet Avenue with several house made grain granola and fruit served with or without yogurt.
other locations in Chula Vista, Carlsbad and the Gaslamp district. They serve savory egg dishes including their Mission Rosemary made with crispy rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, sautéed tomatoes
and grilled rosemary bread. But if you really want to try their true
RICHARD WALKER’S PANCAKE HOUSE is another Latino Breakfast specials, don’t forget to order the Plata Verde con
great breakfast spot with delicious morning menu items. Located Huevos made with sweet corn tamales, eggs, and roasted tomatillo
at 520 Front Street in San Diego, they are known for their omelets, sauce or their Desayuno Burrito which is a large tortilla filled with
crepes, pancakes and other delicacies. Their “East Meets West Crepes” potatoes, eggs, cheese, beans, scallions, and chipotle cream. Open
include Fresh French Strawberry crepes or a more savory spinach daily from 7 am until 3 pm with other locations in North Park and
crepe. If you are in the mood for something unique, don’t forget to Soma, check out why The Mission is considered a great breakfast spot.
order their world famous Baked Apple Pancake with a cup of their
delicious gourmet coffee. They also serve up yummy griddle cakes,

68 kush
kush 69
70 kush

If Sheldon Black has crossed your path, than you already Bongs at the top of every smoker’s wish list. After bringing a
know of his design genius. If you’re one who’s in search no-named German bong company from complete obscurity,
of “the perfect hit”, than Mr. Black has your answer. to a household name, (you know the one...) he is doing the
Diffusion. same for Sheldon Black.

With the use of multiple chambers, and fixed and KUSH Magazine got the pleasure of testing out the new
removable stems, these intricately designed glass water product line, and the opinion was unanimous - “the perfect
pipes provide as smooth of a hit as you could ever ask hit” is out there, and it’s through a Sheldon Black Bong.
for. With countless designs of bongs with diffusers, the Richard described to KUSH just how much time, effort,
technology has come a long way. Over the years, claims and innovation has gone into the latest line. He further
about the smoothest hit have become legend. The bongs described how counterfeiting has plagued the industry,
that Sheldon Black has designed, have taken design of with cheap knock-offs from China being sold as real
diffusers, and water pipe technology to a new height. products. The German company he once worked for is
Bringing the latest technology and experience together the most counterfeited smoking devise in the world, and
with integrity and pride in their product, is what makes preventing this in the new line has been a main focus.
Sheldon Black’s Bongs the first choice for the smoking Using the latest technology, Black and Melograno have
aficionado. Design innovations like five arm removal figured out a way to make counterfeiting their product
systems, six arm fixed stem systems, and simple diffusion impossible, embedding the SB logo in multiple spots. It
chambers are all part of the water shows up in the bases, and drop
pipe science that Sheldon Black has stem system, also pioneered
mastered. by Melograno.

His new line of bongs are made With the highest quality and scrutiny
from the highest quality German of design, Sheldon Black has produced
glass, and through the annealing the Ultimate Water Pipe. With
process, these bongs have superior countless models, ranging in numbers
strength. The process of kiln firing of chambers and diffusers, to size and
the bongs are done three times to stature - no matter which Sheldon
insure that Sheldon Black Bongs Black Bong you choose, you are in for
are made to last. the smoothest of hits.

After countless attempts to track

Although Sheldon Black the designer
down this Diffusion Guru, we
seems to be somewhat of a mystery,
were called by Black’s Consigliore,
finding his new line of Diffusion
Richard Melograno, a major
Bongs is thankfully not as difficult. To
pioneer in bong technology since
purchase this ultimate piece, check
the 80’s. Richard’s experience in the
the top shelf of your local smoke shop,
industry, combined with Sheldon’s
and know that for now, you’ve found
designs, have put Sheldon Black
“the perfect hit”.

kush 71

Imagine a place where Art grows on trees, and every tree is rewarding sales prices that follow, competition is tough. Each
different and unique. This reality is part of an Art walk that lines awarded artist receives $2500 in seed money to get their idea
Harbor Drive from the Cruise Ship terminal to Hawthorn St., off the ground, and much like their organic counterparts - these
and the best part is - IT’S FREE!!! trees have cycles too, usually being sold to corporate sponsors or
into private collections.
What started in 2003 as a public art project by Urban Trees
6, has become an unbelievable display of creativity, composition, With the beautiful back drop of the waterfront, and the big
aesthetic, and design. With each tree comes a different style, blue San Diego sky, these Urban Trees are simply a great excuse
motif, and execution of that artist’s vision - some using sound, to get out and enjoy the day. With a couple of sandwiches, some
and even kinetic energy. These branches of creativity stem from drinks, and the right state of mind, the Urban Tree Art Walk is
local artists, and have been familiarized as “Urban Trees”. an economy busting “killer day”!

The Port of San Diego’s Art Committee has the difficult task We here at KUSH love Art, and we definitely love
of trimming this show down to 30 trees each year. Artist’s submit trees! So we figured, what better way to appreciate both?
their ideas, along with plans of execution. With the notoriety For more info on the Urban Tree Art Walk, click over to
that comes along with a year long public Art display, and the

72 kush

Professional sports have always had their fair share of controversies.

In the past decades, we have seen any number of athletes in the news
for steroids, infidelities and other crimes against fandom. When Magic
Johnson announced he was HIV positive, the world was shocked that
such an icon could have participated in behaviors that gave him the
deadly disease. OJ Simpson a killer? All signs point to yes. Kobe a rapist?
Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, but certainly things got out of
hand and if nothing else, Kobe was unfaithful to his wife on that and
perhaps many other occasions. Jose Canseco, an admitted doper,
wrote a nasty tell-all book that led to the implication of several
big name athletes who cheated their bodies and baseball by using
performance-enhancing drugs. There seems to be no end to
the gossip and sadly, the truth about how the humans who
embody these untouchable stars fall flat on their cheating
faces. Here’s a look some of the more recent scandals and
athletes who have fallen from grace.

74 kush
When Mark McGwire appeared on television in tears, did The face and QB of the Pittsburg Steelers faced sexual assault
anyone cry with him? Probably not. The image of McGwire greeting charges last July brought forward by a woman at Harrah’s Casino
the Maris family after beating out the legend in most home runs in in Lake Tahoe. The bizarre story claimed that the woman was under
a single season is now a black spot in history. Recap: On January 11, care of a psychiatrist because she was dealing with the death of a
2010 McGwire admitted to using steroids on and off for a decade, man she was in love with who never existed. More recently, Big Ben
and said, “I wish I had never touched steroids. It was foolish and it was accused of sexual assault by a 20-year-old woman he met at a
was a mistake. I truly apologize. Looking back, I wish I had never nightclub in Milledgeville, GA. At the time of this article, the case is
played during the steroid era.” He admitted using in the 1989/1990 still pending. Roethilsberger did not report to early workouts with
offseason and then after he was injured in 1993. He admitted using the team and the Steelers’ organization has expressed “great concern
them on occasion throughout the ‘90s, including during the 1998 for their team and Ben.” Big Ben’s Silver Lining: The motorcycle
season. McGwire stated that he used steroids to recover from crash he suffered in 2006 while not wearing a helmet didn’t kill him.
injuries, however a drug dealer who claimed to have provided
steroids to McGwire asserted that his use was to improve his size
and strength, rather than to just maintain his health.

McGwire’s decision to admit using steroids was prompted by

his decision to become hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals.
Tiger took marriage vows and no one is sure why. He claims
According to McGwire, he took steroids for health reasons rather that he did it because he loved his wife. He claims that he felt a
than to improve performance. Do you believe him? Does the Maris sense of entitlement and that all his hard work was deserving of
family? McGwire’s silver lining: None. a few distractions. A few? Try fifteen plus. Tiger blew the minds
of nearly the entire word when the news came
out that Tiger was the weak link in his
seemingly perfect family. Tiger ran
off to a rehabilitation facility to
work on his “issues”, which he
Arguably the best player in basketball, Kobe’s famous rendezvous calls a private matter. While many
in Colorado will never be forgotten, even by the most ardent fan. speculate that his treatment was for
Even though he wasn’t convicted of the sexual assault charge, the sex addiction, many more speculate
if “sex addiction” is even a real thing.
stigma attached to the accusation hurt his endorsements and role
Tiger lost $180 Million in endorsements,
model status. Recap: It all began in the summer of 2003 when the
which apparently isn’t that big of a
news media reported that the sheriff ’s office in Eagle, Colorado had
deal for sports’ first billionaire.
arrested the NBA superstar in connection with an investigation
Tiger’s silver lining: The
of a sexual assault complaint filed by 19-year old hotel employee Tiger machine has
Katelyn Faber. Bryant had checked into The Lodge and Spa at controlled every
Cordillera hotel in Cordillera, Colorado on June 30 in advance of word of his
having surgery near there on July 2 under Dr. Richard Steadman. apologies and
Faber accused Bryant of raping her in his hotel room on July 1, the re-entry into
night before the surgery. Bryant admitted to an adulterous sexual golf and
encounter with his accuser, but denied the assault allegation. The d i e - h a rd
case was dropped after Faber declined to testify in the trial, and fans are
a civil suit was settled out of court. Kobe’s silver linings included buying
a 7-year, $136 million contract a year after the allegations, and it.
regained several of his endorsements from Nike, Spalding, and
Coca-Cola. He remains married to his wife Vanessa Bryant, and
was awarded the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award in 2008 and the
Finals Most Valuable Player in 2009.

kush 75
DISPENSARIES Canna Collective Green Light Collective New Earth Beginnings San Diego Holistic
San Diego, CA 92107 4967 Newport Ave. 4905 Savannah St. Healing
SAN DIEGO CENTRAL (619) 523-1974 San Diego, CA 92107 San Diego, CA 92110 5544 La Jolla Blvd., Ste A
COUNTY COASTAL (619) 408-0198 (619) 276-1008 San Diego, CA 92037
Cannabis RX Center (858) 412-3105
420 Cannabis Card Corp. 3235 4th Ave. Greenleaf Wellness Ocean Beach Collective
3780 Hancock St., Ste G San Diego, CA 92101 1747 Hancock St. Ste B 4852 Voltaire St. San Diego Organic
San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 866-4579 San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92107 Collective
(888) 554-4404 (619) 574-9500 (619) 226-3300 2731 Shelter Island Dr.
Cloud 9 Co-Op San Diego, CA 92106
Agape Collective 5029 W. Point Loma Blvd. Greensteam Co-op Ocean Beach Mendica (619) 501-7400
1421 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92107 3434 Midway Dr., Ste 1008 Caregivers
San Diego, CA 92109 (619) 225-9128 San Diego, CA 92110 4976 Newport Ave., Ste C San Diego Organic
(858) 272-HERB (4372) (619) 795-2837 San Diego, CA 92107 Wellness Association
Doc Greens Co-op (619) 764-5464 1150 Garnet Ave.
Altitude Organic 4655 Mission Blvd. High Tide Caregivers San Diego, CA 92109
2110 Hancock St. Ste 201 San Diego, CA 92109 Co-Op Ocean Beach Wellness (858) 750-2401
San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 206-3359 6902 La Jolla Blvd. Ste B 4851 Newport Ave.
(619) 220-7100 La Jolla, CA 92037 Ocean Beach, CA 92107 Sons of Beaches
Downtown Kush Lounge (858) 729-9927 (619) 226-2653 3841 Mission Blvd.
Avail 777 6th Ave. #127 San Diego, CA 92109
909 Prospect Ave., Ste 130B San Diego, CA 92101 Horizon Collective Pacific Beach 420 (858) 488-9420
San Diego, CA 92037 (619) 255-KUSH (5874) 1012 Prospect St., Ste 300 2705 Garnet Ave.
(760) 525-4575 La Jolla, CA 92037 San Diego, CA 92109 The Chroni*cal
Forty-Two Caregivers (858) 456-1779 (858) 270-0420 311 4th Ave.
Beneficial Care 861 Hornblend St. San Diego, CA 92101
Collective (BCC) Pacific Beach, CA 92109 Horizon Collective Pacific Beach Collective (619) 546-8700
740 Broadway (858) 270-9900 3405 Kenyon St., Ste 201 929A Turquoise St.
San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92110 San Diego, CA 92109 The Green Kross
(619) 702-2110 Fresh Selection (619) 221-2932 (858) 488-4047 3415 Mission Blvd.
Cooperative San Diego, CA 92109
Bird Rock Co-Op 841 Turquoise St., Ste G La Jolla Medicinal Co-Op Pacific Beach (858) 412-5944
5640 La Jolla Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109 737 Pearl St., Ste 202 Medical Co-Op
San Diego, CA 92037 (858) 746-4207 San Diego, CA 92037 4676 Cass St. The Happy Co-op
(858) 337-2429 (858) 459-0116 San Diego, CA 92109 5703 Oberlin Dr., Ste 201
Front Street Herbal (858) 581-3265 San Diego, CA 92121
Botanicure Health Light the Way (858) 550-0445
3445 Midway Dr. Ste I 1602 Front St. 6350 Nancy Ridge Dr. Point Loma Patient Assn.
San Diego, CA 92110 San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92121 3045 Rosecrans St. Ste 214 The Organic Nurse
(619) 684-4234 (619) 764-5451 (858) 550-0450 San Diego, CA 92110 San Diego
(619) 226-2308 (800) 419-4810
Cali Green Meds Gourmet Green Room LJAH
7128 Miramar Rd., #12 5121 Santa Fe St. 6830 La Jolla Blvd. #203 Relief Co-Operative The Soul Provider
San Diego, CA 92121 San Diego, CA 92109 San Diego, CA 92037 4051 Voltaire St., Ste C 2160 Las Lomas St.
(800) 811-3112 (858) 273-9300 (858) 454-1976 San Diego, CA 92107 San Diego, CA 92107
(858) 997-2116 (619) 222-2225 (619) 226-SOUL (7685)
Grand Organics Made Fresh Daily
California Sun Collective Cooperative Collective Rosecrans Herbal Care Therapeutic Healing
2230 5th Ave. 4502 Cass St., Ste 202 350 N. 11th Ave., Ste 123 1337 Rosecrans St. Company
San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92109 San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92106 3251 Holiday Ct., Ste 201
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California’s Finest Green Earth Herbal Medimar San Diego Herbal
Cooperative Collective 2121 5th Ave., Ste 100 Alternatives THHC “The Henry Hemp
1133 Broadway 936 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92101 5830 Oberlin Dr., Ste 304 Collective”
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(619) 238-4200 (909) 437-2121 (858) 450-HERB (4372) San Diego, CA 92101

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Transformational Members Only Collective Absolute Collective Glass Jar Collective Oasis Herbal Center
Medical Collective 3795-A 30th St. 2801 4th Ave. 4015 Park Blvd., Ste 203 3441 University Ave.
1189 Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92104 San Diego, CA 92103 San Diego, CA 92103 San Diego, CA 92104
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MMSC Allgreen Cooperative Good Karma Collective Organic Experience
Tree House Club 1232 Los Vallecitos, Ste 102 3740 5th Ave. 2629 Ariane Dr. 7841 Balboa Ave., Ste 204
3780 Hancock St., Ste F San Marcos, CA 92069 San Diego, CA 92103 San Diego, CA 92117 San Diego, CA 92111
San Diego, CA 92110 (760) 804-0300 (619) 269-1824 (858) 750-2450 (619) 929-1894
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Nature’s RX Alternative Care Group Green Crop Co-op San Diego Green Care
Trichome Healing 3538 Ashford St., Ste E 3930 Oregon St., Ste 260 6957 El Cajon Blvd., Ste 109 Collective
Collective San Diego, CA 92111 San Diego, CA 92104 San Diego, CA 92115 4488 Convoy St., Ste D
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San Diego, CA 92101 (858) 278-8488
(619) 338-9922 Pasilaly Alternative Resources Green Heart Co-op
208 W. Aviation Rd. Center & Collective 2469 Broadway San Diego Holistic
Victory 215 Fallbrook, CA 92028 4410 Glacier St. # 106 San Diego, CA 92102 4535 30th Ave., Ste 114
1025 W. Laurel St. #105 (760) 451-9060 San Diego, CA 92120 (619) 487-9940 San Diego, CA 92116
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Collective (SDMC) Alternative Therapy 4633 Convoy St. #104 SDDC Collective Corp
West Coast Farmacy 1233 Camino Del Rio South, Herbal Center San Diego, CA 92111 3152 Univeristy Ave.
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Wisdom Organics San Diego Organic (SDO) California Care Collective Ste 107 Collective, Inc.
5423 Linda Vista Rd. 2854 Main St. 8340 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92111 5945 Mission Gorge Rd., #6
San Diego, CA 92110 San Diego, CA 92113 Ste 213 (858) 278-2128 San Diego, CA 92120
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SAN DIEGO NORTH Socal Wellness 7710 Balboa Ave. Spectrum of Kindness
COUNTY 1990 S. Santa Fe Ave. California Green Room San Diego, CA 92111 Cooperative
Vista, CA 92083 5234 El Cajon Blvd. (888) 774-7076 8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
ABACA Medical (760) 509-4800 San Diego, CA 92115 San Diego, CA 92123
Collective (619) 582-5420 Herb Mart Inc. (858) 569-0162
San Diego, CA The Happier Co-Op 3439 Adams Ave.
(760) 529-9630 9625 Black Mountain Rd., California’s Best Meds San Diego, CA 92116 The Gift of Green
Ste 309 6186 University Ave. (619) 654-9226 3200 Adams Ave., #208
Milli’s Cannabis San Diego, CA 92126 San Diego, CA 92115 San Diego, CA 92116
Collective (858) 271-1138 (619) 582-4035 Hillcrest Compassion (619) 516-1899
North SD county Care of San Diego
(877) 625-6209 The Healing Dragon Cannabis Creations 1295 University Ave. The Green Door
2506 S. Santa Fe Ave., Ste B8 Wellness Cooperative San Diego, CA 92103 Collective
San Diego Sincere Vista, CA 92084 2505 El Cajon Blvd. (619) 291-4420 3021 Adams Ave.
7750 Dagget St., Ste 203 (760) 599-8700 San Diego, CA 92104 San Diego, CA 92116
San Diego, CA 92054 (858) 356-7967 Integrity Workers (619) 584-2837
(858) 565-1053 Vista Garden Collective Cooperative
Vista, CA 92084 Earth Medical 2801 Camino Del Rio South, The Green Dove
SAN DIEGO NORTH (760) 532-4502 Collective Inc. Collective
Ste 201-6
COUNTY INLAND 7933 Balboa Ave. 4540 Kearny Villa Rd., Ste 213
San Diego, CA 92108
SAN DIEGO CENTRAL San Diego, CA 92111 (619) 692-3995 San Diego, CA 92123
Delta Nine Healing COUNTY INLAND (858) 277-1088 (858) 222-3613
8400 Miramar Rd #150
Mother Earth Co-Op
San Diego, CA 92126 30th Street Patient First Choice The Greenery Caregivers
(858) 271-7700 Collective 2858 Adams Ave. 4672 Park Blvd.
904 Ft Stockton Dr.
4494 30th St., Ste B San Diego, CA 92116 San Diego, CA 92103 San Diego, CA 92116
San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 521-1102 (619) 794-4618 (619) 296-1300
(619) 282-6600

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The Healing Arts SAN DIEGO EAST Marijuana Medicine San Diego Hydroponics - Smoke This
4009 Park Blvd., #23 COUNTY Evaluation Centers Beach Cities 1753 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103 5205 Kearny Villa Way #100 4122 Napier St. San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 293-3600 East County Cooperative San Diego, CA 92123 San Diego, CA 92110 (858) 274-7420
7200 Parkway Dr., #102 (800) 268-4420 (619) 276-0657
The Helping Cloud La Mesa, CA 91942 The Funky Monkey
3690 Murphy Canyon Rd. (619) 713-5922 MC2: Medical Cannabis Santee Hydroponics 1346 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123 Consultants 7973 Mission Gorge Rd. San Diego, CA 92109
Green Power 2515 Camino Del Rio South, Santee, CA 92071 (858) 272-8653
(949) 382-8590
9960 Campo Rd., Ste 107 Ste 340 (619) 270-8649
The Holistic Cafe Spring Valley, CA 91977 San Diego, CA 92108 The Godfather Smoke Shop
415 University Ave. (619) 321-8766 (619) 297-3800 1138 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103 SCHOOLS San Diego, CA 92109
Herbal Health Options MediCann San Diego (858) 483-3232
(619) 269-7200
9612 Dale Ave., #2 945 Hornblend St. Legal Cannabis Institute
The Nuggetry Spring Valley, CA 91977 San Diego, CA 92109 9808 Waples Street Vishons Smoke Shop
6334 University Ave. (619) 464-6200 (858) 274-4000 San Diego, CA 92121 5038 Newport Ave.
San Diego, CA 92115 (858) 864.8787 San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 286-NUGG (6844) Pacific Alternative Care Modern Medicine USA (619) 223-5008
7882 La Mesa Blvd. 2425 Camino Del Rio South
The People’s Collective La Mesa, CA 91942 #125 SMOKESHOPS
2869 Adams Ave. (619) 303-4079 San Diego, CA 92108 DELIVERY
Crossroads Smoke Shop
San Diego, CA 92116 (619) 819-2550
972 Garnet Ave. Ethnobotanikal
(619) 677-2776 The Pac
San Diego 420 San Diego, CA 92109 Carlsbad, CA 92009
7882 La Mesa Blvd.
Evaluations (858) 272-3015 (760) 501-0189
The Star of San Diego La Mesa, CA 91942
3918 30th St. (619) 303-4079 45 3rd Ave. # 104
Illusion Smoke Shop Grass of the Earth
San Diego, CA 92104 Chula Vista, CA 91910
3509 Sweetwater Springs Rd (760) 730-2110
(619) 358-9193 SAN DIEGO SOUTH (619) 420-2040
Spring Valley, CA 91978
COUNTY (619) 670-6652 Nature’s Gift Cannabis
Top Quality Collective
7933 Balboa Ave. Answerdam Rx Illusion Smoke Shop Carlsbad, CA 92009
San Diego, CA 92111 950 E. Vista Way 5525 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #5
City Farmers Nursery (888) 420-2673
(858) 541-2001 San Diego, CA 92173 San Diego, CA 92117
4832 Home Ave.
(619) 634-3178 (858) 751-0100 Sweetleaf
Unified Collective San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 284-6358 San Diego, CA 92130
2815 Camino Del Rio South, #2A
Smoke N Stuff (619) 851-8484
San Diego, CA 92108 DOCTORS 9028 Campo Rd
(619) 299-6600 Innovative Growing
Alternative Care Clinics Solutions Spring Valley, CA 91977
(619) 825-6818 BAILBONDS
We the People Collective 4452 Park Blvd., Ste 314 5060 Santa Fe St., Ste D
7200 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92116 San Diego, CA 92109 Aladdin Bail Bonds
Smoke N Stuff
San Diego, CA 92115 (866) 420-7215 (858) 578-4477 1400 Front St.
1307 Broadway St
(619) 318-3671 San Diego, CA 92101
Anti-Aging Medical Mighty Garden Supply  El Cajon, CA 92021
(619) 334-3762 (619) 231-7400
Wellness Center Marijuana Evaluations 4780 Mission Gorge Pl., Ste. A-1
Collective 1516 W. Redwood St., #105 San Diego, CA 92120 Armand S. Espinoza
411 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 287-3238 Smoke N Stuff Bail Bonds
San Diego, CA 92105 (888) 220-2931 5945 Mission Gorge Rd # 3
1610 Union St.
(619) 795-7725 Ocean Hydroponics  San Diego, CA 92120
San Diego, CA 92101
Calmed 420 5401 Linda Vista Rd. (619) 280-3420
(619) 239-1338
West Coast Farmacy 3045 Rosecrans St., Ste 215 San Diego, CA 92110
6956 El Cajon Blvd . San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 299-7299
San Diego, CA 92115 (619) 465-4217
(619) 465-4217

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Armand S. Espinoza OTHER
Bail Bonds BUSINESSES List of Advertisers
616 3rd Ave.
Chula Vista, CA 91910 Avalon Tattoo
(619) 585-9985 1035 Garnet Ave. Alternative Care Group p 65 Ocean Beach Mendica p 67
San Diego, CA 92109
Armand S. Espinoza (858) 274-7635 Altitude Organic San Diego p 9 Ocean Beach Wellness Center p 3
Bail Bonds
952 Postal Way Avail Co-op p 65
Black Rose Tattoo OG Dankster Buds p 29
Vista, CA 92083 4603 Mission Blvd.
(760) 758-8566 California’s Best Meds p 39
San Diego, CA 92109 PB 420 p 33
(858) 483-1542 Cal Med 420 p 67
Bad Boys Bail Bonds
1168 Union St. Chronic Tattoo Point Loma Patient Association p 67
Cannabis Creations Wellness
San Diego, CA 92101 1253 Garnet Ave.
(619) 345-8888 Cooperative p 82
San Diego, CA 92109 San Diego Herbal Alternatives p 43
(858) 274-9140
King Stahlman’s Cloud 9 Co-op p 15
San Diego 420 Medical Evaluations p 21
Bail Bonds Dragon Chewer
1140 Union St. Delta Nine Healing p 81
(213) 973-DRGN
San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego Organic Collective p 31 Dragon Chewer p 65
(619) 231-7127
Full Circle Tattoo San Diego Organic Wellness p 38
Downtown Kush Lounge p 25
4861 Newport Ave.
LAWYERS San Diego, CA 92107 Forty Two p 73 SDDC Collective Corp p 14 & centerfold
(619) 226-6575
Law Offices of Issac
Fresh Selection Cooperative p 4 Sons of Beaches p 13
Hope Unlimited Medical
1350 Columbia St. #601
Cannabis Support Group Front St. Herbal Health p 24 The Chroni*cal p 67
San Diego, CA 92101
San Diego
(619) 525-9911 Green Earth Herbal Collective p 3
(414) 418-0140
The Happier Co-op p 20
Law Offices of Michael Green Kross p 25
Cindrich Mission Beach Tattoo
3215 Mission Blvd. The Holistic Café p 51
110 West C St. Ste 1300 Grass of the Earth p 29
San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-8282 The Pac p 20
(619) 262-2500 Green Tree Solutions p 2

Law Offices of Patrick Nothing Sacred Tattoo The People’s Collective p 47

Greenleaf Wellness p 5
Dudley 319 Market St.
113 W. G St., Ste 405 San Diego, CA 92101 Horizon Collective p 69 The Star of San Diego p 61
San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 696-0663
(619) 233-7334 Integrity Workers Coop p 27 Therapeutic Healing Collective p 83
OG Dankster Buds
Turner Law Group San Diego, CA Law Offices of Michael E Cindrich p 11
(760) 730-0269 TMC/Transformational Med Collective p 57
110 West C Street
San Diego, CA 92101 Legal Cannabis Institute p 16 & 17
(619) 232-23113 Raggae World Trichome Healing Collective p 61
2540 University Ave. Light the Way (backcover)
San Diego, CA 92104 Unified Collective p 7
(619) 296-5989 LJAH p 61

Wellness Center Collective p 81

Seedless Made Fresh Daily Collective p 11
2229 Bacon St., Ste B
San Diego, CA 92107 NORML p 50 Wisdom Organics p 51
(619) 224-9999

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