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Dear Sir/Maam:

Good Day! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

We were informed that there has been some controversies arising form the survey
forms in the archives of the former externs. We condone dishonesty in any form.
Dishonesty leads to greater risks that endangers the credibility of any organization
and ruins the healthy working relationship between employees.
We would like to clear our names in the foregoing controversy. We did not partake or
in any way assist in the said dishonest conduct nor do we affirm that said dishonest
conduct actually occurred. it has never been part of the practice we were introduced
to when we joined the PGH externship program. Again, we reiterate our innocence
in the forgoing and have no idea of the existence of any in PGH. We hope that you
consider our plea and let the constitutional guaranty of presumption of innocence
apply to us until the contrary is proven. Thank you!