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2-D Art

Key West High School 2016/17

Course Goals:
Investigate the foundations
of Art.
Analyze and Demonstrate
Knowledge of the
Elements of Art and the
Principles of Design.
Analyze and Demonstrate
Knowledge of the Color
Theory and use these
concepts in works of Art.
Demonstrate Use and
Understanding of Basic
Art Vocabulary
Be able to Evaluate and
Review works of Art and
understand the concepts of
Art Criticism.
Become familiar with and
demonstrate a basic
knowledge of Art History
including major periods
and styles of Art.
Demonstrate proper uses
of Equipment, and
supplies and basic art
room safety.
Understand and
demonstrate proper uses of
different Art Media.
Work together as a group
to promote understanding
of the above goals and
assist each other as a team
Class Procedure:
Prime time: Each period begins
with a prime time warm-up that
should be completed in your
Projects: are due approximately
every 2 weeks and culminate in a
critique. Projects are due on or
before the due date.
Sketchbook or Weekly
Assignments approximately one
every week
Course Overview:
This course is designed to
build upon prior art knowledge
and/or experience developed

Ms. Alghrary Rm 1-133

through study at the elementary and middle school levels. Students will build
upon their cumulative knowledge and experience of art in order to grow in
their ability to describe, interpret, evaluate, respond, and produce. Classroom
assignments will promote and emphasize students' development of
independent, creative and complex thinking. Instruction focuses on artistic
inquiry, reflective thinking and problem-solving skills.
Class Rules:
If student falls behind, it is his/her responsibility to schedule a time
to work in the room. . Make up work will NOT be given for
unexcused absences.
1) Be on time. 2) Come prepared. 3) Use appropriate Language.
4) Use materials as instructed. 5) Respect your classmates,

teacher and yourself. Including: Keep hands and objects to

yourself. Raise your hand when someone is speaking to the
class. Be quiet and attentive.
Consequences: 1st offense: warning; 2nd offense: detention;
3rd offense: call parents/detention; 4th offense: office
referral; Extreme misbehavior: referral
Personal Headset Rules: 1) Out of sight when you walk in. 2) Pick
a playlist and leave it alone. 3) You may not listen to music during
days that you are required to: read, take tests or quizzes, write
reports, or during instruction. 4) You will be allowed to listen to
them while you work on art projects. Always ask me first. 5) The
music must be played at a volume which cannot be heard by
others. This may be lower than you are accustomed to. If you are
unsure, ask first. Please, do not sing along.
Cell Phone Rules: 1) Cell phones remain out of site, unless used as
a tool for a class project or individual permission is granted. 2) If
you are using a cell phone as a headset, pick a playlist and leave
the phone alone. Scanning through songs is just as distracting as
texting and will result in loss of privileges. 3) If you need to use the
phone as a resource for an art project, ask first and ask every

This course requires an Art Fee of 35.00

If you are unable to pay Art fees at this time please send me a note. All Art
Fees should be paid no later than September 15th, 2016.

The Art fee includes use of sketchbooks, pencils, markers , watercolor,

Acrylic, Drawing paper , Canvas board, scissors glue and all art
media. Media is bought for the year through student art fees. If you
have a financial hardship please contact me. If youd like to pay an Art
fee for a student with a financial hardship please let me know as well.
I look forward to working with your child this year! Donations of

2-D Art Key West High School 2016/17 Ms. Alghrary Rm 1-133

Hand Sanitizer,
Clorox wipes and
Lysol are much
I have read, and understand
the rules and policies set
forth by Ms. Alghrary and
KWHS, and I agree that I
will abide by the rules to
the fullest.
Student Name (please

Parent / Guardian Signature:_______________

Student Name :
Art Fee $35.00 paid:
Rules and regulations
Please sign and return this paper. The information above is
for my use only.

Date: _________________
Student Signature:
Home Phone Number:
Student Email Address (if
Parent / Guardian Name
(please print):
Feel free to contact me with any questions