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THE LOST WORD OF POWER secret of the ages revealed

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Aurum Solis
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The Secret of The Ages Revealed
Previously hidden. Known only to adepts.
The purchaser of this monograph is cautioned not to divulge it to
others. It is the one supreme word. It is easy to pronounce. It cannot
be revealed here. Within it is the heartbeat of the cosmos.
How to use the word is revealed in The Lost Word Of Power, a three page
pamphlet by Frater Aurum Solis.
The word is made up of four letters and can be spoken anywhere and at
any time it is needed.
We first published this monograph back in 1985. Readers reported
miracles. One man wrote "the effects are beyond anything I could
imagine.......It is worth more than all the money in the world".
another man who had failed with visualisation, rituals etc. wrote:
"With The Lost Word Of Power I actually received aid when I needed
it. I'm still getting that aid".
This is the word used by Frater Aurum Solis himself when magical
assistance is required.
The Lost Word Of Power brings immediate peace and enlightenment.
The Lost Word Of Power encapsulates cosmic energy. It is the most
powerful word in the universe and was never revealed until this time in
history when mankind is in most need of spiritual assistance.
Use The Lost Word Of Power to gain the strength to face any situation.
Use The Lost Word Of Power for divine revelation.
The origins of The Lost Word Of Power are lost in the ancient past.
It was The Lost Word Of Power which was used in ancent Egypt to speak
things into existence.
Humanity was given the word in the distant past by more highly evolved
beings, but as mankind became more immersed in materiality and
separation from his spiritual source, the word became lost. However the
secret guardians of the sacred knowledge ensured that The Lost Word Of
Power could be revealed at a later time when the creators plan
The Lost Word Of Power brings safety from physical harm. Speak the word
when there is fear or danger present. It evokes the protective forces
of light and will repel negativity or danger of any sort.

The Lost Word Of Power brings an immediate increase in spiritual

awareness. It awakens psychic powers. It gives us visions of the
unknown. It can provide clairvoyance and visions of the future and
other dimensions. It brings healing to the body, order to the mind and
peace to the soul.
This monograph explains The Lost Word Of Power in four steps. You will
learn everything that you need to know about the word within 30 minutes
of reading the monograph.
The monograph explains the construction of the word, its active and
receptive nature, its unique sound properties and the all-powerful
pronunciation and evocation using the sacred word.
Even if the metaphysical principles of The Lost Word Of Power are
difficult to grasp, it does not matter because the word can be spoken
by anyone, adept or neophyte.
Speaking The Lost Word Of Power will undoubtedly bring many miracles
and blessings into ones life. Even if you don't believe in the
spiritual or supernatural, The Lost Word Of Power will be exceptionally
effective in lots of different situations. It will work where other
prayers fail.
The Lost Word Of Power is the ultimate prayer. It can be spoken
anywhere, at any time, when spiritual assistance is required.
Whatever you seek in life, money, health, love, joy, just name it and
as long as your wish does not violate cosmic law, The Lost Word Of
Power will bring you to your goal. What is important is a sincere
The author of this monograph Frater Aurum Solis is a lifelong adept of
The Sacred Arts and a sincere seeker of the Divine.