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High Impact Practices to Develop Critical Thinking

High Impact Strategy

Partner Talk

Mental Sentences

Stronger Clearer

Linked Ideas

Strong Evidence

When students are partnering they are using

four conversational norms. They are:
Lower your Voice
This strategy has students pause to put more
than one sentence together. Start with two
connected sentence then move to generate a
full oral paragraph (pp. 130).
Students formulate their own opinion about a
subject, listen to what their partner says and
then sees if the other persons idea can make
their original idea stronger and clear.
Students connect two or more ideas together
ideas using sentence starters and transition
words such as because, in addition to, and, (pp.
Students use strong evidence to support
opinion or main idea.

Opinion Continuum

Students learn to express if they feel pro or con

toward a topic, and to provide evidence for
whey they feel that way (pp. 134).
Students put where their opinion falls on a
continuum. Students provide evidence for why
they feel that way (pp. 137).

Stand and Share

Students stand and use a presenting voice when

sharing their idea, partner or group idea to the


Elaborate/Give Credit

Students give credit to other students when

sharing ideas by stating the other students name
or using terms such as, In addition to what
_____, said

Table 1: This table explains the HIPs that the D-10 teachers used to foster use of academic
language through STEM based lessons.