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(FROM Pressure Vessel Design - Manual 3rd Edition.pdf)

C:, =vertical impact factor, 1.5-1.8
C1, = horizontal impact factor, 0.2-0.5
j;. , -- . W:. ~1I stress, psi
ti, = bentling stress, psi
ti, =horizontal force. 111
1; =vertical force, Ib
F;, =allowable axial stress, psi
FI, =allowable bending stress, psi
F I -- radial load, lh
F,.,, = equivalent radial load, lb
F, = tniniinuin specified yield stress, psi
M I = bcdirig moment in mast at top guide or
support, iii.-lb
Mz = rnaximum bending moment in c~imedd avit. in.-lb
Mo =bending moment in boom, in.-lb
M, = longitudinal moment, in.-lb
M, = circumferential moment, in.&
W1 =weight of boom and brace, 111

WL = rnaximum rated capacit), 11)

--to tal weight of davit, 111
a,B,K =stress coefficients
P =axial load, lb
I = moment of inertia, in.
A = cross-sectional area, in.
Z = section modulus, in.
r = least radius of gyration, in.
t, =wall thickness of pipe davit, in.
a =outside radius of pipe, in.