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Bonus Material

Note: Taxation 2 topics only. See Lex Pareto

Notes for General Principles, Income Tax and
other Taxation 1 topics.

Tariff and Customs Code

1. Beginning and ending of importation
2. Flexible Tariff Clause
3. Regular and special customs duties
Local Taxes

Sources of questions in taxation for the

past 10 years:
37% - Income Taxation
23% - Remedies
13% - General Principles
8% - Transfer Taxes
8% - Tariff and Customs Code
4% - Real Property Tax
4% - Local Government Taxes
3% - Others
Vital Topics Principles to watch out
for; frequent bar questions for the past
15 years (not necessarily in order of
1. The Court of Tax Appeals,
jurisdiction, etc.
2. Internal Revenue Commissioner,
jurisdiction, etc.
3. Commissioner of Customs,
jurisdiction, etc.
4. Various remedies available to
5. Remedies of the BIR and the Bureau
of customs to collect the taxes due
to the government
6. Prescriptive periods
7. Methods used by the BIR in
reconstructing taxpayers income
8. Pre-assessment notice, assessment
notice etc.
9. Criminal charges for violation of the
tax code
10. Compromise, abatement or
cancellation of taxes
11. Refund
Transfer Taxes
1. Determination of gross estate
2. Donor-donee
3. Donors taxes

1. Fundamental principles in local taxes

2. Power of the local government unit
to tax
3. Property exempt from payment
under the local government code

Questions take from TAX REMEDIES


No. of


Jurisdiction of CTA

Tax Refunds

Organization and Function of BIR

Assessment Notices

Customs Remedies


Tax Deficiency

False or Fraudulent Return

Inquiries made into bank deposits

Unconstitutional tax ordinances

Criminal action against violation of

tax code

Suspension of running of statute of


Abatement or cancellation of tax


Legal remedies of taxpayer

Appeal from the City Board of

Assessment Appeal

Collecting tax liabilities of an estate

Investigative power of the BIR

Delinquent revenue taxes


Rulings of the BIR

Remedies in General

Legal requirements to entitle person

reporting fraud to reward

Questions takes from LOCAL


Questions on VAT AND OTHER


Power of taxation as exercised by

the LGU

VAT on leased properties

Public hearing in the imposition of


VAT on importation of goods

Sales of precious metals

Professional tax


Collection of taxes

Tax consequences on shares of stocks

traded in the stock exchange

Authority to grant tax exemption

Jurisdiction to review

Questions taken from TRANSFER TAXES

Taxable gross estate

Donations to non-stock non-profit


Computation of net estate and

deductions allowed

Donations to political candidates

When donee is a relative or stranger

When sale of property below market

value considered as a donation subject
to donors tax

Donation made to the national


Inter vivos donations made in

contemplation of death

Exemption from donors tax

Collection of estate taxes by the state

Donation tax bracket

Power of commissioner of internal

revenue to extend payment of estate

Questions taken from the TARIFF AND


Procedure in filing cases for unpaid

customs duties and taxes on

Returning residents

Automatic review

Flexible tariff clause

Ad valorem tax

Countervailing vs Dumping duty

Exemption from duties and taxes for

those in the DFA serving abroad

Source: 2010 Lex Pareto Notes