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Sustainable Development

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Sustainable Development is Reordering

America ................................................................................ 1

Sustainable Development: Chapter 2. Understanding the Trans-Texas Corridor in

Global to Local
Context: Globalism, “Free Trade” and the “Sustainable
Economy” ............................................................................. 9

Action Plans Chapter 3. Citizens Need to Find One or More

Circumstances to Facilitate Linking the Globalist Dots
Operating in America Today .............................................. 13

Chapter 4. America’s Central Problem Comes from

Manipulation of a Left/Right Political Spectrum .............. 17

Chapter 5. Sustainable Development: Examining a Real

Life Example ...................................................................... 21

Chapter 6. Grow a Basis for Optimism ........................... 27

SM Chapter 7. Components of the Sustainable Development

Freedom Advocates
Ideology - Part 1 ................................................................ 31
P.O. Box 3330
Freedom, California 95019 Chapter 8. Components of the Sustainable Development
Ideology - Part 2 ................................................................ 43
Phone: 831-684-2232 Chapter 9. Summarizing the Goals of Sustainable Development ...................................................................... 49

First printing – 2008 Chapter 10. Review of the Connections between:

Sustainable Development Policy, the Trans-Texas Corridor,
and the North American Union ......................................... 53

Chapter 11. What Can You Do When Human Liberty is

Under Great Threat? ......................................................... 57

Freedom Advocates is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation.

Sustainable Development is Reordering America Sustainable Development

American schools largely ignore the

Chapter 1 foundational basis of freedom – the recognition
Sustainable Development is of an individual’s unalienable rights. Financial
Reordering America
interests in America are being lost in the
increasingly inevitable collapse of America’s
America and the world are being reordered.
On the world scene, America pursues a funny money system. Politicians think America is
a democracy and that they direct our course.

Uneasiness is rising in mainstream America.

People know that something is wrong – and that it
is getting worse. What do we do?

The first step is to understand the scheme

behind the reordering of America.

The initial step in understanding this scheme

is to recognize the goals of globalist philosophy’s
attacks on unalienable rights. They are:

1. Abolish private property,

2. Base world governance on public

decree; not individual rights,

3. Reduce human population.

They wish to overrule the concept that life,

liberty and property form the cornerstone of the
“preemptive” foreign policy with bloody results. American experience. America’s Declaration of
Within America, town and county reordering is Independence established that government exists
largely bloodless.
to protect each individual’s unalienable right to his
life, liberty and property.

1 2
Sustainable Development is Reordering America Sustainable Development

We are on the threshold of mankind’s greatest • Increased limits and restrictions on

defeat. Our liberty is being lost under pressure of individual opportunity.
national and global crisis. This is occurring under
the banner of Sustainable Development policy. The methods employed to achieve these
If we lose this battle, liberty will be lost and the objectives are being funded by the federal
human experience will become dark – for a very government. The objectives are being achieved
long time. As liberty fades, technology will be the via a thousand points of darkness including:
agent of an elite’s subjugation of humanity.
• U.S. monetary policy,
Let’s explore Sustainable Development
philosophy and policy • Tax policy,

The Sustainable Development philosophy is • Water policy,

designed to bring human beings across the globe
under the control of human elite. Sustainable • Environmental policy,
Developers designed a global movement to
be coordinated though a global-to-local action • War policy,
plan. Their goal is to create world governance in
accordance with specific objectives. • Education policy,

These objectives include: • Foreign policy.

• An end to national sovereignty, The focus of Sustainable Development

is to abolish private property, push societal
• Abolishing private property, undermining of the family and abandon
Constitutional protection of unalienable rights.
• Restructuring the family unit,
In America, the globalist Sustainable
• Increased limits and restrictions on Development movement is comprised of:

3 4
Sustainable Development is Reordering America Sustainable Development

• The Democrat party leadership, and lifestyle. The effect on the average American
will be devastating. With modern technology the
• The Republican party leadership, ordinary person will live without independence,
privacy or substantive rights.
• Communist anarchists,
The “Three E” symbol is frequently used by
• Libertarian anarchists, Sustainable Development advocates. The three
E’s of Sustainable Development are Equity,
• Greens, Economy and Environment.

• Public/private partnerships including

many multinational corporations,

• Socialists,

• Neo Conservatives,

• Capitalists,

• “Third Way” Fabians,

Equity, the first “E,” means to restructure
• Something for everyone! human nature. Like Communism, it is a system of
“social justice” that works to abolish the American
Consensus among the political types has been concept of equal justice in order to pursue the
declared! Ordinary Americans will pay the price – globalist ideal of “common good.” Pursuit of a
the price is a loss of their liberty. centrally determined “common good” ultimately
requires a police state to suppress individual
Seeing the big picture freedoms.

The Sustainable globalists’ goal is to Economy, the second “E,” relies on Fabian
orchestrate a fall of America’s principles, values socialist economics. This, like Italian Fascism,
5 6
Sustainable Development is Reordering America Sustainable Development

relies on business that wants the protection of • Turn America – indeed any sovereign
government’s legal force and government that nation – into a globally governed
wants the power of business. This is called “homeland” where human beings are
“Public/Private Partnership” today. Sustainable treated as biological resources
Development redefines free trade to mean subject to “human rights.”
centralized global trade “freely” crossing
national borders. This affects an international The politically based environmental movement
redistribution of American financial and natural camouflages Sustainable Developers in their work
resources. United Nations accredited Non- to transform the American systems of justice,
Governmental Organizations and other “non- economics and government.
profits” are used as bridges to transform the
American economy system. They destroy free
enterprise and abolish private property step by

Environment, the third “E,” is not really about

“saving” nature. Rather it is about a revolutionary
coup in America. It is to establish global
governance and abandon the principles of Natural
Law. Sustainable Developers are committed
to the abolishment of private property and
destruction of individual liberty, equal justice and
limited government. Sustainable Development
uses a link-by-link approach to:

• Subvert the principles of the

Declaration of Independence,

• Destroy the governing authority of the

United States Constitution,

7 8
Understanding the Trans-Texas Corridor Sustainable Development

Chapter 2
Understanding the Trans-Texas Corridor
in Context:
Globalism, “Free Trade” and the
“Sustainable Economy”

We first need to understand Public/Private

Partnerships. This trend is growing in big,
medium and small business. Public/Private
Partnerships are a marriage between business
and government. The Economy “E” of Sustainable
Development creates Public/Private Partnerships.
This brings business wanting the government’s
legal force protection together with government Are Americans ready to throw their fate to
agents wanting business’s economic power. the wind?

The Trans-Texas Corridor is a Public/ The Trans-Texas Corridor is the literal pathway
Private Partnership (PPP) between the state of to economic equalization of nations. To meet
Texas and Cintra, a Spanish corporation. The the Economy “E” global economic equalization
consequences of creating this PPP include an objectives, the system requires global
economic, and perhaps a military, Trojan horse. management of trade. Global trade management
It will open borders and give an open landing in requires bringing down American production
America. This colossal road will infuse political and middle class standards of living. American
and economic Sustainable Globalism into and economic submission and political regionalization
throughout America. is designed to lead to a borderless world. The
Trans-Texas Corridor fits this design as a step
toward world governance.

9 10
Understanding the Trans-Texas Corridor Sustainable Development

These facts lead me to ask:

• Is Sustainable Development’s free

trade policy, coupled with fiat money,
building America’s conquering enemy?

• If so, would that enemy be global

collectivism or a militarized China or

Are we entering a time of perpetual and global

war to establish global control and “world peace”
as George Orwell forecasted?

This “world peace” would depend on

perpetual, uniform and universal compliance to
the new world system.

Is Sustainable policy a major step toward that


You need to decide what you think.

11 12
Citizens Need to Link Globalists in America Sustainable Development

Chapter 3 Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism” explains

Citizens Need to Find One or More our globalist, unconstitutional money system. To
Circumstances to Facilitate Linking the get your copy, visit
Globalist Dots Operating Then spread the word!
in America Today
Abolish private property
Here are examples of ideas to help you
connect the dots: To further your understanding you need to
recognize the efforts to abolish private property.
Funny money Sustainable Developers are changing the
American economic system from free enterprise
U.S. Federal Reserve notes are funny money to Public/Private Partnership. In a free society,
with no real backing. These notes are simply understanding the role of private property is the
decreed, printed and therefore “fiat.” Throughout key to a successful defense of individual liberty.
history fiat money has always ended in failure. George Washington said it succinctly: “Private
Consider the following: property and freedom are inseparable.”

1. How long before the Federal Communitarian Law

Reserve or a successor issues new
American currency? To understand the big picture, you need
to recognize the advance of so-called
2. What would destruction of today’s Communitarian Law. This is moving us from equal
fiat dollar bring to ordinary people? justice to a system of “social justice.” American
law is being transformed to meet the “equity”
3. Would it lead to repressive and requirements of Sustainable Development.
controlling changes in our form of Original American law was written to protect the
government? individual. The evolving Communitarian principles
protect the interests of “society” as discerned by
To analyze Sustainable methodology you need a manipulative elite power base and their field
to understand our monetary system and how it agents.
perpetuates a globalist control system. Aaron

13 14
Citizens Need to Link Globalists in America Sustainable Development

Educational indoctrination

Many will understand the globalist takeover

in America when they realize the level of
educational indoctrination in our government
schools. For several years I have asserted that
California has made “the environment” central
to the teaching of all school subjects through
legislation. In May 2007, the Santa Cruz County
Office of Education announced it plans to
include environmental agenda in ALL subject
areas in ALL grades. A similar program is being
introduced in 19 other California counties.

It is important that mom and dad find out just

what is happening in their schools.

The Federal Department of Education has

proclaimed 2006 to 2015 as the “Decade of
Sustainable Development Education.”

This puts responsibility for our children’s

educational growth in dangerous hands. You need
to take appropriate action to protect your children
and lead others to an understanding of this issue.

15 16
America’s Problem is Manipulation of Left/Right Sustainable Development

Chapter 4
America’s Central Problem Comes from
Manipulation of a Left/Right Political

An artificial Dialectic is a contrived or man-

made process that poses seemingly opposite
objectives. The intent is to create a predetermined
outcome. This is a form of psychological
manipulation that identifies a “thesis” and
corresponding “antithesis.” In an artificial Dialectic
the thesis and the antithesis are chosen and
pursued to achieve a predetermined “synthesis” –
the real objective of the sponsors.

The challenge for these manipulators is to

bracket the public’s “choice” between contrasting
alternatives. Each alternative is predicated on
legal positivism. Under a legal positivist régime The artificial Dialectic left wing populist
the “rights” of man are granted and revoked. For “antithesis” is designed to rally groups of people
example, there is no difference between human around the concept of social justice. Social
rights and animal rights. justice is: Using the law to engineer society. The
objective of Sustainable Development is to end
The artificial Dialectic right wing “thesis” the era of equal justice.
is formed by people and organizations who
advocate combining the force of government
with the power of business, or Public/Private

17 18
America’s Problem is Manipulation of Left/Right Sustainable Development

You say, “Not possible. Americans would Sustainable Development is the synthesis of
never accept a silent tyranny’s revolution!” the artificial Dialectic. The purpose of Sustainable
Consider these questions: Development is to create a government controlled
• Will Americans accept an old game
wrapped in a new cover?

• Will Americans accept an evolving

Fabian system of central, controlled
and managed economics that
abolishes private property and free
enterprise using an authoritarian
justice system; if it was wrapped in a
“new” central organizing principle?

This is the purpose of the environmental


Sustainable Environmentalism attempts

to put nature before ordinary man. This
subordinates man’s property, liberty and life
to elitist manipulation made in the name of the
environment! It is essential that you recognize
the central purpose behind today’s environmental
scares. This is the artificial Dialectic behind
Sustainable troubles. Artificial Dialectic is fueled
by Environmental scares.

The phony “battle” between right and left is

moving society downward, step-by-step, toward
the transformation of America.
19 20
Sustainable Development: A Real Life Example Sustainable Development

Chapter 5 as 40 feet tall. When we stopped grazing, the

Sustainable Development: grasslands filled with thistles and burrs requiring
Examining a Real Life Example plastic pants to pass through.

In 1985 my wife and I purchased a 75 acre Immediately following the purchase, I

parcel overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the urban embarked on two programs:
edge of Santa Cruz County. Santa Cruz is a small
county lined on the west with expansive sun 1. A four lot subdivision. The land was
drenched beaches and on the east and north with and is zoned for up to 30 homes.
a rich redwood forested mountain. The southern
portion of the county is very fertile farmland. 2. A plant management program best
described as seed bank

The results:

1. I got stuck in planning hell. After 2½

years we received a questionable
denial of any economic use.

2. Our plant management program

resulted in the growth of over 150
species of California native plants.
These plant species were recovered
The land we bought is west of Highway 1. It from dormant long-lived seed banks
consists of two small north/south ocean view buried in the soil. For over 20 years
hills and a valley with a seasonal stream flowing a crew has often worked 6 days a
through the middle. When we bought the property, week to achieve this advanced
half the land was in pasture grass, the other half in ecological breakthrough.
coast oaks. The oaks were impenetrable as they
were covered with walls of poison oak as high

21 22
Sustainable Development: A Real Life Example Sustainable Development

In 2002 the achievement was featured on bizarre meetings:

the cover of the international science journal,
“Ecological Restoration,” published by the • Mother Earth was not to be
University of Wisconsin arboretum in Madison, “scratched,”
• Trees were not to be cut,

• Children were to learn a new living


• Human living was to conform to Smart

Growth mandates.

I could not relate, and dismissed the program

as nonsense.

Several years later, the County Board of

We call this landscape Liberty Garden. It Supervisors quietly adopted the Local Agenda
is unique and wonderful. But we still have not 21 as its policy guide to the implementation of
been able to establish our residence there. Sustainable Development. That is when we got
This condition has led to litigation. The local busy and formed, what is now called, Freedom
court eliminated all damage claims resulting Advocates.
from the 20 year delay claiming the land to be
“recreational.” The decision now awaits appellate Most forest owners in Santa Cruz cannot cut a
court review. tree. The California Supreme Court recently ruled
in the County government’s favor.
During the 90’s, I sat on the Santa Cruz
Resource Conservation District Board of Farmers in the County’s fertile Pajaro Valley
Directors. In that capacity, I was lured into the are being taxed increasing amounts to draw water
“Local Agenda 21” council where I attended from their own wells. The state appeals court

23 24
Sustainable Development: A Real Life Example Sustainable Development

recently overruled a county court and invalidated

the tax. The California Supreme Court did not
accept the case for review.

A land war over the idea of private property is

in progress.

25 26
Grow a Basis for Optimism Sustainable Development

Chapter 6 Stop the Trans-Texas Corridor

Grow a Basis for Optimism
Gary Lawrence, a
I’m laying out a disturbing scenario. How do chief planner for the
we grow a basis for optimism? city of Seattle, was an
advisor to President
Recognize reality Clinton’s Council
on Sustainable
We can’t fight what we do not understand. Development. He
To fight locally without understanding the big was also a delegate
picture, we will be overwhelmed with the depth to the 1998 UNEP
of alternative programs designed to secure the conference in the
globalist objective. When we understand the U.K. There he said:
Sustainable Development objectives, we can
formulate effective responses to establish or “Participating in
protect freedom and genuine peace. a U.N. advocated
process would likely
Organize locally bring out many who
would actively work to defeat any local official
Understand global-to-local connections undertaking Local Agenda 21 – Sustainable
and sustainability patterns. Then fight when Development. So we call our process something
purposeful and inform others at every opportunity. else such as “comprehensive planning,” “growth
management,” or “smart growth.”

Texans can and have fought back by thinking

local and becoming vocal. Citizen action to thwart
the Trans-Texas Corridor is essential if we are to
preserve our national boundary, protect individual
liberty and free enterprise. Think about becoming
a “big issue leader.” But realize that if you win this
battle, the next one will intensify. Recognize
27 28
Grow a Basis for Optimism Sustainable Development

globalist-to-local policy in your town or county. growing understanding of Sustainable

Central California is a globalist action haven.
Examples are: You can rely on Freedom Advocates products
to assist your efforts.
• Schwarzenegger’s global warming

• The statewide affordable housing and

Smart Growth scams,

• The train proposals and bicycle path

development around the bay area, Our work at Freedom Advocates is designed
to help you gain an understanding and forge a
• The creation of “Wildland zones” reaction to the sustainable action plan in your
which destroy private property – a community.
prime example is Alameda’s Measure D
To that end we offer you a compilation and
• The loss of timbering rights of Santa analysis of Sustainable Development at our
Cruz mountain property owners, website:

• The attempt to take the ground water Get the information. Spread the word!
from Pajaro Valley farmers.

Private property is being abolished as

unalienable rights are being trashed. We must
act in advance of a total collapse. So while
you fight in the trenches, work underneath the
transformational fury. Educate and cause your
neighbors, family and townspeople to gain a

29 30
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 1 Sustainable Development

Chapter 7 The essence of private property lies in the

Components of the owner’s determination of use. Private property
Sustainable Development Ideology - Part 1 is not a thing: It is the relationship between
a person and a thing. The essence of this
Attack on private property relationship is the owner’s right to determine the
property’s use.
Many people either haven’t learned or have
forgotten what private property is. To make a The foundations of your rights and pursuit of
quick, clear analysis: happiness are:

• The character of private property • To be who you are,

is un-subsidized productive effort –
and voluntary trade – “un-managed” • To own your own self and the product
by globalist political economics, of your energy,

• The ideals of private property protect • To possess authority and the

the freedom to think and the freedom responsibility for your actions.
to express,
A society that promotes happiness promotes
• The ideals of private property require genuine peace and prosperity. Such a society
that the culture adheres to principles pursues the ideals and the institutions of
that guarantee to each of us freedom individual liberty and its corollary, private
of action – limited by respect for the property.
property of others.
Today’s politicians and insiders are
Voluntary trade creates a spontaneous order, transforming America. We are being changed
causes mutual benefits and societal gains. This is from a nation rooted in private property to one
not a difficult idea to understand. But few of our based on a different system of economics.
children receive this message. Following are a few illustrations demonstrating
this transformation:

31 32
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 1 Sustainable Development

Eminent domain Understand the following map and you will

never see your local newspaper in the same
Americans have lost federal protection of light. This is because American corporate news’
the unalienable right to the use and enjoyment interests do not inform us of the conditions that
of private property. The U.S. Supreme Court’s transform the American economic model:
2006 decision in Kelo greatly expanded the use
of a government takings power by eliminating the
public use requirement of the Fifth Amendment.
This decision allows an increasing proliferation of
Public/Private Partnerships.

Globalists and their Sustainable Developers

needed Kelo in order to destroy the constitutional
protection of private property. The court’s
majority betrayed the American ideal. In doing
this they opened the door for the Trans-Texas
Corridor and Smart Growth programs. Remember
George Washington’s truth about the connection
between private property and freedom ... “private The red areas are Wildland zones. These
property and freedom are inseparable.” Know areas are to be void of human presence. No
this: The fight over the Trans-Texas Corridor and exaction of resources will be allowed.
Smart Growth is local! We all become united by
advancing Local Action for National Impact! The yellow areas are buffer zones. These
“protect” Wildland areas. Only limited and
Action plans controlled actions undertaken by public/private
partners are allowed.
Another method to gain a big picture
perspective of the economic revolution in The black dots are Smart Growth zones.
this country is to understand Sustainable These areas are designed to assure that wildlife
Development’s land use Action Plans; Smart can roam freely while human beings are locked
Growth and the Wildlands Project. into very narrow living areas.
33 34
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 1 Sustainable Development

This map was presented to the Senate in

1994 to describe the U.N.’s global biodiversity
treaty. This treaty was produced in the same U.N.
conference as was Sustainable Development/
Agenda 21. The Senate was prepared to adopt
this treaty when the map was presented. When
the Wildlands Project was exposed to our national
lawmakers the treaty did not come to a vote.
That’s the good news.

The rest of the story is that both the Wildlands

Project and Smart Growth have advanced with
full federal funding ever since. More than a
decade later Dr. Michael Coffman updated and B. Nathan
expanded this information, with his DVD – Taking Water policy
California’s flag has a single red star inspired
by the Republic of Texas. Texas and California
are the two places in the world that created the
most perfected private property water law. After
all, when properly understood, private property
extends to the center of the earth. Water as a
resource creates a special circumstance under
property law since water crosses property

In California, property interests in water

are under constant increasing attack. In this
state, Sustainable Development agencies are
implementing “conjunctive use” water policy. One
conjunctive use scheme is to transport water
35 36
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 1 Sustainable Development

between aquifers via surface pipes. This Water and its availability determine where
represents big business opportunities for the we live, how we live, what we eat and even if
Sustainable Development “partners!” The we live. The World Bank water policy calls for
argument behind “conjunctive use” is that if one limiting use to 10 gallons a day per person and
aquifer is fed water from a different aquifer the for the construction of continental water delivery
resulting “mixed” water is no longer a property systems. The average American uses 140 gallons
right that attaches to the overlying land; therefore, a day.
the property right to water is “lost.”
Defend private property interests in water!
Water becomes fully collectivized under Save your freedom – protect yourself from
conjunctive use rules. If Sustainable Developers globalist water policy.
win this battle, Smart Growth policy will easily
achieve its objective as rural residents relocate Globalist “Free Trade” policy
to get water. Then we will all live by fascist/
communist “global-to-local” laws. Smart Growth Another method to gain perspective of the
living is being established for these purposes: economic revolution in America is to understand
the purpose and effect of globalist trade policy.
• Control the water, The World Trade Organization (WTO) labels
globalist policy “free trade.” They want to
• Abolish private property, manage trade to benefit multinationals and world
governance advocates. The U.S. government
• Then control the people. participates in, finances and leads the WTO.
They do this to impose globalist Public/Private
The Sierra Club controls water districts Partnership economics on U.S. citizens and most
throughout the West. As a “Non-Governmental of the world. An example of doing business this
Organization” the Sierra Club is accredited by the way is the Texas state partnership with Cintra, a
U.N. for the purpose of implementing Sustainable Spanish corporation. It was created to construct
Development policy. The Sierra Club’s primary and manage the Trans-Texas Corridor highway
action plan is to gain control over Water Districts. that will extend across the continent.
The purpose is to assure that individual water
rights are lost and water becomes collectivized. Globally managed economic policy destroys
37 38
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 1 Sustainable Development

national sovereignty. Once globalist “free trade” a common mission. In the twentieth century,
is fully secured, time will bring world governance economics predicated on partnership between
with unlimited power over individuals. Consider government and business was labeled “Fascist”
the continental trade policy that undermined the economics. Ideas do not change. What changed
European nations’ sovereignty leading to the is the economic system being orchestrated for
formal loss of political independence via the Americans.
creation of the European Union.
American economics is becoming
The Trans-Texas Corridor is a big step forward transformed: from an economy based on
on the road to a North American Union (NAU). private property to one based on Public/Private
The NAU concept is incompatible with the Partnerships. Texas and America are being
principles of the Declaration of Independence. transformed from a free enterprise to a fascist
Continental “Unions” are the pathway that leads economic system!
to world governance.
Other links
Public/Private Partnership
You can see the beginning of economic
Another method for understanding the transformation by examining:
American economics transformation is to
understand Public/Private Partnership economics. • The global warming swindle,
Public/Private Partnership economics is planned
as the new global system of economics. It can • The World Bank,
only take effect by eliminating private property.
This is the reason behind increasing attacks • Banking cartel objectives,
on farmland and ranches across America.
The essence of Smart Growth policy is to • Green building standards,
eliminate private property: that is when an owner
determines the use of his or her property. • The energy debacle,

Don’t be confused by terminology. Benito • Immigration policy,

Mussolini united government and business to
39 40
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 1 Sustainable Development

• Perpetual war,

• Population control,

• Fabian socialism,

• Trilateral Commission and so on…

These are all components of the planned

transformation of American systems of justice,
economics and governance.

41 42
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 2 Sustainable Development

Chapter 8 of public (and many private) education systems.

Components of the
Sustainable Development Ideology - Part 2 Are your children and grandchildren learning
about the real meaning and significance of equal
Educational transformation justice and free enterprise? Are they learning of
the consequences of abandoning them?
The second major component of Sustainable
Development is to establish an educational Americans need a crash course in liberty and
system designed to indoctrinate youth for global they need to take action before our youth are
governance. It is preparing the next generation for unrecoverable. We need this before human liberty
a “new” world. is phased out and tyranny rules the earth for a
very long time. Dr. George Riesman, author and
No Child Left Behind professor of economics at Pepperdine University,
warns of a new dark age if we do not recover the
Bush and Kennedy drew on an artificial ideals of private property – soon.
consensus to advance the left/right globalist
takeover of every child’s education. Planting a new system of justice

A series of globalist education policies have The Precautionary Principle is being taught to
been adopted by Congress over several decades. prepare students for the transformation to world
The most recent is No Child Left Behind. Note the government and a new governing philosophy.
timing of Bush policy priorities. An early first term Understand the Precautionary Principle:
Bush priority was education legislation designed
to prepare children to accept their role in the new • It holds that a person may not take
globalist politicized society. action if that action may cause harm.

Remember the description of how all grades • Harm to what?

and all classes taught in Santa Cruz must
advance teaching environmental movement • The nebulously defined answer is “the
priorities. This crucial, significant example of environment.”
psychological manipulation has become a cause
43 44
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 2 Sustainable Development

In Santa Cruz, the federal Department of • The Destruction of your Rights,

Interior, working with local officials and business
interests attempted to effect rules to prohibit • Creating Crises, Shortages and a
many county landowners from walking on their Police State.
property during the winter. This is to prevent the
possibility of stepping on a long-toed salamander Look at the environmental movement.
during its mating season! Government has a legitimate role in preventing
pollution of water, air and the property of
Such “precautionary” practices are designed another. But today’s environmental movement
to shift legal presumptions in civil and criminal law has moved far from that simple idea. Today, the
to proving the negative. Imagine trying to prove environmental movement is the public front for
that while walking on “your” land that you did not the transformation of our systems. When this
step on a salamander! transformation is complete, my generation’s
legacy will be cemented. We will have sealed
These changes in the law are designed to posterity’s status as biological resources to serve
destroy private property principles and subjugate the whims of a ruling elite. In California, many
ordinary people to elitist control. The Los Angeles people think the environmental movement is
County School system teaches the Precautionary about “saving Lake Tahoe!”
Principle including its totalitarian-inducing
legal presumptions and burdens. Teachers and At its core, Sustainable Development’s goal
students around the country are being subjected is to reduce human population. David Foreman,
to this philosophical siege. Our children and all an originator of the Wildlands Project, has
of humanity will pay a heavy price if we do not called for a world population of 100,000 people.
reverse course – soon. Jacques Cousteau said that 350,000 need to be
“eliminated” every day for two decades to bring
Population control the world’s population into balance!

The third major component of Sustainable The U.N.’s Global Biodiversity Assessment
Development ideology is Population Control. The was released at the same time Sustainable
Sustainable Development movement is about: Development policies were unleashed. Section pp 773, announced the following policies:
45 46
Components of Sustainable Development Ideology - 2 Sustainable Development

• “Population growth has exceeded the

capacity of the biosphere.”

• “It is estimated that an “agricultural

world,” in which most human beings
are peasants, should be able to
support 5 to 7 billion people.”

• “In contrast, a reasonable estimate

for an industrialized world society
at the present North American
material standard of living would be 1

47 48
Summarizing Goals of Sustainable Development Sustainable Development

Chapter 9 The genuine servants of God need to wake up

Summarizing the Goals to the real thrust of globalism before it is too late.
of Sustainable Development The people need true spiritual leadership.

Establishing a “New” system of economics Reduced human population

and a “New” system of justice
The new systems have problems with the
These new systems discard the principles and current population level:
purposes of the Declaration of Independence.
The new systems prepare America for the • The new economic system will not
destruction of the middle class and for our entry support current lifestyles or
into world governance. population levels,

Establishing a world religion based on • The new justice system (so called
environmental principles equity) will not encourage human life,

Many religious institutions jockey for a • The environmental movement agenda

position of inclusion in the new world order. Many will not allow adequate resource use
Christian denominations are willing to reinterpret to support current population levels.
and reapply biblical principles. The driving force
of major religions is ecumenicalism for a universal World government
spiritualism. Basic tenets of western spirituality
include these ideas: The “think globally, act locally” notion is rooted
in August Comte’s philosophy of Positivism.
• That every individual is endowed with Implementation is lead by Fabian Socialists,
unalienable rights, global banking interests, and international political
and economic organizations. These include
• Everyone is made in the image and NGOs and many multinational corporations.
likeness of God.

These ideas are being “reinvented.”

49 50
Summarizing Goals of Sustainable Development Sustainable Development

For more information I refer you to the

Classic Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio (http:// now www. where you will find more
information on these fascinating connections.

51 52
Connecting Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development
Trans-Texas Corridor, and the North American Union

Chapter 10 • The target is Liberty,

Review of the Connections between:
Sustainable Development Policy, • The victim is the middle class,
the Trans-Texas Corridor,
and the North American Union • The motive is control.

Using Eminent Domain to build the Using the highway to harm American
highway to promote Public/Private sovereignty and promote world government
When a national government relinquishes its
The Trans-Texas Corridor was made possible power to control trade policy, it surrenders itself to
by the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision. This outside power. Trade policy initiated the European
decision distorted the “public use” requirement Union just as it now ushers the way for a North
of the Fifth Amendment prohibition against American Union (NAU).
government’s taking of private property. Texans
needed the Fifth Amendment to protect the The NAU intends to harmonize North American
landowners along the corridor. All Americans law by creating a common political and economic
need the Fifth Amendment to save us from philosophy with the United States, Mexico and
this Trojan horse. Globalist Public/Private Canada. This will not result in the protection of
Partnerships have been unleashed on America! unalienable rights. The result is a philosophy
leading towards world government. Is America
Using the highway to promote Globalist growing weak of spirit? Or are we short on
“Free Trade” policy information?

The globalist’s political goal is a system of Understand the threat and defend Liberty:
managed trade. It is not trade freely occurring Take action – spread the word
between people. It is managed trade policy that
combines multinational business interests with Sustainable Development and Smart Growth
tyrannical governments. The result is flooding are global collectivism. The goal is to abolish
America with Trojan horses: private property and end the American era of
equal justice. These programs have made
53 54
Connecting Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development
Trans-Texas Corridor, and the North American Union

substantial advance at all levels of American

government and business.

Drastically reducing human population is a

tenet of Sustainable Development. To create a
global-to-local connection, it operates locally.
It creates political regions to eliminate political

Sustainable Developers, as did their

predecessors, cloud the issues while operating in
the shadows. They design and promote plans that
will subjugate humanity to a “new order.”

This evolving political/economic movement

has moved at a turtle’s pace for over a century.
Their leaders have long promised that the turtle
will become a hare as the “change” takes place.

Is now that time?

55 56
What Can You Do When Human Liberty is Under Threat? Sustainable Development

Chapter 11 Some people will suffer regrets when they

What Can You Do When Human Liberty realize that the threat is real and the party is
is Under Great Threat? over. Too many will continue to live in denial. And
a few will grow more desperate in pursuit of the
Inform yourself and others Sustainable Development goals.

Cause freedom to become solidly anchored But people who are committed to the following
by promoting the ideals of private property. When will discover and understand the tyranny behind
people understand the issues, each person will Sustainable Development:
find their way to contribute to saving America.
They will do this for the benefit of the current and • Self evident truth,
future generations.
• A political system dedicated to
Our common challenge is to spread the word individual liberty,
of the American predicament. Solutions exist!
• The 10 Commandments or similar
The Red Coats are coming! moral paths.

So are the Brown Shirts along with the Green We can rise to meet the greatest challenge
Coats. New systems of justice and economics mankind has faced. We can challenge and defeat
are being advanced under cover of a political- Sustainable Development.
environmental spirituality. Sustainability is
happening: When we do that we will have protected and
preserved mankind’s greatest achievement –
• Will we lose by default and America’s Declaration of Independence.
Long live Freedom!
• Is the human spirit gone?

• Have we been dumbed out?

I do not think so.

57 58
What Can You Do When Human Liberty is Under Threat? Sustainable Development

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Please use this booklet as a reference

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American way of life and the individual
liberties that built this great nation…
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Sustainable You may have heard people talking about Sustainable Free enterprise seeks and achieves the objective of ecological
Development Development – in public meetings, on television and on the radio. health, as Liberty Garden demonstrates. There, a former weed lot now
– Agenda 21 – Consultants talk about it, university professors lecture on it, and supports a wild wonderland with a plethora of productive native plants,
government entities are increasingly implementing it. But what is which in turn support an array of indigenous species. Liberty Garden
Sustainable Development? That is precisely the question this pamphlet proves that if people are free to create voluntary associations, the laws
is intended to address. of economics and the consequences of stewardship will cause the earth
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Transforming America: Sustainable Development Sustainable Development operates locally, often through so-
• The Destruction of Your Rights called consensus councils that work to implement a predetermined
• Creating Crisis, Shortage and a Police State outcome. Whether it involves transportation, land use or other sound-
good objectives f lowering in your community, this booklet gives you
This concise pamphlet explains Sustainable Development theory the insight to successfully cause the manipulation efforts in your
in political, economic and ecological terms, and shows the global community to fail.
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passed from its citizens to a handful of powerful bankers in
Global to Local Action Plans 1913.
This thorough exposé is the third in a series of Freedom That’s the year the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th
Advocates pamphlets. It provides an analysis of how sustainable Amendment were introduced, giving a privately held
policy invades and directs your county through its global to local corporation the means to control our finances while ensuring
action plan. The booklet is designed to provide information that you its interest payments through the strong arms of the newly-
and your community need in order to preserve liberty at the local formed Internal Revenue Service. Ever since then, Russo
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from swallowing up our unalienable rights. accept fewer freedoms and a lower standard of living, all the
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America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development Michael J. Chapman
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Liberty! A Life of One’s Own
Michael Shaw, Freedom 21 Santa Cruz, CA (now Freedom Advocates)
DISK 1 (59 min.) The U.N. Agenda for America’s
Transformational Education: Children: The U.N. has declared 2005 - 2015 “The Decade
Preparing our Children for Global Citizenship of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).” President
Michael Chapman, Ed Watch, MN
Bush has brought America back as “full partners” with
The Smart Growth Fraud UNESCO – the lead agency in ESD! See how curriculum
Michael Coffman, Sovereignty International, ME based on the U.N. education agenda is preparing children to
accept world citizenship.
Exposing Group Manipulation Tactics
Beverly Eakman, National Education Consortium, MD
DISK 2 (54 min.) Restructuring for a State-Planned
Economy: Find out how School-to-Work and State Economic
Sustainable Development: The Wrenching Transformation of America Development Plans relate to the U.N. agenda to transform
Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center, VA America away from its founding principles and systematically
prepare our children to accept their new roles as “human

A Six Hour Presentation on DVD resources” for a global state-planned economy.

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Sustainable Development Global Warming?

This 2-disk DVD set includes talks on Sustainable
Development presented at the March 18, 2006 Austrian Global Governance?
Scholars Conference at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in If you were to ask ten people on the street if mankind’s
Auburn, Alabama. activities are causing global warming, at least eight out of ten
would say “yes.” After all, Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”
Presenters and Topics: provides “evidence” that this is the case. Yet, contrary to what
Sustainable Development: America Transformed - is heard in the media, there is overwhelming evidence that the
Michael Shaw, Freedom Advocates warming we are experiencing is natural. This video exposes
the reality behind the global warming theory and how this
Agenda 21’s Wildlands Project and the United Nations - theory is designed to lead to global governance.
Henry Lamb, Freedom21
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_ _ _ _ _ Sustainable Development: Global to Local Action Plans
restoring and preserving liberty.
Hosted by Michael Shaw, Freedom Advocates, with the following guests and topics: _ _ _ _ _ What is Private Property?
Abolishing Private Property - Dr. Michael Coffman (2 hours)
_ _ _ _ _ How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics
Screening your Child for “Mental Health” – Dismantling the Family - Dr. Karen Effrem
Central Banking and Sustainable Tyranny - Dr. Edwin Viera Audio
The Permanent Revolution: the Rise of Global Corporate Socialism - Terry Hayfield
Fabian Socialism, Regionalizing England, and the European Union - Robert Theobald _ _ _ _ _ The War on Reason
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