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AO5: Transactional Writing Language Skills

(Band 5)

Criteria: Communication and organisation

shows sophisticated understanding of the purpose and format of the

shows sustained awareness of the reader / intended audience
appropriate register is confidently adapted to purpose / audience
content is ambitious, pertinent and sophisticated
ideas are convincingly developed and supported by a range of relevant
there is sophistication in the shape and structure of the writing
communication has ambition and sophistication

2B: Transactional Writing

Success Criteria/Mark scheme you are working towards:

AO6: Transactional Writing

(Band 5)

AO6 Vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation

there is appropriate and effective variation of sentence structures

virtually all sentence construction is controlled and accurate
a range of punctuation is used confidently and accurately
virtually all spelling, including that of complex irregular words, is correct
control of tense and agreement is totally secure
a wide range of appropriate, ambitious vocabulary is used to create effect or convey precise

Remember, you will be given 20 marks per task (12 for AO5 and 8 for AO6) and be asked
to do 2 tasks in the exam. You could practice using these task titles:
1. Write a letter to your head teacher with the aim of persuading him to ban
2. An adult travel magazine needs a rough guide to your local town. Write an article
which informs about your local area.
3. Your school is running a competition to design a leaflet with the aim of persuading
young people not to take up smoking. You should design a persuasive leaflet with
4. A friend needs advice on how to deal with a cheating boyfriend who she claims she
loves. Write a letter advising her on what to do.
5. Write a magazine review of the best film you have watched recently. The magazine
will be read by young people.
6. Write a letter to the Prime Minister with the aim of persuading him to extend the
length of the school holidays.
7. Write an entertaining article focusing on interactions between teenage boys and
girls at school. Aim the article at adults.
8. Produce a leaflet informing your parents how MSN works and why its so

9. Write a report on the benefits of social media aimed at parents

Write to inform your local school that they are closing. You should include
reasons for this decision.
You are concerned about the inequality in pay between men and women.
Write a report which advises on how to even up this issue.