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Australia is one of the worlds finest tourist destinations owing to its vast and
diverse tourist destination sites. Australia attracts visitors from all around the world,
forming a strong tourism base which comes to explore this majestic country. Tourism
is a highly valued industry to the Australian economy. During the 2010/2011
financial year Australias tourism raked in sums that led contribution of a 2.5% of
Australias GDP. Not delving into much statistical details, tourism in Australia
accounts for a significant amount of employment for its populace. Tourism also
contributes to Australias total export earnings. The government of Australia
unleashed the 2020 Tourism Industry Potential on 15 November 2010, and
approximated the industry to be worth up to 140 billion dollars in expenditure. This
growth being contributed largely by key emerging markets, e.g. China market which
is estimated to be the major contributor to the Australian tourism industry by
2020.The Chinese are also the highest spending visitors.
Some of the best places to visit in Australia are:


This is the worlds largest coral reef system being over 1500 miles long and
home to thousands of different underwater plant and animal species.
Although not possible to tour the entire length of the reef, a single day spent
on the reef can give you a sense of this aquatic wonderland. One can sign up
for many activitiesincluding; Great barrier reef diving and snorkeling cruise
from cairns. You can marvel at the sights before you from the water surface.
This also gives one a shot at having to get away from the bulk of crowds in
The Sydney opera house is the not only the most iconic building in Sydney
but also Australia. One can get to learn the insights into the buildings history
while on a guided tour and might also get a chance to get a behind the
scenes look at the house. You can also snap a handful of photos with friends
and family as you Marvel at its breathtaking architecture. You can also get
tickets to see the kinds of performances that leave people in a stupor of awe
with some of theatres biggest stars in the Sydney Opera house.
You can take a one day tour of Sydney with an optional cruise ship getaway.
See the sights on a Sydney harbor cruise to relax your mind of the citys
social scene.
This is the most eye catching and dramatic section of thousands of miles of
coastline that surround the mainland of Australia. You can opt for a romantic
evening with a day Ocean Road sunset tour from Melbourne while watching
the rays of sunlight disappear on the horizon before heading back. The sights

of sculpted shorelines, to waterfall laden interiors enables you to appreciate

the beauty of Australias coastal side.
It is located in New South Wales. It is known for its three sister rocks, that rise
900m above Jamison valley. It features miles of trails for enthusiasts in hiking
and mountain biking and for such sports as rock climbing and abseiling.
This is one of the worlds largest monoliths attracting mammoth numbers of
tourists each year who want to marvel at its stature. One of its outstanding
features is that it dramatically changes color at sunset from terra-cotta to
blue. It is also regarded as a sacred site by local aborigines.
This is a beautiful collection of 74 islands that lie in the middle of the Great
Barrier Reefs, this makes them the perfect spot for jumping off and exploring
of amazing marine life. Some of the islands have great resorts that offer a
blissful destination for vacation by tourists.

From past colonial days, Australians have embraced the idea of travelling than
staying at one place. Having being immigrants they were always prone to continue
searching for wealth and security for a while. With the opening of new lands and
establishment of new towns and industries led to the eventual dispersal of people
all over Australia creating a habit of mobility and enterprise. However travel tended
to be slow an uncomfortable.
The onset of tourism for pleasure purposes was strongest on travel to resorts near
the main population areas which included Blue Mountains in New South Wales with
hill and coast resorts close to Melbourne and other cities forming destinations.
Existing railway services emanating from those cities and later coach transport
linking up with railways, rendered the State Government railway tourist bureau as
the main means of selling between the states and also intrastate travel. Travel
increased steadily mainly by rail and sea. Rising standards of living during the post
war periods led to greater expenditure on tourism making it more vital to Australias
economy. Australia shared its worldwide expansion of travelling especially in the
respect of domestic tourism. This was majorly due to the gradual increase in
incomes and subsequent increase in private car ownership among large sections of
the population and greater time for leisure. This led to diverse investments in the
sector e.g. improved facilities,accommodation and coming up of new resorts around
Australia. This also led to improvement of methods of tourism administration in the
country influencing matters such as betterment of highways and increasing access
to national parks and foreshores.