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Garrett Harris
Hannah Palmquist
Stefan Wandtke

What Is Family? What Role Does Music

Play In Your Family?
From lullabies to birthday songs, music plays a
valuable role in uniting our families.
Through music we can show our admiration for
one another.
Through music, grand/parents can cross
generations of time, communicating with their
grand/child before s/he knows how to speak.

The Uniting Power of Music

Music can strengthen bonds between family members and is
the bridge between generations that allow us to
communicate with our superiors since birth.
Whether you practice singing traditional family songs with
your family, or study music, the benefits of music to
everyone is endless. Music brings family together.
How has music helped your family to bond?


How Families Can Bond

Is Music Generating
a Social Problem?

YES, and heres why..

As we know, music allows us to feel feelings that we cannot feel in everyday
There have been studies that certain kinds of music encourage inappropriate
behavior such as,rock or rap.
Also there have been social barriers between generations. As we know the older
generations enjoyed Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Jazz music. As decades
come and go we will notice that a lot of our parents enjoyed 80s music such
as Bon Jovi, Queen, and Michael Jackson. As we know the current popular
music comes from Taylor Swift, Drake (Drizzy), and Various DJs like Calvin
Harris and The Chainsmokers.
As the popular music changes constantly, past generations compare the old
to the new and it seems to create a feud between generations.

Children, Teens and

How music affects each age group

*Teenager are viewed as a product of allowances+leisure
time+energy+parental indulgence
*Do you agree with that?
*How do you feel about teens and music together?
Rock and pop music became an available and useful commodity. The
themes could directly address the angst and adventure of adolescence.
Was this true for you?
What is an experience youve had?

*Rock n Roll affects much but specifically permeating culture and influencing other styles of music and everyday life
*Another way of saying this is, that social roles are less rigid in a post-modern world.

*What other styles do you think have been influenced by rock n roll?
*In what way has rock and roll affected other things?
*The world today is more open minded than it used to be. Elvis Presley used to be provocative. It has definitely
changed. Different kinds of music are coming together and mixing within each other.
*What are some examples of intermixed music?
*Another concept of culture is children
*The concept of childrens culture denoted everyday practices.
1) Music is used to interpret and master everyday life.
2) created, acquired, disseminated, and used by adults to construct and define parental relationships w/
their children.
3) ordinarily associated w/ children and childhood, yet used by adolescents and adults to interpret, enjoy
or learn certain everyday life situations.

*What are some examples? *Do you use music to help w/ a situation?


*music serves for role-making (For example) children socialize their parents to
childrens culture through music or vice versa. (parents introducing their
children to their music)
*Similarly, adolescents experience popular music to extend childhood or adults
use it to relive their childhood.
*Have you had any experiences like this or similar?

Adolescents as Children
*adolescents as children, from the teens perspective popular music is commonly
an extension of childhood experiences.
*It keeps them feeling like they dont have to grow up
*Any songs that bring you to your childhood?

Adults as Children
*Adults who love rock n roll usually were raised with it.
*Adults who have grown up on rock n roll, They tend to listen to it often
*They will play their music over and over to relive the fun or experiences, They
want to retrieve the past through nostalgia

Children as Children
*Children can enjoy or make memories of tv shows that have music or get early
brain development from baby mozart. Some examples are the DoodleBops or
Disney movies.
* Some examples of disney movies are The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and a
big one is Frozen.

*Music marketing surrounds us
*The pervasive mass media is constantly targeting people of all ages but
specifically the younger generations.
*Mass media is constantly exposing young children to music
*children ,teens, and adults are always hearing something new.
*music can bring families together or apart. It can create a wholesome
environment or intense scene.
*from happy to sad to dramatic, there are so many kinds of music.
What are your ideas or thoughts?

Adults as Parents
Pop and Rock both act as a bridge across generations and help integrate
families. Most of this bridging is fairly positive.
Can sharing music within a family setting cause conflict (i.e. lyrics or even
volume) ?

Positive Features of Pop and Rock Music

Mother Daughter Bonding - Has anyone ever bonded over Madonna, Gwen
Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood?
Father and Son Bonding - Van Halen,Eruption, Guitar Hero!
Family Leisure Activities - Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster Disney World.
Acceptable for both parents and children.
Religious Socialization - Youtube - White Cross. Whether or not rocknroll is
compatible with a familys religious orientation, it still functions as a
mechanism for teaching religious beliefs and values. Some denominations
view rocknroll as evil.

Continuing Positive Features

Moral and Historical Socialization - Rap becoming the medium of choice among
inner-city students, helps them convey moral messages i.e. anti smoking and
anti-drug use. Veterans can also convey history to their families and children
through music like American Woman by Guess Who. The music bridges the

Examples in our Day

The Construction of Evil in Popular Music

Not really the intention of the music produced, but more of what the music is
associated with (i.e. Raves, dance parties, risque music videos).
What are your thoughts? Are these valid examples for Evil in music?


Like in all things music gets the good and the bad! Regardless, music is important
and it is fused into our lives and into our families!