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The Crawford Generating Station (3501 S. Pulaski) is one of two coal-burning
power plants in the city that Ald. Joe Moore (49th Ward) and others want to

$1 PBR cans
but must sign their full names when regulate with the Clean Power Ordinance. See “Clean air, coal and the city,” p. 6.
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Comic expo features anime, scifi, video From the Coliseum by Terence Byrsa ........ 5
games & visual art by Philip Hayek ........ 4
Editor & Publisher Kristina Zaremba Features
DJ Action/Adventure Public Affairs Editor John Campos
Clean air, coal and the city by John Campos ................................................................. 6

& DJ Adapt Contributor Philip Hayek

10 Things Every Chicagoan Should Know .................................................................... 8

Contributor Terence Byrsa DIY

w/ special guest host Layout & Design Kristina Zaremba

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The Chicago Grid April 26, 2010 •3

Arts & Culture Commentary
C2E2: Comic
expo features From the Coliseum
By Terence Byrsa
anime, scifi, Contributor
You can’t enjoy the full effects of the Parade
unless you’re lit!
video games I heard a woman telling her friends this
as I sat in a lounge chair near Broadway

& visual art

and Halsted before the Pride Parade began
in 2008. For me, this summarizes the issue
of the Parade, specifically, and of being
By Philip Hayek homosexual in Chicago in the 21st Century,
Contributor in general.
BAM! POW! KICK! PUNCH! The world of comic books has Photos from Creative Commons
I’ve attended the last three Parades and
come a long way, Chicago, and the weekend of April 16-18, our each time it’s like I’ve been transported by the way). We are human beings living on
city was host of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, the to some bizarre dimension where a Notre fall into the gutter as the party prances by. this planet like everyone else.
C2E2, at McCormick Place. This event was launched in response to Dame football tailgater has met Caligula. The human rights issues that the Parade The Cause of rights and our happi-
the faith, desire and requests from those die-hard comic fans who Bikini-clad boytoys gyrating on Red Eye- is supposed to be upholding has got to be ness and freedom depend on us stepping
made the New York Comic Con such a famous success. Yes, it’s sponsored floats and sunglassy-eyed onlook- incarnated by more than just a lone man forward, off the parade route, living as full
the New York Comic Con guys, but this is Chicago, and the C2E2 ers swaggering up and down the sidewalks walking in the procession with a sign read- members of our respective cities, states and
kicked ass…Chicago-style. have overshadowed this alleged day of ing “I’m a victim of a hate crime” and one nations with our gifts and talents. If not,
Let me begin by saying to anyone reading this who may find remembrance. couple sitting in the back of a convertible we risk dying in the sand of the Coliseum,
themselves in the city between April 8-10, 2011—check out the The ancient Romans held 150 days holding a “Just Married” sign. I admire the daggers plunged deep into us; or worse, we
C2E2. That’s right, it’s already scheduled for a comeback, same Chi- worth of “games” in the Coliseum to honor courageous who march in this way; I’ve neglect our duty to raise our communities
time, same Chi-location. emperors after they died. These events been one of the inactive actors on the cul- out of the darkness of bigotry and fiddle
Comic book fans, anime fans, memorabilia collectors and movie degenerated into a saturation bombing tural stage but see them as my inspiration. while Rome burns.
buffs alike all found themselves at home and among friends. There of blood and gluttony. So with us, we risk This is where the refocus needs to be. We In the words of Alfred Douglas (Wilde’s
were previews from Marvel and DC; demos of new Nintendo DS losing the deeper truth of the day – from all would be better served and serve better companion “Bosie”), We are Nature’s stepsons.
games; memorabilia from the “Iron Man” movie; the Batmobile Stonewall to the imprisonment of Oscar by taking up a little more of the mantle of Stepchildren we may be, but we are rightful
from the ‘60s TV show, right next to the Delorean from “Back to Wilde to the murder of Matthew Shepard, The Cause. The LGBTQ community has heirs along with everyone else. It’s time we
the Future.” There were artists displaying their work (some taking and everything that has come before and been told by the “straight” culture that we claim our status by stepping up and being
commissions), a tower of novelty T-shirts and totally badass Samu- Photos and video by Philip Hayek since – we might just be letting The Cause are “crooked” (that’s the opposite of straight, seen and heard in the stadium of humanity.
rai swords for sale.

Members of the Windy City Jedi duel with lightsabers. CLICK
Seemingly-endless expert panels and performances filled all
Academic freedom
Write a
three days of the expo. On Sunday, they auctioned off various props to see the Grid-original video of them dueling.
from the “Iron Man” film. Plenty of sneak peeks and meet and
greets could satisfy the most ravenous comic book enthusiast.
other peek at, or just stop by 3244 N. Clark St.
And certainly check out the 2011 Chicago Comic and Entertain-
forums at U of C Regarding the March 22, 2010 DIY item
“Grow Your Own,” a reader notes that the
Chicago’s premier non-canon “Star Wars” lightsaber team, the
Windy City Jedi, was there doing exhibitions. Laugh or cringe at
ment Expo at McCormick Place to satiate all of your pop culture
The University of Chicago will hold an
Academic Freedom Symposium on May
AeroGarden is not hydroponic, but actually
aeroponic. Hydroponics require large quan- Letter to the Editor
the sight of grown men in capes playing with plastic sticks, it is 6-8 in the Laird Bell Law Quadrangle, tities of liquid water continuously pumped
damn entertaining.
Speaking of things that confuse, I for one could not control my
reaction when approaching the booth of the man who has drawn
Artist’s Agenda 1111 E. 60th St.

The conference features discussions with The

across the root system through an elaborate
plumbing setup; whereas aeroponics utilize
smaller amounts of water misted onto the
every Playboy cartoon since 1963. With all due respect to Mr. Doug Writer’s Reading Group Attend monthly writers readings from New York Times’ Stanley Fish, U. of Chicago plants’ roots.
Sneyd, I will say that his display was sufficiently creepy: a crotchety 7-8:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at the Argo Tea president Robert Zimmer, The Chicago
80-year-old man signing his name to pornographic cartoons for Cafe at Armitage and Sheffield. Read your work or just come and Reader’s Mike Dumke, The Chicago Grid’s The photo of former President Bill Clinton
adoring middle-aged men. listen. Contact Joe at with questions. editor-in-chief Kristina Zaremba and more. with the story “AIDS center hosts Clinton” Maximum: 500 words
For a fresh look at the Chicago comic scene, I suggest taking a on page 6 of the March 22, 2010 issue was May be edited for style or length, but
look at the Nerd City guys at Their video blog Submit your Artist’s Agenda evetns and classes to by the E-mail for more miscredited. It was taken by the Sun-Times never for content.
is worth a peek and it’s sponsored by Chicago Comics, worth an- Friday before publication. information. News Group.
4• The Chicago Grid April 26, 2010 The Chicago Grid April 26, 2010 •5
versity of Chicago confirms that fumes from Charley Parnell said in a July 28, 2009
“Clean Power” from p. 6
the west side travel to other neighborhoods: Reader blog post by Mick Dumke. If
specifics of the ordinance mainly focus on “Exhaust that comes out these stacks is hot. greenhouse gas emissions trends continue,
the reduction of PM2.5 (particulate mat- First, it will rise in the atmosphere, then the they could lead Chicago to experience
ter 2.5), a very fine particle currently not exhaust will be carried by the wind current hotter summers, more regular heat waves
regulated by either state or federal agencies, in the sky (either in a down or up current) consisting of deadly temperatures, worse
but PM2.5 is so fine that once breathed in it while at the same time losing velocity and air and water quality, lower lake levels and
can enter the bloodstream. “No regulation, landing on surrounding areas.” Although we less frequent, but heavier rains causing flash
neither Federal nor the newly passed state can’t currently measure how many or how flooding and potential property damage and
legislation address the kinds of emissions loss of life.
that doctors and scientists say pose the most Midwest Generation is adamant that
serious threat to the health of Chicago’s given the existing state and federal regula-
residents,” Ald. Moore said. tions protecting public health and the en-
Fisk and Crawford Coal plants have vironment an additional layer of regulation
a higher population density surrounding in Chicago is unnecessary and overreaching.
them than any other plants in the United Its only real impact, it claims, will be to risk
States, with Crawford surrounded by 29,009 the shutdown of these plants, and as a result,
people and Fisk bby 47,050 within a mile- reliability of the electric grid and the loss of
radius, the majority of which (83 percent) 200 good union jobs.
are Mexican immigrant communities that This ordinance will help the city achieve
suffer from the worst health conditions. the goals of Mayor Daley’s 2008 Chicago
Chicago holds the second highest asth- Climate Action Plan (CCAP), which lays
ma rate in the country (318,009 adults and out a plan to cut greenhouse emission by 13
132,000 children reported in Cook County percent by 2020. The CCAP also addresses
in 2009) and the Chicago asthma hospi- the immediate need to decrease emissions
talization rate is nearly double the national from the two coal plants. According to the
average. Actual asthma rates may be far Photo by: Kat Wallace 2008 CCAP, Crawford and Fisk produced
higher among the two million children who Ald. Moore leads an April 13 press con- 21 percent of the electricity consumed in
reside within a 30-mile radius of Fisk and ference at City Hall on the Clean Power Chicago, but their emissions were equiva-
Crawford, however, communities that are Ordinance. CLICK for Topless America’s lent to 35 percent of the CO2 emissions
economically marginalized are less likely to video on coal mining in West Virginia. from Chicago’s electricity consumption.

have the financial resources to seek medical These two plants make up approximately
attention for conditions directly connected 1 percent of the electricity generated in
to the emissions given off by the plants. It may be out of sight and the regional power pool. The link between
In 2001, a study conducted by research- out of mind, but there these two generation facilities and Chi-

ers from the Harvard School of Public are no walls between—air cago’s greenhouse gas emissions inventory
Health reported that each year the emis- does not have boundaries is complicated by the fact that the electric-
sions from the Fisk and Crawford plants ity produced is not sold to the local utility,
Photo from Creative Commons
were responsible for up to an additional between wards. ComEd, so even though the electricity at
The Clean Power Ordinance seeks to further regulate the Fisk coal-burning power plant, 1111 W. Cermak Road, built in 1903. 41 deaths, 500 emergency room visits and —Parson Brown, Topless America the plants is generated here, from a contrac-

Coal, clean air and the city

2,800 asthma attacks. The health effects founder tual perspective it’s not consumed here.
from exposure to air pollutants also have Chicago has an historic opportunity
social and financial costs through demands in human history to be a leader among
on the health care system and lost days of far particles are drifting from one com- green cities by setting a precedent that local
g Aldermen and organizations cooperate to pass Clean Power Ordinance work and school. “Fisk and Crawford are munity to another within our city, we must politics are good politics and that people
the main source of particulate matter and take note that nation states are addressing can shape their environment and realties by
By John Campos the Fisk and Crawford coal power plants close the plants, it would make it more are compromising the immediate health of these issue between themselves. Dialogues taking control of their health and govern-
Public Affairs Editor located in the city’s Pilsen and Little Village profitable for them to shut down than to all Chicago…why should we wait patiently are being had in Europe on Long-Range ment. Chicago has an opportunity to end
neighborhoods. The ordinance will require comply with the city’s mandate. [for compliance] when our residents are Transboundary Air Pollution. its connection with the supply and demand
A beautiful warm Chicago day on North both plants, which are owned by Midwest “When this legislation passes, Chicago becoming patients?”asks Brian Urbaszewski, According to a 2008 Federal EPA of deadly and pollutive Appalachia coal
Avenue beach, your day is marked by the bliss Generation—a subsidiary that sells their will do what no other large city in America director of Environmental Health Programs report, Chicago averages 116 parts-per-bil- mining tactics by passing the Clean Power
cast over you; warm sunrays embrace your skin.  energy back to ComEd’s parent company, has the guts to do—clean up a dirty power of the Respiratory Health Association of lion, which is a higher rate of pollution than Ordinance. Contact and lobby your alder-
The sun begins to set; it reveals the city’s doings Exelon—to reduce their emissions of par- plant within its jurisdiction and protect the Metropolitan Chicago. San Diego and Los Angeles. In the last man. Tell them you support breathing clean
of the day.  A faint brown cloud stretches across ticulate matter and carbon dioxide (CO2) health and welfare of its residents,” sponsor The health risk is not only isolated to three years, the coal plants produced a com- air, securing a clean future for all of our
the sky like a band. using demonstrated available technology. Ald. Moore said at the introduction of the the two communities, but pose a risk to all bined 45,000 tons of air pollution, which children and the Clean Power Ordinance.
In an unprecedented move to regulate Midwest Generation technically meets ordinance on April 13. Chicagoans as emissions spread throughout is equivalent to 872,042 cars and exceeded “The public should act more radically for
coal power plants within our city’s jurisdic- federal clean-air standards under the grand- The owner of the Fisk and Crawford our windy city. “[You] can smell the pollut- regulation mandates. Midwest Generation the sake of their health,” says Parson Brown,
tion, Alderman Joe Moore of the 49th ward father clause of the Federal Clean Air Act power plants would have one and two years ants, I can smell them on a hot summer day claims it operates within the nation’s tough- founder of Topless America. “Governmental
along with 9 alderman co-sponsors and a of 1977 that exempts coal-burning plants respectively, to phase in required pollution sitting in my back yard,” said Ald. Sandi est state regulatory program for coal-fired bodies at the state, county and federal levels
coalition of 36 environmental organizations, built before 1977 (Fisk built in1903 and controls for particulate matter and up to Jackson (7th ward), a co-sponsor of the or- power plants, but because of the grandfather have failed to regulate; therefore, the people
ranging from Loyola University's Student Crawford built in 1924) from using the best three and four years, respectively to reduce dinance. Though these plants may be out of clause in the 1977 Clean Air Act, these of this city have to take it upon themselves
Environmental Alliance to Topless America, pollution-control technology. CO2 emissions. This would give adequate sight for the majority of Chicago residents, exceedances are legal and routine. to change their circumstances. It may be out
a Chicago-based environmental documen- The ordinance would nullify that act and time for adaptation, should the mandated their effect on everyone’s health is real and “The [government] agencies have always of sight and out of mind, but there are no
tary organization, introduced the Clean require the plants to cut there emissions by improvements require the reduction, re- damaging. Professor Emeritus Ramesh allowed for those exceedances because walls between—air does not have bound-
Power Ordinance at City Hall on April 90 percent in four years and upgrade to such training or reassignment of personnel. The Srivastava of Cloud Microphysics and it’s impossible to run a coal plant without aries between wards. Out of sight, out of
13.  The Clean Power Ordinance targets technologies. While the ordinance wouldn't Dynamics, Radar Meteorology at the Uni- them,” Midwest Generation spokesperson mind, but still in all of our lungs.”
See “Clean Power,” p. 7
6• The Chicago Grid April 26, 2010 The Chicago Grid April 26, 2010 •7
10 Things Every Chicagoan Should Know Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize y
dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn n
skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gri
cally. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. G
your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Em
10: Join CAPS Since 1993, the Chicago Alternative Policing like Bookkeeping ($99, four weeks) and yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion so
Strategy (CAPS) has combined the efforts of the police, communi- Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights ($75, justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make mo
Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Beco
ty and city agencies to solve neighborhood crime. To join, attend May 4); job development courses like Inter- independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a diffe
beat meetings where you can serve on special-interest committees viewing ($61, May 13 or July 13), Bartend- Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save m
Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Sim
like those for domestic violence and crimes against seniors. ing ($99, three weeks), and Proofreading life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change liv
($109, April 25 or July 25); or dance classes Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized.
Go online to or time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans.
from Wedding ($89, six weeks) and Bolly- yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dre
call 311 to find your district, beat and community number and Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make no little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills.
wood ($89, six weeks) to Burlesque ($79, six
meeting. Go to your distict’s homepage to view the events calen- organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. Realize your dreams. Change lives. Make a difference. Champion social justice. Think Gridically. Make
weeks), Stepping ($89, six weeks) and Pole little plans. Do it yourself. Simplify life. Become independent. Empower yourself. Learn new skills. Get organized. Save time. Save money. Make money. Go green. Grow your brand. R
dar, your district’s most wanted criminals and crime alerts.
Dancing ($89, six weeks).

9: The Chicago Sport and Social Club (chicagosportandsocial- offers recreational sports leagues and social outings to
Outings and seminars include the unique and
adventurous Chicago Sex Tour ($69, May 22
Shop wholesale, save money with Costco clubs
or July 24), Chicago Blues Tour ($45, May Save big on groceries, clothes and $100 card to earn two percent back
more than 70,000 participants an-
22), Lakefront Segway Tour ($46, Monday household goods when you start or (up to $500 a year), and go shopping
nually. Membership is free to receive
and Wednesday evenings), Networking for join a Costco club to shop bulk with with friends. Member must be present
information on sports leagues, such
Kinky People ($49, May 18) and an Intro- friends. and pay for order in full, so arrange to
as bar games (darts, Euchre and Instructor Deb Webb,
duction to Domination and Bondage ($69, Costco members shop brand-name break down the receipt by shopper and
pingpong), dodgeball, rock climbing, a.k.a. Lily White Sass.
May 11 or July 14). wholesale items ranging from fresh to split up any bulk goods you bought
kayaking and sailing, hip-hop/jazz
produce and deli options to laptop to share with fellow shoppers after-
fitness, yoga and pilates. Personal development classes range from language instruction to
computers and flatscreen TVs; from ward. Vehicle required to transport
self-hypnosis for smoking cessation, weight-loss, transcendental
Upcoming events include a Kentucky miniblinds and mattresses to cases of bulk goods.
meditation and past-life regression.
Derby party at Arlington Park race track ($25-32, sold out), sev- Mexican Coke and Cubs, Sox, Bulls Costco (2746 N. Clybourn) also
eral Cubs and Sox games with two-hour pre-game parties ($100 Most events and courses will repeat next season. and Blackhawks’ tickets; and from dia- has a food court, which offers churros
each) and a Cinco de Mayo celebration at Moe’s Cantina ($1 pers (qt. 135-258) and razors (qt. 26- for $1, frozen yogurt and ice cream
tacos, $3 margaritas). 52) to car tires and security systems. bars for under $3 and Vienna beef hot-
4: Call 311 for Non-Emergency Services, Information Call 311
instead of 911 to report a crime if the offender is gone from the Buy one membership for $50, or dog and Polish sausage or pizza meals,
8: Rape Crisis Hotline Survivors of sexual assault and their sig- scene. Call 311 to file a police report about auto theft, property high-volume users can invest in the with drink, for under $4 each. Photo from Creative Commons

Need to Know:
nificant others can call 1-888-293-2080, 24 hours a day, 7 days damage or theft, lost property, simple assault, threatening phone
a week to receive free confidential assistance from volunteers staff calls, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, sanitation code violations,
trained in sexual assault crisis intervention. stolen or missing garbage cans and stray animals. Instructions for
7: Twelve Museums for Free Get free admission for up to four
Call 311 to find out your police district, beat number and the
date, time and location of your next beat meeting, and to get
Your Indie Life
people at twelve of the city’s best museums at any Chicago Public your alderman’s telephone number. Veterans Business Outreach Employ Illinois Business Loans
Library location by checking out free Kraft Foods Great Kids
Museum Passports.
Also call 311 to request city services like well-being checks dur- Make Money The VBO Program provides business plan
preparations, comprehensive feasibility
The State Treasurer’s Office invests millions
annually in low-interest loans to large
ing extreme weather, directions, shelter for the homeless, pot hole
Adult library cardholders may check out one repair, towed vehicle information and financial counseling for Meet Business Consultants analysis, entrepreneurial training and and small-business owners and child-care
pass per one-week loan period. Passes are homeowners. The Dept. of Business Affairs and Consum- counseling, mentorship, and referrals to providers. Visit for more.
first-come, first-served. The max overdue fine for er Protection offers assistance with busi- eligible veterans who own or want to start
Also call for information on city and neighborhood events, includ-
passports is $20; lost passports are $60. ness start-up and licensing information, a small business. Call (810) 767-8387 or Employment agencies
ing parades, festivals, library programs and more.
Get passes to the Adler Planetarium, Art Institute, business violations and citations, permits visit for more. Visit
If you are unsure which city department you should direct your for a directory of more than 40 employ-
Brookfield Zoo, Chicago Children’s Museum, Chicago History and other resources. Call (312) 744-5506
questions and/or concerns, 311 operators will direct you to the
Museum, DuSable Museum of African-American History, Field to make an appointment. Small Business Alliance Loans ment agencies.
appropriate parties.
Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science and SBA makes loans up $15,000 for start-

Save Money
Industry, National Museum of Mexican Art, Notebaert Nature Experienced Business Mentors ups, $25,000 for existing businesses. Visit
Museum and Shedd Aquarium. Most passes admit groups of four 3: CAN TV42 Community Bulletin Board for more.
The Service Corps of Retired Executives
people or family members. Scan the listing titles on local access TV chan-
nel CAN-CALL 42 for local news and events, (500 W. Madison St.) connects would-
dial 312-226-2255, enter a listing’s three- be and current business owners with $1,000 Business Grant Cut Your Wireless Bill
6: SeeClickFix ( allows you to take a digit code, hang up and watch the screen for more than 11,500 volunteer business Get a $1,000-grant & shared workspace Citizen Utility Board’s Cell Phone Saver
picture of a problem like pot holes or dead street lights, geo-tag more information on that subject. counselors. Call (312) 353-7724, or visit to jumpstart your business idea. This is a (
it, add a comment and send it to the city officials responsible for for more. grant, not a loan—no repayment. Visit analyzes digital copies of any major
fixing it. Sign up to get notifications when something happens. 2: Finders Posters, Losers Seekers Recover and return lost pets, to submit your idea. provider’s cell bill to determine and
handheld devices, keys, wallets and purses, luggage and any- Women’s Business Development Center recommend the most economic plan for
thing else via Chicagoland’s online lost and found exchanges— Assists in development and marketing of Grow Your Business you according to average voice, text and
5: The Discovery Center ( offers adult educa-;; chicago.everyblock. The Department of Commerce & Economic data usage.
tion programs for personal enjoyment and growth all over the emerging and existing woman-owned
com/lost-and--found/; on the CTA
Chicagoland area, with a main office at 2940 N Lincoln Ave. businesses. Services (in Spanish or Eng- Opportunity offers businesses expansion
lostandfound.aspx; and from O’Hare or Midway
Upcoming classes include sports such as, Beginning Horseback customerservices/lostandfound.shtm. lish) include business assessments, loan incentives, technological support, access Free Directory Assistance
Riding ($149, five weeks), Golf Fundamentals ($90, five weeks) assistance, workshops, and individualized to capital, global marketing expertise and Instead of paying up to $2 to call 411,
and Cardio Kayaking ($80, four weeks); small-business basics 1: What’s going on today counseling. Call (312) 853-3477 or visit job training for workers. Visit try 1-800-FREE411 for residential and for more. for more. business listings, or 1-800-goog411 and
8• The Chicago Grid April 26, 2010 The Chicago Grid April 26, 2010 •9
1-800-555TELL for business numbers. to earn $75 toward driving. breastfeeding and health care.
Visit the state’s Dept. of Human Services’
For greener chauffeured trips, check out

Books Cheaper site ( and click on
Going Green Limos’ (goinggreenlimousine.
Before you shell out more paper for text- “Pregnancy & Parenting” to apply.
com) hybrid transport options.
books and bestsellers browse the 30,000
free e-books (many in Kindle format) from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (Link
Be Rewarded for Saving Water
Project Gutenberg ( or the Card)
Single-family and two-flat homeowners
more than 25,000 free ones at Many- The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
can lower their water bills by voluntarily Program, formerly Food Stamps, helps
installing a water meter. The city’s Meter
low-income people and families buy
Then search I-Share (alliance of 76 Illinois Save program charges participants only
healthy food. Visit the state’s Dept. of Hu-
libraries), visit a local book exchange for actual water used and guarantees
man Services’ site (
(, rent that metered home will pay no more than

World Wide Grid Guide

and click on “Food” to apply.
books from, buy and sell used yearly assessed rates for seven years.
media through Amazon Marketplace, or Visit or call 311 for more
Common Pantry
download a paperless version to digital information.
Provides emergency food monthly to indi-
readers like Kindle ($249, g Links to help resolve your e-dentity crisis
viduals and families within the boundaries
Dispose of Hazardous Waste corporations and organizations.
The Household Chemicals & Computer Re- of Diversey (south), Kedzie (west), Raven- Local Area Connection: Chicago links Similarly, (by the Center for Responsive Poli-
Green living cycling Facility (1150 N. North Branch on swood (east), and Lawrence (north), who
are below the poverty line.
Not to be confused with the city’s official site, this private
tics) works to track how money in U.S. politics is spent.
Goose Island) accepts household chemical
waste on Tuesdays 7 a.m.-noon, Thursdays A small home delivery program brings guide to Chicago covers things from hotels and real estate to 9 Micro social actions that take 5 minutes or $25
groupons and events. Social media giant Mashable presents simple charitable ac-
Conserve Electricity for Chance at Raffle 2-7 p.m., and the first Saturday of each food to seniors and disabled persons
tions like giving people free rice by answering trivia or making
Prizes from CUB month 8 a.m.-3 p.m. monthly. microloans through Kiva or Deki in its April 17 post (mashable.
21st Century plan of Chicago
Individuals are eligible to win a month of Visit com/2010/04/17/social-good-micro-lending/).
Distribution is 1-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. on Local architect firm Zoka Zola presents its plan for a 21st Cen-
free electricity or compact florescent light for a list of accepted items. tury redesign of the gridded city (
Wednesdays at 3744 N. Damen. Visit
bulbs (CFLs). Your neighborhood, commu- Century.html).
Human or call (773) 327-0553.
nity or group will also be eligible to earn Downtime links
up to 10,000 CFLs. Visit cubenergysaver.
Social Responsibility links
com/contest to register. Services —UTILITIES
Apply for Free Emergency Cell Phone Writer’s Almanac
Low-income residents may qualify for a and Garrison Keillor’s American Public Media column about this
Ever Wish You Had a Car? —FOOD free cell phone with 60 pre-paid monthly Wikileaks is a forum for people to anonymously and securely day in writing history. Blog or podcast available at writersalma-
Zipcars are shared sedans, station wag- Nutrition for Women, Infants & Children
minutes. Apply at post leaked content from the world’s leading governments,
ons, SUVs, pick-ups or minivans parked WIC helps pregnant women and mothers

throughout the city. Members can reserve with children under the age of five eat well
cars (from $7/hr or $68 /weekday, gas by providing coupons to buy nutritious
Know Something
and insurance included) at foods like milk, juice, eggs, cheese, cereal, Others Should Too? People The Chicago Grid recommends following on
and drive for a free 180 miles or more per dry beans, pees and peanut butter. Also Submit your Need to Know listings to
day. Must be 21. Text cta2009 to 30364 educates families about nutrition, fitness, @FakeShoreDrive Funny quips about the city
Visual Arts Editor

Reach Millennials
@FreeChicago Things to do
@FreeListChicago Things to be given away Responsibilities-
Manage photos & vidoes for The Grid.
@EbertChicago Roger Ebert
Create house ads & graphics.
@Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins Update site & assist with layout as needed.

Advertise with The Chicago Grid @MayorDaley the real deal

Attend staff meetings.

@ColonelTribune News and commen- Perks-

Print, Web and Video tary from the Chicago Tribune Collect clips for your portfolio.
Become a citizen journalist.
spots from $20. Design services available. @WindyCitizen Local news and events Col. Trib
Free admission to all Grid events.
@HealthyNChicago Tips on staying fit in a fat city Earn the title of Griditor (Warning: Gridical
E-mail for rate card @Chicago_CP City and Press local news
thinking may result).

Send resumes to
Isn’t it time your business started thinking Gridically? Gridicise daily for best results. This is a non-paid position, but may qualify for internship credit.

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