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MII-U1 Activity 3.

Instrucciones: Copia en un documento Word los siguientes

ejercicios para enviar a tu tutor:
Exercise 1. Application of transitional words.
Completa los enunciados utilizando until, actually, then, now,
currently. Puedes buscar las palabras que desconozcas en tu diccionario.

1. I used to ride my motorcycle when I was 20 years old. Now I drive a

2. My mother used to sing when she was in high school. Then, she
formed her own group. They used to be called The Electrics.
3. He used to work for a factory until he found a job in education.
4. My sister used to have a cat; then she bought a dog.
5. My brother and his wife used to live in Chicago, until they decided to
move to New York.
6. We used to visit the library very often, but now we get most
information over the internet.
7. As an Irish tradition, brides used to carry a horseshoe for good
luck; actually the horseshoes are made of porcelain or other materials
to preserve this tradition.
8. My friend Jeff used to own an apartment; until he decided to move to
a house.
9. When she was a teenager, Maria used to take care of her little sister
Sarah. Now, Sarah takes care of Marias son, Danny.
10.Alex used to smoke a pack of cigarettesName
a day;: Axel
Now David
he I stopped
year ago.
Tutor: Luis Carlos Lara Vzquez
26 / 01 / 2015
Exercise 2. Composition.
Escribe una breve composicin en ingls sobre actividades que solas hacer
y que ya no realizas o cosas que solas tener pero que ya no tienes. Utiliza
al menos 4 de los adverbios que practicaste en el ejercicio anterior. Escribe
100 palabras como mnimo.

I used to go to the park to play, actually I go to work. My

family and I, we had pets, now we do not have. I used to go
to traditional school, until I decided to study in prepanet. My
mom was taller than me when I was fourteen years old, then I
grew up, now I am taller than her. I used to be a little bit fat,
now I do exercise. When I was nine years old, I used to have
two turtles, until a dog ate them.