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A . Can these bones live ?(Verse 3)

This is the burden of the Prophetic Word given to Ezekiel (37:1-14). The Burden is
for life. Our Redeemer came to fulfill the good quality life that the Almighty Creator
breathed into man. The proposition of this teaching is that the definition and
significance of the Prophetic Word is found in the Light of the Everlasting Father-Son
Life. The Prophetic Word comes from the Everlasting Father. He also gives His Light
to enlighten our eyes of understanding so that we give heed to the Prophetic
Vision/Voice. The challenge facing pastors is to keep themselves, their spouses and
other foreordained under the government of the Father-Son Prophetic Light.

B. Pastors Learning to Discern Accurate Ancient Hebrew

Today, we have the Modern Hebrew replacing the original Ancient Hebrew. Why? It
is in order to blot out the original and authentic Prophetic Word (e.g. the Name of
the Almighty - Jeremiah 23:27). Unless you learn to use the Ancient Hebrew/English
interlinear, you cannot prophesy Life as accurately as the Light (through searching
scriptures by means of YouTube, internet websites, etc). Much of our theological
training, Christian Education, Bible translation, etc are based on Modern Hebrew.
Why? Experts are connected with the Illuminati, and Knights Templar who want to
manipulate the masses into their Kingdom of God. Let the Prophetic Light of
Revelation 13:8 expose that Kingdom as the Beast system that pastors and all the
foreordained must overcome. Pastors need to discern the dangers of the Modern

We need new teaching sessions for the perfecting of pastors and all partakers.

C. Learn to say, Bere shith; not Genesis

If we are going to prophesy Word of Life as accurate oracles of the Almighty, we
need to recover the original names of the books and personalities of the Scriptures.

D. Pastors Learning the Prophetic Word concerning the N.

W. O.
Pastors need to discern the dangers of conflicting visions and voices coming from
National Council of Churches, United Nations, the World Health Organization
(W.H.O.), the World Bank, etc

Pastors, need the Prophetic Light of the Almighty to understand the Aquarian
Conspiracies behind Boko Haram, Al Queda, Modern Israel, Western Wailing
Wall, the Knights Templar


Can these Bones Live? |

Can these Bones Live?|

E. The Challenge

Yoruba and other nationalities need to discern the move of the Caucasians (Oyinbo
like Greek, Romans and Europeans and Americans) to manipulate nationalities to
serve the Dragon in The New World Order (Revelation 13:3, 8). Believers in Yoruba
and other nationalities need to stop following them. Yoruba Bible readers need not
be saying, Genesisi, Eksodu, Efa, etc while reading the Scriptures with colonial
mentalities. Efa and many of Scriptural words are kabbala and occult words. They
are put there to manipulate the nave and perpetuate them under colonial
mentality. The challenge facing all pastors, and in fact all disciples is to go back to
Fathers House; and appropriate the original Ancient Hebrew names of Scripture
books and persons. We face the challenge of using the cultures and languages of
nations in the cradle of civilization in handling the Prophetic Word.
Here are other challenges:



Pastors need to use the Prophetic Word to expose the Greek-Roman, British
imperialism, Arab/Islam spring, restlessness, international terrorism,
Eurocentric tendency to The New World Order. See Da 8:5-7; 10:20;
Revelation 12:3; 17:3,7-12,16; Daniel 7:7,8,19,20,23,24
Pastors need to use the Prophetic Word to expose the slavery, slave trade,
imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism that are trying to destroy the
Pastors need to use the Prophetic Word to examine modern English Bibles
and occult forces are using not only religion; but also economy, recreation
(like sports, music, etc) to manipulate the nave into the New World Order.
Pastors need to know what the New World Order (N. W. O.) is from such
prophecies as Revelation 13:3, 8.
Pastors need to know the connection of the freemasons and other occult
groups in vital areas of not only politics, economy, education; but also Bible
and hymnal production; Seminary theological education, International Sunday
School Board of control, National Council of Churches.
This Prophetic Light exposes the replacement of the real original Ancient
Hebrew with the Modern Hebrew
How the experts in education, health care, religion are leading us to invoke
the Beasts and other abominations.
Pastors need to be teaching parents to lead the families in the Prophetic
Words, hymns, travailing in birth so that the Mind of the

Conclusion All believers need to renounce the devil; and allow the Almighty to
continue to manifest His eternal Kingdom majesty in and through us so that we can
handle the Prophetic Word that heals the nations.


Can these Bones Live?|

Can these Bones Live? |

Revelation 1:3 opens with a declaration of blessedness to those who are giving
heed to these prophetic words. This means that those who fail to give heed to them
are under a curse. The manifestation of the Son of the Almighty Creator is to
destroy the dominions of sin, curses, the spells, the jinxes and all other works of the
devil. The Scriptures teach His foreordained children to mature as partakers of His
unique and definite Purpose, and Pattern which He is pursuing to the fullness. Thus,
He is equipping, furnishing and perfecting the partakers so that they can come out
of all cursed systems. This is why He is bringing them under the Light of His
incorruptible and indestructible eternal Kingdom. Here, we have relationship,
revelation, reproduction and resurrection life Anointing. This is His supernatural,
sovereign and supreme Testimony of life and majesty. This manifestation of His
Son/s is ruling from age to age. This is the new creation Body that He is building and
bringing to His fullness. All the experienced glories and corruption and
manifestations of this present world are being overcome and surpassed by this
manifestation. This is why His Prophetic Voice/Vision is calling His foreordained; and
building them fully as the Testimony of life and majesty called the Bride of the
There is only one Source for these equipping, furnishing and perfecting ministries:
only one Father-Son Prophetic Vision/Voice. It is He alone that can help the believers
in all seasons especially, the times of crisis. This Light interprets the mind of the
Almighty Creator to all mankind as accurately as He wants it. This manifestation and
ministry are eternal, incorruptible and indestructible. They are also internal into
hearts of believers; original, adequate and accurate.

A . Lo! They were very dry(verse 2b)

What is the situation of our souls, our family and fellowship relationships? Pastors
need to know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are
a synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9b). Today, many voices are coming from the
British-Israel, from the Ashkenazi, the Illuminati, the Anglo-masons, the United
States, the European Union, the United Nations that are affecting not only our sociopolitical lives; but also our economy, education, spirituality, etc.
Scientists are using Genetics, haplogroup and DNA studies to say that the presentday Israelis are not the real Ancient Hebrew revealed in the set-apart Scriptures.
Pastors need new schools where Archaeological Genetics, and Anthropology are
being studied under Fathers Prophetic Light.
Where are the real original Hebrews? Behold, there were very many in the open
valley; and indeed they were very dry. (Ezekiel 37:2b). Yet, the original Vision of

Can these Bones Live? |

the Almighty will not fail. He is revealing His Son as the Resurrection and the Life.
Will you learn to mature as a partaker of His oracle?

B. Prophesy to these bones

That is the command from the Almighty. It is not just religion or tradition or
fossilized customs. We need to give heed to the one Voice of the Almighty if we are
going to enter into our real eternal Kingdom identity, inheritance, birthright and